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Submitted by: Mel Rottmann on Dec 16, 2009
I met Helen because of her dog Jade. At the time Jade was bred all of her pups were sold. Helen gave up her puppy to make sure I got a female pup. She has followed up via email and telephone to see how we both are doing. She will be available for advice on trialing, training, the show ring, health, nutrition, and all aspects of brittany puppy raising. I believe I have a solid, well rounded, good looking bird dog companion.
Submitted by: Marcy Beveridge on Nov 18, 2009
I "met" Helen and Brian quite by accident several years ago while researching a pedigree on a Brittany puppy. Little did I know when I shipped off that first e-mail full of questions that I had happened across such true dog people and such great friends.

I have owned Brittanys exclusively for many years, and without hesitation highly recommend Helen and Brian as breeders, trainers and handlers. They have a terrific program, with a wide range of expertise in developing and handling the family pet, the working bird dog partner, the show ring and the field trial competitor. And with equal dedication, they work tirelessly in teaching their clients; no question is too silly, no problem too minor. I live halfway across the country from Wild Mtn, and the Riggles have spent countless hours via phone helping me with my dogs on many levels.

Most importantly, Brian and Helen love what they do, and they nurture your dog as if it were their own. Just plain good folks....and dog people to boot!
Submitted by: Steve Lauterbach on Nov 18, 2009
Good knowledgeable Brittany folks...have found Brian to be a kind and gentle field trainer that gets good results from plenty of positive reinforcement. Very good at starting a young dog or finishing a competition dog.

Highly recommended and will use their services again!
Submitted by: Jon St. Clair on Nov 17, 2009
I can't say enough about Helen & Brian's committment to the breed, their dogs, and their business. I have not purchased any dogs from them yet, but have experienced the great generosity and passion they possess when I was having health and training issues with my 3 year old female. They took the time to e-mail me, and even call me in Seattle, WA, when I was away on business. I had received a frightening phone call from my wife indicating my little girl was very sick. I was probably on the phone for close to 40 minutes with Helen, where she took time from her busy schedule to calm me down, assess the issue at hand, and advise me with her experience. Being a new dog owner, I felt blessed to have come across such a giving human being. I know, at any time, I can give these great people a call, and they will be there for me. They are like pet Godparents in my mind, and this is a priceless asset to have. Keep up the great work Helen & Brian.
Submitted by: Phyllis Cannatella-Baines on Nov 16, 2009
I bought an adult female Brittany, age 3 1/2, from Helen and Brian and could not be happier with my dog, Sadee. Sadee came to me ready to hunt before clients and within 30 days she was the favoite of all the guides. She is a dream to handle in the field and has the best nose in the kennel. Sadee delivered a litter of 6 healthy pups this past April all by herself and was an excellent mom. The trainers expect those pups to be ready for the field by January at just 9 months---born hunters possessing the best dispositions you could hope for in working dogs. I would not hesitate to buy a dog for Brian and Helen or to have them train a dog for me.
Submitted by: Lisa Starcevic on Nov 15, 2009
On New Years Day 2008 Wild Mtn.Brittany's open their home to let us take a look at some puppies. We fell in love with a beautiful liver and white male brittany who was 16 weeks old. Not only did we get a great, healthy dog with sooo much natural instinct. We also got 2 new friends in Helen and Brian. They are so packed with information and are always open to sharing that info with you. Fortunately for us, they are close enough and kind enough to have Charlie stay with them when we travel. I wouldn't leave him with anyone else!!! Keep up the great work!
Submitted by: Richard DeMIlt on Nov 13, 2009
It's a pleasure to business with Helen and Brian. We purchased our latest brittany from them, a liver and white female and could not be more pleased with the process. Jody, our new puppy is a tremendous dog and a joy for our family. Jody is
6 months and will join me in the hills of Virginia
hunting grouse.
Submitted by: Donald Giffin on Nov 13, 2009
Can't say enough good things about Helen, Brian and their Wild Mountain Brittanys. We had the great fortune to get a puppy from Helen and Brian in the fall of 2007. Our now 2 year old "Freddy" (Son of Jeb) has been the perfect house dog and an amazing hunting companion. Fred and my son recently one the Hunters Creek Upland Gun Dog Championship in Metamora Michigan.
Submitted by: Debbie Snyder on Nov 13, 2009
When I purchased my Brittany, Chance (Ch. Triumphant's The Heat IS On, JH), it was with the intention of showing him. After the fun of his winning numerous Best of Breeds, incluing the 2008 ABC Summer Specialty, I decided to give Chance an opportunity to pursue his DC. With a recommendation from his breeder, I contacted Helen and Brian and asked them if they would be willing to evaluate Chance for me. Last spring we agreed that Chance had enough potential to have Brian break him over the summer and then see what he could do in the fall trials. I am very pleased with all the progress Chance made with Brian this fall, especially his first adult placement (3rd out of 30 starters in Open Gun Dog)! Helen has been fantastic about sending pictures and providing updates on Chance's progress. Thank you Brian and Helen for all your hard work with Chance this past year and Good Luck with him at the National!
Submitted by: Andre Coulombe on Nov 12, 2009
My male brittanys Maverick has just come home from the end of his 3rd season out with Brian and Helen Riggle being field trialed. We could not be happier, we are just 2 points away from his FC!!
I have seen his run mature before my eyes and he has become the trial dog I knew he could be and a dog that I enjoy watching perform out there. His performance week to week is much more consistant and when home and in the woods looking for grouse he is truely a pleasure to hunt over.
Thank you for all the work you have done with Maverick, we truly appreciate it and can see you love your work and the dogs you work with.

