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Submitted by: Justin on Aug 05, 2013
Thanks again for the great puppy! She is doing great and is going to be a great hunting partner!

Submitted by: ashley on Mar 25, 2013
Bob and Jenni,

Lady has been a fabulous new addition to my home and I am already enjoying every minute of her company since I brought her home a week ago. We've already experienced her first snow- more adventures to come...

Thanks again!!!
Submitted by: Todd on Feb 11, 2013
Just wanted to say thanks.Grace was perfect on the hunt we did. She had my Brittany pointing with her in a short hr of hunting.

Thanks again

Submitted by: Steve on Jan 13, 2013
Bob & Jenni,

Happy New Year.

Wanted to send a pic of my boy Cotton. Murphy/Willow from Spring 2011.

Great dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's really coming around and turning into a fine bird dog. Recent Bob White Quail hunt in South Florida.
Submitted by: Rob Flo on Oct 12, 2012
I love my Lulu. She is the total package, Truly the smartest, birdiest dog I have ever owned. Memphis LOVES Gordon Setters.
Submitted by: Tanner on Oct 02, 2012
Ryder and my first hunt together. She pointed three pheasants solid as a rock. My poor shooting we bagged two. First time in the field she locked up perfectly held her point. I walked 10 - 20 ft in front of her she held whole time and I flushed all birds. It blew me away for first time her point on scent no sight because of her bloodlines. It was the first of many hunts for years to come with my friend and all time Huntin companion. Thanks you guys for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Ken on Apr 23, 2012
Just wanted to drop you a note that "Bella" has adapted to our home very quickly and easily. It is amazing how smart she is and has been an absolute joy to have. We are so happy with our beautiful little pup, I have never had a dog that showed so much intelligence at such an early age. Thank you again
Submitted by: Carl on Apr 13, 2012
Hi Bob, week 5 update - Lilly to vet today, 17 lbs! fit and trim and solid. Getting tall fast. She is basically house broken, ringing the bells on each door religiously. What a gentle temperament, just what we wanted, I can't get over how affectionate she is. Vet even commented as such. Very spunky too, love it !

Fence training starts in a week, will be great to see her free run without a leash.

We hit a home run thanks to you.
Submitted by: Brooke on Jan 27, 2012
It was amazing to see how much our dog Lulu improved during her time at Range View Kennels. We could tell from all of the pictures, videos, and email updates from the Buckleys that she was right where she needed to be. It was hard leaving Lulu, but seeing how happy she was on her "graduation" hunt made it all worth it. Thank you Buckley family for training Lulu and taking such great care of her!
Submitted by: The Bayliff's on Dec 10, 2011
Bob and Jenni
Thank you for all the time and effort youíve put into our special circumstances. We have had a great experience buying Trigger from you and we just appreciate all of the kindness weíve received throughout this year. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas! The Bayliff Family
Submitted by: Audrie on Aug 28, 2011
Hello Bob & Jenni,

Hope all is going well with you two!!! All is good here. Sorry I haven't kept in touch. :-( I wanted to send you a few pics of Rowdy Anton. He is from Izzy and Timbers litter born May 13, 2010. He is an awesome all around dog!!! Very loveable, obedient and bird crazy!!! We love him greatly and he has brought us tons of joy!!! He will be going on his first pheasant hunt this fall. :-) Here I've attached a few pics--One where he's outside being a good boy watching for birds to fly; one where he's soaking in the sun and another where he keeps watch of the front door to make sure no strangers come. Hope you enjoy!!!! Thank you for breeding such awesome dogs!!!
Submitted by: Pam on Apr 11, 2011
Hi Bob.
Just a quick note Ė I wanted to share this recent photo with you. Our girls are almost one year old now! They are such beautiful, fun and awesome dogs. They have filled our life with so much joy! This fall we plan to take them on their first hunt.
Hope all is well with you and Jenni.
Submitted by: Suzette on Mar 07, 2011
Hello Bob and Jenni

Hope all is well. It was such a pleasure to meet you both, Sorry I have been so out of touch. I canít tell you what a wonderful puppy Milo has been! It is clear you have bred and raised really great dogs. I had the chance to meet Murphy and Lacy what beautiful parents. Milo is such a confident, HAPPY loving boy with enormous smarts. We are still so amazed how he is absolutely not affected by any loud noises. He came to us during our auto repair shop move, and construction in the new place. Milo sleeps In His Crate for hours at a time during very unpleasant noises that our older dogs canít tolerate. I donít know how you do, it but thank you for all the care and work you put in. I had forgotten how much attention puppyís want when they finally wake up. I have read never wake a sleeping puppy; in his case it is more like try to wake him. He is growing like a weed. Every morning we realize how much he has grown just over night and how handsome he is becoming. After every week that passes, he develops more mentally, and grows a bit more independent.

