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Submitted by: rick mayberry on Jan 21, 2017
Our dog D'Arcy Ch Truly Joy To The World was born on 12/27/2015. She is crazy in the best and most adorable ways possible. She's now 2 years old. She recently finished her AKC CHampsionship. She rules this house. I have another IRWS who is the son of Truly's Emerald, however, Wendy was not the owner of Emerald when Duke was born. Dixie is a German Short Haired Pointer. These two dogs are 6 and 11 respectively. D'Arcy is their boss! I come at this not from an AKC perspective rather the American Field FDSB perspective. D'Arcy is the smartest and more importantly healthiest dog I have ever owned. I've had another field bred setter who did remarkably well in the futurity circuit and D'Arcy is twice the dog. The entire Bockman family is completely committed to doing the best for this breed. I've never been happier with a dog overall than D'Arcy and that's no slight to any of our other beloved and adored family members. D'Arcy is special. Very, very special and I'm so happy to have her. If you're looking for a IRWS on the east coast, look no further. To Ed, Wendy, Rachel, and Lindsay thank you for the ride to date, the education about Show Ring Dogs, and Puppy culture. Looking forward to more great things to come. You're all truly remarkable, talented and caring people. Thanks so much!
Submitted by: Mary Oleary on Jan 20, 2017
We own two Truly Irish Red and White setters. Both of our dogs have titles in three different conformation venues.(AKC, UKC and IABCA) our dogs are also registered therapy dogs as well as having their CGC titles. They also both have their rally novice titles. This speaks to their breeding program. Temperment in this breed is important. Our dogs are sweet, loving and fun dogs to train. Both of our girls have good bird instinct and soft mouths. This family also does all the necessary health tests. An important part of this family's belief placing their dogs as well as those in need in good homes.
Submitted by: Katie Donovan on Jan 02, 2017
Truly Red and Whites is a family affair with all members committed to the ethical breeding, care and positive promotion of this extraordinary breed. I have had a Dalriach Red and White Setter for over 10 years and am a member of the IR&WS Club of Great Britain.
In seeking a USA/Canada breeder, I made contact with a number of kennels and settled on Wendy Bockman's outfit. I was lucky enough to bring home Truly Love Long and Hold Fast - "Fernley". Here is what I have come to learn that Wendy and family are doing:
1. keeping the gene pool as wide and strong as possible
2. tirelessly taking their IR&WS blueprint around the country for showing
3. when a dog has earned their championship, they are field trained
4. the care of puppies is excellent focusing on puppy culture
5. their communication around spaying, gun dog equipment etc is current and spot on
My 8 month old Truly pup, Fernley, is the best pup I have ever had.
She has a good nose for business, is hearty enough to thrive in a Maine winter, is the sweetest home creature and quick to learn and please.
She and I are the lucky recipients of all the work, breed vision, and style that Wendy Bockman & co. have brought to this most marvelous
breed. I trust Truly Red and Whites - they prove that you can love your dogs and still work them, win with them and wow us with them.
Last but not least - they look after the senior dogs by still showing them and working them and keeping them active with the Pack.
Go Truly and IR&W's!
Submitted by: John T Reid on Jan 13, 2015
Our Molly is now one and a half years old and has just about completed training us! She is soft natured, soft mouthed and very sweet. She is also enthusiastic, excitable, endlessly demanding and a complete member of our family. Visits to New York city bring much admiration from passers by when we walk her and total sensory overload for her as she meets other dogs, stalks pigeons in Central Park and meets smells that do not occur in the country. Many thanks for adding to our family in such a complete way.
Submitted by: Edward Gruskin on Jan 05, 2015
I met Truly Red & Whites at the "Meet the Breed" AKC event in New York City. We were trying to decide on a dog breed for the family. Truly Red & White were very friendly and knowledgeable, not to mention they had a gorgeous dog with a great temperament at the show.

We went to visit them in Pennsylvania and met the crew. The dogs were healthy, happy, energetic, and had great dispositions. Not a shy, anxious, or aggressive dog in the bunch.

