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Submitted by: Laura on Oct 05, 2016
We've only had Jitka (Yit-Kah)-for 5 days and she's learned her name as well as some target training. She's smart and very eager to please! She loves retrieving her ball and other toys and is happy to just pass out in my lap too. Looking forward to many great years in the field with her! As for her breeder, Ben, we couldn't be happier with the professionalism he showed, and more importantly, he really cares about his dogs and it's obvious in how well he treats his animals. Very clean facility and the pups were well adapted to the outside, extremely alert and active! Hope he's still around when we are looking for another pup!

- Brandon and Laura Lindsey
Submitted by: Jodi on Oct 04, 2016
Hi Ben- Mollie is doing great. She's about 42 pounds at 8 months and is just a hair taller than our 7 year old GSP. She loves chasing the birds in the backyard and now likes the white moths that hang around the plants! When inside, she loves laying in the sun, chewing on her toys and at night loves laying between my legs under the blanket while sitting on the couch. My 40+ pound lap dog!! We cant wait to get her out hunting! She is fitting in well with the family. Jodi
Submitted by: Carmen on Oct 04, 2016
Happy first birthday to Weeland's Charles of Bald Lake (Charlie) and all of his siblings! We are so thankful to have such a great dog. We are trying our best not to get another but it's hard to resist! He has the best temperament ever and is such a beauty. Thanks Ben!
Submitted by: Sammy on Oct 04, 2016
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the 5 weeks of training my pup went through with you has paid off. We took our pup out the other day for his first hunt and he was awesome at 11 months old. The best part is he knows how to turn it on and off when he is in and out the field, He is a great house dog and is all business in the field. Just thought I would check in and give you a quick update. Thanksl -Sammy
Submitted by: Carmen on Sep 30, 2015
Just wanted to let you know things are going great with "Charlie," son of Zeus! Within the first week he was 95% potty trained (accidents were my own fault!), knows his name, "come" and "Sit". We are working on shake, stay etc. As soon as I clipped a leash on him, he trotted like he was going for "Best in Show". :) You probably should just send me a bunch of business cards, he is a beaut, brains and looks in one package. He is already breaking hearts all over the place.

Thanks for everything!
Submitted by: Kyle on Sep 30, 2015
just thought we would update you on our pup. We had male #2 from Zeus and Jewels from May of 14'. Shep is doing great! Sorry it has taken us a year to update you! We are so happy with him and couldn't be more excited for him to hunt this fall! Here are some recent pictures! He's been a quick learner, great in the house, and has a fantastic nose! We will be looking for another pup next year, we will definitely keep you guys at the top of our list.

Hope all is well!
Submitted by: Mark on May 30, 2015

I got a pup from you from your Cooter and Harley litter from September of 2013. I want to let you know that he is doing great and we are preparing and looking forward to our second season together. We did great on pheasants and waterfowl this past season and we are planning on hitting the grouse woods hard this coming season as well. I am thinking about adding another GSP and was wondering if you ever plan on doing another breeding between Cooter and Harley? If so I would be interested in a pup.

Hope all is well!
Submitted by: Ryan on May 30, 2015
Ben - I thought I would give you an update on the pup you trained for me. When I brought her to you she didn't know a thing (which was my fault), but after the 6 weeks she spent with you she was a different dog. She much more enjoyable to be around and everyone comments on how well behaved she is. I can't wait to get her in the field this fall. Take care!
Submitted by: Matt on Nov 23, 2014

I am just writing to update you on Odin the pup that I got from you in October of 2013. He is doing great! I never had a dog that was so easily trained. He is doing very well in his first season of hunting, already having a couple dozen roosters shot over him. He is also a more that capable waterfowl dog often out retrieving my neighbors field bred golden retriever. Not only is a good hunter but he is also a great family pet for my wife and two young sons. He is full throttle in the field but more than content taking a nap in my recliner while I watch tv. Thank you for a wonderful dog if the time comes that I decide to get another there is no doubt who I will get it from.

