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Submitted by: Gregg Bell on Mar 13, 2013

I wanted to let you know that I have continued to be nothing but impressed with our pup who will soon be 2 years old. She is by far the smartest dog I have ever owned or worked with. I have hunted her on wild pheasants, California quail, mountain quail, blue grouse, and waterfowl and she continues to impress. Thank you for your help and thank you again for building a program that created such a nice dog.
Submitted by: David Bassett on Nov 05, 2012
Just wanted to drop you a note regarding Stryker…he has grown into quite a young man…His field skills improve every time we go out and his abilities and energy never seem to stop. Over this past weekend, I had the opportunity to take my father and brother out for a good day of Pheasant hunting near my father’s home in Pennsylvania. Stryker proved himself more than up to the task and we had an awesome day with all of us managing to bag our limit of birds (limit is 2 each hen andor Rooster in Pa). Stryker flushed 10 or 12 birds and managed to run down a crippled Rooster some 200yds away from us…pretty neat to watch him work.

During a late afternoon hunt last week, Stryker even managed to one-up the hunters as he brought back a cripple that someone else had knocked down….score that day was 1-0-1….One for me…my buddy missed…and one for Stryker!

In addition to his field skills, Stryker is a family dog that is the envy of friends and neighbors…very mild tempered, always wants to play and be “part of the game”, well behaved and just a joy to have around.

I know much of this is due to his pedigree, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you yet again for bringing this wonderful creature into me and my family’s life.

Best regards
Submitted by: Kyle Waters on Jun 20, 2012
I get Brees out 3-4 times a week, she is crazy about birds. Hope you are well.
Submitted by: Dr. Brent A. Ungar on Jun 04, 2012
This spring Aspen passed her Advanced PR from APLA. Looking to do Masters this early fall.

Thank you,
Submitted by: Hugh Cronin on May 23, 2012
Hi John,

Finally got around to sending you pictures of Sophie. She is almost 2yrs old and doing great. She is FF and CC and loves her training sessions. She has turned out to be a really nice dog.

Hugh Cronin
Submitted by: Denise Arnold on May 23, 2012
Wow. We are so happy that he passed and now is a Certified Pointing Retriever. Congratulations to you for all your work on our Blue.
Submitted by: Justin Scott on May 23, 2012

I hope all is well with you and yours. We have wrapped up quail season here in Georgia and Blue did great! I wanted to reach back out to you to discuss some additional training options for Blue. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Justin Scott
Submitted by: Grant Martin on May 23, 2012
Well, you picked a winner! I have been nothing but impressed! Kaci is now 18 months, housebroken, crate trained, pointing quail, being shot over, and retrieving the downed birds to hand and releasing. Her mouth is soft and she had incredible drive! I just wanted to say thank you again!
Submitted by: Travis Sawayer on Jan 04, 2012
Hi John & Choral,

I am just writing to give you an update on Wyatt, purchased from one of your litters a year and a half ago (Born July 2010). We are just wrapping up our first real hunting season, and my first season with a TMPL, first pointing lab ever actually. I am sure everyone feels the same way about their dogs, but he is truly amazing. He is by far the most gentle, affectionate, and loving lab I have ever owned (I have had 3). Even when playing with the little one, he knows when he is too rough.

As far as obedience, he is number one. His eagerness to please me is unsurpassed. His drive on the hunt is amazing, I thought he would tire out much faster than he does, I need to stay in better shape to keep up with him! Our focus this year was solely upland birds. I wanted his upland game solid before we moved on to waterfowl. We went on our final upland hunt of the year yesterday on a preserve. We put out 12 birds and he found 11. He was birdie where the "un-found" bird was planted, but it must have flown off. He worked had for his birds yesterday, all but 2 of them got up and ran from where they were planted, it was great to see him use his nose like that. He actually tracked one bird for over 175 yards before he caught up to it, pointed it and flushed it for the shot.

Thank you so much for my loveable hunting companion and family member. My 6 year old call him his brother. We are so thankful for the highest caliber of dog you produce. Thanks again.

Travis Sawayer & Family
Submitted by: Scott Nielsen on Jan 04, 2012
Not being able to get the last trip out of my mind for NE Montana I went back and closed out the season. Wow the weather got up to the 50’s no snow lots of wind and the birds won. Good numbers but when you got a rooster in range you needed to take advantage. Me and the dogs worked our tails of for 5 days and both did fantastic. All the cover and mild winter look out for next year! Happy New Year

Scott Nielsen
Submitted by: Ken Wilhelm on Oct 18, 2011
Hi John-
You may not remember me, it's been a few years. I wanted to let you know that Burton passed away today, he was 13 years old. You originally sent him to us when we lived in Michigan, he was our first child in every way, I'm crying as I write the note... He hunted ducks, pheasants, and grouse in Michigan, and then more ducks, chukar, and quail in Idaho. In addition to that he was the first one at the door when we came home, and the last one to bed at night. I wanted to tell you what a great dog Burt was - great hunter, great family dog, and great friend. Everyone thinks their dog was the best, I know Burt was best for us.

Submitted by: Peter Gaide on Sep 21, 2011
Hi John,

I thought you might enjoy this reminiscing story of this last weekends hunt in KS.

