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Submitted by: M. Stone on Mar 13, 2015
Visited with Jimmie several times on the phone before I decided to get a puppy. Looked a numerous other web sites but just kept coming back to Frosty Meadows and I am glad I did. We are so happy with the female we got. Thanks Jimmie for a great puppy and the experience of doing business with your kennel.
Submitted by: Marion Craig on Mar 13, 2015
We we're looking for a new puppy for our grandson and found the Frosty Meadows web site. Jimmie helped us with information about Brittany bird dogs and invited us to visit his kennel. When we visited the kennel we were impressed with Jimmie's set up and all his dogs. Needless to say we have a new puppy for our grandson.
Submitted by: Marcus on Mar 13, 2015
There aren't words to describe how wonderful our experience has been! Jimmie and his wife are AWESOME! Annie has been easy to train and a very intelligent pup. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Joe on Mar 01, 2015
Jimmie sure has good dogs. I know this because I bought a great puppy from him.
Submitted by: Autumn on Feb 23, 2015
My boyfriend and I visited Frosty Meadows Kennel. Jimmie was courteous and very knowledgeable about his dogs and the Brittany breed. He explained the needs and challenges of raising a new puppy. We were able to interact with his grown dogs and play with the two puppies he kept form his last two litters. We are not at a point to get a puppy now but as soon as we have a place to raise a Brittany puppy we will be back at Frosty Meadow Kennel.
Submitted by: C. Koch on Feb 19, 2015
We got our brittany male pup in January 2015 from Jimmie at Frosty Meadows. What can I say? Couldn't be happier. Can tell already Jags (his name) was well cared for and comes from great stock. He shows all the traits of being a great gun dog and great companion. High energy and then loves to relax and cuddle. Vet was impressed too.

I would definitely get another pup from Frosty Meadows and would give them my highest recommendation. They were so easy to work with, direct, honest and communicative.

Submitted by: Jake and Lisa Kahle on Feb 18, 2015
What to say about this Kennel!? FANTASTIC!! AMAZING!! Fell in love with ALL of Jimmie's dogs!! His Kennels are fabulous!! The Summerlin's care so much for ALL their dogs!! We are very pleased with our new puppy! And will be getting another one from his fine dogs!! Jimmie went above and beyond helping us with our new little girl! Well worth the travels, for the quality breed! Can't wait to see what all she will do in the field!!
Submitted by: Bonnie Wulff on Feb 12, 2015
We've had our puppy for three weeks. She's a healthy beautiful dog. Very affectionate, smart but calm for a Brittany. Jimmie is obviously passionate about his dogs and litters. We visited shortly after the litter was born and his set up for he litters was impressive. He helped us with all of our concerns in talking care of our new pup and he followed up to make sure all was well. Our Vet was very complimentary of the breeder's care and pronounced our puppy as very healthy and a wise pick. We're very happy with this dog!
Submitted by: Larry Barnes on Feb 07, 2015
We picked up our little boy from Jimmie on 1-23-15. We could not be more proud of our future gun dog. He has a wonderful personality and his mom and dad are great dogs. What impressed me more than anything was the cleanliness of the kennels. Jimmie obviously takes good care of his dogs. He even has a special puppy kennel for the litter. We are thinking about buying another pup from his next litter. Cooper is the daddy of that litter too. Better get your name on the list quick if you want one of Jimmie's dogs. We barely got on the last list and we are sure glad we did.
Submitted by: Shaun Martinez on Feb 03, 2015
We had a great experience with Frosty Meadows and the owner, Jimmie, from the time we started looking for a puppy to the time we picked our Brittany up.

Jimmie was an excellent resource for information from food to training tips, and even went out of his way to send us updates on the litter as they grew. His updates included photos and video of the entire litter and their progress.

We are thrilled to have a happy, healthy Brittany. She has shown tremendous potential to be an excellent bird dog, and we are thankful to Frosty Meadows and Jimmie for the support.

I would recommend this breeder to anyone, and have already referred family and friends.
Submitted by: Terry Potter on Feb 02, 2015
I wanted to thank Jimmy and his family for their hospitality and professionalism with the purchase of my new little girl (Tris). Looks like she is going to a great one.