We've had our guy for over a year now and he is a great family dog. Besides his loving temperament, athletic abilities, and eagerness to please, he is a handsome example of the breed. It is a rare walk or run that we go on that we don't get compliments from strangers on his is obvious he has "show" blood. But it wasn't the looks that did it for was the great temperament of the dogs and the obvious expertise Truly Red & Whites bring to the table and the ongoing support they provide.
Submitted by: Carol A.Evanetz on Dec 28, 2014
I highly recommend Truly Red & White for anyone looking for a beautifully bred Irish Red & White setter. Wendy, Ed, Rachel & Lindsey Bockman LOVE their puppies and dog totally and those puppies and dogs take that love to their new homes. I fell in love (through photos)with Trulys gal Pollyanna a few years ago, in the early part of 2013 I asked to be put on the puppy list, for when Pollyanna would have puppies. She had her puppies in July ....felt part of the action watching the FB update pictures of the litter of 14 Finally the pups came of an age to meet visitors.What a joy , I was in my element - one on one with the puppies and the adults - I got to sit in the puppies pen with all 14 - HEAVEN. The Bockmans so welcoming,and helpful. My second visit was to pick up my little boy Delaney.....again what fun being with the Bockmans....My boy is everything I had hoped he with be ....Wendy and family always available with help if needed. What fun it was when this past July Wendy & the girls brought over Delaneys brother and two sisters to celebrate their first birthday. I highly recommend Truly Red & Whites.
Submitted by: Jodi on Dec 28, 2014
We had a great experience with Truly IRWS. Wendy is a knowledgeable breeder and very helpful throughout the process. She matched a dog for our family based and we couldn't be happier. We have a sweet, child-friendly dog who is a new member of our family. We are very pleased with the entire experience, but most importantly our awesome IRWS!
Submitted by: Anita Geske on Oct 16, 2013
I have resently got a puppy from Wendy. This pup is everything and more than I expected. She will be a great family member and friend. I am hoping to show her soon.
Submitted by: Justin Poole on Jan 16, 2013
My journey for an IRWS started while I was serving in Afghanistan.. I knew I wanted an IRWS when I arrived back in the US and spent many hours of my downtime between mission looking for a breeder with pups or an expectant litter around the time I came home. After many failed contacts and redirection to other possible breeders I finally found Wendy and the Truly Red & Whites. Once I returned home I personally made the long 16ish hour drive from Arkansas (where I was stationed) to PA to pick up the pup Wendy had set aside for me. I fell in love with that pup right away, and today she is over a year old, filling out nicely, still as hyper as day one but just as loving as she can be. Oh she can drive you nuts at times but all in all you grow to love her more everyday. I had a great experience with Truly Red & Whites. They are very courteous, very professional, and you can tell they love all the dogs they adopt out whether it be for other breeders, show dogs, or just a best friend like mine. Wendy and her family are great, truly care for the dogs and the safe and humane treatment and breeding of this wonderful breed. I highly recommend working with them if you are able.
Submitted by: Sharon Merkel on Jan 11, 2013
Four years ago this month I was looking for an Irish Setter puppy. After reading about the Irish Red & White, I began to look into getting information and perhaps getting one instead of a traditional red bench setter. After contacting the national club, they gave me Wendy and Ed's info and I contacted them. Wendy's dog was expecting a litter and she invited me to meet Emerald before she had the puppies. It was then that I knew this was what I wanted. I really liked Wendy, her family and her dogs. Several days later Emerald had her litter. Wendy allowed me to visit the puppies every weekend after they were old enough for visitors and I watched Corc grow from a tiny baby to the cutest puppy. He was exactly what I was looking for and can remember the day I visited when he picked me! Now four years later he has his hunting title, which Wendy and Ed helped me with as I had NO experience with training for. He also has his AKC Companion Dog title and we are working toward Graduate Novice and follow that with Companion Dog Excellent. He also competes in Rally and is working on his Advanced title. He is all I had hoped for and more and I would recommend this breeder to anyone who is interested in the breed (and have many times over). Wendy and Ed truly care for each and every one of the puppies they sell.
Submitted by: Margaret Belk Tierney on Jan 10, 2013
Wendy was wonderful to work with about when we decided we wanted a red and white. I have never had a dog that is better on a trail than our red and white. My children enjoy "hiding" on a walk in the woods and our dog will not go on until the child is found. Wendy kept our puppy for us for several weeks after the rest of the litter was delivered to their new owners because Bailey was a Christmas present. She was really well cared and Wendy updated us with pictures/info frequently. She responds very immediately after the dog is delivered for years after the adoption! We also had the opportunity to adopt a rescue red and white through her when one was available in our area and that dog has been a wonderful companion to the dog we purchased from Wendy. She is very professional. She cares deeply about each dog being placed into the right setting, both for the dog and the owner.
Submitted by: Diane and Fred Achatz on Jan 09, 2013