Thank you,

Matthew Rochelle
Submitted by: Keith on Nov 23, 2014
Ben , Finn's doing great ! He is fully potty trained and was introduced to his first dead ruffed grouse ! I let him play with it a little and then did a dead drag which he scented and locked tight at 9 weeks !!! Amazing quick learner and a pistol! I keep forgetting to snap photos outside working him. Ben thanks again for everything!

Submitted by: Scott and Jackie on Jan 28, 2014
Hi Ben!

A quick update on Willie Nelson (male #4 from Harley and Cooter).  He is doing so well and growing quickly!  We love having him around.  He has brought so much energy and fun into our house and we just can't get enough of him.  He has learned very fast.  Already potty trained, pointing at balls, bumpers, and other toys, and we have had him on a trip to the game farm as well!  Our hunting guide let him make a trip around the pheasant pen to sniff the birds.  Willie pointed a hen that had gotten loose outside the pen then tried to chase her down.  So funny.  Thank you so much for the great pup and easy process of getting him!   

--Scott and Jackie
Submitted by: Ross on Jan 06, 2014
Hi Ben, We just wanted to give you an update on how well Zieger is doing (Male #2 from Fritzie & Cooter Sep 2013 litter). We have only had him for a little over one month now and he is already potty trained, knows 'sit,' 'down,' and has already been pointing! He's great with other dogs and very gentle with our 3 year old niece and 1 1/2 year old nephew. We get compliments on his demeanor and looks wherever we go and we've actually given out your name and website a few times now. We also wanted to thank you for being so easy to work with and breeding such an amazing pup! We will be sending pictures as you need to see what a handsome dog Zieger is becoming! Thank you again. Ross & Andrea
Submitted by: Matt G on Nov 27, 2013
Hi, Ben. I hope all is well. I just wanted to say that Chubs is doing very well and we could not wish for a better dog. His temperament is absolutely amazing, impressive actually. I?ve only heard him bark once, which is kind of shocking to me. He is learning quickly, having fun, and making himself right at home. We take him everywhere us and spend a lot of time with the little guy. Here are some photos we have taken over the past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy them and we will definitely send more as he ages. Again, Thank you for the great pup. -Matt
Submitted by: Sue S on Jun 23, 2013
Hi Ben:
Just thought we'd send you some new pictures of Butcher. He is about 60 lbs now, still filling out a bit. Just an awesome dog!

We get so many compliments on him and have refereed a bunch of folks your way!

Submitted by: Randy P on Jan 08, 2013
Hunter is doing great, a natural born pointer! Just thought I would share a picture of him and some of his success. I have been able to get him out a few times this fall and will get him out a few more times this winter (Game Farms). Nothing better than watching him work, walking up to him on a point and getting a rooster! Oh and he is a handsome dog! (Purchased Hunter in August of 2011, born in June of 2011)

Take care, Randy P.
Submitted by: Kresta on Jan 07, 2013
Hi Ben, Hope you had a great Christmas and hope the new year is good to you as well. wanted to get you a few pics of "Gunner" (finially got him a name). figured it fit with all the miles he already has one him!. he has been a really good puppy!! pretty good at sit, lay down, come and of course NO. also has the house breaking part really good!. Took him out yesterday and did a little shoting and he didn't seem to mind. got a few birds in his mouth and he was good with that too. Thank you for bringing him to SD on your way out hunting! he has really helped with filling the gap of not having Kipper. got a long was to go, but we got a good thing started!!
Submitted by: Mark on Jan 07, 2013
Ben, Max is doing great. He is a very smart puppy. He catches on to everything fast. I cant wait until hunting season next year. He is already pointing everything. He is also great in the house! Thanks again!!!
Submitted by: Steve on Oct 29, 2012
Ben - I took Miley to SD this past weekend. At 6 months of age she did really well. The first day after the long car ride she tired pretty quickly and got used to the situation. Day 2 she really started to hunt well and was following scent through the crp we were hunting. She pointed 3 birds that day, 2 hens and 1 rooster which we downed. From that point on she kept hunting hard and seemed like a natural. I'm looking forward to many years of hunting with her and watching her get better each time out.