Submitted by: Randy Vardeman on Feb 02, 2015
We picked up our Brittany (named him Rhett) on January 24. He was 6 weeks and 3 days old. He is a great little puppy. Mr. Summerlin emailed me on a regular basis and even sent me a picture once he began eating regular food. Jimmie's kennels are "top notch" and he's takes a lot pride in his dogs. We met his wife and son and they are "one fine family". Jimmie has emailed me to even check on the puppy. I would recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel to anyone interested in buying a quality dog from a really nice family. There is no doubt that I will purchase another puppy from Frosty Meadows.
Submitted by: Josh Payne on Feb 02, 2015
I recently purchased a female Brittany pup from Frosty Meadows. From the initial point of contact to the day we picked up the pup, Jimmie was more than willing to answer any questions and provide updates. The kennels were clean and the dogs are well cared for. The pups were very healthy and I am pleased with my pick. I would recommend Frosty Meadows to others looking for a dual companion and hunting Brittany.
Submitted by: Tricia & Gerald Crouch on Jan 30, 2015
We just picked up our little female (Dallas) this past Wednesday and couldn't be more pleased! Mr Jimmie and his wife were a pleasure to meet and we enjoyed the tour of all their beautiful dogs and facilities. It was love at first sight meeting our sweet girl! These are some fine folks at Frosty Meadows and I can guarantee you where our Next Brittany will come from! Great Healthy stock!
Gerald & Tricia
Alvin, Tx
Submitted by: Tom on Jan 20, 2015
I have a 9 month old female brittany. Jimmie was anxious to help me and let me bring my dog to his training facility. He put a couple of quails out and let my dog work for about 30 minutes. I was impressed with the results he was able to get from my dog.
Submitted by: Brooke Bure on Jan 20, 2015
We purchased our first brittany from Jimmie on January 17, 2015. Pickett is a healthy, very rambunctious little lady. I was amazed at how well-adjusted, independent, and confident Picket was from the first day we brought her home. She has no fear! We look forward to watching her grow into a great family pet and hunting partner.

The Summerlins were a joy to work with from the first phone call to the day we picked up our puppy. It's clear they take pride in the quality of their dogs. If we decide to add another brittany to our pack in the future, we won't hesitate to use them again.
Submitted by: Neill Strickland on Jan 19, 2015
We just picked up our 6 week female puppy from Frosty Meadows. She is energetic, vibrant, alert and very smart. She is going to be a great dog for us.

I cannot express how great it was working with Jimmie and Frosty Meadows. He made the experience beyond excellent. Communication during the process was first rate all the time.

We hope to be able to get another Brittany from Jimmie some day.
Submitted by: Mike Eckles on Jan 16, 2015
Just picked up Rusty (Brittany Puppy) from Frosty Meadows Kennel. Jimmie and his wife are some of the nicest people you'll meet. They manage a very professional Kennel -- made me and Rusty a priory by meeting my demands and expectation for a new Brittany hunting dog.

Would recommend Jimmie and the folks at Frosty Meadows Kennel to anyone wanting a Brittany, and would buy again.

Thank you Jimmie!

Mike Eckles
Quitman, Texas
Submitted by: Bryan K on Nov 06, 2014
Roy is a started dog that I bought from Jimmie. He minds good and is pointing birds. Jimmie had worked with him on hunting close and I am really pleased with the results. He is a very healthy dog and he has a great personality. Thanks Jimmie for this good bird dog.
Submitted by: Katrina Barnett on Sep 06, 2014
We purchased our male pup Beau from Jimmy at Frosty Meadows Kennel on Aug. 7th 2014 and we are very pleased with the quality of our boy. When we went to pick Beau up we were very happy to see how clean and spacious the kennels were. It is apparent that Jimmy takes great pride in his dogs. Beau is coming along with his training and has already mastered sit, come, hold and drop. He has adapted well to being inside with my husband and I. We are empty nesters so Beau gets all our attention. He loves to play outside, especially in his swimming pool) and go on adventures in the truck. We would recommend this kennel to anyone who is looking to purchase a Brittany.
Submitted by: H. B. on Sep 04, 2014
My daughter surprised me by purchasing an American Brittany pup from Jimmie. We traveled to Frosty Meadows Kennel when the puppies were little and were able to choose the pup we wanted. The kennel was great and it was evident that Jimmie really cares about his dogs. When we picked up our dog the kennel was full of activity other folks picking up their dogs but Jimmie took the time to explain about the dog and any additional information. I recommend Frosty Meadows Kennel.
Submitted by: Jessica Noble on Aug 26, 2014
We purchased a girl Brittany pup from Jimmie 8 weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased. She is a sweet, smart, and rambunctious Brittany. His love for the breed was very evident in all his thorough explanations and feedback. We love Brittany's and were so pleased to find someone that understands and loves them as well.

The family welcomed us and showed us the kennels. They were so sweet to love on our girl until we could pick her up. We are thrilled!
Submitted by: Neil Breedlove on Aug 26, 2014
Jimmy is the best, I am happy to say Jimmy was so great to work with, but you know as a dog buyer you really want more than just a buying experience and with Frosty Meadows you will get a great dog. My dog Maddie looks a lot like the one shown in the picture. When I called Jimmy she was the last puppy left in the litter. I didn't care.

