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Submitted by: Dave & Sue Koch on Mar 18, 2016
Karen is an outstanding breeder! We had lost an old Brittany and our younger Brittany was also getting to old to hunt. We needed a puppy to be ready for future hunting, field trials and hunt tests. Our search led us to North Umpqua Brittanys. We couldn't be happier that we found Karen's kennels. We were very impressed with Karen, her facilities and with the puppy we ended up getting. We visited before the birth and several times after the puppies were born. We were more impressed with each visit. Karen also kept us well informed of progress during the entire period of time from first visit until pick-up. She ensured proper care and as importantly proper socialization of the puppies. He made sure the pups were handled daily and had multiple life experiences. It was fun to watch her grandson's handle and play with the puppies. They are young kids and in love with the pups. We were able to watch puppies learn about the outdoors and birds. When we were able to make the final selection Karen provided quail for us to compare the various puppies. Even though she had two litters there was a waiting list for all the puppies. We were close to the bottom of the list, but we got an outstanding pup. She is beautiful and smart. Her bird drive is amazing. I look forward to handling her in the field. She is a champ.I recommend Karen and North Umpqua Brittanys to anyone interested in a top quality Brit.
Submitted by: Betsy Payne on Feb 17, 2014
We had been looking for a breeder of Brittanys as our "old lady" is nearing the end of her life. We found North Umpqua Brittanys and decided to risk having 3 dogs for maybe 6 months. Karen made the whole experience great. She sent daily videos and pictures. She even sent labeled pictures so I could figure out which puppy was which. After we chose our girl, she began calling her by her new name. You could tell which puppies had been chosen as their names changed. It was great to see the interaction of the pups.
We have been very happy with Penny. Karen had kept her an extra week so we didn't have to subject her to the chaos of a family gathering for Thanksgiving. She has offered advice and help as we worked at melding our 2 established dogs with our lively pup. Things are working pretty well for us now. We are delighted with Penny and know that Karen's care for her in those first 2 months was essential to where we are now.
Submitted by: Sheri saul on Jan 08, 2014
I was looking for a puppy after my Brittany passed away. During my research I came across North Umpqua Brittanys. I really appreciate that Karen cares for her dogs and the puppies. I especially liked the daily updates, pictures and videos of the puppies from the time they were born. It made me feel a part of my puppies life even before I met him. She even started them on bird training when they were just about 5 weeks old. I'm so happy with Stetson. He is quite a character and very birdy. He's already learned several commands. I'm looking forward to bird training him and seeing what he does in the field this fall. I'm definitely coming back to Karen when I'm ready for another Brittany. Thank you Karen.
Submitted by: Jill and Gordon McPherson on Jan 06, 2014
The experience of working with Karen Barrows at North Umpqua Brittany's was absolutely wonderful from the very start, even more wonderful is the beautiful puppy we brought home in November 2013, a male Tri we named 'Jake'. Karen's love for the breed and each litter of puppies is obvious. Her patience and devotion to preparing and exposing them to almost every situation is amazing and made the transition bringing our puppy home so easy for him (and us)! We really enjoyed the interaction with Karen during the first 8-weeks she cared for our puppy, but also after taking our puppy home, she continues to be a valuable resource for us. We also enjoy her genuine love and interest in each puppy and the families. It all starts with the daily videos she sends each family of the litter, that captures the changes in their sizes, personality and skill development, sometimes catching very hilarious footage! Thank you Karen for a beautiful new addition to our family and a great experience. It's been 10-years since we brought home a puppy and we couldn't have done this without you!
Submitted by: Kay Rosevear on May 10, 2013
We are so impressed with the care and diligence that Karen provides both to the puppies and to prospective owners when she breeds. Each step along the way is done with the intent to provide the pups with the best beginning possible. Her daily updates kept us well informed of the progress of our little guy and she quickly answered any questions we might have. Our little guy settled in quickly and is a happy, inquisitive pup. We are extremely pleased with this addition to our family.
Submitted by: Paul and Donna Wheeler on Apr 28, 2013
Paul and Donna Wheeler
We have been looking for a Brittany pup since November 2012 and came across North Umpqua Brittany's website and contacted Karen Barrows. Karen did an outstanding job keeping us informed by email of Shady's pregnancy and took pictures and videos daily of the pups.