Thanks for the great dog! Both hunter and family pet!

Submitted by: Chandra on Oct 29, 2012
Ben, My husband took Ella out on her first pheasant hunt in SD this weekend. On day 2 & 3 she figured it out & was pointing & retreiving to hand. Real good at finding downed birds in the cattails & thick cover. She could hunt all day & still have energy to spare! She has the bird game figured out now & loves it. Simply put, she kicked butt! Everyone was very impressed & we are happy. She even earned her first stitched from a barbed wire fince.
Submitted by: chris on Sep 25, 2012
Ben, just want to give you a quick update on the pup(gunner) that I purchased from you out of cooter and Elsie. He is doing great. He was easy to train and loves birds! Can't wait for the upcoming hunting season! Thanks for the great pup!
Submitted by: Dan on Sep 25, 2012
Just a little update Kiaser, hunted last weekend. Kaiser had 5 solid points, 3 on birds 2 on a spot a bird flushed from second before. He even got to chase the one I shot. A good day. Happy with how he did for a six month old pup. Thanks.
Submitted by: Karl on Jul 19, 2012
I took my 6 month old GSP to weeland kennels for some obedience training and some bird work. When I went and picked him after 5 weeks he was a totally different dog. He listened to everything I said. Before I took him there I couldn't let him off the leash or he was gone. They also kept me updated the entire time. They taught him everything asked forme and more. Thanks again for the great service!
Submitted by: Tom on May 19, 2012
Hey Ben!

Are pup is doing great dog so far. Kinda learning her boundaries and our rat terrier is teaching her everything he knows. It took a couple weeks but the other dog finally got used to her. We named her Keta and she lives at my parents place. I go over there and play with her whenever I get the chance. She's just gorgeous and a fun dog! She had one close encounter with our elk but she came out just fine. We couldn't be happier with her!

Thank you again for the great pup!
Submitted by: Matt F on May 19, 2012
Ben, Reina is doing great. She points has a great nose and has actually brought me a woodpecker the other day alive. Not quite sure how she pulled that one off but it was funny. She also knows sit, kennel, bed, lay down, stay, and come. Health wise she is beautiful. She currently weighs 20 lbs and loves to run and play. She does very well with other dogs and all people. She has quite the personality as well and is very bright but sometimes gets an itch to only do what she wants. Puppies! Thanks for the awesome pup!.
Submitted by: Steph on May 19, 2012
Hi Ben. I thought I would give you another update. Piper is doing great. She's house trained and crate trained. She also knows quite a few commands...sit, shake, come, and lay down. And she gets along well with other dogs and loves to play with them. She was just at the vet yesterday and said she's a healthy puppy. Also, everyone comments on how good looking of a pup she is. We haven't started to do any training for hunting yet, but Lucas hopes to start that soon. She has also started jumping off of the couch and bed. We just love having her. Thanks again for such a great puppy. Steph
Submitted by: Melissa on May 19, 2012
Hey Ben,
I also emailed you some pictures of Barrett (Elsie X Cooter pup# 2 from this past January) but thought I would give you another update. I got to say he is one heck of a dog. Marc and I are really enjoying him. He has become a great addition to our little family and we both don't understand what we did before him. Last week he completed his puppy classes at Total Recall and will get into puppy agility classes soon. He has been to quick to learn since we brought him home. He can now, sit, stay, lie down, roll over, and heal on a leash. The transition to his crate went pretty well too. He cried the first two nights he was home, but then took to his bed pretty well.