To me Jimmy is simply really into breeding the best dogs. This is my second Britney, I've owned a female before. I just love the breed and when I spoke with Jimmy he cares so much about breeding great dogs. This pup from Frosty Meadows is just a real confident strong dog. At six weeks she was so affectionate and As the weeks passed the family bonds grew stronger. For a female she is fearless, wrestling with dogs a ten times her size at 8 weeks old. This dog shows no signs of backing down she is a strong confident bitch. She is also is a very coachable dog that preforms on command.

Frosty Meadows has a great mix of dogs, this is something you just don't often see. For a female my dog Maddie father Cooper was a very muscular male while her mother was a healthy bitch. The mix is just a beautiful spunky dog that has no limits. I would love to post some videos to show you her playing with my friend full grown dogs. Everyone who meets Maddie first sees her as a cute dog, then they can't get over her personality, then when they hold her the affection is overwhelming and to touch her soft coat it's unbelievable. What a great dog from a man that loves breeding the best!
Submitted by: Adom Douglas on Aug 19, 2014
We got a male pup from Jimmie about three weeks ago. this the best puppy I've ever had. He is completely house broken and he is only eleven weeks old. He understands sit, down, and heal. Great dog! Can't wait to get another!
Submitted by: Brent Hill on Aug 13, 2014
Mr. Summerlin,
Myself and Raven wanted to send you a note let ou know how great an experience it was to meet ou and purchase a Brittany pup from you. My boys named her "Elli" after their favorite Benelli shotgun. She did really good on the ride back to Oklahoma and she is enjoying her new home.

Thank you for the initial over the phone explanation of your dogs, their training and breeding history, a synopsis of your operation, and for making rhe buying experience painless. There are not many breeders who will communicate with a buyer and provide updates like you did. We really appreciated the weekly pictures and status of our new puppy.

We also appreciate your kindess and welcoming when we arrived at your house. It was great to see your awesome Brittany dogs and puppy's. I am not easily impressed but you impressed me and Raven with your immaculate kennel and your professional standards. My wife is still talking about your dog Cooper an how disciplined and beautiful he was.

Most importantly... we added a new additon to our family that not only me and my wife will enjoy, but my two young sons. They will get to grow up with a champion bird hunting Brittany like I was fortunate to have as a young boy.