The hunt was a lot of fun even though the KS bird population was probably the lowest I’ve seen in over 20 years. On the last morning of the hunt my black lab, Buckeye, pointed an old rooster (big spurs and very long tail) hemmed in by the sounds of the encroaching hunters’ cordura faced pants and leather boots beating the dry milo cane and the naked waterway in front of him. I released the dog and the heartening sight and sound of a brightly colored, cackling bird filled the sky. I knocked it down with my #6 1.125 oz. copper hand-loads. The fun was only about to start. You see, the bird didn’t fall dead. It landed in a heap in the waterway and then sprang to his feet and scurried in plain sight across the grassy surface heading for the opposing milo, black dog in hot pursuit. Imagine a lab bounding in knee high cut milo, hopping in all manner of direction as the bird, by now a specialist in evasion at his advanced age, darted this way and that. Then there was a streak, a black lab, head down, highballing it north at top speed as the bird presumably was running down the row; whizzing forward and out of sight, passing one hunter after another spaced in-line 40-50 yards apart, all absorbing what they were seeing. No elusive moves, just plain raw speed. And so it went for 200-250 yards; it seemed a glorious eternity. A farmer/hunting partner that was blocking the field near the road said the dog just went nuts, spastic, his near seven decades of hunting experience telling him no bird could go that fast for that far. Canine bounding and hopping started all over again. Then, silence, no visible motion, a pregnant pause. The sight of a thick pointed black tail held high above and in contrast to the weathered milo stalks and in retrieval motion sparked anticipation, but did he have the bird? A question only mindfully asked given the distance traveled. Sure enough. Gassed and looking for his master, Buckeye briefly suspended his prideful return trot half-way back before resuming. The dog well understood the prolific accolades expressed in English and delivered by hand by me and spectators alike. It was the point and retrieve of this dog’s young seven-year lifetime and the making of fondest memories for all. I’m sure glad I only winged that rooster.

Best regards,
Peter Gaide
Submitted by: David McCrorie on Sep 20, 2011
Hi John.
I purchased a pup from you in 2004. Tiger Mountain Rooster (Roo) has turned out to be the finest upland dog that I've hunted with and according to many that hunt with me, the finest they've ever seen. I should look at this papers and tell you what his breeding is (you referred to him as Fast Eddy). All of that being said, I am thinking of another pup for next year. Roo has had two surgeries for small but cancerous tumors and I fear that there are more on the way. I'd love to hunt the pup with him for a season or so.

Since he was a year old, he has been my wife's running partner and runs 4-6 miles per day, six days a week. Being in that kind of shape has been incredible for hunting. He still leaves most other dogs in the dust at the end of the day. But, she says he is slowing down a little this year.

I can and will fill out the form and send you a deposit for a next year litter. A question would be if you have any really special crosses you are looking at doing for next year. I'd love to have a heads up on that. Almost all of my hunting is upland. I generally make 1 or 2 trips to North Dakota every year and spend the rest of the season in Washington. I've gotten so used to my dog pointing that I would certainly want that again. Looks are also important to me--I love the look of Jake on your website.

So, there are my thoughts and needs. Any thoughts of your own are greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.

David McCrorie
Sequim, WA
Submitted by: David Torosian on Sep 20, 2011
Hi John,
It’s been awhile but wanted to let you know Shelby is doing great. She loved the pool so much we couldn’t get her out hahaha she could swim for hours and didn’t care if we were in there or not she just loved swimming around. With hunting season coming up we can’t wait to get her back in the fields David says she is amazing to watch. Also she is the must loving and loyal dog she has a wonderful disposition and can be quite comical at times, she makes us laugh a lot. Hopefully we can get some pictures of her hunting so we can send them to you. I don’t know how you do it but you picked the perfect dog for us again. Thank you again and we will keep you updated on how our girl is doing. Have a happy hunting season.

Best Regards,
David, Mary Jo Family & Shelby
Submitted by: wesley jones on Jul 28, 2011
Elvis is a wonderful dog, he makes me look like a good trainer. Not only did he pass his picnic test but was in the top 10 for texas singles. He ran against 37 dogs in texas singles.
Thanks again!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Teddy Krajovan on Jul 14, 2011
I know i thanked you before, but i cant tell you the love we have for Bob. Hes a wonderful part of our family.

Submitted by: Jeff Gould on Jun 16, 2011
Hi John,

THANKS! Nelli is now QAA - I'm thrilled that the little dog did well in her first Quail. Will see what else is in store for her....

Thanks again....Jeff

Submitted by: Albert Giorgi on Jun 06, 2011
John- I just said goodbye to one of the best friends I have ever had, Bart.

My son, Conor got a yellow lab at your place last year. She is a great bird- and family dog. We love your dogs. My friend John Doyle will be getting one in May. You may be hearing from me soon, when I can shake Bart’s loss.


Submitted by: Taff Vidales on Apr 04, 2011
Emma is doing great! Final total for the season, which was cut a bit short for personal health reasons, was 67 pheasants pointed,shot and retrieved, numerous others pointed and not shot. Eleven chukars pointed, all shot and retrieved. Forty four geese and twenty ducks retrieved. Some of the retrieves were nothing short of incredible. Emma has a God given ability to mark at a young age that it astounding. Goose retrieves in rice checks where she had to cross two or three checks, before stopping where the bird had fallen. Her depth perception is incredible. Those retrieves were out 150-200yards. In pheasant fields where the cover was over her head when the bird would flush, she would jump up on her hind legs to see over the cover and mark the fall with pin point accuracy. If the bird came down with only a broken wing and hit the ground running, they didn't stand a chance. Every bird, that hit the ground, waterfowl or upland, hit the freezer. What more can I say about her hunting ability!

All I can say is that her desire to be my companion might almost surpass her hunting desire. We are together 24/7, the grocery store, post office, friends houses, the garage while I'm working, she truly is my shadow. She's still all puppy getting into mischief now and then, but she's still a kid. She has an insatiable desire to fetch. I can throw balls and bumpers until my arms fall off and she still wants to go. When we hunt, if the morning is cool and water available, she's still going strong after 3 full hours. I'm not to sure how long she could really go. Usually we,ve got a pretty full bag in the three hours and no need to keep hunting.

She has impressed quite a few of my of my hunting buddies with her overall outlook on life in the field and around the house. We are all looking forward to next season all ready. Thanks for sending us such a great addition to the family.

Keeping the Faith Taff, Kim and Emma
Submitted by: Bob Odem on Apr 04, 2011

Dusty is the greatest sidekick I have ever had and I am indebted to you and your skills forever.