Marc's family recently got a new yellow lab after having to put a family pet down because of cancer. Barrett is loving having a brand new puppy cousin and getting to hang out with all the other dog cousins in our families. However, I think they are grateful when he leaves because he wears them out.:-) We've taken him to our local dog park and he loves it! His nose is always to the ground and checking out all the new scents. Everyone always comments on what a cute and good looking pup he is and we would have to agree!

Last weekend we took him up to the farm in Wisconsin and he had fun running through the fields, streams, and even began pointing at little butterflies. It sure made Marc excited to take him out hunting this fall. Thank you for such a wonderful dog.

Best wishes to you and your family!
Marc and Melissa
Submitted by: Stephanie on Apr 20, 2012
Piper is doing great! She know how to sit and shake, and is doing really well with lay down. Potty training is also going really well. She met my parents dogs the other day and loves to play with them, and enjoys being out at their lake property. She's a little unsure about going into the water, but I'm sure once she's a little older, she will love it. Thanks for a great puppy!
Stephanie and Lucas H.
Submitted by: Melissa U. on Apr 20, 2012
Hi, I thought I would give you a quick note on how Barrett is doing. We absolutely love having him. We are continuing to work on puppy behavior and potty training. Thanks again for giving us a great addition to our family!
Submitted by: Joann on Apr 01, 2012
Hey, Zoe's doing great. She's an amazing pup! She's doing really well with the potty training and just catching on with fetching, still working on no jumping when she's excited but we're getting there. Her and my two year old daughter are best of friends. At times they play fetch, just the two of them, and that's pretty amazing to see. Zoe also plays with my brother's 6 year old gsp a few days a week, which they both love. She's a perfect fit! We adore her. Thanks for the amazing pup!!
Submitted by: Chandra on Feb 26, 2012
Ella is doing well. My husband taken her out walking through the tall grass. She's starting to put her nose to the ground, doesn't stray too far ahead. She's been doing pretty well with house training and learned very quickly what was appropriate chewing material. She has a great tempermant; does well with our other dog.
Submitted by: John on Feb 26, 2012
Puppy is doing well. We named him Monty. I feel like we picked a great dog. His first night home he had a couple small bouts of homesick howling, but that was it! He acclimated to our home nicely. We are doing great with house training and accidents are very infrequent.
We have him doing SIT, STAY, SHAKE and COME almost 100% and he picked it up very fast! We are going to start official obedience training this weekend with a trainer at the house. We've also had him to a few puppy socialization classes and it's great.
He's such a nice dog and I can see he will be a great companion in our house and in the field. You provided us with a good dog Ben. Thanks!
Submitted by: Anne on Feb 26, 2012
Pocket is GREAT. Starting to explore a lot more outside. She's doing pretty well well with her commands. Sits and lays down very well. Also does well with "off." She does really well with her release word, ok. She doesn't touch her food before we say ok and we can tell her to stay, throw a treat, and she won't go get it until we say ok! The one we are really working on is come. It's about 50 / 50. If she's not doing anything, she'll come right away. But if she has something in her mouth that we want or we REALLY want her to come...she seems to think it's a game. We are working really hard on positive reinforcement. She's also starting to catch on to heel on walks. She really likes her kennel. LOVES to kennel up - no hesitation there. She's a great fit for us and we love her! She's playful, exploratory and curious, and a HUGE snuggler! Thanks for a great dog! Enjoy the pics.
