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Submitted by: Mark Mastropasqua on Nov 13, 2017
I bought beautiful female German Shorthair Pointer puppy from Phillips Gun Dogs. When I picked her up she was clean and obviously well cared for. Most importantly, the pup was happy, confident and content, which speaks volumes for the way she was taken care of by the Phillips'. Chad and Julie have always been interested and supportive when I have asked a question. The female puppy turned into a beautiful, hard hunting, affectionate member of our family. When May turns 5 years old I will be back to pick up another GSP puppy from Chad and Julie Phillips.
Submitted by: Cindy Boeselager on Sep 17, 2017
I spoke to 4 breeders before I found Phillips Gun Dogs, and that's when my search for a top notch Shorthair ended. All their dogs are beautiful, healthy and well cared for. Chad has so much knowledge about bloodlines and it shows in their litters.

We are training our pup on the basics at home. He is a quick learner, has a lot of style, calm in the house and has just the right amount of moxie. Chad has such a great demeanor around the dogs we are sending our pup back out to Chad for more training and can't wait to see the results.

I can't thank Chad and Julie enough. They were always there with answers anytime I had questions, a real pleasure to work with.

If you are looking for a great GSP, give these guys a call.

Submitted by: Derek Weller on Sep 14, 2017
We brought our puppy home from Phillips Gun Dogs early this past August. From day one my wife and I could tell a difference between this puppy and past German Shorthairs I had raised. He has been very fast to learn everything. I take him with me almost everywhere from our sons baseball games to work sometimes. I've received many compliments on how well behaved this puppy is from people I'd never met. I think it's not only a testament to the breeding quality but also to the family that is raising the puppy's. Chad, Julie and the kids do an awesome job of socializing the puppies right from the start. He's also showing tons of natural ability on the hunting side. He's started using his nose better at a much younger age than the past shorthairs I've had. What more can I say? Just a great puppy from a great family! Thanks Phillips Gun Dogs!
Submitted by: Bruce Potter on Sep 13, 2017
I would highly recommend Phillips Gun Dogs to anyone that is looking for a trainer or for a new GSP to add to their family. Chad and Julie has helped me with both. Chad has given me great advice in training form puppy stage to fine grooming for hunt tests. With the caliber of dogs that Chad raises and all of the advice he has given me really has made my GPS a true treat to hunt behind.
Submitted by: Mark Fiala on Sep 10, 2017
Our little female GSP, Briley (nicknamed Squishy!!) was everything you'd want in a new pup. Quick to house train and birdy from the first day as a pup. Had her spayed and then returned to Chad for training. What a great experience! She pointed, flushed and retrieved 9 of 10 pheasants on her first hunt (#10 got up wild). Chad breeds healthy, happy, smart pups true to standard and birdy from the start; along with being a top ranked trainer. Highly recommend him to anybody wanting to get a beautiful, well trained GSP!!
Submitted by: Kurt & Sherry Rife on Sep 07, 2017
Chad has done a wonderful job training and handling our 4 year old Weimaraner. We are very satisfied with the way he cares for the dogs. We are going to have him train our Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer puppy.
Submitted by: Jessica Luke on Sep 06, 2017
Chad is AMAZING!! He worked with my dog, who is an upland guide dog at an outfitters in southwest Iowa. He was able to achieve a very well balanced refreshers session. The dog came back with poise and determination. Exactly what I was looking for. We had a thorough conversation of what I wanted and what he would be working with, great ground work! Chad will be the only trainer I use for my hunting dogs. Well established.

