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Submitted by: Lindsey Schulz on Jul 30, 2015
My vizsla Dolly is one of the most energetic dogs. She is very lean and muscular. I get complements on her everywhere I go. She is a very fast runner, and can out run every dog at the dog park. She gets along great with other dogs, and kids. She is well behaved. I am so happy with her and her bread, I would be lost without her!
Submitted by: Caitlin Murphy on Apr 09, 2015
Our experince with Bryan from Stedfast Vizsla could not have been better. He is an excellent breeder and was helpful from the very beginning. Our vizsla, Kodiak, is 20 months old and is beautiful. We continue to receive compliments on his looks and his truly one of the best looks vizslas we have seen. He his high energy, extremely affectionate, and has a natural desire and drive for hunting. His demeanor is a true reflection of his pedigree and the commitment from Bryan and his family at Stedfast.
Submitted by: Gary & Kathy Carsey on Apr 08, 2015
We have loved the Vizsla bred for many years - since 1990. The male puppy we received from Stedfast Vizslas was our 5th. He is the best vizsla we ever had - very smart, easy to train, affectionate, and balanced. We attribute his personality to good breeding and to the attentive care he received from the breeder. The breeder exposed the puppies to many environments, including climbing obstacles, trips to the store, swimming, human contact, and even potty training. Our dog is a family pet. He is birdy and has a natural ability to point. He can focus on birds (other animals & even bugs) and has keen sight and hearing. He is a handsome boy and would be a great hunter if trained.
Submitted by: Mike Shaffer on Aug 26, 2013
My wife and I had our first breeder experience with Bryan and now that we're thinking about adding to our family, we aren't even considering speaking to anyone else. Not only did Bryan treat us great, but we could not have asked for a more perfect pet. We now live in the SF Bay Area in California where Vizsla's are not all that uncommon and we are constantly being complimented/asked where we got our pup. It feels good to know that I'm not just biased to think that we have the softest, best looking, most intelligent, even tempered Vizsla around. We are happy to inform everyone that Romey is from OHIO and that Stedfast Vizsla's is the only place we'd go for a dog.
Submitted by: Rodrigo Jimenez on Apr 11, 2013
We purchased our Vizsla puppy from Stedfast Vizslas in June of 2012. We did some research on different breaders, and even thou Steadfast was a long drive away for us, we chose them because they really helped me in my decision and wanted the best home for their puppies. This showed me that they really care about all their dogs and its not just a business. We had "Lukas" for almost a year and he is the healthies most caring dog I have ever had. I've been around other Vizslas at dog parks and Lukas just seems a bit healthier with a shinier coat and always more energetic. We feel lucky we were able to get him and we are thinking about getting another one in the future. When we do, we are going straight to Steadfast!
Submitted by: Melanie Stas on Mar 26, 2013
We purchased our female, Remington, from Bryan Gregory for our 14 year old son last June. She quickly became a valued member of our entire family. She is a loving and energetic companion for Ethan. Last fall she hunted along side our old Springer Spaniel and did great. Already we see signs of her being very "birdy". She is currently in advanced obedience, having already attained her "STAR" puppy and "Canine Good Citizen" ranks. Remi is always one of the class stars and listens well. She is intelligent and learns quickly. We could not be more pleased with the experience we had with the Gregorys and recommend them highly. The Stases, Pennsylvania
Submitted by: Amy Baum on Mar 22, 2013
Bryan Gregory was an excellent breeder to work with. We researched numerous dog breeds and decided a Vizsla was for our family. Tucker is a beautiful dog. He is everything we expected: very affectionate, friendly, high spirited and sweet with our kids. Bryan took the time to call us and answer our long list of questions, having never bought a puppy before.

We especially liked the videos that Steadfast Vizsla would put on the internet so we could watch our puppy grow!

When we went to pick up Tucker, he provided a blanket with the mother's scent, a couple days worth of food, Tucker's favorite toy, and a detailed binder with all of the shots and medical records. In addition, the binder included information regarding what to expect with a new puppy, how to prepare to bring a new puppy home, and what to expect the first year of growth. Our vet was quite impressed with the binder.