Thank you, Bob
Submitted by: Jim Hattan on Jan 27, 2011
Mabel had a great day duck hunting. She is sure a great dog.
Jim and Terri Hattan
Submitted by: Ed Aebly on Jan 17, 2011
Just a short note on Cinder. We went to N. Dakota again this year for 3 wks this time and had a great trip with good weather for a change.
Cinder pointed a bird, which ended up being a cripple, and when I approached for the flush and shot the bird jumped and ran in the cattails of a small slough. I told Cinder to get it and the next thing I saw was my dog disappearing over the horizon 200 yards away. After what seemed like a very long time I seen a small black dot coming back through the field carrying a very upset rooster and still very much alive.

Ed Aebly
Submitted by: Jim Cooper on Jan 06, 2011
Hello John,

I am heading with Ted for a three week Arizona quail hunt. Ted is doing really well, thanks for everything

Happy New Year,

Jim Cooper
Submitted by: STEVEN L. OATMAN on Jan 02, 2011
John and Choral,

Just a quick update on Libby, together we earned her HR title (she was 16 months old) about a month before I deployed and she is doing fine while I am gone and a good friend has been continuing her training for me. I was also able to run her in an HRCH Finished test the week before I deployed and we received 1 pass which was nice. My buddy will be running her for her final HRCH passes this Spring before I get home and then we will switch over to AKC and run her for her SH with an eye towards running for her MH in the Fall. I also plan to run her at the
Fall Kansas APLA event for her CPR initially and then her MPR at the next event I am able to get to. She has been a joy to train and is absolutely wonderful around the family.

Thank you so much for providing me the opportunity to own such a wonderful dog.

Submitted by: Jesse Ryan on Dec 17, 2010
Duramax is doing great! Just wanted to send a short update with some pics from one of his first field workouts.

Jesse Ryan
Submitted by: Tom Clarke on Dec 07, 2010
Hi John,

You sold me a female black lab 3 1/2 years ago. she's been a great hunter and a great family dog.

Thank you,
Tom Clarke
Submitted by: Leonard Yee on Dec 07, 2010
Hello John

Happy holidays and wishing all well. Tac is well into her hunting season and pointing birds like a pro. She has given me some 20ft+ points. Bragging rights sure are nice!!

Good hunting,

Leonard Yee & Tac
Sacramento , Ca
Submitted by: Matt Uranga on Dec 07, 2010
Hi John,

After 10 1/2 years Tiger Mt Maude passed on. She was a wonderful dog whose natural ability far exceeded my talents as a trainer. She was a great family dog that turned a lot of heads in the field and shocked me many times. I had many requests to breed her but I'm no dog breeder. She had a great dog life and was literally a part of the family.

Hope your bird season is going well.

Matt Uranga
Submitted by: Richard Larson on Nov 22, 2010
John, just a quick note about my 21-month old Chaska
I'm going to stop asking you if she really has what it takes to become a good duck-hunting dog. Yesterday she did three fantastic water retrieves for big northern mallards in a slough near Toppenish.
We're having a great season with highlights in Mott North Dakota (where she found, pointed, flushed and retrieved 25-30 birds in two days)
She is incredible at pointing quail and is amazing to watch in the scrubby olive tree groves along the Yakima.
Hope to see you in the Spring. Thanks again for the great dog!
Submitted by: Truby Proctor on Nov 16, 2010

I just wanted to let you know that after working with Ruger for the remainder of the summer, he and I finally went quail hunting last Saturday. What an awesome dog! He's amazing! Great pointer and holds it really well! We also took him to a tower shoot too, he's a machine. I just wanted you to know how happy we are with him and how well he's fit into our family. He's a great dog!

Submitted by: Darrin Abby on Nov 16, 2010
Hey John

Long time since our last communication but we had to put Cali down this weekend due to old age. She was a great dog I just wanted to say thanks. I'll get with you in a couple of weeks and get a list of this winter's breedings.

Thanks Again

Darrin Abby

Submitted by: Benjamín Küpfer on Nov 16, 2010
Hi John,

Its been a long time since I have communicated with you and I thought you be fine to let you know how Dubs is. Dubs has been a fine pointer and retriever. He has been a wonderful animal to work with and his retrieving ability is amazing .He works well to hand sinals. He has given me a lot of pleasure in the field.

I’m thinking to add other pointing Lab.

Benjamín Küpfer
Chile – South America
Submitted by: Jay Campos on Nov 02, 2010
Hello John,
Sadie is two years-old and Hank is one. Hank has a ton of talent but Sadie is more polished. There is no substitute for experience. We spent two days hunting the eastern part of the San Carlos reservation. Tough hunting but there are birds if you don't mind walking. Both dogs did well! Thanks for sending quality dogs.

Jay Campos
Submitted by: Jim Hattan on Nov 02, 2010
Just got back from South Dakota with Mabel, she did very well. Joined up with Mo Orr and Maze and Keith Orr and Hatty and there might not be any pheasants left up in that part of the state.
Jim Hattan
Submitted by: Javier Moreno Grijalba on Nov 02, 2010
Just a note to ask how you are doing, Tiger Mountain Happy Happy just has passed away. She has been a good dog I`m going to missed her.

I have a friend interested in a puppy and he doesn't speak English and wanted some help ,so I have to ask you. Can ou ship to Spain direct again?

Best regards for you and your family
Javier Moreno Grijalba
Submitted by: Kerie Kremian on Nov 02, 2010

You would be proud of the son of Dubs. Trip was great in the field. I had so many compliments from experienced hunters about how well he performed I was amazed. Kerie dropped a bird across about a six foot creek. He swam the creek, climbed the hill, retrieved the bird, swam back, and held it at my feet until I took it and then he shook off. You trained him well.

All our best,

Terry and Kerie
Submitted by: Greg Brand on Nov 02, 2010
Hi John,

We just got back from South Dakota yesterday and I am happy to report that Keelo retrieved to hand all birds, flushed all the running birds and pointed the ones that held. Beautiful points with right foot up and all. I could not be more pleased.

I thought CJ was the best lab I would ever had but it looks like Keelo is giving her a run for her money. Thanks for 2 great dogs


Submitted by: John Ritchie on Nov 02, 2010
Hi John-
I wanted to send you a picture with the results of a recent hunt here in the Willamette Valley near Salem, OR. with our lab Tiger Mountain ""Sunny" (from Mackey and Mikes litter last October). Sunny just turned a year old. Needless to say she is as you advertised- a spirited upland bird lab with great hunting instincts and, an awesome companion as well. My son and my son in law bagged their first pheasants behind Sunny that morning- they were happy young men!

