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Submitted by: Jonathan Reed on Dec 17, 2017
I recently bought a puppy from Jericho Kennels and I could not be happier with the whole experience. Cary took his time to explain to me his philosophy of breeding and the type of dogs that he produces. We hunt pretty hard and I was looking for a dog that could keep up with my older dogs. Well All I can tell you is that this 10 month old pup from Jericho kennels not only kept up with my older dogs but out performed them. She has more stamina and a much better nose than any of my other Brittanys. Cary said he worked hard to make sure people got puppies that exceeded their expectations, well he wasn't wrong. Do yourself a favor and get ahold of this breeder, because he really does know how to produce and awesome bird dog!!
Submitted by: Debbie Pachmeyar on Dec 23, 2015
I justreat breeder wanted to post a comment about how happy we are with our puppy purchased from Jericho Kennels. MR. Crum took a lot of time to explain to us about his breeding and what he does to make sure he is able to produce such great dogs. He was incredibly patient with us and made sure that he answered all of our questions. He even followed up with a phone call after we got home to make sure our long drive went well with our new puppy. I cant tell you how happy we are with our little penny girl!!! She is smart, happy, really healthy and is just the most amazing puppy!!!
thank you so much
Submitted by: Bryan Robertson on Apr 28, 2014
We have purchased 2 different dogs from Jericho kennels over the past 10 years. What I can tell you is that after dealing with many breeders of Brittany's we decided to get our dogs from Cary. Both dogs are just incredible bird dogs, athletic, smart, and have just amazing temperaments. Cary spent a lot of time answering our questions, even when we call him 2 years later. He knows his stuff when it comes to blood lines and it shows in the dogs that he produces. We have talked to a lot breeders on gun dog breeders, but frankly there is just none better than Jericho kennels. Do yourself a favor and call cary crum if you are looking for a true bird dog, won't be disappointed!!!!
Submitted by: Robert Mcarthy on Jan 21, 2014
We purchased a pup from Jericho kennels about 2 years ago. Our pup has turned out to be the best bird dog we've ever owned. Thank you for spending time with us to answer all of our questions. You truly are a man of integrity and obviously love the dogs that you produce
Submitted by: Bruce Cambel on Jun 07, 2009
Thanks for allowing us to purchase Ace from you, he is a great addition to our family. When we were looking for a finished dog we had a hard time locating a reputable breeder. You were helpful, honest, and really cared about our family and the decisions that we had to make about a dog.
Submitted by: D&D McBride on Jun 07, 2009
Cary, Thanks so much for helping us find such a special addition to our family. You were right, Tempe is the perfect rescue brittany for us. It is so unusual for a breeder like yourself to take so much time out your busy schedule to help find a rescue brittany that suits our family so well. This little girl has come home to stay. Don & Debbie
Submitted by: Barbara Cohen on Jun 01, 2009
Mr. Crum
We are so thrilled with our pup Maggie! We have owned brittanys for nearly 25 years and when our old dog Jack passed away we were not sure what we wanted as a replacement. We are totally committed to field lines and field performance. So many of these breeders today are focused on "dual brittanys" which in my opinion are just glorified show dogs!! WE were referred to you by several people who said you were committed to producing smart birds dogs. THese people could not have been more right with their recomendations. We sent Maggie to a noted southern California professional trainer and he told us that she was one of the best bird dogs that he has had in the last 10 years.
Submitted by: Rich Coolio on May 19, 2009
Thanks for breeding such interesting looking brittanys. I like the really Large looking Brittanys
Thanks again!
R.C )>(
Submitted by: R. Slimovich on May 18, 2009
I see that you also breed small as well as big Brittany's. I see you believe in diversity. Great job in breeding diverse dogs.
Submitted by: Paul Dondaldson on May 13, 2009
I was referred to you by a friend of mine in Texas who bought a pup from you about 6 years ago. He told me that your breeding was very special as the dogs seem to have better noses and stamina than other brittanys. Well last fall when I flew out to pick my pup I was skeptical of all of the hype that my friend heaped on me. Well I am here to tell you that my Sam pup is all that and a bag of chips. He was pointing birds at 4 months old, in fact I had him almost 100% steady by 7 months old. He handles like a dream, and man can he find the birds. I have seen this pup out perform many, many older dogs as well as other breeds. I can't believe the quality of this pup. Thank you for allowing me to own such a fine "brag"dog. I am telling all of my hunting buddies to cal you and get ont he list.