Andre Coulombe
SharpTail Brittanys
Submitted by: Travis McMunn on Nov 12, 2009
I sent my girl down to Helen and Brian last summer (2008) for some bird dog training and some derby stakes in the fall. The training and handling is second to none. She came back an incredible bird dog, with numerous placements in her field trials. She even got her first show point (and a Best of Breed) that same summer with Helen. I sent her back down this summer to become a broke dog, and again, she came back in spectacular condition. She's EXTREMELY birdy, has excellent bird manners, and is a pleasure to hunt with. I'm anticipating a great field trial year next year. The icing on the cake is she was run in the show circuit again, and she came back as a show champion (which was on top of why she was down there). Helen and Brian take her in, and treat her like she is their own dog, and no amount of money can pay for that. Jasmine loves to see Brian after being gone for awhile, which is a testament to the bond he created with her.

I also have a dog from one of their litters, and he is a great little dog. He has strong field lines (and picked up his puppy points this fall), which is a testament to the breeding they do. They definatley have a top quality breeding program.

They are only a phone call away when there are questions, and they gladly answer them.

I would gladly recommend the Riggles to anyone wanting to buy a dog, or who want to send their dog for some training. You will not be disappointed!

Submitted by: Marshall Ryon on Nov 12, 2009
I took 2 brittanys from WMB out to South Dakota for an early season hunt. My pup Joey, 2 yrs old, met his first wild "porquey" about 15 minutes out of the truck and ended up with a face full of quills. They in no way impacted his desire to hunt. We hunted him the rest of the week and he drove hard the whole time. He worked well thanks to the training he had received at WMB, not to mention his breeding. He is a sweet, happy dog when not hunting. Jeb, a pretty boy and international champ, 8 years old, and new to our family, quartered well, pointed, held his point, and fulfilled all his responsibilities happily. He charged hard with great desire. Wild Mtn Brittanys know their dogs and how to breed and train them! Why? Beause they are dog people.
If you are interested in a dual Brittany go to (as in visit) Wild Mtn Brittanys where Helen and Brian, truly accommodating friends, will match you up with the dog of your dreams.
Submitted by: Don (CAM) MacGregor on May 21, 2008
What can I say? Brian and Helen took my pup Sharptails Dangerous Dakota for three short months of training and returned him a healthy happy dog with a passion to hunt! I asked them to allow him to be a pup and insisted that he have fun. Well it is very evident that they did all that and more. Dakota came home with 4 first place finishes 2 in puppy stakes and 2 in open derby as well as other placements. More Importantly you can see he is having a blast he just loves his birds and doing his job.
In short if you love your dog and want the best then Wild Mtn. Brittany's should be considered at the top of your list I will be a return client! Brian and Helen are just flat out good people and I wish them all the very best.

Thanks for meeting and beating all my expectations
Submitted by: Arlette Hennessey on Jun 28, 2007
Helen and Brian are both very dedicated to their dogs. Again Though I have not personally purchased a brittany from them They also put alot of thought into their breeding program for Quality bred Brittany's.
Great to see Breeders who really care about what they do and Helen and Brian are right in there with people I Reccomend
Submitted by: Andre on Jun 28, 2007
I sent my dog to Brian and Helen for training and to be run in field trials this past spring.
In just over 2 months he came home with a 4th, a 3rd and two 2nds plus a 3rd in ths show ring.
He is heading back late summer to finish being broke and get ready to start running adult stakes now.
They are great people, have some great dogs and have done a great job with my dog. I would not send my dog to someone who did not actually care about dogs. Brian and Helen truely do care.
I would recomend them to anyone.

SharpTail Brittanys

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