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Submitted by: Matthew Grant on Jun 17, 2017
My story starts back in January of 2017. I had researched a lot of Brittany's and I knew I wanted a Beckham pup. After the "ok" from my wife, I called Sharon and I immediately knew that this was the right group of people to start this process with. After talking with Sharon on the phone for a bit and after she gathered information from me regarding my needs in a puppy she knew right away what I needed. She told me that Beckham and breed with Lucy at Lakeland Brittany's. She put me in contact with Mark and the rest was history. This family loves everything about sporting dogs, specifically Brittany's. I know that anytime there is a question or a concern that I have, I will be met with eagerness and openness to help. I suggest to anyone that wants a wonderful Brittany, start you search with Hap and Sharon!!
Submitted by: Lynne Warner on May 09, 2017
Picked up our Brittany pup a few days ago, from Mark. We couldn't be more pleased! Mark was in contact with us along the whole process. The kennel was immaculate and the puppies all well cared for. The hardest part was picking out only one pup from the beautiful litter!
Submitted by: Sandor and Heather Piszar on May 05, 2017
We just picked up our second Brittany puppy from Mark. We cannot give enough positive feedback. We know what exceptional dogs they produce. We have our first, Murphy, who is 6 years old, from Lady and Zak and now this one, Rudy, from Lucy and Beckham. Not only are these beautiful dogs but such great personalities, social and sweet. Could NOT ask for better dogs.
Submitted by: Trever Pike on Apr 06, 2017
Enough good things can not be said about Hap and Sharon. I had been looking for a Brittany for a few months and tried to contact many breeders some of which would get back with me in a few days and others not at all, but Sharon got in contact with me the same day. She sent pictures regularly and health updates and was very helpful through the whole process. When it was time to get our pup Hap and Sharon were welcoming and well prepared with instructions and other paper work in a folder and food and some towels that smelled of the other pups to bring home. It's been a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Brittany.
Submitted by: Max Brown on Mar 30, 2017
I cannot say enough complimentary things about Hap & Sharon, and their dogs. From the first time I called to inquiry about a puppy they were friendly, informative and professional, They sent pictures of litter weekly so we could track their progress, and constantly kept us up to date on the litter. They could not have made the entire process easier on us or the pups. We picked up Stella 2 weeks ago, and she is everything we expected, calm, classy, and smart. If you are looking for a great dog, with great bloodlines, from great people, look no further. I traveled from Texas to Michigan to get one of Spice and Beckham's pups, and am certain I will be making the trip again at sometime in the future.
Submitted by: John Lykins on Mar 29, 2017
Hap and Sharon could not have made my experience any better. From my first communication with Sharon, until the day I picked up my puppy(Booker), they were absolutely awesome. I wish every business owner in every industry would treat people like they do. If you're looking for a Brittany that comes from a great blood line, I'd totally recommend that you get on their wait list. I'm so happy to own a Spice Rum puppy. Now I just gotta do my part and I'll have the hunting partner I've always wanted.

Thanks again Hap & Sharon!!!!
Submitted by: Ty Beltramo on Mar 20, 2017
Hap and Sharon are great, kind people who have a deep understanding of the gun dog. Their pups are healthy, confident, social, and very smart.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Hap and Sharon. Their communications were frequent and very helpful.

Finally, you can't beat the Beckham and Spice pedigree.

Highly recommended. If you're looking for a pup, get on their waiting list!
Submitted by: Steve Sarchet on Aug 25, 2016
We picked up our new female "Becca" from Hap and Sharon last week. Such a fortunate event, a recent litter we were in line for didn't work out and we were referred to Spiced Rum Brittanys for a pup they had available by our breeder who couldn't speak highly enough of Hap and Sharon's dogs and abilities. She is all that we could have hoped for...8 weeks and already showing all the signs of a great future hunting companion. Can't wait for fall!