The last four weeks have been an absolute JOY! Also for anyone who has met him. We really look forward to this summer when he can really get a sense of what is around him at home In Marble, and all the adventure that is in store. For now he is used to the early mornings and trips in the car to work. The first few weeks were a challenge keeping him warm; He has a Coat and it is like Trying to ďDress a Fussy KidĒ. The days where itís Been 16 below not the easiest for potty training. On second thought maybe better, less doling around when itís time to get down to business. Either way he will be toughened up to the harsh winters. His First Day Home He became buddies with one of our cats; the dogs have been a bit more difficult (for them anyway) Milo Is FEARLESS and simply canít understand what the problem is when they growl at him. He simply continues on his marry way. Scott made berms in the yard with The Snow Blower That All the Dogs Run around like they are on the track; they all get along pretty good outside and do a lot of playing. I Get A Bit Saddened knowing puppy time is so short, but I am excited about all years to come with adult hood. I know he is going to be the best of friends. He is already so dear to our hearts and truly loved. Can hardly remember what the days were like without Milo.

I look forward to sending pictures and videoÖ we get such a kick out of watching Milo walk around the shop with a full cup of water and setting it down not spilling a drop. I donít know why but he loves to do it. A natural show off I suppose. The look on Scottís Face the day we came from your home and stopped for a rest. Scott Asked Milo to sit and he did it on first command. He looked like he had been doing it forever and the way he naturally walked on the leash. He loves to help with the housekeeping, sweeping and especially vacuuming. We LOL Daily (Laugh Out Loud) The two of you are so lucky to do what you love to do. Anyway, enough with my ramblings. Thank You for Such A beautiful Gift! Until we talk again.

~Scott, Suzette and Milo
Submitted by: Chad on Feb 27, 2011
Thanks for a great day of hunting. We had a great time!
Submitted by: Daniel on Feb 06, 2011
Hi Bob and Jenni,

Dallas has made it home this evening. I flew to Denver today to pick him up from James and flew back to Houston. He is everything that I expected! As I type this, Dallas in snuggled on the sofa with my wife and two daughters asleep. Wish I had a video camera when my daughters first saw Dallas. It was priceless!

Thank you again for everything.

Submitted by: Todd on Nov 27, 2010
Hey Bob;

I just wanted to thank you again for a perfect day in the field. Your dogs were spectacular (of course) and the lunch was out of this world my man! We all had a great time on the Chico basin ranch and I canít wait to go back. You got a great thing going with your guide service. I hope you donít forget the little people when youíre a hotshot guide booked out three years in advance!
I do want to bring the mutts out sometime soon. Iím sure Rocky would love to see all his old kennel buddies too!

Talk to you soon, say hi to Jenni and thanks again for a great day! I needed it.

Submitted by: Kelly on Oct 25, 2010
Bob and Jenni,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to send you an email....

Slevin is doing really well....she is growing so fast. We just recently had her 2nd vet visit and she is doing really well. We also have her in a puppy class and that is helping all of us. The kids adore her--especially Finely (our youngest). She is hugging her all the time and doesn't even mind the biting....guess it must be more gentle to her because I think it hurts. We are slowly working through these puppy things but truly love her and so glad she is part of our family. Thank you so much!

Submitted by: josh on Aug 29, 2010
Bob & Jenni,
After hunting with you and your dog last year I am glad I finally got one of your puppies! We are looking forward to you training her. We get so many complements on her everywhere we go.
You guyís made the whole process from making the deposit to picking our pup up so easy and the puppy cam was awesome! We watched her every day. We always recommend you to everyone we know and meet.
Thanks for such a great experience and we look forward to working with you again!
Submitted by: John on Aug 29, 2010
Hi Bob and Jenni

Just thought that you might want to know what Otis has been up to. Last year we spent a week in Kansas and he was spectacular. Were working on a few refinements but he was spot on in the tall CRP. He's got great instincts and loves to hunt. He will be a year old on the 26th. Cant wait to get him back out again.

Regards John Hering
Submitted by: Jackie on Aug 29, 2010
WE HAVE HER! We love her! She is everything you said she would be. The girls are giving her a bath right now. Once the flight arrived it took us about 1.5 hours and we were on our way home. Everything went smooth. Thank you for all the hard work you did to get her to us. The paperwork went through flawlessly. We took pictures but I'm not sure how well they turned out. If they are decent we will send them to you.

Tokyo, Japan
Submitted by: Tyler on Jul 02, 2010
I have spent the past year searching for the right breed of hunting dog and the right breeder. I have been to just about every kennel in the state of Colorado now and I can say with confidence: Bob, Jenni and Range View Kennel are top notch!