Chad, thank you for your hard work and dedication to these dogs!!
Greatly appreciated,
Submitted by: Ross Nantkes on Sep 06, 2017
Chad and his family do a great job start to finish with all the dogs they are involved with. In the past year I have gotten a lot of great advice from them on how to keep improving my dogs to the best they can be in the fields hunt testing, guiding or just hunt with my friends. Thanks for all the help.
Submitted by: Michael Mladenoff on Sep 06, 2017
I bought my GSP, Wrigley, from Chad and his family about a year ago, and he has been a wonderful addition to the family and in the fields. Chad helps you through any questions you have and replies back quickly. When I went to pick Wrigley up for the first time Chad made quick work to hand me brochures, information, samples, and all of Wrigley's up to date information that I would need or like to have. You can tell by speaking and meeting with Chad and his wife that they truly enjoy and love breeding, training, and hunting GSP's.
Submitted by: Dale Lewis on Sep 06, 2017
I purchased a amazing female from Chad about a year ago and I must say she is everything I wanted and more. Chad was a great help to me when it came time to pick out Mecca and if I ever needed help or a question Chad was there to help me in anyway he could and that's service you can't find anywhere. Chad also did some training for me and worked Mecca, he has a great technique in training and you can tell he really cares bout the dogs he is working with. He is very patient and that translates to success in training, I was amazed how much she learned in a short period of time. I highly recommend Phillips Gun Dogs if you are looking for a high quality German Shorthair with amazing genetics. And if your looking for someone to do some training look no further than Chad, a great guy and trainer
Submitted by: Pam Robinson on Nov 25, 2016
Chad has worked with several of my own dogs as well as he consistently has produced outstanding GSP's. Chad is an excellent trainer who works with any breed of dogs. Highly recommend Phillips Gun Dogs.
Submitted by: Clay Witte on Oct 09, 2014
We bought a GSP from Phillips Gun Dogs two months ago. The dog has been a great addition to our family giving my wife and I many countless hours of enjoyment. Chad Phillips has gone above and beyond in helping us with any questions we have had and helping us with his training. It is refreshing to have a breeder that cares about producing great family dogs as well as excellent hunting dogs.
Submitted by: Jim Diekemper on Apr 05, 2013
I recently got my second GSP Jesse from Chad and Julie!
She is an amazing puppy! Great style! She already
is In training with Chad! Learning very quick and I can not wait till next fall to hunt behind both my GSP trained by Phillips gun dogs !!!
Submitted by: Cam Grabast on Mar 11, 2013
When I started out looking for my GSP for my upland operation, I was quite picky. Chad and Julie and a pair of trained dogs that they were looking to place. I was visited them and Chad showed me Myles and Maycee on birds. I could tell that they were exactly what I was looking for. Since then I have purchased several other outstanding GSPs from them and all are top notch! Chad and Julie are great people and only raise the very best the breed has to offer. Chad is easily the best trainer I've been around and I don't hesitate to call on him for just about anything GSP related.
Submitted by: Alex Schoenholz on Feb 28, 2013
I would highly recommend Chad and Julie at Phillips’ Gun Dogs. We purchased our dog, Kate, in the Spring of 2012. Through the whole process Chad was always in contact with us. He was able to answer all the questions we had and is very trustworthy. We even visited his place first, and knew right away he knew what he was doing. You can tell that he and his family are passionate about their dogs and work hard to be an excellent breeder/trainer.

From when she was a pup, Kate was always interested in birds and had a natural talent. We worked with her ourselves and then took Kate up to Chad’s for some extra training which was very helpful. After training, she became more precise with her hunting skills. When she was 6 months old, she pointed a covey of quail and I was able to shoot three quail over her and then she retrieved them as well. We would highly recommend Phillips’ Gun Dogs to anyone that is looking for a good hunting dog or has a dog that needs some extra training. I am personally considering getting a second dog from Chad and Julie.
Submitted by: Rick Farrell on Feb 26, 2013
I took a Britney puppy to Chad this past summer and he gave back to me a good hunting dog a few weeks later. I would highly recommend Chad to anyone.
Submitted by: Don Alphin on Feb 25, 2013
While searching the Internet and coming upon the Phillip’s Gun Dogs site, an impressive fact which stood out was the involvement of the whole family in the operation of the kennel. It was obvious too, that Chad cared for his dogs and puppies making them part of the family.