You are a top notch Brittany breeder and even better person. So...thank you so much!!
Submitted by: chris ritchie on Aug 07, 2014
I am very pleased with our decision to purchase a Brittany from Frosty Meadows. Mr. Summerlin was very informative and his care for his dogs is apparent. He has called a few times just to make sure everything is going well which we appreciate. As for our pup he is showing great promise he seems to be very interested in training and is picking up on things very fast. He is an awesome addition to our family and I am looking forward to our many hunts together. I would definitely recommend Frosty Meadows Kennels to anyone looking for an American Brittany.
Submitted by: L. H. on Jul 31, 2014
Jimmie sure is a pleasant person to do business with, his kennels are in very good condition and his bird dogs are great also. Bought a really cute puppy from Jimmie , and my family is already enjoying the new member of the family.
Submitted by: Tom Mewhinney on Jul 17, 2014
We had an excellent experience in buying a puppy from Jimmie. When we arrived at his place, his care for his dogs was obvious. The kennels were clean and well laid out. His adult dogs were quiet and very well behaved. I'm sure our puppy is going to grow into an exceptional hunting dog.
Submitted by: Amber Kubrick on Jul 10, 2014
Just bought a real nice puppy from Jimmie. The puppy is very smart and is learning fast. Jimmie was very courteous and helpful.
Submitted by: Phillips Wagner on Jul 09, 2014
Frosty Meadows Kennel provides a great dog buying experience. Jimmie runs a very clean operation and is extremely friendly. He has been doing this a long time and with great care and quality.
I highly recommend buying your Brittany from Jimmie.
Submitted by: Jan Killian on Jul 06, 2014
We picked up our Brittany puppy a couple of days ago and couldn't be more pleased. The puppy is very sweet and seems very wise. The entire process of working with Jimmie has been a great experience. He kept me informed of upcoming litters and answered all questions. We had the opportunity to meet our puppy's parents, which was helpful. Overall, an outstanding experience ending with a beautiful Brittany puppy in our family!
Submitted by: Clay on Jun 21, 2014
My experience with Frosty Meadow's was absolutely fantastic. From the first time I called to when I picked up my pup, Jimmie was extremely professional and helpful. We stayed in touch throughout the entire process and he answered any questions I had with the knowledge I would expect from someone with the great amount of experience he has. His facilities are extremely well taken care of- very clean and hospitable to the dogs. A month after picking her up, I couldn't be happier with my dog and a large part of that was due to the time she spent at Frosty Meadows receiving the care she needed.
Submitted by: michell mahaffey on Jun 17, 2014
Mr summerlin is a very nice person to do business with but best of all we sure have a great brittany. my husband and I have wonted one for years, he is great thanks Jimmie
Submitted by: Daniel Evans on May 29, 2014
This is the best place to buy a Brittany! I had nothing but a good experience with Jimmie. He is a good breeder and an even better person! Great hospitality and a great facility! My Brittany is an outstanding dog that is easy to train and well minded. If you are looking for a great companion or an excellent hunter, this is the place to go!
Submitted by: Ed Harrison on May 12, 2014
I looked at several Brittany breeders, and the pedigree's of their dogs. I firmly believe that you are statically ahead if you want to have a good hunting companion you should start with proven bloodlines. Jimmie has dogs from those kind of bloodlines, and, he hunts with these dogs. The sire of the puppy I chose is reportedly his best male hunting dog.
When I arrived to pick up my new puppy, the thing that struck me was how quiet the 8-10 adult dogs were. The kennels were clean, and the whelping buildings(2) were clean and nicely arranged to give outdoor access and a place for the dam to retreat to.
Time will tell the tale about my new companion's hunting abilities, and, my training.
Submitted by: Vanessa Smith on May 11, 2014
Met Jimmie for the first time, he has some really nice dogs well taken care of. We bought a really cute pup. We are so proud of him and cant wait to see his potential. We are looking forward to a lifetime of fun with our dog! Thank you for raising a great bird dog!
Submitted by: Tony Summerlin on May 11, 2014
As you can see Jimmie and I have the same last name. Oh yea he is may dad. We have had memorable hunting trips every year and will be going to South Dakota in November. Every year we hunt behind Cooper with great results. Looking forward to hunting with Cooper and his daughter, Spice, this year. If you are looking for a great dog with a good pedigree look to Frosty Meadows Kennels.
Submitted by: Tim Skidmore on Apr 24, 2014
I talked with Mr. Summerlin about purchasing one of his pups and even sent in a deposit for him to hold one for me. Before he had a pup available, I found another one elsewhere. Mr.Summerlin was very pleasant to deal with, and sent my deposit back the very next day. Very nice man and a man of his word.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Brittany.
Submitted by: Mary Gonzales on Apr 08, 2014
I worked with Jimmie for years at the post office. He is a great guy. My children wanted a dog and we decided on a Brittney. We knew Jimmie raised Brittney dogs and we got a great pup for my children. If you need a good dog and a great companion or hunting dog just give Jimmie a call.
Submitted by: Luci Rivas on Mar 27, 2014
My name is Luci Rivas and I work for American National Bank of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. I'm the assistant to the famous pro baseball player, Mr. Ernie McAnally. I have known Jimmie for over 7 years. I would first like to congratulate him on his retirement from the US Postal Service. I would also like to say that I am extremely proud of him for the way he has brought up and manages his dog breeding business. He speaks very passionately about his business and those precious little dogs. Ever since I met Jimmie, I have always known him to be genuinely friendly, courteous, polite, respectful, dependable, reliable, conscientious, hard-working, and peace-loving. He is a good-hearted, honest man and you can trust that anything Jimmie says, you can take straight to the bank! God bless!! :)
Submitted by: KENDRA GRAY on Mar 24, 2014
Submitted by: Michelle Hall on Mar 21, 2014
My husband is an avid hunter and I wanted to get him the perfect gift for his birthday and surprise him. I contacted Frosty Meadows Kennels and went and found him the most perfect healthy puppy! I was very impressed on how clean and well kept the kennels are. These dogs are beautiful, smart and have great pedigrees.
Submitted by: Stephanie Hardcastle on Jun 13, 2013
I visited with Jimmie and Kevin last weekend. My children and I really became attached to one of the older females. Jimmie was kind enough to let us buy this dog. We also got to see the dogs being trained and were really impressed with the kennels.
Submitted by: Dennis P. Gendron on May 28, 2013
Jimmie had a 2 1/2 year old male that he had been working with. He worked good in the field. Sure liked him so I bought him for me and my wife. Kennel looked good and all was clean.
Submitted by: Theodore on May 27, 2013
Just got Sadie this past week from Frosty Meadows Kennel and couldnt be happier. What a great dog health, loving, and very sweet, her and Colt are loving life down at the lake this weekend. Thanks Jimmie for such a great dog!!! Cant wait to hunt over her this year happy hunting.
Submitted by: Steve Buerger on Apr 27, 2013
I bought a fine male puppy from this breeder. The animal is happy healthy and very bright. He is well formed and has great color. He is ready for training and has good instincts. Best of all he has an outstanding nose!
Thanks !!
Submitted by: Hollie Rogers on Apr 03, 2013
I bought a new puppy from Frosty Meadows Kennel. I found the breeder to be friendly and helpful. The kennel is clean and well organized and the puppy is healthy.

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