The breeder's welping area was very clean and organized. They also had an outside play area for the puppies. Tucker was well taken care of. We would highly recommend using Steadfast Vizsla.
Submitted by: Alex and Gabe on Jan 10, 2013
Though we were initially nervous about becoming first-time Vizsla owners, Bryan made the entire process painless and gave us all the information we could possibly need. He never hesitated to welcome us into his home and let us visit before the puppies arrived, as well as several times afterward. We truly could not be happier with our 8 month old puppy, Samson. He's everything we wanted in a dog: friendly, intuitive, loving, easy to train, and energetic. Bryan went out of his way to help match owners with the appropriate puppy based on personality. He is the healthy, happy, socialized, and well-adjusted pup we always wanted and believe much of that is due to the Gregory Family's hard work and careful attention to detail. We would recommend Stedfast Vizslas to anyone interested in a Vizsla pup in the future.
Submitted by: Dave on Oct 12, 2012
Dealing with the Gregory family was a wonderful experience for us. When we first met them it was quickly evident that they raise their dogs in a wonderful home environment. Each time we went to visit we were quickly welcomed in to their home in a way that made us feel like we were part of their family. Throughout the entire process Bryan was communicative and always willing to share ideas about the best way to raise a healthy well adjusted pup. Our dog is now around six months old and has a wonderful temperament and a clean bill of health. I would not hesitate one bit to suggest Stedfast Vizslas to anyone looking for a breeder that holds the well-being of their dogs paramount.
Submitted by: Nicholl Karmansky on Nov 16, 2011
My husband and I have been impressed with the Gregory family from the time that we met them. We were welcomed into their home in order to visit before the pups were born and twice after before taking home our Gus. Gus has turned out to be more than we could have asked for. He is a beautiful intelligent dog that has fit into our active lives well.
Submitted by: Rose on Oct 25, 2011
The love and care that the Gregory family puts into raising their pups was evident the first time I visited them. Their home was perfectly suited for little ones to run and play and learn outdoors, and they had already started on all the important beginning steps of potty-training, visiting new places, and meeting new people. When I brought my Nina home, she was running up and down stairs, ignoring the vacuum, comfortable with strangers, and positively enjoyed my hair dryer. Thanks to all this early socialization, she also easily made buddies at the dog park and has an unending desire to play, play, play.

Since her puppy days, Nina has been a happy and healthy dog. I highly recommend Stedfast Vizslas!
Submitted by: Erica Minner on Oct 08, 2011
Our experiences with Helen and Bryan were FANTASTIC!!! Pacer is a wonderful dog. They make the puppies a priority while in their care. Bryan took tons of photos and videos to really help us feel involved while the puppies were still in their care. Pacer came to us with a head start on house training and socialization. They communicated openly and honestly throughout the entire experience. They allow you to visit the puppies ahead of time as well.
We do not show Pacer, but can say that he is a wonderful family dog, with very apparent hunting instincts. The Gregory's breed for temperament as well as show/hunt qualities. I would highly recommend Stedfast Vizslas to anyone interested in getting a vizsla.
Submitted by: Kevin Elwell on Oct 07, 2011
I wish I could give a higher number. Bryan Gregory was - and still is - extremely helpful throughout the whole buying and owning process. He spoke with me at length about what I wanted in a dog before accepting my deposit. He helped with issues that I was having with my puppy and suggested very practical and realistic solutions. He is someone that I would go back to if I am in the market for another vizslas - or any other breed that he may have.
Submitted by: Melanie Ziegler on Oct 06, 2011
It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Stedfast Vizslas and the Gregory family. My Vizsla Sherman (5/3/10) is a happy, social, and well-adjusted dog, who is comfortable in any setting. He loves everybody from children to my two obnoxious cats. The Gregory family raised his litter with hands-on care and affection, and I am so grateful. Sherman has been a joy since day one. If you want a healthy and happy V. you will be thrilled with Stedfast Vizslas.

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