Submitted by: Tracy Family on Aug 04, 2016
A+. Excellent. Our experience could not be better. Hap and Sharon are wonderful people and are easy to communicate with and they have a wealth of knowledge. Any question we asked was promptly answered and most of the time our questions were answered before we even had the chance to ask them because they know what they are doing. They are professional, honest, friendly, and personable people and they are passionate about their dogs. Their setup is clean, organized, and spacious. Hap and Sharon want their puppies to go to good homes and they try to do everything they can to make the transition successful. Their tips and tricks have been so helpful. We brought our male puppy home last month and Mac is going to be 9 weeks old this week. He is a curious, lovable, and smart puppy. If you are looking for a puppy, contact them now. Thank you, Hap & Sharon! We appreciate everything you have done and Mac is doing wonderful!
Submitted by: Claire Bunker on Aug 27, 2015
We purchased a female puppy in August 2015. Hazel is 10 weeks old and is absolutely a joy. She is beautiful, smart, curious and healthy. Hap and Sharon were extremely knowledgeable and amazing to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a puppy from them.
Submitted by: Bob McKamie on Jun 12, 2015
I recently purchased a pup and found Hap and Sharon to be extremely personable and knowledgeable about Britts and hunting. I purchased a female who is extremely friendly and points a wing at just nine weeks old. Would highly recommend purchasing another dog from them.
Submitted by: Brian Phillips on Jun 08, 2015
Communication, kindness and honesty sums up a few strong words about this dynamic two. Searched high and low for a reputable, local breeder before finding this husband and wife. After a few lengthy discussions and being profiled, (they do their homework on buyers) they felt our family was a great fit for one of the pups, we were placed on a waiting list. This past Saturday we brought home Jaxie on point. A sweetheart of a female pup, healthy, already potty trained 85%. A superior temperament, gentle but spunky, lovable and healthy. We couldn't be more pleased. Trustworthy people and delivering quality! Highly recommend!
Submitted by: Jim Stephen on Jan 13, 2015
On 1-5-15 I picked up 5 month old female brittany (Kate) from Spice Rum Brittanys. Hap and Sharon sat down with me and my wife and answered all the questions we had. Just talking with the Harrisons you can tell they really love their dogs and care about who their pups go home with. Over a week later I'm still contacting Sharon asking questions which she promptly answers. I truly can't say enough great things about the Harrisons they were an absolute pleasure to deal with! I highly recommend Spice Rum Brittanys
Submitted by: BrettEikenbary on Oct 07, 2014
Hap and Sharon Harrison, a true pleasure to deal with. My wife and I just purchased a 7 week old Brittany pup from Spiced Rum Kennels and couldn't be more happy. He received the best of care and Sharon did a great job of keeping us posted with info and pics via e-mail. I wouldn't hesitate to send anybody to them for a well bred Brittany pup.
Great Kennels... Excellent People!!!!!!
Submitted by: Jack Flanagan on Oct 06, 2014
Thanks to Sharon Harrison and Mark & Selena Laskowski for our new puppy "Rebel two tracks", he is a wonderful addition to our family. Sharon was able to get me pointed in the right direction while seeking a new Brittany puppy and the Laskowski's were a joy to work with and made our experience very pleasurable to say the least.
Submitted by: Sandra K Hassien on Jan 15, 2013
This is our second pup from Spice Rum Brittanys. These are the best bred most loving pups ever. Our 1st brittany passed away in Sept & on a whim our daughter encouraged me to check the website for pups. Low & behold Mark & Salena (Lady) teamed up with Hap & Sharon (Luke) & they were expecting a litter! We were lucky to get 1st pick male but what a difficult choice...they were all top notch. We chose male #3 "Jax". What a joy he has been! Beautiful, intelligent, loving! He's already "hunting" on our property & loves the outdoors...he's pointing, fetching & obeying basic commands at 13 wks! Full of energy and a natural comedian as well as loving snuggler. If you are looking for a great family pet or hunting pal this is who to come to. Second time around as good as the first!!! Thanks Hap, Sharon, Mark, Salena & the kids! They kept us posted from day one & we still stay in contact. They treat these dogs & clients like family!
Submitted by: Peggy Pennefather on Dec 18, 2012
We picked up our female brittany pup on December 8, 2012. Our experience with Hap & Sharon (Luke) and Mark & Salena (Lady) couldn't have possibly been better. Mark & Salena kept us posted with pictures right up until the time that we picked up our puppy from Hap & Sharon's house. She is one of the smartest and most well-adjusted puppies I've been around and although we've only had Zoey with us for a little over a week, she's definitely part of the family (and she knows it!). She's a beautiful, intelligent dog and I would recommend this breeder to anyone.