On July 23, 2012, Chad, Julie with two of their children brought an eight week old female from Jennie and Tucker to the airport to meet us. One of their children helped take care of the puppy, later named Katie, while Chad and I attended to the exchange formalities. Katie made the five hour flight to her new home in Tennessee like a real trooper. She slept much of the way and whimpered little. She has enjoyed a daily 90 minute run/hunt in the morning and at least a 2 hour run/hunt in the afternoon. She was intensely interested in birds from the beginning and flash pointed almost immediately. She was gradually introduced to gunfire very early and on her first introduction to field quail at six months showed no interest in the gunfire and locked down on her points. Like all GSP’s she is slow to mature and at nine months still frolics in her “puppy” activities. She thinks everybody she sees has come to see her and everybody has complimented on her good looks. She would always rather be outside exercising her prey drive but transitions to “inside” manners with little difficulty as long as she is allowed to experience her daily physical needs. She responds to the whistle and call, heels, whoa and retrieves but in the early stages. Katie’s natural instincts are a testament to her breeding. I’m glad I found Phillip’s Gun Dogs and will recommend them highly.
Submitted by: Lindsey Messinger on Feb 21, 2013
I contacted Chad about purchasing a GSP puppy last November, and while he didn't have any available, he did point me in the direction of a breeder he was familiar with, who he has gotten dogs from, and who he trains dogs for. Chad was more than helpful in finding me a great dog! I brought my puppy to Chad when he was 6 months old with very little training under his belt. Chad did an excellent job at gun and e-collar breaking my dog as well as getting him on lots of birds! Chad was great about keeping in contact while he had my dog and was very patient with my questions. When I picked my dog up from training, Chad was more than willing to take me out into the field to see what they had been working on and to make me feel comfortable working with my dog over the hunting season. I would certainly recommend Phillips Gun Dogs to others and I will be bringing mine back to Chad to keep him on birds during the off-season and to fine-tune different aspects of his training.
Submitted by: Gregg Pauley on Feb 21, 2013
i bought a shorthair pup in 2012. she (lisa) is just a sweetheart and a very good hunter and retreiver even though she was only 5 months old when the hunting season started. after only 3 weeks of hunting, she was a better hunting dog than a lot of the adults dogs i have seen.
Lisa is easy to work with and not hyper-just like Chad said she would be. She found several wounded birds that older dogs missed in heavy cover because she has an excellent nose.
She points great, honors great, and retreives better than a lot of labs including geese. And lisa loves the water.
i think one reason she is such a great dog, besides the breeding, is that she had a ton of human interaction when she was a young puppy. The Phillips know how to breed and raise dogs. you will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: russel bradley on Nov 27, 2012
Chad took my rambunctious 2 year old Lab. and made a top notch pheasant and quail hunting machine. I am a very satisfied customer. Russel Bradley
Submitted by: Travis Koehler on Apr 05, 2012
Just wanted to thank Chad and Julie for everything they have done for us! Chad has 3 out of 4 passes done on a JH title on our 10 month old gsp pup named Cash that we bought from them last year, he is a hunting machine. Can't wait to get our next pup from them!
Submitted by: Jim diekemper on Mar 06, 2012
My GSP Remi is now almost 2 years old! She has been to Chad on several occasions and will be returning! Chad is a very patient trainer and knows how to handle any situation that comes about ! I hope to someday soon purchase another GSP and it will be thru Phillips !!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Submitted by: Lenny Beall on Jan 17, 2012
I cant recommend Phillips Gun Dogs enough. We picked up our pup Drake in December of 2010 and have had nothing but joy and happiness in the field and home. Chad and Julie have been very helpful over the phone and in person. I took Drake back when he was 4 months old and Chad helped me introduce him to pigeons and start him off right. Drake is now 15 months and points and retrieves both quail and pheasant. Drake points birds that other older dogs have missed. You cant go wrong with Phillips!
Submitted by: Dustin Blaser on Jan 10, 2012
Very professional, really knows what he's doing. My dog came back a completely different dog. He had my dog for three weeks and it was well worth it. If you want your dog trained this is the place to go hands down. My dog DAKOTA is a female german shorthair almost a year and a half old. She has been doing great out in the field I couldn't be more happy.
Submitted by: Kami Ormesher on Jan 02, 2012
My husband and I purchased a beautiful black lab female last September to hunt with our boys. I have done a lot of obedience training with our dogs but had no clue how to train a hunting dog. Harleigh was 8 month old when we sent her to Chad. She came along very nicely and the boys have taken her out a few times to know that she has a strong retrieve drive and can't wait to take her out again next year. I would definitely take another dog to Chad and would love to send Harleigh down for more training in the future. Thanks!
Submitted by: Matthew Barr on Dec 24, 2011
Our puppy, Chief, is a natural hunter and retriever. At 7 months he points and retrieves pheasants and chukars. Chief is mild mannered and is great with adults, children and other dogs. Many of my relatives and hunting buddies want to keep him for themselves. Chad and his family have great dogs and they treated us right. If I could have more dogs, you could be sure that I would wait for a Phillips GSP.
Submitted by: Dan Isaac on Dec 19, 2011
