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Bird Crazy Gun Dogs - Wisconsin Flushing, Pointing, Retrieving hunting dog trainers
About Bird Crazy Gun Dogs

We are a gun dog training facility in Portage Wisconsin. specializing in young retrivers flushers and pointers. We provide affordable profesional full time training for the hunters buddy. Visit us at . Give us a call we would like to talk about your dog.

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Bird Crazy Gun Dogs Contact Info
Steve & Amy Pappas
n9029 fox river rd
portage, Wisconsin 53901
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Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: Kevin, and Jodie Bronkhorst on Jan 15, 2015
We highly recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs and working with Steve and Amy for training your dog to bird hunt. Steve and Amy trained our 8 month old Brittany Spaniel puppy in August of 2013. We found Bird Crazy Gun Dogs online and asked to visit the training area prior to committing to their month long training program. They welcomed our visit and took us for a tour of the kennels, fields, and explained their process of training the dogs. We felt extremely at ease and confident these where the right people to work with our dog. During the training we visited on weekends and took part in the field training process. Their hands on personal experience has accelerated our ability to hunt effectively with our dog, and walking on the leash! After our month training, we have been back several times to Bird Crazy Gun Dogs for their boarding services with field training and weekend training hunting birds. This constant practice keeps the training fresh for both our dog and us We highly recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. We are grateful to have found them, to have people we trust and can turn to for information and guidance with our dog.
Thank you
Kevin, and Jodie Bronkhorst, and Cooper
Submitted by: John Obst on Dec 31, 2014
Two things are a must if you want a great - or even a good - hunting dog: genetics and training. I can't stress enough how important good breeding is and I was fortunate to get a female German Shorthaired Pointer (Bella) from Bird Crazy Gun Dogs. Steve and Amy Pappas might be able to help you too get that quality puppy. If they can't, be sure to talk to them about other breeders, as they are likely to point you in the right direction. Bird Crazy Gun Dogs is not just a name , it is also Steve's philosophy of training: get that puppy on birds, early and often. And that's training creed that I buy into 100%. Proof of success was at six months old, and after four weeks of training, Bella was finding birds, pointing,with rock solid points, and retrieving downed birds. At that tender age, she was hunting better than many dogs I've seen in the field. Now a couple of months and lots of hunts later, I can attest that Steve's lessons "stuck" and she is well on her way to becoming an outstanding hunter.
Bird Crazy Gun Dogs is well-run, clean and organized; ample fields are available for getting those pups on birds. I was particularly pleased with the e-collar training that Steve did. Too many dogs have been ruined by heavy-handed inexperienced owners. The training transition from Steve to me was seamless and it is rare that I have to use the e-collar to correct behavior. I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to have Bella immediately respond to the "here" or whistle command when hunting. Successful training doesn't happen overnight and the four week program was great for us. Owners are able to observe and even participate in the training. My schedule was such that I was able to attend most of the sessions and that was really important to me. Doing so enabled me to understand the training techniques and consistently apply them once Bella was home. Steve is more than happy to explain what he is doing and to answer your questions.
Without reservations, I enthusiastically recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs.
John Obst, WI.
Submitted by: Tim Connor on Dec 11, 2014
I just got back from a perfect late season morning hunt with my 12 month old Golden, "Finn", who as with as many days this fall, provided an excellent and enjoyable day in the field. Finn really loves the hunt and is a pleasure to work due to the excellent training he received with Steve and Amy Pappas at Bird Crazy Gun Dogs in Wisconsin. Finn is the second Golden Retriever I have sent to Steve and Amy. I've found their consistent methods and care and daily encouragement in training produces well mannered and enthusiastic hunters. without question having a young dog hunt over live birds each day helps fuel their excitement for the hunt and helps them more quickly become effective in the field. I highly recommend Bird Crazy Gun Dogs for anyone interested in training a dog to be a great hunting companion. I am so pleased with their work with my dogs and look forward to having them train our newest 11 week old Golden Retriever next summer.
Thanks Steve and Amy
Tim Connor, Fitchburg, WI.
Submitted by: Randal Kruzicki on Dec 24, 2013
Ida, our Pudelpointer, spent one month with Steve and Amy this fall at the tender age a 5 1/2 months. She was only accepted that young because she had already learned some of the basic commands. Steve molded her into a fine tuned hunting machine. There is nothing like entrusting your pup to a complete stranger and getting her back as a well behaved hunting companion. Since getting her back we have harvested 25 quail, two mallards and 10 pheasant. She has already helped bust up a couple turkey flocks and really wanted to go after geese.
Submitted by: Matt & Amy Paugel on Oct 13, 2013
After searching for a trainer and talking to a few. I was convinced after talking to Steve that he and his wife Amy were the team to train our German Shorthair, Gabi. We took her up to Steve at about 14 weeks old. Some may think this is really young but it was the most exciting experience and the most important step in training your gun dog! Steve asked me to take Gabi and point her toward Amy as she had a shotgun and was about 100 yards away. Amy shot and Gabi instantly perked up wondering what that was. Amy proceeded to shoot a few more times and Steve was convinced Gabi had no care about the gun shots. Next Steve took out a chukker to see what Gabi's instincts were. To say that part was incredible is an understatment. She took off after that bird like a shot out of a gun.
We brought Gabi back in September for 4 weeks of training. She is a completely different dog now, yet still a puppy, with a love to hunt birds that I could have never trained her for. Steve and Amy are respectful incredible people that are amazing with your dog and will help train a hunting partner for life! I am so looking forward to this year's 2013 Pheasant season. If you are considering a trainer that is honest, friendly & knowledgeable then look no farther! What a wonderful experience we had and we cannot recommend Steve and Amy enough! They truly make your gun dog bird crazy! We look forward to visiting them again as they took such good care of Gabi as if she was their own dog. You can't go wrong with such a superb duo. Give them a call and you will see for yourself what they can do to help get you on your way to a solid hunting partner for life!
Submitted by: john center on Aug 06, 2013
Steve received a well bred 1 year old "cityfied" black lab who had no experience and little interest in hunting or retrieving due to our city existence. With patience and positive reinforcemment he returned to me an enthusiastic hunter ready for this fall. I am very pleased with Steves efforts and the fact that I was able to join him on multiple occasions to work the dog and see the progress. He does a great job. John
Submitted by: Paul Holzem on Mar 02, 2013
We have a soon to be 2 year old Deutsch Drahthaar that Steve has worked with from the time she was just 10 weeks old. Under his direction she was stedy to point by 10 months old, ant this fall at 18 months old solid in all aspects of a field hunting companion. Steve and Amy will provid your dog with outstanding care and BIRD exposure in a very humane envoriment. Of the 6 bird dogs and 4 trainers I've worked with in my adult life, they are without doubt the best overall. Do you hunting pals a favor and spend some time with this wonderful team.
Submitted by: Jerry Meronk on Jan 05, 2013
A little about myself, I've hunted birds most of my life, had several hunting dogs, mostly labs and saw thousands of dogs hunting while I was working for close to 30 years as a Conservation Warden. I'm not kidding when I say your odds of having a good hunting dog will greatly improve if you try Bird Crazy Gun Dogs training program.