I am very satisfied with her and making the decision to come your way in Ellensburg was a good one. Thanks again!

Sincerely, John Ritchie, Salem, Or.
Submitted by: Steve Oatman on Jun 04, 2010

Just thought I would give you a quick update. Libby and I just got home from running HRC Hunt Test this weekend and she recieved passes on both days for Seasoned. So combined with her previous passes in Started and Seasoned she earned her HR Title today. She is a tremendous dog and is an absolute joy to have as part of our family.

Steve Oatman
Submitted by: Will & Sarah Lockwood on Jun 04, 2010
Hi John,

just back from our morning walk and I thought it would be a good time to let you know that our Carl is doing great! He is bigger than our border collie (Lil) now - need to weigh him but i think he's about 50 lbs. we walk on leash or they run off-leash twice a day and we see lots of stalking/pointing in his play with Lil. Will is working with him on "marking" some of his toys before retrieving them, and he's doing well there too.

this past weekend we took them to a park near our house with big ponds, and Carl learned to swim. he loved it, of course. couldn't get enough of retrieving that bumper in the water. he also loves his baths.

he has met a few toddlers and is really great with them. our baby is due on st patty's day and we're feeling good about his attitude and demeanor toward babies, which is nice.

when he turned 6 months we graduated him from sleeping in his crate (in our bedroom) to sleeping on his dog bed in our bedroom, like the other dog does. he has been doing great with that and no accidents. he is better than an alarm clock though, at about 6:50 am he starts playing with his toys and by 7 or 7:30 if i'm not up he comes over to the bed and wakes us up.

He is really calm and mellow, especially for a lab. I haven't owned one before but we've both been around them and mostly they have been complete spazzes. Is that a trait of your litters in general, something you have bred for? Or is that just Carl in combination with us and our other dog being really low-key and not high-strung, and giving him lots of excercise? People comment all the time on what a quiet and sweet demeanor he has. Of course he loves to run and play and be a spaz when it's time to do all those things, but when it's not, he's just so calm. it's great. we couldn't have asked for a better guy.

i've attached a picture of the four of us from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!
sarah and will.
Submitted by: Jeff Gould on Jun 04, 2010
Nelli placed 2nd in UT in the Qualifying and became a QAA field trial dog. I'm thrilled that the little dog did well.....Thanks again....Jeff
Submitted by: Tony Youngblood on Jun 04, 2010
Hey John long time no here. Well let me tell you our great dog Blies got into the Gun Dog magazine! He's in the puppy section, picture # 35. I thought I'd give it a chance and sure enough they liked the photo of Blies.

Thanks, Blies is the Greatest!
Submitted by: Don Bovers on Jun 02, 2010
Hi John,

Well, it's been a while.
I really enjoyed going out to meet you all in Oct. of 2006. Hoke (Tiger Mountain's Hokulele) was picked by you and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome.
Hoke is a sixty five pound charger. Active, friendly and wonderful in the house. He has an amazing ability to focus. He is very intelligent, has an enormous engine and incredible courage. He'll run through anything for a bird.
He and I attended a Mike Lardy seminar when he was 17 months old and they wanted him to try swimby during the seminar. He started and finished swimby in 3 days. Mike said he has put thousands of dogs through the procedure and Hoke was the only one to finish in 3 days.
We then started training for Hunt tests and Field Trials. Hoke completed two SH passes and then ran a derby. We went back to work and spent the last 2 winters in Ga training and at the end of March 2009 he was able to get a spot on Mike Lardy's truck in April of 2009. In May of 2009 he got a Qualifying 2nd in his first try and has been running selected Amateurs and Opens,finishing one.
Hoke hunts every fall and is a great upland dog. He will go all day in any condition. His desire for birds is legendary among my hunting partners. He makes us all look good!
He is a fine dog and the way he carries himself among our family and his six brothers speaks to both his nobility and his gentleness. He is the dog that always bonded well with our 4 young pups and still gets along with our two older males.
You and Choral should be proud that your breeding has produced, in my (humble) opinion such a wonderful animal with such tremendous potential. I couldn't think of a better reason for trying to catch lightning in a bottle, with a repeat breeding.
While he is still young, we are hopeful that he will compete successfully in the Field Trial arena and make you and Choral proud.

Yours Thankfully,
Don Bovers
Submitted by: david charles on Jan 14, 2010
Our pup is from a litter of Feb. 19, 2009. We picked him up in Mid April and he has been a great addition to our family. Now 80+ pounds, he treats the children, ages 5 and 7, well and is very bright. My wife, no prior experience with dogs, misses him when he travels with me. He hunts well, though, the family involvement has led to some inevitable difficulties with some commands. I am confident we will overcome those this coming spring. Breeder has been responsive.
Submitted by: Mike on Jan 08, 2010
I purchased Tiger Mountain "Hank" (Yellow Male) from John this past April. Hank was 4 months old at the time and is now 1 year. He is through his first hunt season and I couldn't be happier. He has great bird instincts and is shaping up to be an outstanding gun dog. Completely gun broke and becoming steady to shot. Indoor temperament is great, Hank is friendly to all people and dogs alike.
Submitted by: Will Lockwood on Jan 06, 2010
My wife and I bought a yellow lab from Tiger Mountain in September of 2008. So far he has been the best hunting dog I have ever owned. He is only 16 months old, so he still acts like a goofy puppy most of the time, but when I get him out in the pheasant field, he is a machine. He's also great with our 9 month old daughter. He lets her pull and poke without getting irritated and stands between her and other dogs when we are out for a walk. We love him and are very happy with our choice of Tiger Mountain.
Submitted by: Rick and Penny Greaves on Jan 06, 2010
Penny and I have purchased two Pointing Labs from Tiger Mountain over the last 10 years. John is and excellant breeder and these dogs are the birdiest that I have ever had and I have been training and hunting with Labs for over 35 years. Tiger Mt. has great training facilities and I have never seen anybody work as well with these dogs as John Greer. These Pointing Labs are the super dogs of hunting and I won't ever hunt over any other breed.