Chad and Julie have been great to work with while selecting our first dog Molly. We have young childern and our number one concern was a great experience for them and their new puppy. Chad and Julie invited our family down and let our kids play with the pups and other dogs before making our decision. Our kids absolutly love their "Molly", laying on her and letting her jump over them in while laying on the floor, she is very tolerable of the kids. I also have leaned pretty hard on Chad for advice as we took to the field this fall and Molly has done an outstanding job, in fact I shot my first pheasant over her last Saturday after a great point in six foot tall grass! I look forward to seeing the continued growth of Molly as Chad continues to work with her. Even at 7 months and a motor stuck on 100 mph she rarely will range while out in the field. She loves her time out in the field and I can't wait for our next trip! If you are looking for a dog that has great natural ability but will be great with the kids and family then I would recommend giving Chad and Julie a call.
Submitted by: Dan and Brenda Potter on Dec 18, 2011
We have gotten to know Chad Phillips through the AKC Hunt Tests over the past year and a half. For the past several months we've had the opportunity to have Chad help us with some training of our two female GSPs, and he really ignited their desire for birds! Chad has a wonderful understanding of dogs, is soft spoken and very effective in his training. He truly enjoys working with dogs and it shows. We would definitely recommend him as a trainer and a breeder.
Submitted by: Barry Fox on Dec 17, 2011
We purchased a female pup from Chad a year ago and have had Chad work with her on two different occasions. She is now a little over a year old and doing fantastic. Hunts at good range, listens and points well. She is a very good family dog as well. I unconditionally recommend Chad for his pups and his training. Thanks for everything Chad.
Submitted by: Byron Petsch on Dec 16, 2011
I recently finished my sixth brace at the Master Hunter level with my GSP Dash who is out of Chad's dog Tucker. This is the best dog that I have ever owned not only out in the field but at home with my kids as well. He was recently featured on the cover of Gun Dog Magazine July issue. He has great natural ability that is no doubt a direct link to his bloodline through Tucker. Chad has been a huge help for me in obtaining my Master Hunter title with Dash. I can easily recommend him as a trainer or if you are in the market for one of his dogs or puppies as a great investment.
Submitted by: Dr. Marty Talcik on Dec 16, 2011
I purchased a 3 y.o. GSP from Chad in August, 2010 after the loss of my GSP. I was able to hunt that fall as she quickly adapted to Grouse in Upstate New York terrain. Zoey has a good nose, stylish point, and long holds till I can make my way through heavy cover. She is a beautiful retriever even in swamps where birds would be lost. She is a friendly, well mannered house dog. I would recommend Phillps Gun Dogs based on my experience.
Submitted by: Dennis and Bambi LaPage on Dec 16, 2011
We lost our last shorthair this spring from cancer. I was on websights looking for a new dog. Coming across Phils websight I had taken the chance. My husband was diagnosed with cancer plus loosing his best freind his dog. I explained this to them and they picked out a wonderful and smart pup for him. Now my husband and the pup go everywhere to gether. He has a reason to keep going now and in so much better spirits. I would recomend these dogs to anyone! Thanks again Phillips Gun Dogs.
Submitted by: Larry Huffman on Dec 16, 2011
We were looking on the internet for a GSP pup when we found Phillips Gun Dogs. We didn't realize how lucky we were until we talked to Chad and Julie. They were breeders who loved their dogs. When we drove from Missouri to Nebraska to pick our pup what a pleasant surprise. The pups were being raised in their home not in some kennel out back.
we went back in September to pick our pup up and it was great to see the pups were being cared for by their four kids. Chad and Julie made every thing so easy it was just a pleasure to deal with them. We can't recommend Phillips Gun Dogs enough.
PS. Roxie made her first point at 3 1/2 months. It was a grasshopper.
Submitted by: Vic Brown on Dec 15, 2011
I have hunted with Chad's dogs in the past and have always been impressed with them. They have been well mannered dogs and have been trained to hunt with the hunter. Chad has also impressed me with his care for the dogs and there appearence. I would recommend Chad for any hunting dog training or purchase.
Submitted by: Doug Sieckmeyer on Dec 15, 2011
I normally do my own training, but I was getting a knee replaced and needed a good trainer to get my young female brit ready for AKC senior hunter tests. I run the AKC hunt tests for the Nebraska Brittany Club and have watched Chad's personal dogs and dogs he has trained run in our tests. I knew he could get the job done for me. He trained Penny5 for me while I was laid up and he even ran her for her 1st senior hunter pass. If you are looking for a good trainer or a good shorthair---Talk to Chad Phillips. Signed, Doug Sieckmeyer--DeSeeker Britts
Submitted by: Mitch Kopish on Dec 13, 2011
Chad has been a great help to us not only in providing us with a great dog but also training. "Dessi" is the perfect mix of hunter and family dog. This is her first season of hunting and although birds have been scarce, she never quits. I call her a "hard charger" because nothing gets in her way, tall brush and brambles don't faze her. She, loves to hunt! I would recommend Phillips Gun Dogs to anyone looking for a quality dog and great service. Thanks Chad for all of your help and a wonderful gun dog.
Submitted by: Stuart Thoune on Dec 13, 2011
We purchased a pup this fall. We had looked at a lot breeders across the states and found that they had everything we were looking for. Our Macy is a family pet and hunt partner. She has a great personality and is easy to work with and train.
Submitted by: John Jones on Dec 12, 2011
Just a quick note -
After meeting Chad and part of family at hunt tests, and visiting with him I asked if he could help me with my 18 month old Male GSP. Chad worked with him for a few weeks and helped to steady him to wing and shot. Now after almost six months, I am still seeing the work Chad did with my dog.