Submitted by: steve haydu on Dec 13, 2012
I picked up my pup Cody,(Tim),on Sept,12, he is my first well breed hunter and he looks fantastic. If
you're looking for a couch potato pup, then these
are not for you. If you want an energetic, intelligent happy pup with stylish looks and the ability to hunt, than you need look no further than Spice Rum Brittany's for your pup. Hap and Sharon are great to talk with and don't give you a bunch of B.S.
Cody has become a great part of our family and I'm sure he will make a great hunting buddy.
Submitted by: John Mikonczyk on Oct 10, 2012
I recently had the pleasure of bringing home a young female pup from Hap and Sharon Harrison, and could not be happier with her. From the begining the Harrison's were outstanding to work with. After I put my name on their list for a pup, they kept me informed every step of the way. Hap called me the day she was born and from then on they kept me informed, lots of e-mails, plenty of pictures. They were always willing to answer any questions I had. When it came time for me to take her home, Hap was even kind enought to send me home with a bag of Puppy Chow. After a month now, I still could not be more pleased with her. Molly is active, healty, intelligent pup. If I'm ever looking for another dog, the Harrisons will be the first people I contact.
Submitted by: Keith Sparks on Sep 26, 2012
I lost my Brittany of 15.5 years this past June, and had a need to fill the void. I searched the internet for breeders in Michigan, and came across Spice Rum, who just so happened had a litter of pups. I contacted Hap and Sharon for information. What a God send these people were. We stopped buy their cabin in Kalkaska on our way to Elk Rapids to meet with them. Hap and Sharon are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They both are very knowledgeable about dogs, and helped me with my decision. They kept us updated along the way answering our questions, as well as photos. If you truly want a great Brittany, you canít go wrong with Hap and Sharon! Our Crosby is a joy. Thanks, you're the best.
Submitted by: Ralph Pfaff on Sep 17, 2012
Bought our little buddy from Hap and Sharon and we couldn't be happier!!! Hap and Sharon were great folks to deal with from the first call we made to see if any puppies were available. Sharon answered all questions we had along the way and constantly kept us updated all the way till we picked up our pup. Hap and Sharon had our puppy well socialized and has been a great addition to our family. Hap ensured us that he would help us along the way to make our puppy a good bird dog and offered his training area. These folks have been great to deal with and are truley TOP NOTCH BREEDERS!!!!!
Submitted by: Phil & Jo Scott on Feb 08, 2012
We weren't sure we would get another dog after losing our Setter in 2009. However, we became aware of a litter of Brittanys born to Zak of Spice Rum Brittanys and Lady of Flowing Well in Kalkaska. One look and we were committed.
Our pup, Obi, now 1 yr., has the instincts and genetics of a great hunting dog. He locates and points and is well behaved in the field. Our fall hunting was limited, however, with me falling and breaking my leg on the 1st day of the season.
Obi is a special dog - good in the house, around other dogs, and is quick to learn.
We appreciate Hap & Sharon, and Mark & Selena who were wonderful to work with and have remained in contact.
We would highly recommend a Brittany from Spice Rum for anyone looking for a hunting/family dog. Phil & Jo Scott
Submitted by: Scott & Andrea Smith on Jun 20, 2011
Our experience with Hap & Sharon (Zak) and Mark & Salena (Lady) couldn't have possibly been more wonderful!! On a scale of 1-5, I give them a 10!! We got a female from the litter born in January and the whole experience was top-notch all the way. Hap & Sharon provided us with prompt answers whenever we had questions and our visits with the Laskowskis--I can't say enough about them! What a fantastic family!! We were kept up-to-date with emails and photos every step along the way. Our Lacie is a well-behaved, easily-trained beautiful Brittany who has a great personality. We haven't gotten her out in the field yet, but we have seen her pointing birds in the yard. Great temperament, marvelous companion; couldn't possibly ask for anything more!