Rick and Penny Greaves
Submitted by: Tony on Jan 05, 2010
With the help and guidance of John Greer and the folks at Tiger Mountain, Porter has developed into an excellent pointing Labrador. I have been hunting over him since he was 7 months old and he continually impresses both me and my hunting buddies (with GSPs and English Pointers)!

John Greer provided expert advice whenever I needed it. I would contact John frequently over the first year and his advice and experience were spot on. Without his support and guidance, I would not have the excellent hunting dog I have today.

Porter is just at home in the field as he is with the family. He is a wonderful “pet” as he fits right in with his mellow and pleasant demeanor. He was easily trained and I am convinced this is due to his breeding. I continually have friends and neighbors ask me if I can help them train their dogs after they see Porter. The truth is I just spend time with him and he does the rest on his own.

If you are looking for results, then look no further. Without hesitation I recommend Tiger Mountain and will be a repeat customer for sure.
Submitted by: James Rose Jr on Jan 04, 2010
I purchased Whisper a pointing lab as a puppy one year ago and what a great experience it has been . he is now a year old and with the help from John and his wife ,they helped in starter training and some training just prior to the hunting season this past year. I hunted birds from quail to honkers and enjoyed my new buddy with great success. From upland birds to waterfowl ,Whisper has exceded in everyway I had hoped for. His personality is a strong hunter and a great dog aroung my home. my kids and friends enjoy such a fine dog at home and in the field. Thanks so much John for the fine breed of dogs you have. I plan to have him back over for another round of training before next year.Your staff and facility is top of the line thanks for Whisper . James Rose
Submitted by: Sean Sullivan on Dec 30, 2009
I have hunted over several Tiger Mountain labs and have owned one for the last four years. Without exception, these dogs have been everything Tiger Mountain advertises, and everything you'd expect from a hunting companion. My dog Ronan finds and points upland birds, is an exceptional retriever, has all the desire an owner could ask for, and is an excellent family dog.

With proper training and early access to birds, a Tiger Mountain Pointing Labrador can become the best all around hunting dog you may ever own. And speaking from personal experience, you can be sure John Greer is a man of his word and stands behind his dogs and the Tiger Mountain guarantee.

My next dog will be from Tiger Mountain.
Sean Sullivan
Portland, Oregon
Submitted by: David on Dec 22, 2009
My experience with Tiger Mountain has been nothing but exceptional. This was my first pup, and John has taken the time to walk me through the proper training processes from day one. He is a busy man, but always makes the time to answer any questions I might have about health, training, hunting, etc...

The pup is now 2 years of age and is one of the hardest working dogs in our group of four. Her willingness to please, as well as her drive to hunt has been nothing but the best. My next pup will come from Tiger Mountain.
Submitted by: Jim and Stacie Cagaly on Dec 21, 2009
Have both a male and female from Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs- our male is going on 14 and our female just turned 5- both are the "birdest" dogs you have ever seen but the female is really birdy-can't even say bird around either of them unless we are going-the 'old man' is still out hunting and doing a fine job, while the little girl just runs circles around him. Have been very satisfied with both dogs and wouldn't hesitate to get another one from John Greer.
Submitted by: Bill Davis on Dec 21, 2009
I can't say enough about my black lab Gauge. I recieved him from Tiger Mountain in May and he's done nothing but impress me ever since. I have had Gauge over birds ever since he was 11 weeks and not only has he excelled each time, but I still have people asking me if he's around 2 or 3 yrs. old. Only if they knew he's only 9 months! Wether in the duck blind or pheasant hunting he has by far surpassed my expectations, and the best part is he's even better at home with my family. If your looking for a great hunting dog and companion look no further Tiger Mountain.
Submitted by: Larry Cassidy on Dec 21, 2009
I looked all over the U S A for a pointing lab and ended up at Tiger Mountain, in my own state, because of the excellent service and full explanation of just what a dog from Tiger Mountain will do. John Greer gives you all the information you will want in considering one of his dogs.

My dog, Tiger Mountains Sunrise Lucy, has become a wonderful family companion for my wife and I, but pick up a shotgun and she is ready to go. She points perfectly and retrieves to hand every time. We feel lucky to have this dog and I heartily recommend Tiger Mountain if you want the best in a Labrador. They know their stuff.
- Larry Cassidy
Submitted by: Jimmy L. Heisz on Dec 21, 2009
John has a first class operation at Tiger Mountain and I highly recommended it and him. I took him a very tough pup and John got amazing results. He points, stops to flush and is ready to hunt. All I need to do is get him to the same things for me what he did with John and for that I need to get him into birds, which I am trying hard to do. Not only do I unhesitatingly recommend John to others but full intend to do business with John and Tiger Mountain again, the Good Lord willing.
Submitted by: skeets dunn on Dec 21, 2009
To whom it may concern

I have owned Labs for over 40 years now. My current two dogs, Daxx, age 5.5 and Herc, age 2.5 have been two of my best dogs. Loveable, intelligent, great stamina and hunting ability, easy to train. Plus they point. I can not thank John Greer and his wife for their dedication to these dogs and creating a business where quality and personal attention to their clients is foremost.

Best for the Holidays.