Submitted by: Sandy Gockey on May 06, 2009
I wanted to let you know what a great dog our little Paige has turned out to be. We were worried that she would be too active for us, but with the training tips that you gave us things are going great. We love the way that she gets along with the kids and our other dog. We have told a couple of our friends about your kennel and breeding program and I am sure you will be hearing from them
Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect member of our family

Sandy, Robert, Stevie, and Grace
Submitted by: Betty Kimber on May 05, 2009
Mr. Crum
I wanted to write you a glowing note about our Misty. She has just turned 2 and has become such a great dog. Her ofa came back excellent and she has really progressed out in the field with my husband Fred. He has really been impressed with her bird desire and her intensity on point. We are so thankful that we found you when we did. We had purchased another pup from a breeder in northern California and the dog was far too small and never did point a bird. Fred was very upset but finding you helped put everything back on the right path. People need to know that your dogs are great and you are a very professional and helpful person to work with. Thanks so much

Betty and Fred Kimber
Submitted by: Brandon Webster on May 04, 2009
Thank you for taking the time to show me your great pups last week. I was very impressed with how you were able to answer my questions and explain the difference of certain blood lines. I am looking forward to your next litter of pups that will be born this summer.
Submitted by: Carol Krauter on Feb 26, 2009
You were very gracious to my husband and I with our recent trip to meet you. You were kind, and patient, and really answered all of our questions. We are really looking forward to your next litter and can't wait to bring one of Jess's pups into our home. Thank you for being so nice to a couple of newbies.
Carol and Delbert
Submitted by: Bambi Jenkins on Feb 25, 2009
thanks for hooking us up with a great brittany pup...our suzie is really sweet and lovable.
Submitted by: Larry Mcdonald on Feb 24, 2009
Great dogs...great noses, excellent produced the best damned bird dogs that I have ever hunted over
Submitted by: Charlotte Jackson on Feb 23, 2009
HI Cary
Thanks for all of your wonderful help in finding us such a great brittany. Our family just adores little Rosie, we can't believe how sweet and lovable she is. My husband took her out with my dad and says she is going to make a great hunting dog.
Submitted by: Huebert Stanley on Feb 23, 2009
Mr. Crum,
Thanks for letting me meet you at the field trial in Maricopa this weekend to see your dogs. I watched your you ng dog Jack run and all I can say is WOW!!!! He is an absolute fantastic brittany, he has amazing speed, endurance, an awesome nose, and such intensity on point. I am so honored to be able to breed our bessy to him, I think these will be awesome pups.
Submitted by: John Keenan on Feb 23, 2009
I just saw your listing on gun dog breeders and had to let everyone know how happy we are with the dog we bought from you 3 years ago. We have owned brittanys for over 20 years and they have all been from field trial lines. Our jesse is the absolute best brittany that we have ever owned period!!! She has an awesome nose, great style on her birds, handles kindly, and is just a pleasure to own. I know that you have sold multiple dogs to our friends because we hunt with them in the field regularly. Everyone is just as happy with their dogs...thank you for being such a great breeder!! Your line of dogs is just the best that we have ever seen and will continue to recommend your breeding program to everyone that we see.
Submitted by: Bob Smithers on Feb 23, 2009
We sure enjoy our english setter that we purchased from you. Jocko is smart, and friendly and is a true bird dog. You were very helpful and fair in the whole process. IT is always hard to buy a true started dog and we were thrilled with how far along Jocko was when you sold him
Submitted by: Dale on Feb 22, 2009
Cary, Your dogs are awesome!!!! Dale
Submitted by: Susan Dropman on Feb 17, 2009
Mr. Crum
Our family just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work with our little Sandy. We were having a problem with her on birds and you offered to take her back and work with her for us. Well let me tell you what a great job you did with our little girl. My husband Jack could not believe Sandy's intensity on birds and how far off she is able to point the birds. Jack told all of his hunting buddies how you helped us and I am sure that you will be getting calls from them when you have your next litter. I hope you got the pictures of Sandy pointing at the hunting club that I sent you. Again thanks for selling us such a great pup and then for all of your help in getting her started perfectly.