We picked up Buddy, on April 3, 2013, and meet Karen and her family. We were able to meet all of Karen's dogs and they are so loveable and happy. Karen answered all our questions and had all of Buddy's paperwork ready for us. We had a six hour drive home and Buddy was a trooper. North Umpqua Brittany's do an awesome job as Brittany breeders and the pups are well socialized and are crate trained.

We've had Buddy 3 weeks now and he has such character. He is so loveable and easy to train. It is entertaining to see people passing by having smiles on their face when they see Buddy and the positive comments they say about him. Thank you Karen Barrows for your love of Brittany's to raise pups with good temperament and hunting instinct.

We've been to the country/woods a few days and Buddy had his nose to the ground smelling all the animal scents. He loves his crate and his favorite time is lying in his bed in the living room watching TV before he goes to sleep.

I would highly recommend North Umpqua Brittany's if you are looking for a companion and/or a hunting Brittany.
Submitted by: Ted Schuster on Apr 18, 2013
Can not say even one bad thing about our experience(s) with North Umpqua Brittanys! I say "experiences", plural, not because we've gotten multiple dogs from her, but rather because we've been affiliated with (going by memory) the last three breedings! We got on her waiting list after I tracked down that many of her lines come from some similar Brits from another breeder in the North West, which was years ago. We were on par to get a puppy, then it turned out my wife would be due with a child right when the litter was ready to go out to families. Then another litter we were on par to get a puppy and the puppies would be due to go out to families right before our entire family reunion (two weeks away from our home, zero way to take puppy along). All the times we had to bow out of getting a puppy Karen was the most understanding anyone could ask for. I felt terrible being on her list, but having to bow out for extraneous circumstances. Well this last litter my wife and I simply told ourselves no matter what happened, we're getting one! Well, as it turns out, my wife is pregnant again, we didn't bow out this time though and are just delighted with the little puppy we now have. Her name is Hannah Lee, and she's bonded with our other two dogs and our cat, and both our current two little boys. The socialization she received from birth to 7 weeks is enormously apparent. We can't wait to continue to keep in touch with North Umpqua Brittanys, I can only hope Karen is still in this business in a half dozen years from now when we'll undoubtedly be in the market for another puppy. Her personal interaction with the prospective puppy owners is unbelievable. We have pictures for our puppy for every day of her life (yes we'll taper off soon), and we can only thank Karen for starting the first 49 days worth of pictures! I can not wait to start working with the pup on hunting lessons, she's going to be a gem for many, many years to come!
Submitted by: Jeff and Melissa Alberda on Jun 14, 2012
We cannot say enough good things about North Umpqua Brittanys. Our boy, Auggie, is an absolute dream come true. We brought him home in April of 2012. I researched a lot of breeders and as soon as I connected with Karen, I knew we were in good hands! We had recently lost our beloved Brittany and Karen took such care with us to walk us through the process.

We really loved being able to meet all her dogs. I got to meet Auggie's mom, grandma and grandpa! They are all such great dogs!

We wanted a dog who was all boy outside and all love inside and that's exactly what we got!

We were sent updates before the pregnancy even happened! That was followed by daily photos and videos. We keep telling people we fell in love with our boy over the internet! Those photos and videos told us so much about our little guy before we even met. The puppies are handled from birth and introduced to so many new sounds, sights and situations and that makes all the difference as they are placed in their homes. Our vet just gushed over Auggie at his first appointment. She couldn't believe how well adjusted he was and said she just doesn't see that very often in a puppy so young and I credit that all to North Umpqua Britts! They know what they are doing! The puppies are born into such a loving environment and are loved by North Umpqua Britts like they are going to be their dogs forever.