In my opinion Bird Crazy Gun Dogs hunting dog program deserves 5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. In one word "unbelieveable". My year old yellow Labrador puppy flushed and retrieved over 100 birds in her first year. Thanks to Bird Crazy training methods. In just 4 weeks she was taught obedience, gun conditioning, E collar training and was exposed to lots of birds at a cost probably less than what a single hunting trip would run.

Steve Pappas has a way with dogs. The dogs love and respect him. I have never observed him being mean to a dog. He gains their respect through his ability to be firm, consistent and enthusiastic with praise when the dog shows improvement.

The Kennels are almost spotless,the dog food is top of the line and the atmosphere is geared toward success.

Very few of us have access to what is necessary to successfully train a dog. Simply put, various types of cover, access to birds, (chukkars, pheasants), patience, time, experience and knowledge.

The biggest mistake I have ever made in the past in reference to dog training is not taking my young dogs to a place like Bird Crazy Gun Dogs for training.

If you continue to spend time with your dog and use the methods your dog has learned you will have an excellent hunting dog at a very young age. I know I am predjudiced but I believe you would have a very difficult time finding an older dog that hunts any better than my puppy. Plus she lives in the house and sleeps in her own bed.

At least check it out! You can do that for free.
Submitted by: Shawn Eisch on Dec 16, 2012
Took my large German shorthair Bruno(75 lbs) to Steve when this dog was completely out of control. He is a large German shorthair who loves to hunt, but did not listen. In short order Steve had him coming to the whistle every time. This year we never lost a grouse or pheasant. He never moves on point unless told- and he listens. He is awesome thanks to Steve. Best money I spent this year, maybe ever! Thanks Steve!

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