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Submitted by: Scott Aylesworth on Jun 15, 2014
Excellent puppy and breeder. Tom is one of the best. I would highly recommend the breed and Tom.
Submitted by: ~ A FAN on Dec 29, 2013
MURPHY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Albert Krause on Nov 01, 2013
Tom's dogs are amazing we have a female from the spring 2013 litter. She is a loving and easiest dog I'VE ever trained. At 4 months she was holding points on birds, heeling without a lead,coming 100% of the time when called, staying where placed and kenneling. You could not dream of having a better gun/house companion. Thank You Tom for the best friend a man could dream of.
Submitted by: Tom Haberman on Oct 28, 2013
L-jay bought June of 2011 has been a great addition to our family. Not only does he show great instinct and drive as a hunter but is also a great companion. I have nothing but the greatest respect toward you and the line you and your wife have developed.

Submitted by: Andrew valladares on Mar 13, 2013
Toms dogs are amazing I own a female from the 2012 litter and she's nothing but fun and loving, she's good at learning and loves people and other dogs thanks to her treatment as a puppy from Tom and his family. I strongly recommend these dogs.
Submitted by: Laura Kratochvila on Feb 16, 2013
Our new puppy(Jack) is very adorable and shows enormous potential! He is five months old and already shows a great interest in aspects of hunting. He has an excellent sense of smell. His natural instinct of hunting makes him a pleasure to train. It has been our pleasure to have dealt with both Tom andJan Wise.
Submitted by: Hal & Janet on Feb 03, 2013
Tom & Janice,
Thank you for letting us come to your home on very short notice last Nov. 11th, the day before your puppy delivery trip to New England. We very much liked getting to see our pup's parents Murphy & Sassy, in the flesh. Even as your last female pup available, there is no doubt Heidi (Sophie) was the right one for us. From the first she has slept(with us)every night through.
Heidi is now about 5 months old and we couldn't be enjoying her more. She's one very smart pup! At 9 weeks, to be taken out, she had learned to ring a sleigh bell, hung from the backdoor knob. About the same time she was pointing a pheasant wing on the fishing rod and knew the pop of a cap pistol meant time for the wing game. By March, I expect she'll be ready to work with a few quail.
Anyone getting one of your pups, is a very lucky person. Thank you for ours, Hal & Janet
Submitted by: paul gamache on Jan 22, 2013
I couldn't be happier with Cassie. At 4 months old, she is showing signs of being a great bird dog. She lives for our long trudges through the deep snow, bounding back and forth in front of me. If she detects any interesting odor, she stops & the front paw comes up. She is extremely smart and learns very quickly.
Her personality is super , she's a hit wherever I take her.
Tom was a pleasure to deal with and was kind enough to deliver her to Maine.
Anyone shopping for a French Brittany need look no further
Submitted by: Roy Reed on Jan 10, 2013
When I first e-mailed Tom Wise, he told me all of the pups were sold. In early Dec. I received an e-mail from Tom advising me that he had a pup available, as the original buyer was unable to take him (Scout, aka, Jimmy), due to a family illness. I called Tom, telling him I would take
Jimmy, but could not pick him up for a couple of weeks. When I picked Jimmy up and first met
Tom I was invited into his home. He told me about his love for French Brittanys and his desire to become a breeder. He also gave me some advice on training Jimmy and told me to call him any time if I had any questions. I left there with a new friend and a very good French Brittany. Toms' facility is first class, if you are looking for a great hunting dog, be sure to contact Tom. You would be Wise to do so.

Submitted by: Paul Shirley on Dec 27, 2012
It was a real pleasure meeting you and receiving our second french brittany. I was very impressed with your willingness to drive our puppy from your home to us in New England.
Meg is a pleasure to have join our family. She is extremely smart and has learned much from our two year old dog, some good things and so not so good. She is showing a lot of promise in becoming a wonderful bird dog. The day we received her she already was interested in birds. I am sure she will improve with age. I would highly recommend if you are interest in owning a french brittany to contact this breeder. He takes great pride in his dogs. Meg came to us almost completely house trained. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 508-397-2434.
Submitted by: Diana on Apr 25, 2012
Happy 2nd birthday Mischief and all her brothers and sisters. I want to say thanks again, this dog nevers stops amazing me. We taught her roll over in about a day and a half. Every walk we go on she works harder and harder and it's not even bird season. She pushes up local wild woodcock regularly. This bird season should be amazing, we might even have to recruit a few more hunters for how well she works. She is also the best dog I have ever had. Thanks again
Submitted by: keith on Nov 05, 2011
I picked up Nikki (aka Nekota) in June of this year, and I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied with this pup. She’s very outgoing (never met a person she didn’t like), inquisitive, and energetic. We’ve been camping, hiking, and, with advent of fall, bird hunting. She flushed two woodcock just yesterday, one which I managed to knock down. She has the makings of a great bird dog.