Submitted by: G. Wooden on Jun 05, 2011
Alot of people had told me that Britts were a great breed in regards to temperament and drive so I contacted Hap to see if he had any pups. He put me in touch with Tim Rhoades in OH who had bred his female Tasha with Hap's dog Zak. Tim had one pup left of the litter and we went down to OH to pick up our male pup whom we named Brodie. I later contacted Hap to see if he could help me with the initial training to get Brodie to a started dog level. I can't say enough about Hap and his willingness to help me even though I did not purchase the dog from him. He let me come down to the farm where he runs his dogs and work Brodie in the field. He worked with me for about 3 months teaching me and Brodie what we were supposed to do. I now have a great started dog with lots of drive to find birds and one heck of a nose for such a young dog. All I have to do is let him loose in the field and he finds birds. At only 8 months old Brodie has the making a great companion in the field and at home. Hap is a class act and I don't believe you can go wrong with a pup out of either of his Champion dogs...Zak or Luke.
Submitted by: Joelle King-Parrish on Jun 01, 2011
My husband Kirk and I,brought home a wonderful liver and white brittany; Chaz's spiced rum a year ago. He has been to Iowa hunting twice. He is a natural at pointing and retrieving birds. He is a fantastic family dog. We are looking forward to adding a female to our family this year. This breeder has healthy loving bird and family dogs. I would highly recommend this breeder for your new family member. Joelle King-Parrish
Submitted by: Heather Piszar on Apr 28, 2011
We purchased one of the pups from Zac and Lady's litter born in January 2011. What a fantastic experience we've had. Our Brittnay, Murphy, has been a delight since the day we brought him home. He is a smart guy, eager to please and extreemly loving!! We were kept up to date from the time the puppies arrived till it was time to pick them up via frequent pictures and information. It was very exciting to our family to "watch" the puppies grow. The hardest part was choosing one. We feel like we won the lottery with our guy....he's amazing! It is very obvious how much care and love when into these dogs.
Submitted by: Mark Laskowski on Mar 10, 2011
My wife Salena and I decided we wanted to breed our Brittany "Lady" four years old, after much discussion.Our plan was to keep one female from the litter (which we did). I came across Hap and Sharon Harrison through a mutual friend. What a lucky find! Words cannot express how grateful we are to Hap and Sharon...We bred Lady with Hap's Fast Track Zak the end of October 2010. From my first conversation with Hap to present day he and Sharon have been a wealth of knowledge, expertise and support.We had a beautiful litter of eight very healthy puppies on Jan. 4 2011. And since then we kept a great female and have seven very pleased customers of new puppies! All but one of the puppies was sold prior to their birth thanks to Hap and Sharon! Hap and Sharon Harrison are top shelf people who will go out of their way to help and support you. They are very straight forward and honest. We cannot say enough good about them. We have made a lifelong friendship due to the connection of our dogs. Thank you Hap and Sharon! The Laskowski Family
Submitted by: Brian Boothe on Mar 06, 2011
I purchased one of Sharons personal favorites last year that was born premature and the only puppy of the litter that made it. Hap gave me the option of waiting for the next litter and we chose the single pup, Kaiah ( Valentine to the Harrisons ) and we could not be happier. Kaiah is a great family dog and hunted last fall at 8 months with great success. Kaiah and I both need help to make her a little sharper but her lack of field training is because of my lack of time. Great family dog.
Submitted by: Heidi Heffron on Mar 06, 2011
We are now the proud owners of a beautiful, happy Brittany! His name was Rebel when we got him, but we just didn't think that fit his sweet, happy personality so we named him Harvey. Sometimes we call him Happy Harvey! He has been a joyful addition to our family and we absolutely love him! Hap and his wife Sharon have been so wonderful to meet and we will be forever grateful to them for their generosity! They gave us this dog absolutely free of charge as well as a kennel for him to sleep and also some meds to help us get started! Wow! You don't see that everyday! I contacted them about a litter of puppies and just replied that we love Brittanys and all the great qualities that they have, but were unable to pay that much for what we will keep as a pet and family member. They are the kindest people and have done everything they can to make sure this match is a success and we are happy. Which we are and so is Harvey! We look forward to many happy years with Harvey and hope to keep in contact with the Harrisons for a long time to come! Thanks again!
Submitted by: Paul Renius on Dec 17, 2010
I have known and judged Hap's dogs for many years. He is a gracious competitor and his dogs are always exciting to watch. His dogs are some of the very best in the country.