When we finally determined that an Irish Red and White Setter puppy was exactly what we wanted we began our search. It took several months, and some of the breeders either never called us back or were not especially interested in what we wanted. From the very beginning Wendy and Ed Bockman of Truly Red & Whites were professional, friendly and more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences with us to insure the happiness of our new puppy. Mollie came to her new home when she was about 8 weeks old, and she was a perfect match for our lifestyle. Prior to bringing her home we were able to visit with the pups and help to socialize them. All of Wendy's dogs are thoroughly checked out and well-socialized before they go to their new homes. Not only that, they're paper and crate trained. She is especially careful when placing each pup to give both the owner and puppy the optimum chance for success. We highly recommend Truly Red & Whites and Wendy Bockman if you want a totally positive experience.
Submitted by: Ray and Lee Parker on Jan 09, 2013
Wendy has been a prime mover in helping to keep the Irish Red and White Setter alive in Australia.
We had bred ourselves into a corner as the gene pool in Australia is extremely small when Wendy came to our rescue and we were able to import our wonderful boy Aust. Ch. Truly An American Down Under at Tintookie (Imp USA) because of this we were able to continue breeding and he has already sired many champions. At all times Wendy was a delight to deal with and we still (two years later) maintain a close relationship. We are so happy to recommend Wendy and her kennels.
Submitted by: Robert Linden on Dec 31, 2011
Wendy couldn't have been easier or more helpful to work with throughout the process of getting our puppy. We were able to follow her (puppy, not Wendy) from birth on line, and Wendy recommended from the litter what we feel is the most suited puppy for our particular home. Wendy has been considerate and informative throughout and we would recommend her highly.
Submitted by: Sue & Andy Swoyer on Jun 27, 2010
Our experience with the Bockmans and Truly Red and Whites has been wonderful. We have had great communication with Wendy in deciding whether the breed was a fit for our family, as well as choosing the right puppy to bring home. She paid special attention to the fact that we have a five year old daughter and ensured we had a good companion for her. She has educated us and still offers tips and suggestions on a regular basis. They offer a great combination of common sense and a vast knowledge of the breed.
Submitted by: Stimpson Family on Jun 26, 2010
Ditto the previous comments. We love very much our beautiful puppy from Truly Red & Whites. We received, and continue to receive, a lot of support from Wendy & Ed. The entire experience was educational and enjoyable. It's very clear that they love and nourish the IR&WS breed. We recommend Truly Red & Whites without reservation.
Submitted by: David Creagan on Jun 18, 2010
We have had a wonderful experience with Truly Red & Whites from our first inquiry about future litters to the support we get today for our 12-week old puppy. Our Clover is smart, beautiful, affectionate and intensely interested in birds. She inherited a great temperament and instincts from sire and dam, and the Bockmans did a marvelous job in socializing and exposing her early in life to all of the right people, places and things. These are great dogs! They are the complete package for anyone looking for an intelligent, loving and elegant companion bird dog.
Submitted by: Ron Levine on Jun 18, 2010
I had a hard time getting a red & white pup. During my time searching for a R & W I spoke to a number of breeders. some never called you back and some didn't do what they said they were going to do.Through puppy find I got to Wendy Bockman at Truly Red & Whites. I told her about my difficulties finding a pup, she said her female Emerald was going to have pups and I could have one. We spoke for a long time about the breed and it was very helpful and informative. Every step of the way I got e-mails of the progress, pictures, helpful hints, websites to help us to raise the pup and a lot of hand holding on the telephone. Wendy was great to work with and always did what she said she was going to do. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a red & white setter to see her. Gratefully, Ron
Submitted by: Catherine Washburn on Jun 23, 2009
We feel so fortunate to have acquired our beautiful IRWS puppy from True Blue Acres. After several decades of owning English setters, we are thrilled to have found a new breed that equals and surpasses the wonderful temperament and intelligence of our past dogs.

We brought our puppy, Baylie, home at 8 weeks and she has been a delight ever since. We are impressed with her sweetness, obedience, loyalty, and intelligence. She was sitting on command at 10 weeks. We take her hiking quite a bit and she always stays right in our visual field. I work at a private school and I took Baylie to my office very day for the past 3 months and she was terrific. Always calm and gentle with the children and staff. She is adored by everyone.

In addition, True Blue Acres has been a great support to us and we enjoy all the "networking" possibilities made available to us. You can contact the breeder anytime and she is always helpful and sincerely interested in you and your puppy.
Submitted by: Hilary Lachoff on May 28, 2009
So far my experience with this breeder has been superb! I have had excellent communication by email and phone from the first moment of inquiry through the present (4 month old pup). This breeder has even taken the initiative to start an online social networking group to connect IRWS fans around the world and I am thrilled to have a forum in which to engage with other enthusiasts as well as ask questions when they arise. And I have a smart, happy, healthy, adorable puppy to boot. I contacted several breeders before deciding on this one and I couldn't be happier.

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