Tom and Janice were most accommodating when I first visited with them to pick out Nikki, allowing me to spend as much time as I needed to make my decision, and answering all of my questions. Tom is obviously very knowledgeable about this breed and bird dogs in general.

I’d like to relate a recent event which speaks to the quality of these two people. I was hunting with Nikki near my home in western Maryland when we jumped a bear and to which she promptly gave chase. Ill-advisedly, I had her on a check cord at the time, and she was off like a shot dragging a 30 ft cord behind her. Long story short, she didn’t return as she had in every other instance, and I spent the remaining daylight searching for her, to no avail. The next morning I called Tom to ask for suggestions and to my surprise he and Janice volunteered to assist in my search, even though Tom was preparing for a hunting trip to Nebraska the next day, and they live about a two hour drive from the search site. Tom and Janice helped with my search all that morning and into the afternoon. By mid-afternoon I had nearly resigned myself to loss of this pup, when Tom called out to say he had found Nikki, her check cord tangled in the undergrowth, but otherwise in good shape. You can imagine my happiness and relief! Their response in this occasion speaks volumes about their love of dogs and to their generous nature, and I'll be ever thankful for their help.
Submitted by: Diana on Oct 18, 2011
Just a little update..Mischief is on her first real season on bird hunting, it opened Saturday, she pushed up four birds,two pheasant two woodcock, unfortunatly to many people for a good shot, then went out monday and puched up two males in about an hour...she has progressed very well since last year...took a little patience but she strives to give us our best
Submitted by: Kitty and Patrick Jones on Sep 10, 2010
We are having so much fun with Tenzing, aka Dakota! He is eager to please, curious, adorable looking, and we love him! Our 3 year old Fr. Brittany loves playing with Tenzing too. He loves hiking,where he often points out partridge, swimming,and going on the boat. Janice and Tom are great to communicate with. They were always available to answer questions about the puppies before we chose one and great with pictures as they grew! Also, very through documentation for the vet, which they appreciated. We like the fact that Tom was willing to meet me in NH from PA with the puppy, so he didn't have to fly!Tom has also been thoughtful in following up with how the puppies are doing in their new homes. Janice and Tom clearly love and care about their dogs and puppies!
Submitted by: Dale Smith on Aug 11, 2010
THANK YOU Tom and Janice!!! Leo [formerly Mac] is such a wonderful addition to our family. What an incredible bundle of joy. He is a highly intelligent little sweet heart. Wise's pups also come socialized with other breeds of dogs. He not only slid into our hearts but our Yorkie & Border Collie/Golden as well. His nose is always to the ground and hubby can't wait to hunt him. I cannot say enough good things about Tom & Janice and their pups!!! Once again, THANK YOU!
Submitted by: Todd Colwell on Jul 09, 2010
Tom & Janice Wise have been phenomenal!! They have been so kind and considerate in all our interactions, and so helpful in answering all our questions,sending pictures,and providing a tremendous experience in getting our beautiful puppies. They are incredibly cute, with amazing personalities, and everyone who sees them comments on how beautiful they are. You would be so fortunate to obtain one of the Wise puppies and to interact with Tom & Janice!!
Submitted by: Dave on Jul 04, 2010
I would rate Tom, Janice, and our newest addition Molly a 10+!! We have had our pup for 2 weeks and she is already pointing!! She is also already responding to "here, sit, go pee and go poop - Yes, she pees and poops on command!!" She has only had one accident in the house, and that was only because we missed the signals early on. She is using the bell on a fairly consistent basis to tell us she wants to go out,and she was crate trained in 2 days! I am amazed!! What a smart puppy!! This dog has instantly become a loved member of the family, and I can't wait to get her out on the hunting grounds!

Thanks Tom and Janice!!
Submitted by: Diana on Jun 23, 2010
Could not have chosen a better breeder. Great with all questions, very patient, Tom and Janice were great with updates and pictures. We love our new addition (Mischief). She is very friendly. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Submitted by: Dave on Jun 07, 2010
These are some of the finest looking and acting dogs I've been around in a long time!! The only thing that topped the dogs were the owners! Tom and Janice are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They opened their kennel and their home to me and my whole family! Needless to say, we left with a deposit on a puppy and will be back in 2 weeks to pick her up. What a great day!!
Submitted by: Ed Moses on May 08, 2010
I used Tom Wise's male Fr. Brit to breed my female. Tom was one of the finest people I have ever met. He was most accomodating and an excellent host. Tom offered to have me stay at his house as I had travelled from NH to get my dog bred and wanted to get-er-done in one trip. Tom's facilities are top notch with new covered dog runs with heated floors in the sleeping areas.
We bred my female twice with 15 minute ties, skipping a day in between. Tom's male "Murphy" got the job done as an ultrasound performed at 24 days, post breeding showed five pups. Tom's male is an intelligent, well trained and behaved dog with excellent conformation and color markings. Anyone may call me for additional recommendation information @ 603-303-0790.
Ed Moses

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