Submitted by: Steve Horton on Apr 08, 2010
I have just purchased my third Brittany for Spice Rum Kennels and have had noting but great dogs. All of my dogs have been the hardest hunting dogs I know. They out hunt all of my buddies dogs every time. From pheasants in South Dakota to woodcocks and pats up north these dogs have all performed well above m training ability. I can't wait to hit the fields with the newest addition that is now 12 weeks old. Thanks Hap and Mike.
Submitted by: Greg Kramer on Mar 22, 2010
I have personally known Hap & Mike for about 15 years, have hunted with them and there dogs numerous times.Having the pleasure to hunt with there dogs and my 4 year old dog that I purchased from them. I have owned other breeds and I have to say these are one of the easiest dogs to train. People always compliment my brittany on how calm and well mannered it is for a brittany. I would highly recommend purchasing a brittany from Mike & Hap for they are honest and take great pride in producing a great hunting companion and family pet. Thanks Mike & Hap
Submitted by: dennis howard on Mar 12, 2010
Ive been training bird dogs and guideing hunts at dundee pheasant farm for several years and my 3 year old brittany named willie from hap is one of the finest bird dogs that I've guided with and trained for the field on all species of game birds also thier very intelligent as well.willie and max my 4 year german shorthair hunt together as a team they honor each other points throughout the entire retrieve they hunt well together. like to add that while guiding hunts I will take your dog in the field with me so they gain the experience of becoming great bird finders. My dogs have hunted 2500 birds up to now and Im here to tell ya experience is always the best to join gun dog breeders. please call me at 3137195774.or my email thank you Dennis Howard.
Submitted by: Mark Wyman on Mar 08, 2010
I had the pleasure of picking up a started Brittany from Mike last May. Bullet is an outstanding dog by far the best hunting dog I've owned. Spice Rum dogs come from a long line of champions that are excellent in trials and in the field. I came to Mike with alot of questions and the answers and help I recieved were great.This has been the most enjoyable experiece I've ever had with getting a dog and would highly recommend a Spice Rum Brittany, Mark.
Submitted by: Bob Ackermann on Mar 08, 2010
I have known Mike Whited and Hap Harrison for about 4 years. I have always been impressed with the dedication they have to the Brittany. This is evident by the quality dogs they have. Their dogs are from top quality, excellent pedigrees and are high performers in both field trials and in hunting. I have had the good fortune to see them perform in field trials, exhibiting both excellent hunting drive and high style on point. I've hunted with Hap's Fast track Zak and he consistently produces more birds than most dogs.
The Spice females have a lot of style and have produced great pups. I have a pup from Molly Spice and he is 3 years old and has several AKC field trial placements and is an excellent woodcock and grouse hunter.
I would highly recommend Spice Rum Brittanys for anyone who wants a high quality hunting dog and/or great companion.
Submitted by: Jonathan & Amy Taylor on Mar 08, 2010
We have a female out of spice rum luke. She has been an exceptional hunting/family dog. In the field she is a hard working,bird finding machine. In the house, she is a well mannered, gentle loving dog who is great with the kids. Thanks for the great genetics.
Submitted by: trevor cole on Mar 08, 2010
I have had the pleasure of owning and working with several of Hap's dogs. The choice was easy to select Hap and Mike as a breeder. They have wonderful quality of brittany's. We purchased our pup about (3) weeks ago. She has a wonderful temperment and is great with the kids. We have a 3, 5 and 8 year old who love her greatly. She has a wonderful field champion blood line and is already starting to point. Her manners and ability to be quickly potty trained is a huge asset. It has been a wonderful experience with the follow up from Hap and the process of the pictures when the puppy was born to picking her up with the children. It is an honor to be able to own a dog of such a great blood-line. Hap is also very helpful with ensuring "my ability" to make sure the dog lives to her hunting potential.
Submitted by: Hap Harrison on Mar 19, 2007
I have had the pleasure of owning and working with several of Mike's dogs over the last 10 years. His "Spice" dog is the only Michigan Brittany NSTRA Champion. She accomplished this before the age of two. I currently own "Luke Spice Rum" who is an AKC and an American Field Champion. He won the Michigan Shooting Dog Champion in 05. Mike's dogs are natural pointers and retrievers, easy to train, and a pleasure to be around.

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