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Submitted by: Matt Ard on Nov 07, 2017
Couldn't have asked for a better match. Spoke with Wayne a few times on the phone. Expressed to him what I was looking for. He told me what he had available. We set a time to go down and look. The kennels were superior. Clean, well organized , and very comfortable for the dogs. Took the pups out that were available for sale. He went over some things about the each pup and left us alone with them for a bit. Decided on a pup. Spent some more time with he and the pup. Needless to say it was a great experience. "Rizzo" is now 13 weeks old, holding a point for a short time and retrieving birds. Couldn't ask for a better individual to work with. First class! Definitely not a puppy mill. Strongly recommend Wayne and PFHUNTER kennel if your looking for a well bred GSP. Thanks Wayne!
Submitted by: Brian Winge on Jan 28, 2017
Wayne did a great job for us. We first met Wayne when the litter of puppies were 10 days old. We picked out our male puppy now named Trooper! Wayne was great staying in contact with us via cell phone by sending pics of the pup and always texting my wife back in a timely manner. He allowed us to visit Trooper multiple times before he was old enough to take home. He also gave us many tips on how to handle our new guy. He even sent us home with a jug of water from his kennel and a pheasant wing to help train him. Thanks Wayne for a great experience!
Submitted by: Chris Hudson on Jan 17, 2017
I just purchased my first GSP from PFHunter Kennels and I couldn't be happier with how we were treated. Both parents were on site, the facility was clean, and all the pups were well socialized and healthy. PFHunter loves there dogs and are very passionate about what they do.
Submitted by: andrew aldrich on Jan 04, 2016
I got roodie from pfhunter kennels 2 years ago and ive been extremely pleased ever since. from the first couple days I started training him I was impressed with how fast he learned. I was able to train him myself and amazed how well he listens to me. I don't use a shock collar just a bell and call out to him. at 2 years old he is pointing and retrieving pheasants and quail in the thick of cattails and whatever I put him in. I have also walked him through scheels with pride and no problems what so ever. he is healthy and had no problems at all. Roodie also is an important part of our family he is great with the kids, cuddles with the misses and we would be lost without him.
Submitted by: Matthew Wilhelm on May 07, 2015
I bought Murphy from Wayne and Sheila back in October 2014. Right from the get go he was ready to go, full of energy and smelling anything and everything. He has gotten far with commands and has flushed birds at a very quick rate and is developing into a great hunting companion. He is also too smart for me even sometimes so he's definitely going to be a good one. I have no doubt in my mind its due to the excellent care at PF Hunter Kennels. I will definitely go back when he is trained and I'm ready to get another pup.
Submitted by: Kyle & Jessi on Jan 01, 2015
We got our pup, Charley, from Wayne & Sheila just a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't be happier.
Reading previous buyers' reviews, we didn't have any doubts in going with PFHunter Kennels.
Charley is a smart girl and is catching on quickly. I want to thank Wayne & Sheila for giving us such a great experience. They were the kindest, most knowledgeable people and we look forward to keeping in touch with them as Charley grows.
Submitted by: Jake Biggs on Dec 27, 2014
We just received our pup from Wayne at 8 weeks old, we took her out with an older dog just to get her acclimated to us. I truly assumed she would spend most of her time in my vest. I was wrong, she was out with probably one of the fastest hunting dogs I have seen. You knew there were birds ahead with her, it doesn't get very cold in Southern Indiana. She couldn't see the other dog in the Sorghum, she did know when and what to point. I am very pleased with her, she is very high spirited and will not give up. I know that the next pup that we purchase will come from them. She was pointing from day one with us. We hunt quail and she had been around pheasants there, she still knew what she was doing. I'm not easily impressed but I don't believe you can go wrong with their dogs.
Submitted by: Jimmy Johnson on Nov 18, 2014
I got Pepper from Wayne in the Spring of 2014. She is the smartest dog I've ever owned. She's very obedient and never stops learning new things. I was worried that my new girlfriend was spoiling Pepper too much but when I took her to the field she never missed a beat. When my other dogs get old and pass away I'll come and see Wayne about getting a hunting buddy for Pepper. I won't bother looking anywhere else.
Submitted by: Steve Olsen on Apr 16, 2014
We purchased "Bronco" from a litter born Superbowl sunday to Ice and Coco. Great looking pup (white and liver), intelligent, playful, and already pointing wings and retrieving. Very pleased with the interview process, the breeder's philosophy (in line with mine), and willingness to work with someone 18 hours away. Going to be a great dog. Thank you.
Submitted by: Eunite and Austin on Mar 30, 2014
We bought our dog from Wayne and Sheila today and we were very impressed by the way he does business and the way the dogs are taken care of. They are responsible breeders and we feel comfortable and confident in the puppy we have.
Submitted by: Michael Bush on Mar 01, 2014
I bought a female GSH pup named Galena Devine from PF Hunters Kennels at 8 weeks old. She is an offspring of Daisy Sue and Lindemann's Mr. Tubbs. Galena Devine is a great pup and very intelligent. She was house trained in less than a week. She is already learning to point and retrieve and it is obvious she is going to be a good hunting dog, as well as a great family dog. Wayne Johnson and his family also do a great job with new owners. They have been great to work with. They really care about their dogs and pups. I recommend PF Hunter Kennels to anyone looking to find a great new German Shorthair Pointer pup.
Submitted by: Martha Eskesen on Feb 23, 2014
I purchased a female pup from Sue and Tubbs' litter born on December 26, 2013. I traveled to Cedar Bluffs to see the litter, pick my pup, and meet Wayne and Sheila. They are responsible breeders who take great pride in their business and dogs and were a pleasure to purchase a dog from. Their dogs are beautiful and cared for very well. I highly recommend PFHunter Kennels.
Submitted by: Craig Hemje on Jan 20, 2014
I purchased Misty from Wayne, in November of 2012, at 5 months of age she pointed and retrieved her 1st 2 roosters, and she hasnt looked back, she has so much natural ability, and has been one of the easiest dogs I have ever had to train. Very mild mannered around kids, great family dog. Thanks
Submitted by: Cody Kitt on Jan 11, 2014
I got Chevy from Wayne about 4 years ago, he is a very well mannered dog, great with the kids and in the field. Would recomend PFHunter kennels to anyone.
Submitted by: Michael Murray on Jan 07, 2014
I bought Ally from Wayne a few years ago and have been very pleased with her both as a pet and hunting companion. She was very easy to train to allow in the house and easy tempered with the kids. I would definitely buy another dog from Wayne.
Submitted by: Bill Chamberlain on May 08, 2013
I bought Lola 3 years ago. Just had her breed . She is doing very well. Had 9 puppys is a great mother and all 9 are very healthy. Very excellent hunter ive had labs before this is the best dog ive had in 35 years of raising hunting dogs. would recomend PFhunter kennels very highly put out a superior hunting dog and very good breeding dog.
Submitted by: Daren on Mar 30, 2013
I bought Zeus Thanksgiving 2012. He has a calm demeanor, was easily house trained, shows strong backing skills and is sight pointing birds. He is a fabulous companion and member of the family. I would not hesitate to purchase another dog from Wayne.
Submitted by: Randy Adams on Feb 14, 2013
I purchased Hunter from Wayne Dec,7 2012 at 9 weeks. Now at 4 1/2 months, Hunter is whoa and here trained. Hunters pointing has been spectacular for the past 2 months as well as his retrieving skills. I have been shooting over him for the past month and Hunter was never bothered by it from the start. Amazinging field intelligent quick learning pup, but also a great companion at home. It was a pleasure to do business with Wayne.
Submitted by: adam harrahill on Feb 01, 2013
this is the 2nd dog i've got from wayne, and its just as good as the first. wayne does a great job with the pups, and it shows in the field. waynes a breeder that cares about his dogs and wants them to be good hunters, and trust me they are.

