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Submitted by: Christian Kuharik on May 11, 2018
We got our Brittany last September from Jim. He is a large Brittany 55# at 9 mos. I can't believe how intelligent this pup is, it is almost like the dog knows what you are saying to him when training. He is also very mischievous, when he gets bored, so make sure you keep him busy. Great dog!!!
Submitted by: Kayla on Mar 12, 2017
I got a female pup from Jim in Dec of 1
2016 she is already in training and doing great listens so well and has a natural drive to hunt! My husband and I couldn't be happier!
Submitted by: Jeff Wetzel on Mar 02, 2017
I bought a male Brittany from Jim 5 a little over 5 years ago. This dog's hunt drive is second to none. He is highly intelligent and figures out situations on his own. I am a member of NAVHDA and will be running him in utility this summer. This dog is truly versatile it doesn't matter if it a pheasant or a duck he is my hunting partner.
Submitted by: John on Jan 24, 2017
About a year a half ago I got the urge to get into pheasant hunting. I went ahead a got my first dog from the winnens. He is a liver and white male and on the small side. To start think of the dog was excellent from day 1. Halfway home from picking him up he pointed a bird at a rest area and I had a good feeling from then. He was already potty trained and crate trained, knew how to scent trail, retrieve and leave at my feet, and come. This past month was both of our first times hunting, and I did the rest of the training myself. Day one in the field he flushed one bird in non-stocked state property, day two he flushed 3 and pointed 2, day three he pointed 13 chukar. We are both hooked and he is the best dog I have ever seen. He also stand alone my pony and snatched fish from the water, rides shotgun on the four wheeler and rides a wake board being towed behind the boat. Only issue I ever had with him, when he is tired after a hunt and my alarm goes off to get up for work, he gets up, walked over to my phone and turns the alarm of then goes back to sleep!
Submitted by: Lindsay on Apr 24, 2016
We got our Brittany from Jim and Melody in September 2015, and he is by far the smartest, best dog we ever had. All of our future dogs will be purchased from the Winnen's!
Submitted by: Blaise Prentiss on Feb 09, 2016
I picked out a female puppy in winter 2002. Daisy had fantastic instincts and she was the best dog we ever had. She was a beloved part of our family. Jim has wonderful Brittanys and cares about all his dogs.
Submitted by: Kyle Thrasher on Sep 30, 2013
I bought my female puppy in Feb 09. She is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. Tomorrow we start our 5th hunting season together and I couldn't be happier. Thank You Mr. Winnen.
Submitted by: Jeff Jastrzab on Oct 30, 2012
Rex is the smartest dog I have experienced, thanks Jim!
Submitted by: Sally Pantella on Aug 08, 2012
My husband brought a brittany puppy home from Winnens Kennel. He was 16 weeks old when we got him and thought he might be to old to start puppy training. Were we surprised. The pup knew how to whoa, point and fetch the first day home. We are totally delighted at how smart this pup is. Now at two years old my husband takes him everywhere. The pup has an excellent nose and remembers, and actually figures things out for himself. What a great dog. Thanks Jim
Submitted by: joe baldini on Oct 17, 2011
Ive had many different breeds..this brittney is by far the best..wouldnt give him back if you paid me
Submitted by: Nathan on Jan 12, 2010
I would just like to say he is one of the best brittany breeders. I'm getting a orange and white brittany from him and I hope he was as good as my dad's old dog Pax one of my dad's best hunting dogs. Thanks Winnen
Submitted by: John Buettner on Apr 10, 2008
Jim, supervised the training of my son's shorthair and lit a fire under both of them. I am now having my son train a pup for me and it would not be possible if it was not for Jim. Jim loves what he's doing and it is reflected in the results.
Submitted by: jim zerby on Mar 19, 2008
I picked a female puppy out in the fall of '07 from Winnens Kennel. What a great setup he has for breeding and training. It's only been 4 months now and the dog is a natural at everything she does. I feel very fortunate to have found Winnens Kennel and the "puppy" that is now training me!

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