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Submitted by: Scott LaBuda on Jun 27, 2014
Picked up my second dog from Scotty, Flash a German Wirehaired Pointer in October of 2012. And what a dog he is! Scotty is great at choosing what dogs to breed. Flash was pointing birds at 8 weeks when I picked him up. At 9 weeks he was in the water doing short retrieves. At 11 weeks he was doing over 30 yard water retrieves. At 13 weeks I had the opportunity to put him on planted Chukar. He was pointing at retrieving the birds and even chasing after cripples with gusto!

Late that season in December he had his first pheasant hunt and was able to point and retrieve his first bird. We did basic obedience and yard work that spring/summer and started some steadiness training. He was pointing hard and steady to wing and shot before he was 1 year old. We also did some duck search in a local pond and all he wanted was to chase the ducks around the pond trying his best to catch them.

In June of 2012 at around 9 months he earned a Prize II in NAVHDA NA Test. Only thing holding him back was pheasant search, the only thing I did not work with him on. He was pretty raw at this point with not a whole lot of training only getting in the field about once a month due to my work schedule. He even amazed the judges with his ability to respond and work to the whistle when I turned him off of a released/flying bird.

Following the that summer we prepped for his first season. He did great on Idaho preserve birds (pheasant) as well as wild pheasant, chukar and hens. It was not a good season in SW Idaho die to drought and wild fires but we still managed to find coveys of wild birds. He pointed hard and retrieved to hand every time, although I still wish to force fetch him to increase his retrieving ability as I did with my other dog, she will retrieve anything from any place after being force fetched bt Scotty.

To say I am pleased with him is an understatement. My other dog (reviewed below) is something to see in the field, a dog that can better any of the dogs you see on the TV hunting shows. Flash has the natural ability to surpass her once he gets over his youthfullness from the season before. This upcoming season in 2014 will be his 2nd full season on wild birds (Chukar, pheasant, huns). He has an amazing prey drive and hunts independently of the other dogs while "checking in" with me. I was hoping to prep him for NAVHDA UT this summer but retiring from the military has kept me too busy, next spring I expect him to pass the UT test with out a worry.

If you are looking for a dog that was bred to hunt and hunt hard with great natural ability and the desire to work for you go see see Scotty for your dogs.
Submitted by: Jim Denzine on Oct 14, 2012
In late December of 2011 I took my 11 year old son pheasant hunting with a friend who owned a 3.5 year old German Wire Hair. After the first point and watching my son shoot and smile I was hooked. The next 48 hours was a blur as I spent endless hours researching web sites, breeders, writing emails, making phone calls. It was during this process that I met Scotty!

Out of all of the emails I sent, Scotty sent the best response hands down. If this was a test he passed hands down with the first email and we hadnt even spoken. From there we met by phone and spent a couple of hours quizzing each other. I of course was concerned about getting a great dog, Scotty of course was concerned that the great dog would match my hunting style.

Well, lets fast forward to September 29th when I drove to Montana from Wisconsin to pick up my new dog. Wow, everything that we discussed took place. Our little project "Bogie" as we call him was an amazing pup. Were now 11 days back home and hunting and couldnt be happier.

Scotty, thanks for all you do!!!

Jim Denzine
Submitted by: The Harrisons on Jun 11, 2012
Almost eight months ago now our elder statesman Griff passed. Months were spent revisiting 'all things WPG'. We found a great breeder (good people) and were settled in our place/position for a new pup. Unfortunately the Dam absorbed the litter just a few weeks pre birth (Mother Nature). Though the breeders WERE and ARE lovely dear folks, we were SO desirous of a new little gaffer underfoot --- so the quest and review AGAIN of "all things WPG" started.

We had noted Scotty's 'work' before and he had pups available. He spent hours and hours with my Wife on the phone. We selected two possible puppies. Unfortunately due to unusual happenstance (literally en route to airport - mass accidents, delays --- we were waiting for floods, fire and locusts at one point!) and many other 'oddities' we couldn't get to our flights, schedules were too tight, and we were not able to pick-up a pup. It was important to us for personal reasons to attend Shock Kennels and NOT just have the pup flown in.

Truly we did not encounter a more well-ground, proper breeder in the mix. MANY seem to be complete narcissists over the breed (and NOT within propriety).

This testimonial is written because Scotty's conduct, professionalism, diligence and knowledge throughout was appropriate and appreciated.