Chad's steady hand and sensitive and sensible approach was very effective with the young dog. When I picked the dog up I could see that he was not only receiving excellant training but had become part of his family and was treated like it!

Chad has a kind and patient approach with training, delivers consistant message, and gets the results without putting the dog into a high pressure situation, the dog is cared for and it shows in how the dog responds to Chad in the field and in the yard.

If you value your dogs personality and need some help getting over an issue or some help with a training step, I would highly recommend you visit with Chad, I personally know that you will get the same dog back, but with the training you want and the dog your left with him!!!
Submitted by: Travis & Michele Koehler on Dec 12, 2011
We looked and talked to breeders all over the midwest, we finally decided to buy from Chad & Julie Phillips of Phillips Gun Dogs. We have a going on 7 month old male named Cash. At 3 months he was retrieving, and lives for it ! Pointing and retrieving quail at 6 months! Chad is an amazing trainer and will be the only breeder we will ever buy pups from. Their whole family is involved with their dogs. Travis & michele.....Stanton Nebraska.
Submitted by: Susan Libich on Dec 12, 2011
Chad Phillips and his family are a wonderful group of people to work with. We contacted Chad wanting to know about how is outfit worked. We got to go and meet his dogs and his family before we ever decided to purchase from him. It was important to us that the dogs weren't just a paycheck to our breeder. They are part of his family. They kept us up to date all through the breeding and welping process, allowing us to be a part of our puppy's life. They sent pictures and emails, letting us know how they were doing. Our puppy is now almost 7 months old, and is doing very well in the field. He was pointing almost right away, and he is exceptionally smart. He was retrieving dove at 5 months. He was a natural! I would recommend Chad for anything that you would want, whether training or breeding. We are extremely satisfied with the whole experience we had with Chad, his family, and his dogs.
Submitted by: Eric McNeill on Nov 17, 2011
I left for Afghanistan last spring leaving behind a 1 year old short-hair pup. Chad was referred to me by a friend, with great regard. I called and informed him of my situation, which he was more than willing to work with. I had my pup delivered to him, having not worked him in over six months, and had Chad work him for thirty days. When I came home for R&R two weeks afterwards to a dog that preformed like I had been there working with him weekly the whole time, and at a greater level. I found his pricing, care and abilities well above the standard I had expected, and would refer Chad to anyone with any kind of dog.
Submitted by: Janelle on Mar 04, 2011
I have a silver lab named Scout. We left for vacation when Scout was just 8 months old We had left Scout with Chad and his family and Chad took her out to train her and inroduce her to birds and gun fire. Not only did Chad help introduce her to the hunting atmosphere and crudentials, but the whole family gave Scout the love and attention she needed while being away from her family. Scout loves their daughter Sabryn and she won't leave her side and Sabryn gives Scout the undivided attention she deserves! We continue to take her to the Phillips residence whenever we leave on vacation so that Scout can be cared for in a loving manner and feel at home.
Submitted by: Travis Schaefer on Mar 04, 2011
I took my lab to Chad and he started her training and introducing her to birds. I then took her out myself to do some hunting and was very pleased with the way she performed? I would recommend Phillips Gun Dogs, Chad Phillips to anyone needing help introducing or training dogs to hunt. I have also had Chad and his family board my dog while away and they have provided a very caring loving environment. If anyone needs help with their hunting skills and/or has any questions Chad Phillips is the one to call. Thanks Chad, Julie, Sabryn, Cooper, Jagger and River Phillips
Submitted by: mark harstick on Jan 03, 2011
I met Chad a little over a year ago. We did breeding between his female and our male. That is when a good friendship started.I have a female that has the foundation training that was done by another trainer about 2 years ago. I did not plan on any further training. After talking to Chad back and forth a couple of times, I decided to let Chad train Hannah for her Senior Hunt title test. It was a lot of work in the beginning because I had hunted with her for 2 years already.She had a few bad habits. Chad did a super job in getting Hannah ready for her Senior Hunt test. This spring we are going to go for the Master Hunt title. I have also enjoyed going to the hunt tests with Chad and his daughter Sabryn. It was fun camping with them and staying in one "fancy" hotel. Thanks for being a good friend and trainer. Mark Harstick
Submitted by: Chuck Haugh on Dec 24, 2010
When looking for a trainer for a gun dog I would highly recommend Chad. I am not a owner of a GSP but brought Chad my two year English Setter to make into a gun dog. Not only were the results fantastic but I might have convinced Chad that these setters are pretty good also. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better trainer for you gun dog no matter the breed, his patience and methods for training are a proven winner. Thanks Chad for making my setter a great bird dog.
Submitted by: Everette Wright on Nov 13, 2010
I bought a male GSP from Chad in june of 2010 . as i told chad at the time i had never bought a trained dog before.bird season opened today in OK. this is the first time trooper has been out bird hunting with his new owner. i was very very pleased with the job he did today. birds were hard to find around here but trooper never gave up and worked hard all day long. I would highly recommend a dog from Chad to any one. EW Wright Thanks again Chad
Submitted by: Brandon Laubscher on Jul 27, 2010
I have a 4 year old black lab that was given to my by a friend when he was around year and half old. He was something else when I got him did not want to do anything that had to do with hunting. About 6 months ago I was referred to Chad, by another friend who had his dog trained by PHILLIPS GUN DOGS, also known as Chad Phillips. I spoke with him on the phone prior to talking to a bunch of other dog trainers that said my dog Scout is too old to be trained. Chad told me to bring him down and let him see what is going on with Scout. Chad said lets put him through a force fetch program and see how he does. My dog Scout (Black Lab) never has played fetch before because he never new how to, i tried and tried to play with him but he would never pick it up and bring it back to me. The 6 weeks that Chad had scout was the best thing that had ever happened to Scout and my family, we are big duck hunters and now that he is trained we can enjoy Scout and hunting more. Scout was a very troubled dog when he first came and saw Chad, but something about PHILLIPS GUN DOGS changed him and myself. While Scout was in training I went and saw him twice, and every time I saw him he progressed a lot, and all of the other dogs looked great. Kennels were always clean, dogs looked great and healthy. Chad has a great family that cares just as much as he does for the dogs. Another thing I liked about PHILLIPS GUN DOGS is that Chad will give you weekly videos of your dog and his/her progress he or she is making. Chad called me the other day to see how Scouts progress is doing, scout is so happy to play fetch now and he is having fun. The last thing I told Chad is he has a gift from God, he knows exactly what the owner wants and works that into the dog. Thanks for everything Chad. Brandon Laubscher
Submitted by: Matt R. on Apr 17, 2010
Having been referred by a friend to Phillips Gun Dogs by another breeder I have had no problems. All the questions I had regarding the breeding style and traits sought were promptly answered and have proven true now that my female is reaching six months. I cannot say enough about the quality of our new family member and we cannot wait to get her in the field this fall!
Submitted by: Eric White on Feb 18, 2010
As I am new to the german shothair breed, Chad Phillips answered every question professionally. I was able to go to see my pup numerous times and was treated great. And as far as my pup, she is doing great. With some more work before next season, she'll be worth every penny!! Thanks alot Chad and Julie!
Submitted by: Kim Killingsworth on Feb 15, 2010
We have a 3 year old from Phillips Gun dogs that has been a fantastic hunter and family dog. Works close, naturally backs and is a joy to hunt with. Additionally, Chad did a great job training our dog and preparing her for the field. This is our third GSH, and they have all performed well in the field, and we have had them all trained, but I have to say that our experience with Phillips Gun Dogs has been the best, and I would strongly recommend Chad, as both a breeder and for training!
Submitted by: Klint Kobza on Feb 12, 2010
I can't wait till Chad has another batch of furture hunting puppies to sell. I was too late this time. He has beautiful puppies with a high quality paper trial. His kennel and dogs were well maintained and clean when I vivited his home. I wish I could of bought one of his puppies last week. Great dogs at reasonable prices. The only problem was they were all sold. Maybe I will get my chance this summer?
Submitted by: Julie Pfeifer on Feb 10, 2010
We are very pleased with our female pup we bought from Chad, Julie and family. She has just turned two and has her second bird season under her belt. She has done great and is all we ever wanted in a bird dog. Chad did a wonderful job of training her last Summer. She was trained to be steady to wing and fully ready for us to use in the field in about four weeks. What a great honoring and retrieving dog she is. We will definitly go back to the Phillips house whenever we are looking for a quality dog and quality training.