If you want a great athletic dog that is also all heart and snuggles, look no further!
Submitted by: Annie and Dennis McCarthy on Apr 17, 2011
Wow, we thought our 2005 puppy from Karen Barrows was the best, but Murphy our newest addition is phenomenal. To be honest, we were a bit hesitant to take on another dog as we are no longer spring chickens; but our 5 year old Addy and puppy Murphy bonded almost instantaneously. In fact, this has been the easiest puppy yet as our older dog has stepped up to be the primary training coach. We are delighted with this easygoing, smart, beautiful, and entertaining pup.
Submitted by: Gerald Hannon on Apr 08, 2011
I wanted to take a moment to give my thanks and support to Karen Barrows at North Umpua Brittanys!!! I am happy to say that the most recent pup (Chase)is my second Brittany that I have received from Karen. My four year old (Rowdy) has been a treat to say the least. What impresses me about North Umpua Brittanys is the extra steps Karen goes to socialize, scent train, and in general, prepare the pup for their new home. I have been very pleased with Karen's commitment and long experience with the Breed. I am on Brittany number 4 since I fell in love with them in 1978...


Gerald Hannon
Bend, OR
Submitted by: Scott and Jenny on Apr 07, 2011
Karen did a excellent job raising these pups. She kept us informed through the whole process and let us come out with our whole family several times to interact with the pups. There was no pressure in the picking process (when ACE picked us that is). She also had the pups started with pheasant wings, quail and pigeons. Our ACE is working well at pointing and I can't wait for bird season. My kids are excited and want to hunt behind him as well. He should be up to speed by the time they are able to hunt. All in all a great experience and would highly recommend.
Submitted by: Clifford Bolin on Apr 06, 2011
I just purchased our Brittany from North Umpqua Brittanys and I am very pleased with what I received. My wife and I not only got a great puppy but we had a great time leading up to picking up the puppy. Karen answered any and all questions we had very quickly. She was great about sending us pictures and videos from the day the pups were born to the day we came to pick her up. Even after we picked up the puppy, Karen has continued to be great as I have had some training questions. I would highly recommend purchasing a puppy from this breeder. You wont be let down.
Submitted by: Ross Westgate on Nov 14, 2010
We purchased our pup "Molly" from Karen this past summer. My older Brittany, an excellent hunter, was getting older and I wanted a pup to start training. We could not be more pleased, we have a wonderful addition to our family, "Molly" has a good temperment(she immediately bonded with our older dog) and she has great hunting instincts. Our experience with North Umpqua Brittany was A+
Submitted by: Sarah and Kalum on Aug 21, 2009
We purchased a Brittany pup from this breeder in June 2009. We were very happy with this breeder. They sent us pictures and videos of the pups every day as they grew. They responded to all our questions in a timely manner and were very informative. The puppies were all very smart and the one we chose has learned very fast and has been a wonderful addition to our family. The puppies were very well taken care of and loved and we would definately, without question, purchase another puppy from this breeder! We highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Julie Shochat on Aug 20, 2009
North Umpqua Kennel raises great Brittanys! We chose our pup online initially because of the bloodlines, but thatís only the beginning. From the very first pictures Karen sent--during whelping--we could see what a great momma dog Lucy was, and what a clean and supportive place the pups were being born into. Karen sent news and photos of the new family of pups every day, so we could see how the pups were introduced to life in age-appropriate stages. They learned about toys, bird wings, and eventually safe outdoor adventures, with introduction to pond water and other dogs, and that all-important crate training. Throughout, everything was clean and happy looking--the kind of childhood everyone would like!