We hope to have a new Griff underfoot one day soon, though currently are taking a 'pause' due to the "lostlitter" and then not being able to obtain our pup this weekend past.
Submitted by: Todd Mitchell on Jan 31, 2012
I picked up a six month old started male WPG from Scotty at the end of September, since then I have spent 29 enjoyable days afield. Scotty is a honest Breeder/Trainer that delivers with his dogs. I will be working with him when I get my next WPG.
Submitted by: josh peters on Jan 29, 2011
i bought my gwp spook this last august and the dog has been nothing but excellent. with the dog still being under a year old we have shot tons of pheasants and quail over her. she retrieves birds out of the water no problem, points like a champion. this dog was a quick learner and is easy to handle. I would recommend scotty to any one who is looking for an excellent hunting dog.
Submitted by: kenny vitali on Jan 12, 2011
got a 7month male wire-haired griffon from Scott in late Sept of 2010 awesome dog excellent training from Scott definitely recommend buying your next hunting dog from shock kennels
Submitted by: Alcides Gonzalez on Jan 02, 2011
Coming Home
It has been a long time since my last hunt. About ten years ago I gave up the gun and took up the spear gun. During this time I lost my two hunting dogs, Ginger and Poppy. These dogs were not your average dogs they were German Wire-haired Pointers. I have hunted Wired Hairs since 1984.
So the quest began like the quest for Holy Grail. I set out on an adventure to find the right dog. This started in the Sacramento Valley and ended in Ledger Montana. After several days of talking to trainers and kennel owners I finely found Shock Kennels. Scott and his son Craig had the dog I wanted. Scott and Craig are first class dog handlers and avid hunters. Everything they said the dog could do, it did.
To prove this we hunted Zipper a six month female German Wire-haired Pointer. This dog has the desire to hunt and to please. These qualities are only seen in selective breeding. By the third day of hunting under this pup I knew it was going to be mine. Scott and Craig Henry are great guys. They treated me as though I was family. Scott, Craig and I hunted several other breeds, Labs, Griffons and Short Hair. They were all great dogs but I found my Wirehair.
I would recommend their kennel to anyone who is looking for rugged, intelligent, and obedient dogs. If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so at
Submitted by: Carter Hatfield on Oct 08, 2010

Yuma is a great dog! Does pretty much what ever I ask of him. He loves to hunt. We’ve only hunted dove so far as quail season starts in about a month. I have been putting him on quail in the morning when we run and hope he will transition once the fire works go off. He hasn’t picked up the quail sent yet but gets the idea that they are the birds we are looking for. I bought some quail wings and will start working with them on a dummy soon. I attached a photo of Yuma at my office. He really is an easy going dog which I like. He’ll kick back at my office and turn on the energy when we are out at the farm. Thanks a million for the pup.

Submitted by: Scott LaBuda on Jun 23, 2010
Got my female GWP "Dice" from Scotty last July as a started dog. She is one of the two pups held back from "Roxy's" litter last year as mentioned on his website

"At 12 weeks of age they were retrieving bumpers and pigeons from the water, and pointing their birds by scent. They were actively hunting the fields, and at 6 months we were killing birds for them."

That early exposure to birds, water, gunfire etc I feel were key to her being such a good bird dog, especially for a beginning trainer like me. She is BIRD CRAZY and LOVES to please. Very quick working and aggressive in the field but calm in the house and well mannered.

We had a very successful 1st season chasing pheasants/quail last fall. We advanced her whistle training Scotty had started and worked on her steadiness getting better each time we went out but as she is still young have work to do.

Being in the USAF I am limited in the amount of time I have to train so took her for Force Fetch this spring. She was already pretty good on her retrieves, but now has it dialed in. She hits her marks well and is out and back very quickly.

While picking her up Scotty set up a basic plan for me to finish off her steadiness/whoa breaking. He is always available for help over the phone whenever I have any questions and that shows his dedication to his dogs. I plan on bringing her back to him next summer for a month or so to finish/tidy her up before the season starts.

If you want a dog that will hunt hard all day with good drive and desire to please and be a great family/house dog look at what he is breeding. If you want a trainer whose only focus is the dog he fits that bill too. When its time for another dog he will be top of my list!
Submitted by: phil parsneau on Oct 24, 2009
I would like to add to my previous testimonial, I would recommend Shock Kennels for training any of my dogs, Scotty just put a VC on my WPG Mr. Brown. He has a good handle on training and his son, Craig is breaking in and is doing a nice job with the young dogs. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question about the kennels. 406-466-3741 Phil Parsneau
Submitted by: Laurie Lohrer on Jun 05, 2009
I got my GWP at 6 months from Scotty. Boone is the 5th wirehair we've owned and may have the most potential. Scotty did a great job in getting him started. Boone recently scored 108 points Prize 1 in Natural Ability. I believe exposure to Scott during Boone's early training contributed to the dog's cooperative and enthusiastic behavior. We plan to continue his training with Scott. Thanks for your support!
Submitted by: Leslie Lowe on May 29, 2009
I sent my Griff Puppy for Force Fetch Training. What a difference!!!! I am also co-training with Scotty towards UPT. Just finished NA Prize 1 112pts. Highly recommend this trainer/Breeder.
Submitted by: phil parsneau on Mar 26, 2009
I have had many grifons, and two years ago purchased a pup from Martin Gagnon, of Canada. I train dogs also, but do not like to force break my own dogs. I left my pup, Jacque, with Scott for about 3 months while I trained some dogs in Wisconsin, when I returned in late June of last year Scott said lets run him a UT test, well I have never seen a more responsive and cooperative dog than he turned out, Scott ran him in a UPT in Canada last fall, and two weeks latter, ran him a the Fall UT test in Wisconsin Chapter and earned a perfect Prize I in the UT, he wasn't two years old yet and I feel that is quite deserving of a trainer, Scott gets my highest regards for his efforts and training skills.
Submitted by: Kevin Reeder on Jan 29, 2009
Scott has done an awesome job with Rocket my Griffon. I was impressed enough to send my Lab to him for force fetch, obedience, upland and waterfowl training.Thanks Scott and I will get my next upland from you!

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