Thanks for a great dog, J. Pfeifer
Submitted by: Russell Raley on Feb 05, 2010
Great exprerience. First class service from begining to end. Recommend to anyone looking for a professionally developed gun dog!
Submitted by: Clayton R. Miller on Feb 04, 2010
Chad, I could not be more pleased with our new puppy (born on Thanksgiving Day 2009). Remngton is so smart and such a good friend to our older (12 yrs old) shorthair male Ruger. We look forward to bringing him to you sometime this spring for help on his training. He already know how to get a cookie by sitting. Thank-yo for all the time yo took to be sure we got the right puppy for us. Clayton and Sue Miller
Submitted by: Matt Myers on Feb 04, 2010
I personally have never bought a pup from Chad Phillip, but I had the chance to do the next best thing. And that is the chance to hunt with his dogs over wild birds. I have hunted with Chad Phillips and his GSP for many years. I love to see him bring a new pup with some training to the field for the first day of hunting and learn while running along his more experienced dogs. Even better, I get the chance to see these same pups now dogs each year progress into extremely reliable pointers. Watching a dog point, and then the others honor is one of the coolest things to witness. Chad puts the quality and quantity of time in training his own dogs as well as taking on the training of people’s dogs that need that extra training to get their dog field ready.
Raising and breeding GSP is not just a job for Chad, but the whole family takes part of this task that they all love so much. The kennels are extremely clean and maintained. There is a sense of unspoken pride that is given to each dog. On my last visit to the Phillips home, I was able to see a whelp of puppies that hardly had their eye opened. One could tell that these pups were well tended to by the clean pen and the full round bellies on each of them. I would highly recommend without hesitation purchasing one of the Phillips’ pups. The bloodline is quality, and Chad is breeder who genuinely wants for you to have a high quality GSP.
Submitted by: Aaron Alward on Feb 04, 2010
Benz, our German Shorthair, has quickly become a member of our family. It is apparent he will be a great hunter, and I can't wait to get him into the field. From arranging the times to view the litter to scheduling field training, Chad has been very easy to work with. If you are looking for a quality German Shorthair, I highly recommend checking out Phillips Gun Dogs.