The Dropmans
Submitted by: Dale Lowmores. on Feb 17, 2009
Thanks for selling us such a great dog! Harry points like a million dollars and runs like the wind. We had to buy a garmin collar for him because of his desire to hit all of the birdy spots looking to find game. His bird desire is unbelievable and will certainly add a lot in our extensive dual quality breeding program. We have been looking for a male to add into our line to put in some size and bird finding ability and Intensity on point. Harry fills the bill above our expectations. IT seems that our dogs have developed into wanting to back instead of finding their own birds and Harry seems to posses what we needed to boost our line from a show line to a dual line. Thanks for allowing us to acquire such a great young prospect from your kennel. It is so hard to find Brittanys that can impact the breeding program filled with so many show type dogs. Harry will certainly go a long way in helping us improve our breeding program.
Thanks again
Submitted by: O. B, Lawdin on Feb 15, 2009
Thanks Cary,
Jasper is the biggest Brittany I have seen. He can really bust through the brush. My kids really like it when he pulls them in their wagon. He does point fairly well.
Submitted by: buddy tubbman on Feb 15, 2009
Awesome dogs...thanks for your hard work
Submitted by: Bobby D on Jan 28, 2009
Hi Cary
our pup is just awesome...thanks for helping us find just the right dog for our family. You were a refreshing change from most of the other breeders that we talked with, you things simple and fun
Submitted by: Sally James on Jan 28, 2009
Well what can I say here that will help people know what a great dog breeder that you are? I shopped around for months trying to find the right person to purchase a dog fro my husband for christmas. You where so helpful, very patient and answered all of my dumb questions. When the time finally came for us to pick up our little girl, you were so kind and treated my family like we were old friends. Finally I know that we must have been a bother to you when we called at 3 am when our sadie, was crying and would not go to sleep, I felt really bad but you helped us through a tough time. I wish we could take out an ad on TV to let everyone know that you should be the only person that they call for a britany pup. Our whole family can't thank you enough.
Submitted by: David Frommer on Jan 28, 2009
I am not much for words...but what a great dog we have and its all because of you.
Submitted by: Sharlene Young on Dec 18, 2008
I had been looking for a brittany puppy for my grandson for months and finally found Cary at Jericho Kennels on the internet. He told me that he currently didn't have any puppys available but he did know some other reputable breeders that did. He was so kind and helped me find exactly the pup I was looking for. Thanks again Cary.
Submitted by: Betty Scroggins on Aug 27, 2008
We were looking for a good hunting brittany and found Jericho kennels from the web. We called and spoke with Cary and he was kind and patient and was most concerned with us finding a dog that would meet our needs. We ended up buying a pup from him last spring and can't say enough about the ease of the whole process. Cary stands behind his dogs contracts...just him and his willingness to make sure we were happy. Sandy , our little brittany female is a wonderful dog, she smart, very birdy and is making us a great little hunter. Thanks Cary for helping us find our little girl
Submitted by: Charlie Defert on Jun 16, 2008
I am not sure what we are supposed to say here, but I want every one to know what an honest, helpful and caring man Mr. Crum is. He answered all of our questions, he listened to us, and made valuable suggestions and gave sound advice. We talked to a bunch of breeders in California and are so thankful that we found Mr.Crum. Please do yorself a favor and call Mr. Crum for a pup...her loves his dogs and really works hard to satisfy his clients. He even patiently helped us with a problem with our pup 2 months later at 1 am in the morning...thank you
Submitted by: B. Dover on Jun 05, 2008
Cary, Thanks for selling us that awesome brittany. We just can't believe what a great natural retriever he is. Not only did we shoot limits of quail over him in his first season but he retrieved some out of the canal. He did it with not much training from me. What a natural. Ben
Submitted by: Brian Huntley on Jun 04, 2008
Hi Cary, Just wanted to drop you a note to tell our little " gunner" is the best bird dog we have ever had. He's the birdiest damn pup. He'll practically "climb a wall" to find birds and look so good pointing it. This was our first year at the club with him and my buddies all wanted to hunt with us because their "showdog brittanys" couldn't find any birds. Thanks again for a dog of a lifetime. Brian

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