Submitted by: Joanna S. on Jan 02, 2012
Thanks for the great puppy! She's picking up on potty training really quick and now learning to "sit". Her and my 2 year old adore each other. Thanks!
Submitted by: Renee on Dec 05, 2011
Remi is doing great! He is out walking every day in a State Park area that is high grass/wooded and sees lots of deer and just about a week ago he flushed out 4 hens from some grass. My husband was so proud. It's amazing what comes natural to him. Thanks
Submitted by: Fran on Nov 29, 2011
Sage is doing great. Had her into the vet 6 weeks ago, she's was 31 lbs at 5 months old. I think she's going to a bit bigger then her mother. Walking her in the woods I can see she's going to be a great hunter, always has her nose to the ground and moving at high speed. She's a lot of fun and we enjoy having her as part of the family. thanks
Submitted by: Karl F on Nov 26, 2011
A few months ago we took our 6 mo old gsp (Champ) to Weeland Kennels for training and boy did we get results. Ben and John did a great job. They were sure to keep me updated the entire time they had Champ. On the day of pickup they showed us everything Champ learned. They also showed us what we needed to do to keep Champ sharp on what she was taught. This is the first time I have ever had a dog that listens to everything I say. If you are in need in training I would highly suggest Weeland Kennels.
Submitted by: Katie on Nov 02, 2011
I purchased a puppy from Weeland Kennels several months ago for a present for my husband. I must say my husband was a little surprised when I brought him home, but he has fell in love with him and they are best freinds. Gunner is so smart. He learned his commands right away and had his nose to the ground when my husband took him hunting. He is also well behaved aroung litter kids. He has been a great addition to our family. Thanks for all your help and providing us with a great GSP!
Submitted by: Craig F on Oct 30, 2011
I purchased a pup from weeland kennels a couple of years ago and it was the best gsp i have ever had. He was pointing birds for me when he was 6 mo old. All I had to do is teach him his manners and he did the rest. The first time I put him in the weeds he was all buisness. He has also been a great addition to our family. I will for sure be getting my next gsp from weeland kennels. Thanks guys!
Submitted by: Christina V. on Oct 04, 2011
Hey! My name is Christina V. and we got a pup from u this summer from the litter of 9! We named her Elly Jane (since she's from Janesville)Ryan. We love her and she is a happy healthy puppy. She just had her check up and already weights 26 lbs. She gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Thank you for the great pup!
Submitted by: Tina S. on Oct 04, 2011
Ben, A quick update on Harvey (male #3 from Cooter x Elsie). He is doing great; quick to learn and our 3 year old daughter LOVES him. We always get comments about what a good-looking pup he is, and my husband is looking forward to hunting with him next year. Thanks for the great addition to our family!
Submitted by: Susan T. on Aug 23, 2011
Hey Ben, Puppy Myah is doing awesome. Her and our Sheppard are getting along. She is soo smart already got a nose for birds and is starting to point. We love her!