Aaron Alward
Submitted by: Shelly on Feb 02, 2010

I can't wait for the weather to finally straighten up so that me and the girls can go out to Oak Creek again and do another chukar hunt. Last Dec was a blast!!!! When we get toghther that is all we talk about. Your dogs did an excellent job and were first class. Michaela is talking about a puppy from you and possibly even Marcy. I will tell all my friends that you and your dogs are bar none the best we have ever hunted behind!!

See you soon!

Shelly V
Submitted by: Bart Schmidt on Feb 02, 2010
Phillips Guns Dogs are high quality shorthairs bred to perfection. They are well mannered and excellent hunters. I would definitely give this breeder, and dogs, a 5 Star rating. After hunting with owner and his dogs, we purchased an amazing female pup, with excellent instincts, and very loving. She will surely be an excellent hunter in the years to come.
Submitted by: Olivia on Feb 01, 2010
Thank you Chad for a great puppy, I named him Ollie!! He is a geat Puppy

Submitted by: Bob on Feb 01, 2010

Thanks for a great hunt at Oak Creek Sporting Club! My boys and I had a blast. Watching your dogs work was amazing. All the way home the boys couldn't stop asking for one of your puppies. We will have to talk in the near future and if you can get me a puppy and train it like your other dogs it would be worth every penny!!! Take care and see you soon!

Submitted by: Al on Feb 01, 2010
Chad had my lab for 2 months and I am not sure I got the same dog back??? Tinker now sits, stays, retrieves and most of all LISTENS!!! Wow what a difference 60 days does. I truely reccommend Chad to anyone, he worked miracles on Tinker and I can't thank him enough!! Thanks Chad, Can't wait to go hunting with you!!

Al form TX
Submitted by: Cori Stava, DVM on Sep 01, 2009
I work with Chad and his family on taking care of their dogs and with their breeding program. They have the best interest for the dogs at heart and do an excellent job of selecting for breeding and training these dogs. When we were looking for a pup we wanted a great hunting dog, but most importantly an excellent family dog with our children. I have one of their pups and he is doing great in the field and as a family pet. I would highly suggest considering them for purchasing a pup. Dr. Cori
Submitted by: John Osmera on Aug 31, 2009
Chad raises some great dogs. He spends a lot of time working with his and clients dogs to ensure they get the most out of their companions. I recommend Phillips Gun Dogs to everyone I know.
Submitted by: Kevin Guse on Aug 31, 2009
I would highly recommend getting a dog and or professional training from Chad Phillips at Phillips Gun Dogs.

I have hunted behind many GSPs over the years but none have been as well rounded as the dogs that Chad breeds and trains. We hunted behind a number of Chad's dogs in the winter of '08. Two of them were Tucker and Tess. They both throughly impressed me and convinced me to get my first hunting dog ever from Chad. All of his dogs listened very well in and out of the field without Chad having to be forceful with them. They worked in front of the entire group in the field locating birds, staying steady to point, flush and shot and honoring the other dogs point! I was amazed with Chad's ability to get all of his dogs to do this time and time again. This proves that he has top quality blood lines in his dogs and a reproducible training method.

Since I got my GSP (ACE), which came from a litter out of Tucker and Tess, Chad has done an outstanding job to help train, not only my dog, but me a first time hunting dog owner. I am confident I will have a dog this spring that will making hunting very enjoyable. I train my dog with Chad an average of twice a month on birds. He is only eight months old and already pointing, steady to flush and shot!

When we decided to get our dog we had to have one that would not only be a good hunter but a good family dog. Ace has been great with our two year old little girl and with all the neighbors. He is a quick learner about the house rules and has brought much joy to our home. This all undoubtly stems from his genes because when I visit Chad's house his pack of GSPs are very welcoming and great with all of his kids.