Skeets Dunn
Submitted by: Saen Todd on Dec 21, 2009
I welcome the opportunity to rave about the quality of dogs and the training that I have received from TMPL. I lost my first pup due to a rare case of limes disease when he was only 5.5 years old and absolutely at the top of his game. My second black lab is now almost two and displays the same birdiness as his ancestor. The crew at TMPL have in my opinion a first rate opperation and produce finished dogs that are truely beyond what I ever expected. I am sold on their produt and service and will only do business with John Greer in the future! Fell free to e-mail me if you'd like more information!
Submitted by: Scot Edwards on Dec 21, 2009
After 6 months of research and communication with close to 10 breeders of pointing labs I finally decided on Tiger Mountain Pointing Labradors and purchased a female black in fall of 2006. My brother also purchased a male black from the same batch. There were a number of traits I was looking for and are listed below:
1. A strong desire to hunt
2. Excellent stamina (a trait not found in many hunting labs lines)
3. A great nose
4. Good “Natural” retrieving and pointing skills. I emphasize “natural” because I believe a good dog can be training to do either but natural ability not only makes a top bird dog but also a much happier dog as they are doing what they were bred to do.
5. Great looking labs to go with the above mentioned skills!

After 3 years of hunting under both of these dogs I can say with all sincerity that our choice was a great one. In traditional lab style our dogs love to hunt but aren’t so high strung that the family can’t enjoy the soft, gentle nature that labs are known for. The hunting stamina is off the charts for any labs I have ever seen or hunted under. I do not hesitate to hunt all day for multiple days. Their tenacity and determination stays from sunup to sundown. I can’t say enough about their noses. This trait is the most stand out trait of all of the great ones they possess. They are the best I have seen of any breed and I have hunted under some very good Shorthairs and Brittany’s. Their finding nose is a blast to watch but their tracking dead and wounded bird nose is freakishly good! I have seen some unbleivievable 200+ yards trails leading to a final chase and ending with a mouth full of rooster feathers that still boggles my mind. They retrieve as well as any lab should and is what they like to do just for fun. This was my first pointing dog so I was a bit hesitant in what I was going to do if the natural point didn’t present itself as I had very little experience in training a pointing breed. Fortunately some very basic whoa training and 3 afternoons working pen raised birds was all they needed to start pointing birds consistently. They haven’t looked back since! My final praise for John’s dogs is the fact that they look so good. Many of today’s pointing labs are too big and have lost that “labby” look. His dogs are absolutely gorgeous and are the perfect size to maintain the proper lab conformation while ensuring they can “go” all day long!

I am currently having my female bred to Teddy, John’s beautiful yellow male and am very excited about the prospects of these two great dogs.

If you are looking for quality hunting dogs with top breeding lines I would strongly encourage you to look at Tiger Mountain. There are other good kennels but I believe that John is at the top of that list and my experience has backed up that belief. John is a hunter and trainer first and that dedication shows itself in the quality of pups he produces. John was very helpful and accommodating when it came to my many initial questions and concerns and answered each with all the detail I needed to make a decision. His help after the sale as far as training questions etc. have also been very much appreciated.
Submitted by: Thomas Heaphy on Dec 20, 2009
We are very pleased with the hunting & family qualities found in our Tiger Mountain pup! He is a yellow lab named Hoover and he is now 17 months old. He is everything he had hoped for and is well worth the money. We recommend Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs to others and hope to be able to get another pup from them again!
Submitted by: Rick Lund on Dec 19, 2009
I have owned, trained and hunted Labs for 35 years. Through the years I have heard about Labs that point and never really believed they point as a true trait of breeding.

I purchased a Lab from Tiger Mountain and it is far and above the most birdy Lab I have ever owned and have hunted with! and yes he points and holds like a Short Hair. I shot a limit of grouse over him when he was four months old and he retrieved them. I sent him back to Tiger Mountain for Puppy Head Start School and when I returned 30 days later the Dog was locking up on point and working cover like a dog much older than 6 months. Tiger Mountain is a primier Breeder, Owner John Geer offers great dogs at a great value. Rick Lund
Submitted by: robb bell on Dec 18, 2009
rusty is one of the 2 best companions and hunting dogs in 60 years of hunting---intellifgent,sweet and unbelievable enthusiasm for the hunt. he hard points quail and huns---he flash points and creeps on chukkar and roosters--he ranges about 30 yards---retrieving skills are awesome including an underwater retrieve of a pheasant that died under brambles in a stream.
got him as an 8 week old and babied him----hunted him with no comment as a6 month old and he had his best year till he was 3----took him to john greers 8 week training class and brought a professional dog home
john is a world class breeder/trainer--dogs are well cared for and trained by this well mannered classic southern dog man
rusty was bred to about 75 lbs and hunts the deschutes breaks on a50 degree day without cooking out---just take a lot of water
Submitted by: Steve Jamsa on Dec 18, 2009
I am very pleased with my Tiger Mt pup. Teal is now 14 months and has been retrieving many ducks, pheasants and geese. She went to ND at 12 months and held her own with the older dogs, she is a very strong dog very healthy, has a great nose and desire. The breeding with Chance was a right choice for the amount of hunting I do. We ran one HRC started test and one NAHRA test and picked up a couple of ribbons last summer. Just last week she chased down a cripple honker flying about 2 feet off the ground. All in all I am very pleased and would recommend a pup from Tiger Mt.
Submitted by: Todd Bass on Dec 18, 2009
I had my dog MIA go through John,s puppy head start program this last year. This is my first experience with a hunting dog so I was looking for all the help that I could get to ensure my dog was started correctly. MIA is doing great and hunting very well. John is still at the other end of the phone or E-mail for any questions that I have had along the way. I plan on sending her back after hunting season wraps up for some advanced training.
Submitted by: Richard L. Larson on Dec 18, 2009
Early in 2009 I conducted a pretty thorough search for a quality breeder of Labradors. I was willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. to find a breeder/trainer that demonstrated real professionalism and passion for breeding and training Labradors. I found that source 110 miles from my house in Ellesburg Washington. I looked carefully at available pedigree information - Tiger Mountain's website was the most forthcoming and helpful. Tiger Mountain was able to meet my criteria for a special pup.
My "Chaska" has graceful, strong lines and at 9 months, she's been nosing pheasants out of blackberry rows that the veteran shorthairs are missing. Chaska's instinct for pointing is pure Tiger Mountain - I probably won't hunt with anything tighter that improved cyclinder from now on!
This August 'Chaska' was in the "Puppy Head Start" program at TMPL; I showed up early to their farm and stopped along the fence, unnoticed, to watch a training session in progress. It was remarkable to watch the balance of patience, assertiveness, enthusiasm and instinct with which John and his trainers handled each pup. Tiger Mountain has many carefully managed acres of different kinds of water and cover to facilitate training.
I grately appreciate the years of experience and willingness to provide advice that define John and the soul of Tiger Mountain - it seems to be for them ENTIRELY about drawing upon the greatest potential and finest qualities of the breed to provide each of his customers a steady, reliable hunting partner and family dog. Don't go anywhere else for your pointing lab, just don't.
Richard L. Larson
Seattle Washington
Submitted by: Steve Oatman on Dec 18, 2009
I purchased a CLF from Tiger Mtn in DEC 08'. I am in the military and based on deployments and breeding schedules I had to wait almost two years from when I made the decision to aquire a puppy from Tiger Mtn. It was well worth the wait. It has been a wonderful experience to raise and train a new dog. I chose a female and have been extremely pleased. She has been a dream at home with my two boys and our other pets, her drive i the field is outstanding and her trainability has been terrific. I got into the HRC in order to help me with training a lab sice I had owned only pointers before and so far she has recieved her started title at 8 months and recieved her first season pass at 11 months. I would not hesitate to purchase another puppy from Tiger Mtn when the time occurs. In short I am extremely pleased with the dog that I recieved and believe I got exactly what was offered and what I expected.
Submitted by: Don Benson on Dec 03, 2009
I have been very pleased with the training my 2 pointing labs,(one 2XGMPR and one MPR), have recieved from John Greer at Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs. Thanks again John!
Submitted by: Bill Stewart on Nov 21, 2009
Over the years we have purchased 3 pups from Tiger Mountain, Mack age 11, Tucker 5 (my son's dog) and Jake now 11 months. All three dogs went through the training program as well. I have been particularly impressed and pleased of late with Jake's performance given this is his first pheasant season. He points and retrieves nicely. When he hits the field, he is more focused than I would anticipate for a pup. He is still learning from Mack though. In the group I hunt with Mack has always been a top performer.