Susan and family.
Submitted by: Randy P on Aug 23, 2011
Ben, just wanted to drop you a quick note. Hunter is doing great, he has adjusted to his new home much better than I could have hoped for! Seems like a pretty smart pup!

Randall P.
Submitted by: Brittany Cull on Jun 03, 2011
Ben was such a pleasure to work with! He was quick to respond to any and all of my questions with thorough answers. Thanks Ben! Brittany
Submitted by: Joe F. on Feb 11, 2011
Just thought I would let you know Jaeger has been great. We worked with him before the season and still are. He did awesome this year hunting grouse. He was pointing and retrieving the first time out. He also loves to go fishing and swim.
Submitted by: Ralph S on Feb 10, 2011
A couple of months ago I took my gsp pup to weeland kennels for basic obedience training. When I got Max (my pup) back a month later he was a totally different dog. He is now whoa broke, heels and knows the here command. Most importantly he know his name. His jumping problem also went away. He is well mannered dog. Thanks for making Max even more enjoyable. The next pup I get will go through the same training.
Submitted by: Mike Jepsen on Dec 14, 2010
Ben, Koli's great. Pointed a lot of birds this fall, just got back from SD and she was just super for a 7 month old. Locks up hard holds for as long as needed and very stylish. She weighs about 42 pounds but lost a few in SD. Ran into her first skunk too but we got away with only a faint smell. The skunk didn't fair well. Koli is very playful and very mischievous. very smart pup, big heart and will hunt full speed all day. On our first day it was 8 degrees and 30 mph wind and she still pointed birds and we froze but she showed no concern for the cold. She is a fun family dog and is going to be a great hunter. Mike
Submitted by: Geoff on Dec 02, 2010
Hi. Gunner is doing great. He is also doing well hunting....we have worked him hard. He is a great dog though and he loves sleeping upside down. I couldn't have asked for a better dog!!! I will send pictures of him soon. Geoff
Submitted by: Baldwins on Dec 02, 2010
Hi Ben, Bella has turned into a wonderful pet and hunter. We all love her. She's done some pheasant hunting and is catching on fast. We continue to work with her. It's too bad there aren't many pheasants in the area. She also loves to jump off our dock and swim. We got a kitten this summer and Bella acts like the kittens mom. Thought you would enjoy the update. Hope all is well. -The Baldwins
Submitted by: Jay H. on Nov 08, 2010
Hey Ben this is Jay Holcomb I got my GSP in June. Drake is doing GREAT!!! He is learning to hunt very fast. He will sit, come, heel, and whoa anywhere I command. He is just starting to hold a point. He has added so much joy to our life. He is more like one of the kids then just a dog. Hope you enjoy the pic. Thanks
Jay Holcomb
Submitted by: Brady S. on Sep 21, 2010
Just wanted to let everyone know the great experience I had at weeland kennel. I sent an email and received a phone call right away. We talked dogs and it just should happened Ben had a litter on ready to go. I drove to Bens place the following night a pick out my best friend. I'm very excited for the upcoming hunting season as it is going to be awesome with my first shorthair. Ben gave me a few training tips and things I needed to do before the season. It only took a couple of times and Sammy caught on. I can say enough good things about weeland kennels. They are a some kennel that truley cares about dogs. Most importantly they are not a puppy mill like most kennels. Will give another update during the season. Once again, awesome people and awesome dogs at weeland kennel.
Submitted by: Ed & Carol Barlage on Aug 17, 2010
Hi Ben,

Well, it's been 2 months since we received Pebbles, and it's been great. She's a smart dog and is potty training very well. She sits on command, and just about lays on command. We thank you for the great dog and are enjoying her thoroughly. She had her first visit to the vet and received rave reviews. She's just about 20 pounds now and healthy as a horse.

Thanks again!
Submitted by: Terry T. on Jul 13, 2010
I recently purchased a gsp pup from ben at weeland kennels. Throughout the entire process ben was very helpful and knows his gsp. He sent me pics anytime i wanted until i picked my pup up. I'm very excited for the upcoming hunting season. I searched and searched for a gsp. I would never get emails back but ben got back to me right away. He was very professional. Just wanted to give you an update. My gsp from ben was everything I was looking for!
Submitted by: Tim on Jun 14, 2010
I recently purchased a gsp puppy from Ben. I can't say enough good things about how he does buisness. Everytime I called or emailed him with questions he got back to me right away. He knows all about his gsp's. He also takes good care of his dogs. I can't wait for this upcoming hunting season! If you are looking for a gsp look no further.
Submitted by: Scott Kaminski on May 09, 2010
Just thought I would give you an update on Skeeter. He is doing great. He is a hunting machine. I think that I am going to have to start charging my brother and cousin rent for using my dog. He works his butt off. I would have to say that he is one of the best dogs I have ever had. He is also a great house dog. Thank you for selling me such a nice dog. The next time you have a litter let me know.

Submitted by: Christa on May 05, 2010
I thought I would update you on Jaeger. He is a great dog, good with kids, a wonderful as a family pet, and always has hunting on the brain. He hunts from the time he gets up in the morning, until he goes to bed at night; he's quite the stalker (Poor birds!). We sent him to puppy kindergarten, obediance training, and hunting training; all has worked very well for him. He hunts quite well. Thanks again for selling us such a wonderful dog; we couldn't be happier!

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