Karen was both professional and friendly to work with, and obviously loves her dogs. We highly recommend North Umpqua Kennel. And oh, yes, this dog will hunt!
Submitted by: Susan Morell on Aug 19, 2009
I have bought two brittany's from North Umpqua and would encourage anyone looking for a pup to contact them. Their dogs are beautiful, healthy and we are very pleased with our two. I was always kept informed about the puppies even before "mama was pregnant". After the puppies were born, I received photos almost daily until I was able to pick them up. I will look to them in the future when we decide to have three!
Submitted by: Amanda Morris on Aug 19, 2009
We are so grateful to North Umpqua Brittany's for our pup Kipper, he is a great addition to our family. Karen obviously loves for her dogs and pups as Kipper is incredibly well adjusted and very easy to train. She made great effort to include us in Kipper's life by regularly sending videos and pictures of the pups before he came to live with us. Kipper has a sweet temperament and is very eager to please. It is obvious he was very well cared for by Karen. We are looking forward to many happy years with our wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Annie and Dennis McCarthy on Jun 13, 2008
In August of 2005, we drove to Karen Barrows's
home to check out her litter of pups (well, not exactly her litter, but her Brittanys'). What we found was a delight: five rumble-tumble pups cavorting throughout the property,cooling off in the pond,and genuinely having the time of their relatively new lives.
We told Karen we were interested in a smart,liver and white pup; her response was: "they're all smart." Looking around us, we had to agree.
Dennis picked up one of the pups, and if I knew how to attach a photo (*%#^) I would send one of him, eyes turned toward the sky, grinning broadly while being licked all over his face. Decision made. Annie felt sad that Addy was to leave her dog family, but Karen assured me that it was time for our pup to shower her affection on her new family.
We do not hunt, but Dennis plays hide and seek with pheasant wings just because it is part of her breeding, and she loves it so.
Our older dog is a product of a puppy mill, unbeknownst to us at the time. She has always been unfriendly to other dogs and people and has no desire to chase a pheasant wing around. Addy and her sister get along just great, probably due to Addy's friendliness and compassion towards her.
The older one is getting on in years, and we hope Karen will still be breeding her dogs when we seek a replacement.
Submitted by: Elaine Kim on Jun 10, 2008
We got Buster in April of 2008. From the moment we met Karen we knew that we had made the right decision in choosing North Umpqua Brittanys. Buster was well socialized from the beginning and an energetic and smart puppy. He has grown in 2 short months into a well mannered and inquisitive member of our family. We love him and thank Karen for all the support she has provided along the way!
Submitted by: joan m on Jun 07, 2008
we got rocky in aug 05. he has been the best dog we have ever had. he is so smart and he is a caring dog. he cares for us as we do him. he goes everywhere with us, he thinks he is one of us. i would love to have another dog from this breeder.
Submitted by: Gary Hilgeman on Jun 07, 2008
On March 25th, 2007 our Lucy "Taz" came into our a big way. We knew she had energy, but we now know that she is part deer! Lucy is a friend to our whole family and loved by all. She is very smart, knows all the basic tricks, and points quite well even though we don't hunt. She loves to run and is faster than a speeding bullet. She can bark and "speak" when prompted. She even tolerates sitting in our laps still but is growing out of her puppy ways. What a joy and challenge and opportunity for the kids to leard responsibility and love in one tidy package. Did I say she was cute yet? Thank you Karen and team for a beautiful Brit!
Submitted by: Jim White on Jun 06, 2008
Dandy is my 4th Brit and could easily be the best one of all. Sensitive, very very smart, eager to please, and put together well with a smooth gate. The kennel was great to work with and you can tell the puppy was loved and cared for right up to the minute they presented her to me. This bloodline is one I have had before and will never leave in the future. Great hunters and the best family dog you would ever hope for.
Submitted by: Susan Morell on Jun 06, 2008
We got our girl "Marlee" in April 2008. She is a beautiful Brittany and is very much a part of our family. We don't hunt, but just love the breed. We have another 13 yr old Brittany that has taken Marlee under her wing and they have become a "pair".
Karen Barrows was great during the process. She sent us photos of the puppies as they were growing and was always quick to respond to our questions. She breeds and raises beautiful well mannered Brits and we hope she will continue breeding them as we will eventually want another baby!
Submitted by: Michelle Kidd on Mar 07, 2008
We got our Molly(liver and white Brittany) May of 2004 and she is not only a good hunting dog but a member of the family. Lots of energy and very smart dog...too smart at times. She was well socialized by the breed/family and they had already started working with her nose using a wing. Loves to hunt and does all the fetching when we go hunting with our other dog.

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