Kevin Guse
Lincoln, NE
Submitted by: Dennis L. Wiederholt on Aug 28, 2009
My wife and I are extremely pleased with Chad as a breeder and also a guide. My wife does not hunt, but she was very impressed by Chad's training protocol's. Out female german shorthair "Gauge" is a year old and will be ready for the field this fall. We consider her to be "advanced". Great disposition, will be an excellent hunting dog and family pet. We admired Chad's training techniques, of being patient and letting the dog realized its own instincts. Chad also has a wonderful family and I mention this as it carries over into how he treats his dogs. I would highly recommend a dog from Chad. We also adopted another dog bred by Chad, her name is Ellie, and she also has excellent hunting attributes and she and Gauge have grown to be quite the pair.
Submitted by: Jon Wilken on Aug 20, 2009
Chad does a wonderful job training, he takes the time to learn about whatever breed he's working with. I've been taking my Griff Fenway out there for the past year now to be trained and within the first visit he had him excited to be hunting!

Chad is very educated and passionate about what he does and would recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer or a breeder.

Jon Wilken
Submitted by: Matthew Reager on Apr 03, 2009
I've been very impressed with the male GSP I got from Phillips Gun Dogs. Chad definately applies all his years of experience into every dog he trains. Not only does he breed the quickest learning dogs I've owned but they are also very family friendly. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a naturally birdy and obedient dog and the best training you can get. I look forward to taking Miles to him again to continue his upland training. Thank you Chad.
Submitted by: Rich Hill on Jul 09, 2008
I met Chad Phillips while hunting with him at Oak Creek Sporting Club. I have always been impressed with his dogs and how he worked with them. They are extremely good, well controlled bird dogs.

When I decided to get a hunting dog for myself to replace a family pet lost to cancer, I called Chad. Last December I picked up my new hunting companion - Jordy an eight week old German Shorthair Pointer.

At approximately six months of age, I had Chad work with Jordy to introduce her to birds and guns. He did a really good job and kept me informed of her progress during her training.

At this point, I can't report on what a great hunting dog Jordy is but I can say that I can't wait for hunting season to get here so I can get her out in the field - hunting.

Anyone interested in a good dog and an exceptional trainer can't go wrong with Phillips Gun Dogs and Chad and Julie.

Rich Hill
Submitted by: Bruce Heidbrink on Jun 24, 2008
If your looking for a trainer with a firm but gentle hand, a trainer that keeps you informed, and a handler that will return your dog with the same personality you sent him with, Chad and Julie are the trainers for you. We own a 1 yr old yellow lab named Diesel. Chad worked with Diesel the first time at 6 months of age exposing him to guns and birds. We hunted with him sucessfully in the fall of 08 . Diesel was well prepared for both birds and guns. Diesel again spent time with Chad this past spring with Chad adding some of the finer hunting aspects of dog work. IE; Steady to flush, Sit to a whistle, directional retrives, & overall handling. We are looking forward to fall of 09 where we can put Chad and Diesels combinded skills into the field. I would recomend Chad and Julie as trainers for any breed of bird dog. The total experinece was enjoyable for both us and our dog.
Submitted by: Ray Simmons on Dec 28, 2007
I was very happy with what I saw when visiting Phillips Gun Dogs.

Our visit started in the kennel area where our soon to be new puppy's parents were located. The kennels were very clean and all the adult dogs looked to be in great shape.
The dogs were very out going dogs and would meet you at the kennel gate. They all looked like they were ready to hunt.

When we moved to the garage we were greeted by a litter of puppies. They were in a very clean kennel and they all wanted to be loved. It was great to see the clean conditions of all the kennels. Phillips Gun Dogs not only breeds great German Short Hairs they love and care for their dogs.

We were looking for a male and Chad removed the two remaining males from the litter. The puppy picked us before we picked him. He was very alert to his surroundings and wanted to check everything out.

He has proven to be a very smart puppy and he is learning something everyday. He is 10 ½ weeks old right now and he is house broken, sits, stays, comes, retrieves, and did I mention POINTS. I have been working him with a wing and a string and he will hold point and retrieve.

I would recommend Phillips Gun Dogs to anyone wanting a good healthy hunting buddy. We look forward to next season but I don?t think the birds are looking forward to it.

Thank you Chad and Julie,

Ray Simmons
Aurora, NE
Submitted by: Terry Kriz on Dec 10, 2007
For a top quality dog, look no further. These parents have worked for me at Oak Creek Sporting Club and have done fantastic!! Great noses and also great retrievers. I have also placed 2 of his other pups from his last breeding on the ground and already in their first year are doing a fantastic job. No birds get away from these two!! Don't miss this opportunity for a perfect pup, and if training is an issue, just ask Chad he does a fantastic job with that also!!

Terry Kriz
Owner Oak Creek Sporting Club

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