My experience with them has been fantastic. Bob made sure that he kept everyone updated on the litter (about once a week). Bob provided pictures and a live puppy cam. Every time I contacted Bob he responded in 24hrs or less (which is not typical of many other places I visited). His dogs actually hunt and he had no problem letting me see sire work a bird or two. For anyone who is looking for a puppy, Range View Kennels needs to be on your list of places to visit. I do/will recommend Bob and Jenni to anyone. They have the most professional kennel in the state!

Tyler Kelley
Submitted by: Don on Mar 15, 2010

Thanks for a great time hunting. Your pointing dogs are fantastic. I would seriously like to discuss a possible purchase of one of your upcoming litters!!

Submitted by: Trever on Mar 15, 2010
It was the funnest time of the week when I shot my first pheasant and I would like to thank all of the guys who were there with me, my dad and Bob and all those great dog!
Submitted by: Jamie Drake on Sep 28, 2009
You guys are amazing people. I've had the pleasure of meeting and visiting Range View Kennels and haven't seen happier dogs. I had the joy of holding their current litter of beautiful pups! Thank you so much!! I miss you buddy.
Submitted by: Patricia Morgan on Sep 12, 2009
A friend brought a male puppy of yours and he is such a character and so awesome. I think I have to have one!
Submitted by: Jim on Sep 12, 2009
Great guided hunts. Bob and the dogs are top notch. We had a great time and shot a ton of birds. Can't recomend enough!
Submitted by: Scott & Shirley Filer on Jan 21, 2009
It has been a pleasure working with you both. Your operation is FIRST RATE and it shows. When Rio wouldn't have anything to do with Murphy when she came into heat, you gave us multiple options including a complete refund or first pick with a complete different match. You kept us informed with e-mails, pictures and answered any questions. After visiting your kennel after the puppies were born we discovered the pictures don't do your dogs justice. They are even more impressive in person. Bristol was the first pup we bought from a kennel and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. You both made it easy and enjoyable. We have had her now for four days and all I can say is she is AWESOME. She sleeps through the night without any accidents. A loving dog but you can see she is all business when you take her outside and gets on scent. Natural born pointer, retriever. After picking her up to bring her home I stopped by Sportmans Warehouse to shop. I brought her in with me and everyone wanted to pet her and asked where I got her. Hopefully you'll get more business. Anyway - Thank You Very Much !
Submitted by: Kenny on Nov 15, 2008
We received our dog, Maggie, in 2007 at 3 months old. This November 2008 is her first hunting trip to Kansas. We are very proud of her and thankful to Range View Kennels for helping us get her into our family.
Submitted by: Kerri on Aug 13, 2008
Bob & Jenni - We at Shallowford Shorthairs feel very honored to have had the opportunity to work with you! Thanks so much for all of your help and support!
Submitted by: Kate Carpenter on Feb 28, 2008
Thanks so much for keeping us in touch with our puppy via the internet. We love watching all of them play, eat, sleep, discover. Can't wait to bring her home!
Submitted by: Justin W. on Feb 26, 2008
Awesome service with great attention to detail.
Submitted by: Tom Delia on Feb 25, 2008
Bob and Jenni really do a great job keeping everyone informed of the progess the pups make. They also send photo's and video. Fantastic operation very professional. It's been a real pleasure dealing with them. They provide an excellent environment for their dogs and really understand what it takes to produce a quality pet and hunting dog.
Submitted by: Paul and Karen Lopez on Feb 17, 2008
We can't wait to make our pick from Rio's litter! Bob and Jenni are fantastic! They have opened up their home to allow us to come and visit the pups and watch them grow! We are so happy that our pup is coming from such a loving home!
Submitted by: Tim and Ali Varallo on Feb 15, 2008
Just wanted to give you an update on Emma, whom we bought from you in the fall.

We just had her spayed yesterday, and she did just fine. We're doing obedience together, and the instructor is absolutely in love with Emma. She told me that she thinks there is absolutely no limit to how far Emma could go in obedience, rally or utility. She is spookily fast at picking up her obedience work, and has an incredible attitude. Fortunately, she's incredibly bird-driven and I think she's going to be a great, great hunter. She's got about 1,000 pounds of drive, I swear.

We're so pleased to have her in our lives. Thank you very much. Obviously, your kennel produces excellent dogs. With so many shady dog breeders out there, and so many ill, unsound, and poorly formed dogs being produced, it is very refreshing to meet and buy a dog from someone dedicated to improving the breed and contributing such wonderful dogs. Really, I can't say enough good about Emma. She's beautiful, loving, smart, loyal, determined, and fun. Thank you.
Submitted by: Mike & Jessica on Jun 30, 2007
Jess and I were looking for a family pet when we discovered Range View Kennels. We could tell by the facilities and the temperment of the dogs that they were being raised in a great environment. Nigel fit right in like he'd been ours for years. A fantastic pet that is truely a result of where he came from. When we get the space to have another one...we're coming back.

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