The Greer's have a great facility in Ellensburg. Picking up your pup from training is a real treat as John will take the pup out to the nearby field and work him on some Chukar. It is really fun to see your youngster work for the first time. Bring your shotgun!

I have found the Greers to be very responsive, either by phone or email, to any questions or issues that might come up.

I highly recommend Tiger Mountain Labradors without qualification.

Bill Stewart
Bothell, Washington
Submitted by: Adrian Eggleston on Nov 19, 2009
John and Coral are awesome. I would never consider buying a lab anywhere else. Not only is my 2yr old Lab, Dylan a top notch dog, John has been there to answer everyone of my training questions through the whole process. I can't say enough good things about Tiger Mt. Pointing Labs

Submitted by: Alan Nulliner on Nov 10, 2009
I purchased a male lab from Tiger Mountain Kennels and will purchase my next pointing lab from them as well. The dog Gus is everything they had advertised. I have had labs for 40 years and this dog rates in the top two on his desire to hunt and follow commands. Tiger Mtn Kennels were very easy to deal with and kept their word.

Alan Nulliner
Submitted by: Bill Kahle on Nov 09, 2009
Our Tiger Mountain lab, Sammy, arrived 3 years ago. She has not only become a trusted and loved member of our family, but for 3 months a year I get to be the owner of the best hunting dog, bar none, in my hunting group. She points staunchly, hunts tirelessly, and when a bird goes down where other dogs refuse to go, the words "get Sammy over here" make me proud. She is by far the most athletic dog I have ever seen and I give all of the credit to John Greer at Tiger Mountain for that. I will own many more Tiger Mountain labs.
Submitted by: Bruce Hallingstad on Nov 06, 2009
We bought our first pointing lab (Archie) from John Greer (Tiger MT Kennels) 2 1/2 years ago. He has turned out to be one of the best dogs we have ever had! We are an Outfitter out of Alaska. The terain is as tough going as any place in the country. The dog always amazes me for how tough and smart he is.He points patrmigan very well.Our clients shot well over 300 birds over him this past season. He gets better with every days hunt. We just bought another pup from John. We looking forward to many more hunts with our Tiager Mountain dogs!! Bruce
Submitted by: John Perenic on Nov 06, 2009
I will never get another dog unless it is from John Greer at Tiger Mountain Pointing Labradors. My dog Gunner is a 7 month old black male and has done better at duck, pheasant and quail, then several other dogs from other breeders that we have been with this year. These other dogs were significantly older and put through more training, but Tiger Mountain dogs hunt more natural than any other dogs that I have seen. The training from John and his people is also worth every penny! Though not collar trained yet, he has hunted in South Dakota for ring necks with a group of six and four other dogs. His pattern was phenomenal and never went further that 25-30 yds. and a collar was never needed. Best dogs!!! Great training!!! Fantastic People!!!
Submitted by: BRANDON JONES on Nov 06, 2009
Submitted by: David Wilson on Nov 06, 2009
Our Tiger Mountain Pointing Lab puppy participated in the Puppy Head Start Program, where she was exposed to a whole lot of birds, working released birds in hunting conditions.

Later, she then went through the Force Fetch and Upland Training programs.

The day we brought Gypsy home from her training with Tiger Mountain she was not quite one year old. The very next morning I got Gypsy out hunting wild birds and she pointed and retrieved a limit of rooster pheasants that first day.

The next day she did it again. Another full limit of pheasants on her second day of hunting.

In the last week Gypsy and I have hunted five days and she has pointed and retrieved 13 rooster pheasants.

The credit for Gypsy's success goes to the training she recieved with Tiger Mountain. She demonstrates a strong natural point and an intense desire to hunt. She is energetic and eager to retrieve.

Gypsy is a wonderful family companion and a pleasure to hunt with.
Submitted by: David Bero on Nov 05, 2009
The puppy we recieved from Tiger Mountain Pointing
Labs has been everything we have been looking for and more. We had her(Coco) out for trainging this summer for 3 months and she is such a pleasure to work with out in the field with whistle comands. The dog ranges well has a very good nose, points and does not give up on a down bird.
All of this from a dog that just turned one year old says a lot about the breader. I was not able to send the dog back to Tiger Mountian for training but the trainer who worked with her this summer felt she was one of the best dogs he has ever worked with and whishes this was his dog.
Submitted by: Chuck Capps on Nov 05, 2009
I purchased a Tiger Mt. Pointing lab from John & Choral when I was in college. My dad has been a gun captain for over 30 years for field trials in the North West area. I have had the privilege and opportunity to hunt with some of the finest dogs around. After hearing about Tiger Mt., I had to see this operation for myself. (And he was in my home town in college) I called John and asked him if I could come out to the farm and look at some of his dogs and see them in action. We instantly hit it off on the phone and invited me over to come over the next day. After seeing his dogs work I new I had to have one! He put me on the list and before I new it he called and said I have a pup for you. I put Harlie ( My black lab) through puppy school and his advanced training. I have never hunted with a finer dog! After my dad saw her work, he had to have one too. We have became great friends with John and Choral. They are an absolute 10! If you are thinking about getting a top hunting dog I would only recommend Tiger Mt. I will be contacting John and Choral soon for another pup. Since my purchase we have sent everyone that we hunt with to John and Choral. Thank you guys so much! I feel blessed to have met them!


Chuck Capps
Bremerton, WA
Proud owner of a Tiger Mt. Pointing Lab!
Submitted by: Erick Wallace on Nov 05, 2009
I bought my puppy from Tiger Mountain then had John and his crew put Cinder through his puppy basic training and Force Fetch. From start to finish I have been nothing but pleased with the results of the dog and the training. John take the time to explain the program and what you should be doing with your dog at home to further its development. To date my 10 month old Tiger Mountain puppy has pointed and retrieved 16 birds since October 8th.

Tiger Mountain is a first class operation. My next dog will be from Tiger Mountain.

Tiger Mountain is a first class operation all the way through.
Submitted by: Bonnie Lopez on Nov 05, 2009
Amazing dog! wonderful temperament! It has been super easy to train! Not to mention that he is breath taking beautiful. He is everything a lab should be and is.
Submitted by: David DaCorte on Nov 05, 2009
I cannot imagine having a more energetic, easy to train dog, as the male I got from Tiger Mountain. Hawk is my 5th lab I am 60 and just had to euthenise my 15 year old, who hunted up until this year. I have always bought from a Breeder, and Tiger Mountain has suprised me with the Energy level of the male I got from them. No stopping this guy. I hunt the Columbia River and there have been times that I had to call him back after 300 yards, get the boat and find the bird again. As we walked out of the flooded fields last year he made a B line east to a spot that just looked like water, out his head under and pulled out a teal.....I had now idea there was a bird there it was over 75 yards from our line of travel. Cant say enough about Tiger Mountain Dogs.
Submitted by: Larry D'Agostino on Nov 05, 2009
I got my first pup, Dixie, from John 11 years ago. I couldn't ask for a better dog. John sent me a pup in May and at 7 months she looks like she'll develop into at least Dixie's equal. (It speaks volumes that when I needed another pup, I returned to John and TM.)

John's dogs are great in the house and with my kids. They are family. Every year in the field Dixie amazes people who have never seen a pointing lab. It never hurts to get compliments on your bird dog and Dixie still gets them at 11 years old.

We hunt pheasant, sharptail, Huns, quail, and blue grouse. John's dogs do it all and do it with style!
Submitted by: tim taylor on Sep 09, 2009
Wonderful dog with a lot of drive, an unbelievable nose and a great companion for the whole family. John had her for only a month (at 8 months of age) and she was ready to hunt.
Submitted by: K.C. Smith on Dec 05, 2008
I have three Training Mountain Pointing Labs and have been working with them since 2001. Before making my first purchase I looked at other breeders and I visited the Tiger Mount. Facility. My search was over. I was impressed from that first day, and have continued to be impressed through the years. Their dogs and training programs are the total package. These are some of the most versatile gundogs I have ever owned.
Submitted by: Willie Hunter on Dec 05, 2008
We purchased our boy Carter from Tiger Mountain in the fall of 2003. Carter has been a true joy to hunt over; he points his birds and is a great retriever.

We hunt the rough country of Nevada for chukar 40 to 50 days a year. If you’re looking for a great PL and a wonderful companion Tiger Mountain is the place to go.
Submitted by: Mike Callan on Dec 04, 2008
I have had my Tiger Mountain Pointing Lab for 6 years now and couldn't be happier. Before I decided where to by my lab, I visited the TMPL facilities and was thoroughly impressed. Since none of us get out hunting as much as we would like, it was important to me to have a dog with great instincts as well as a great demeanor. My black female Sage has literally traveled the country with me from Alaska to Maryland and everywhere in between. Bottom line is that I have yet to see a more versatile, well mannered hunting dog and couldn't be happier that I have her by my side.
Submitted by: Chet Marden on Dec 17, 2007
We bought our TMPL female 2 and a half years ago.
She is a superior hunter and house pet. She flew
back to WA from Maine to be puppy trained and has hunted for pheasant and quail in Maine and NH and is great. This year she flew back to WA and was bred with a sensational male at TM and now is the proud mother of 11 beautiful pups, four of which are going back to WA. Tiger Mountain produces the greatest dogs around.
Submitted by: Tami Grobschmit on Dec 03, 2007
We are proud owners of 2 TMPL, they spent October in S.D. hunting roosters and they were incredible, we have a 2 1/2 year old and 8 month old.If you are looking for the ultimate hunting dog and family pet TMPL will not dissapoint.
Submitted by: Lisa Adams on Feb 26, 2007
We have a pup that is almost 7 months old now that we purchased from TMPL. She was pointing birds when we brought her home at 7 weeks and has only gotten better. She is excellent at retrieving and has most commands down almost perfectly. We are currently working on force fetching her. This has been one of the smartest and most cooperative labs we have ever owned. I would highly recommend Tiger Mtn. Pointing Labs to anyone who is serious about hunting.

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