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Submitted by: Renee Hansen on Oct 31, 2017
Submitted by: Aaron Donnelly on Oct 26, 2017
I was lucky to find a solid liver female from Randy and his team. She has been nothing short of perfect for my lifestyle. Great docile house pet, while extremely efficient and athletic in the field. She was easily trained and follows all commands. Runs at my side and does not get distracted by anything. Thank you for providing me with such a great dog!
Submitted by: Brittney Durkin on Oct 26, 2017
It's so rare to meet honest hard working people such as Randy and Kim, two of the best, sweetest, warmest hearted people I've ever met. My husband and I have visited the Redneck Ranch in person and and it is immediately clear upon arrival that they are beyond 100% dedicated to their dogs. There is not a pup on the property that he doesn't know everything about. Randy can even riddle off information and pedigrees of pups that have moved on from his kennel. The property is surprisingly clean and organized, every dog has it's place whether it be inside the main house or in one of the many RV's he has on the property remodeled specifically to fit the needs of the dogs. Randy and Kim truly love what they do and you can see all the hard work and love put into each and every dog that comes from their ranch!
Submitted by: Taylor Maxcy on Oct 26, 2017
Submitted by: Ed Taczanowsky on Oct 26, 2017
Submitted by: Gapriel Avakian on Oct 26, 2017
I did find Randy on internet about year and half ago and since then I got two of his puppies and can not be any happier with my dogs and Randy himself.
From the first phone phone call with him I realized that i am dealing with a genuine gentleman that loves and cares for his dogs and has a very high respect for his clients, so almost instantly without even meeting him we became friends.
If I want to go on and write on can fill up five pages, but all I can say short is who ever is dealing with him is getting top notch service and top breed of dogs.
Just want to thank you and your wife for everything Randy,keep up the good work and i am sure YOU WILL.
Gapriel Avakian
Submitted by: John Martin on Oct 26, 2017
Randy! Missy took 4th overall and fourth in the Tournament of Champions this year at the Arizona Pointing Dog Club! Such an amazing dog!

She's a little over two years old. She's an amazing dog with incredible focus.

Missy is out of Buck your DK, and Flu Flu. Lady and Jack's line as well. Thank you very much for a great dog.
Submitted by: Loreta Tillery on Oct 26, 2017
I am Randy's aunt so this may be a little biased, but Randy is great dog man, I have watched him with dogs for over 40 years. His uncle is a bear hunter with dogs, his grandfather has had hunting dogs forever. Randy was a police K9 handler and was always working with dogs. I have watched Randy and Kim all these years with the Shorthairs and have seen many of them in person. They have done a great job in their breeding program. Kim and Randy are two of the nicest, kindness, and honest people I know. You can not go wrong with working with them.
Submitted by: Val Schork on Oct 26, 2017
Val Schork It in Randy blood and families to breed & raised & hunt this breed it goes back generations to always own the breed Randy & his FAMILY are truly in LOVE and very compassionate about what he does! if I ever get another gsp it would certainly be from the best breeder I know THANK YOU SO MUCH Randy & family FOR all the post and video's! I want to run away and live with you in GSP HEAVEN! Keep up the excellent work ❤❤❤❤
Submitted by: Sam and PaM Webster on Oct 26, 2017
I reached out to Randy about a year before I retired from the Army. I told Randy I was looking for a hunt/pet/therapy dog. Randy and I spoke for about a half hour on the phone. He was asking me many questions about what I wanted and needed in a GSP. I explained my battles with PTSD from my Iraq deployment and desire to hunt when I retired.
Well Randy said he had a pup that he thought was just right and gave me his address and we set a time to meet up. A few days later I drove to Welton Az to meet Randy and all his pups.
My wife and I got a tour of his kennel and lessons in GSPs. Randy then introduced us to our new puppy Augie a 5 month old male GSP. When I asked Randy what I owed him he said thank you for your service and enjoy your GSP. We left that day not knowing how much our life would change.
Augie instantly became a family member and by best friend. He has proven to be the best therapy for PTSD I have had. I shutter to think where I would be today without Augie.

Randy you have no idea the impact you have made in my life.

PaM and I thank you.

Submitted by: Faith Rushing Gehrke on Oct 26, 2017
We have a beautiful liver girl from Randy, she is smart as a whip, even tempered, natural hunter, loves the water and is eager to please! We will definitely get another pup from Randy in the future! She is a great dog.
Submitted by: Harvey Saiza on Oct 26, 2017
Submitted by: Kim Rime on Oct 26, 2017
Submitted by: Lance Ellsworth on Nov 10, 2015
I first heard of Randy and his dogs from a friend who bought a pup from him. My friend told me that he was searching for the "RIGHT" breeder for almost 4 months. After a lot of research on Randy's Kennel and talking with him, my friend went to his place and got his own pup. When I called Randy, he could not stop talking about how amazing GSP are and how he breeds the right GSP because its a passion of his and not just to make $$, so I knew I was getting a good dog. I was hooked, I drove 3 hours to his place, and he showed me some pups that he had tested with pointing and sure enough, my dog was pointing great and I took him home and have been so happy with my GSP. I even went out last weekend with Randy to take some of his gang out and my dog for some good Gambel Quail hunting. Those dogs work hard and had great points. Lots of Fun. Thanks Randy for your amazing dogs.
Submitted by: ralph on Nov 21, 2014
Got another gsp liver and roan but female this time from Randy and couldn't be happier with how she developing. it's just incredible How well these dogs perform from the get go. so Once again randy did not disappoint I recommend checking with Randy first and explaining to him what you're looking for in your GSP And with out a doubt he'll getcha headed down the right path with no regrets. NEED A GSP CALL RANDY
Submitted by: Ralph on Oct 03, 2014
bought a liver and roan male GSP from Randy and Kim in July 2013 this dog has soooooo much natural ability can swim all day run all day and most importantly hunt all day all which required no training on my part just exposure and at the end of the day when the hunt is over the best family dog you could ever want and randy is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the breed how to train he told me exactly what to expect with this dog and he was spot on I would recommend these dogs to anybody
Submitted by: michael mccluskey on Jul 06, 2014
Thanks Randy had a good experiance at your kennel. You had a good selection of puppies. We are very pleased with our pick of a liver boy gsp. He was very health and good natured. Would recommend you to any one in the market for a gsp. Thanks for your time
Submitted by: Ted Bounds on Jul 03, 2014
I bought a female puppy from Randy and couldn't be more pleased. She is smart, adjusted nicely to my two older dogs, friendly toall other dogs and people and loves to retrieve her toys to hand and swum in the pool- all at eleven weeks old. Looking forward to starting her on birds soon. If you want a well adjusted hunting partner and family companion go see Randy.
Submitted by: Thomas Russell on Feb 05, 2013
I currently have two 8 month old dogs from Randy. I couldn't be more pleased with their natural ability to point, retrieve, and find birds. They make me look like I am a decent dog trainer. They are also great pets and good in our home. They even tolerate cats with just a point here and there. Couldn't be more pleased and would not consider a dog from a breeder other than Randy!
Submitted by: Steve on Jan 15, 2013
Randy is the most honest, open breeder I have ever spoken with. When I was considering a new pup, he ran me through the pros and cons of each upcoming litter. Now, a year later my dog is exactly what he told me to expect. He's a pleasure to have around the house, loves the kids, great nose, great point, can hunt all day. Required very little training for all that. He's not much for retrieving, but that's exactly what Randy told me to expect. Highly recommend giving Randy a call.
Submitted by: Logan & Jake Hobby on Jan 03, 2013
We bought a male puppy (Remington) from Kim and Randy, he has been everything we have hope for and more. