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Submitted by: Bret Findley on Feb 18, 2016
Dear Tim
Thank you so much for the pups I purchased three years ago and thanks for all the knowledge you gave me with dog handling. This has been a great investment these dogs have paid for them selves ten times over guiding quail hunts and continue to give hunters great hunts. The quality in your dogs blood line is completely wold class and obviously to me the best I have been around or seen.
Submitted by: Drew Rouse on Mar 21, 2015
This was such a pleasant experience working with these people. They were kind and very quick to respond with questions. It was very easy to find their facility and we are so pleased with the color and temperament of our gsp pup. Our 3 year old boy is in love and the dog plays gentle with him. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.
Submitted by: Brian and Audrey Harrison on Aug 23, 2014
We just brought home our GSP Sunday, and we are loving him. The dogs are super smart. Our's has already started learning. Mr.Tim Frazier's dogs are healthy and beautiful. We also had an easy and helpful transaction with him. We definitely recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: Anna Taylor on Aug 14, 2014
We picked our little guy up last weekend and we are very pleased with him. He is so beautiful and very smart. Also Tim and his Wife were very nice people and Tim definitely knows his Pointers. I would highly recommend this kennel to a friend and we will definitely be getting another pup from Tim in the near future.
Submitted by: Justin on Aug 10, 2014
Just picked up our GSP and couldn't be happier. All the pups were healthy and our female was just what we wanted. The kennels are clean and well taken care of. Mr. Frazier is a really nice guy and you can tell he enjoys what he does and this breed. Would definitely recommend this kennel to a friend.
Submitted by: Jordan on Apr 04, 2014
To follow up on a past post about Tim's puppies, my GSP is 2 years old. Lives with me, my wife, and 1 year old in the house. Fantastic calm demeanor , handsome 80lb dog,.

I have guided quail and pheasant hunts over the past two years with my dog. So far he has gotten well over 300 quail, pheasants, and one heck of a season grabbin ducks from mississippi up to North Carolina and virginia. If you want a hard hunting dog, this is the bloodline you want. Tim is a great trainer and if your dog comes from his bloodlines it'll be standing staunch on quail in no time.
Submitted by: J Scott Richards on Feb 03, 2014
Tim Frazier is a gentleman with man and dog alike. He took our high energy Brit and turned her into what I think will be an excellent pointer and companion. To our surprise, she came home after a month generally better behaved and more responsive to commands as well as having learned to hold a point and retrieve. We were hoping for the latter but glad to have the former. I recommend Tim without reservation.
Submitted by: Charles Prickett on Dec 26, 2013
I had my Brittany trained with Tim, and I canít speak highly enough of the results. Despite being an energetic and strong-willed dog, Tim worked with him and has made an excellent hunter of him. Tim is a pleasure to spend time with and he is great with the dogs. He was conscientious about providing updates and making sure everything was up to expectations. Tim was highly recommended to us and it is easy to see why.
Submitted by: Jonathan Berryhill on Dec 19, 2013
A few months ago I dropped my 1 y.o. Brittany off at Mr. Frazier's kennel for training. He provided great updates on her progress, and I have been impressed with her obedience and field work since picking her up. She's a work in progress, but she is showing great signs. I'm planning to place her back in training in early Spring, and I'm sure to have a strong hunting companion by next fall. First class operation all the way around.
Submitted by: Rick Ingram on Nov 15, 2013
I've got my Brittany, Ace, at Tim's kennel being trained. I learned of Tim through my breeder who speaks very highly of Tim and his ability in training pointers. My breeder says he won't use anyone else. It was a pleasure to meet Tim and he spent a lot of his time just talking with me about how he trains, hunting and just general dog care. Since my Ace has been with Tim for training, I have gotten periodic texts and pictures of my dog with updates on how he is progressing with his training. I am thoroughly pleased with how everything has gone thus far and am excited about getting back my Britt back and taking him hunting. Thanks, Tim!
Submitted by: Joe King on Nov 06, 2013
Tim has been great in both training my dog and training myself. He has the perfect demeanor he is patient and firm. It is obvious he really cares about the dog and doing it right. Tim was never to busy to take the time to explain things to me which was often and regular due to the fact I am new to the sport. I strongly recommend Tim.
Submitted by: Chuck Cartwright on Oct 31, 2013
I would highly recommend Tim Frazier for his training and his dogs. We got a puppy from him in March of 2013, he went back to Tim to be trained. I was very pleased. Tim is a first class dog trainer and breeder, he has very nice well kept kennels. You can not go wrong with Tim's dogs or is training. VERY PLEASED WITH EVERYTHING TIM HAS DONE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT' SAY ENOUGH ABOUT TIM AND HIS DOGS!!
Submitted by: Rawlings Family on Oct 30, 2013
Just wanted to tell anyone looking for a good gun dog trainer that Tim at Ten Oaks Kennel is the place to go. We took our GSP "Cookie" to Tim at 9 months old. He said it would take a month and gave us a price for her training. During the time she was at Ten Oaks, Alabama had a huge amount of rain. Because of the rain and our scheduling we picked her up. He asked that we bring her back. At no charge he spent another two weeks with her. I say this to point out Tim's dedication to his training and finished product. The elements don't always cooperate but Tim's desire to produce a great working gun dog is outstanding. I was deployed to Afghanistan when Cookie was ready to be trained so my wife found and coordinated with Tim which is a testament to his operation. Cookie is the family pet and my wife would not have trusted her to anything but a high class operation. Her instincts were correct as his superb facilities, training, patience and loving care for Cookie was evident when I arrived to pick her up. He took me on a hunt with Cookie to show off his work and trained me how to work her as I have hunted with dogs before but never owned my own. Thanks to Tim and Ten Oaks training, my five boys and I now have an outstanding gun dog to hunt with for years to come. Thanks to his loving care we still have the loving part of the family that we entrusted to him. Thanks for everything Tim. Cookie looks forward to hunting with you again sometime.
Submitted by: David Holt on Aug 07, 2013
I have known Tim for several years. During those years I have sold birddogs to Tim and I have also bought dogs from Tim. I have even traded him some birds in exchange for "stating" a dog for me.

I have found Tim to be an HONEST good man of UPRIGHT CHARACTER. At the end of the day if someone is honored with the comment, "He is just a GOOD MAN." Then that should be enough said.

I have also found through OBSERVATION that Tim is an excellent dog trainer. He uses his soft-spoken demeanor that one would use with a that is loved....he carries that attitude and style with a graceful manner to the field with the dogs. Tim treats YOUR dogs as if they are HIS dogs. He cares about what he does, and how he does it.

I honestly do not know HOW MANY people I have referred to Tim about training their dogs. Some of those I have never heard back from; many have called and told me HOW MUCH they appreciated getting to know Tim...and what an EXCELLENT job he did with their dog.

Tim runs a first-class kennel and is a FIRST-CLASS MAN. If there were more Tim Frazier's in America...most of HER problems would be solved. You won't go wrong when you contact Tim about his dogs or his training services. (He might even trade for a GOOD PAIR of SHOES!)
Submitted by: Mark Willingham on May 19, 2013
Can't say enough about Tim Frazier at Ten Oaks Kennel. I picked up a sweet little 8 month old GSP from Tim a few weeks ago. I wanted a nice started dog that I could have ready to add to my string this upcoming fall. Belle is everything that Tim said she is. She is sweet as can be and bad to the bone in the field. She has a great run and handles well. Got her on her first birds a few days ago and she handled them just fine for a young dog. Tim was great working around my busy schedule to get me the pup. I have a good feeling I will trade dogs with Tim again and immagine we will hunt behind a string together one day too. Look for some nice pups coming from my little Belle in a few years.
Submitted by: Jim Barnett on Feb 23, 2013
Just picked up our 10 month old GSP from his initial training with Tim Frazier at 10 Oaks. We were amazed at the progress Tim made with our pup. He is walking on a lead with my 9 year old son and sitting, staying and not pulling at all. We were also blown away to see him pointing in perfect form in the field today as Tim demonstrated Gunners progress. I strongly recommend Tim Frazier and 10 Oak Kennels if you are looking for a GSP puppy.
Submitted by: Jordan on Jan 12, 2013
I bought my puppy from Tim Frazier last summer at 8 weeks of age. He was a great young puppy with lots of drive, bird crazy, and loved the field and water. He became a great dog that lives with me and my wife in our apartment.

I recently sent my dog back to Tim at 7 months of age to begin his training. I had spent time prior introducing my dog to birds, basic obedience, etc but nothing too fancy. Within one month I went down and hunted behind my dog with Tim and I can honestly say I am proud. He not only bred but also trained a fantastic bird dog and also a great family dog. Words and reviews do not do justice for the quality of work he will do both as a breeder and trainer for you. I highly recommend Tim for the full circle for anyone interested in getting a GSP or training one.
Submitted by: Landon Parris on Nov 27, 2012
My wife and I recently bought a beautiful black roan GSP from Mr. Frazier and his wife. The kennels were very clean, they had tons of land which my wife and I envied but hope to have soon for ourselves and our new little puppy Ava. We could not have a smarter prettier puppy or gotten her from a nicer breeder and man than Mr. Tim Frazier. Thanks again and maybe we will bring her by for a visit when we are headed through to Moulton.
Submitted by: Jody Holdbrooks on Oct 27, 2012
Recently took my 1 year old GSP to MR. Tim Frazier. Pepper was all hunt but no training and manners at all. After around 5 weeks of training, I hunted over her and she is a completely different dog. Brought her home and she worked great for me as well. Hightly recommend letting Tim get your dog headed in the right direction. I will be taking future bird dogs to Ten Oaks kennel for Tim's expertise. Tim is top notch and a great guy to deal with, look forward to working with Tim more in the future.

Jody Holdbrooks
Submitted by: Gena Cranford on Sep 22, 2012
We got our beautiful GSP from Mr. Frazier about 5weeks ago. He is the best dog and is absolutely beautiful. Whenever i post pictures of him on FB he gets rave reviews! Mr. Frazier is so knowledgable about the breed. He gave us so much information about "Phil" before we left. His kennel was so clean and all the puppies looked very healthy. He oftentimes sent pictures of Phil to us playing with his grandchildren. When Phil met our granddaughter it was obvious he had been around children. My husband and I can't wait to move to the country and get another one of his beautiful dogs! We highly recommend Mr. Frazier and Ten Oaks Kennel to everyone.
Submitted by: Blocker Family on Sep 09, 2012
Working with Mr. Frazier has been an absolute pleasure. We are so happy with our new family member, Bullet, a gsp from Ten Oaks. He is a beautiful dog and is very well socialized... he is wonderful with our children. A great dog from a great kennel! A special thank you to Mr. Frazier for such a quality dog and quality experience.
Submitted by: Matt Green on Sep 07, 2012
I purchased a puppy from Tim that is now two months old. He is good natured, calm and quick to learn. He has a very high prey drive and is already pointing. My experience with Tim has been great and would recommend anyone who is seeking a GSP to consider Ten Oaks.
Submitted by: Tiffany cooper on Aug 21, 2012
We have recently gotten a girl puppy from Tim Frazier off of this last breed that was born in August and we are VERY pleased this puppy was already smarter than I ever imagined...She is so wonderful with our kids and is so playful. She is already being very smart at tracking and sniffing things out and is very alert...We plan to get another from him closer to first of year..I don't think we could be more satisfied anywere else. Thanks again Tim...
Submitted by: Jordan Davidson on Aug 14, 2012
We bought our pup (Ford) from Tim when he was just 6 weeks old. He is now nearly 4 months and is a great dog. Not only is he a great addition to our family with his sweet temperament and manners, but he is also just as good outside. At his age, he is already obedience trained and is VERY birdy. He is working on retrieving (both land and water) and has a strong point.

Tim is a very nice and professional breeder and you will not be disappointed. Great dog from a great man.
Submitted by: Mario Marquez on Jul 09, 2012
We were looking for a gsp and we found Ten Oaks Kennel through this website. We had read a lot of good reviews about Tim and when we picked up our puppy we knew we were getting a good puppy from a great breeder. Just like the other reviews state he has a very clean kennel. We have had our puppy for almost a month; she is a very healthy and energetic puppy.
Thank you Tim for our great puppy!
Submitted by: Jim Barnett on Jun 18, 2012
We had a great experience dealing with Tim Frazier. I emailed him about our interest and he sent pictures of the puppies. My son picked out the male puppy he wanted and we picked him up at 6 weeks. The kennels were clean and his dogs are excellent.. We are extremely pleased with our GSP from Tim. We are already on the waiting list for another male from his next litter.
Submitted by: Stephen Craig on Jun 03, 2012
I just got my 6 month old German Shorthaired puppy back from Tim today after a one month training course. I chose Tim because of his reputation with many gun dog owners. Its amazing to see how much she has learned in such a short time. By watching Tim handle the dogs/puppies you can tell he truly cares for them. I wanted my dog to be field trained for upland hunting and she has made a lot of progress in that direction. One of my biggest concerns going in was her disregard for the "here" command. I was blown away by her eagerness to respond when prompted to "here" after Tim's training. Simply put, Tim knows gun they act, respond, what they need.. I would definitely send him another dog for training and if I wanted a new puppy he would be my first choice.
Submitted by: Tammy Jessen on May 21, 2012
My experience with Tim was a great one. I was looking for a well bred GSP pup from good hunting stock and a breeder that actually works their dogs. Tim and his wife have a small number of beautiful dogs in a clean, well-managed environment. Tim was knowledgeable about the breed and hunting them. Although I didn't purchase a puppy out of the current litter which were gorgeous, fat and healthy babies, only because I fell in love with one of other females. Tim did allow me to place a deposit on an unborn pup from that female. I am very excited about my future pup and am confident she will be raised and handled with plenty of TLC until I get to bring her home.

Thank you Tim!!!
Submitted by: Steve Stinson on May 03, 2012
My experience with Tim Frazier was everything I had hoped for. I had quail hunted with a friend behind Tim and a pair of his dogs a while back. The dogs were well trained and productive. When I got a puppy of my own I contacted Tim about some basic obedience training and to get her started with birds. My dog is a Springer Spaniel (not Tim's usual student) when I went to pick her up, we hunted her behind one of Tim's excellent German Short Hairs, I was very pleased to see that my girl "Briley" was, gun broke, collar trained, flushing birds on command, and even retrieving! Can't wait for next season to come around. I would recommend Ten Oaks Kennels and Tim Frasier to anyone needing bird dog training and his breeding stock looks great too.
Submitted by: Mike Callahan on May 02, 2012
Anyone one looking for a World Class bird dog trainer, need look no further than Tim Frazier. His meticulous training techniques certaily show in my dogs performance and manners.

I can think of no one I could recommend other than Tim Frazier for training. In fact I just did and I know my friends will be richly rewarded once Tim gives their dog back to them.

He is the best,
Mike Callahan
Submitted by: Ed Bullard on May 01, 2012
I don't care where his breeder stock comes from, they'll be better because they were born in Tim Fraziers Kennels. Tim is a great friend, superior trainer, and a first class Christian Gentleman! He puts the finish on all the dogs that I keep for myself, and there is no way I could be more satisfied. I'm just thankful that he chose Shorthairs instead of Brittanys to breed, or he would put me out of business! You can trust this man totally and completely. If he tells you something, you don't even have to check, it's that way. I truly believe he could train a mule to point a quail! His stock will only be first class, his training will only be first class, because he is truly first class!!

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