thanks wayne

Submitted by: Eric Thompson on Nov 06, 2012
I bought Gunny from Wayne and he has been a part of the pack for a week now. He is one great dog and Wayne made sure that I knew everything that I need to for handle him, since he is an older dog. Wayne made the transaction so smooth and gunny showed up at the airport happy and healthy.
Submitted by: Dave Martin on Jan 27, 2012
Picked up a male pup from Wayne a few weeks ago. I'm very pleased so far with this pups progress. Retrieving anything... Bumpers, Kong, frozen birds every time right to hand. While I was at Wayne's place he threw some bumpers so I could see the pups work and also worked them a bit with a wing'n'string. The pup I chose is sight pointing wings and will independently hunt for bumpers thrown out of sight into cover. I couldn't be happier so far.
Submitted by: Tina Rohe on Mar 17, 2010
In December, my husband and I picked out a German Shorthair puppy for my parents who had lost their German Shorthair last spring. When it was time for us to get the puppy, Wayne drove through a raging snowstorm to deliver this wonderful gift. Milo (as he has been named) is a gorgeous puppy who is very even-tempered. Many people comment on what a beautiful dog he is when he is at his dog obedience classes. Milo has responded very well to lessons taught at the obedience classes. He loves the outdoors and is great with small children. I would recommend Wayne’s puppies to anyone whether you want a hunting dog or just a family pet!
Submitted by: Tracy French on Jan 09, 2010
I have been pheasant hunting with Wayne and the Sire of the litter advertised! I think he should consider renting the sire to me for my own hunting needs,because I'm running out of time to get my freezer full! I thank him for the great hunting experiences!

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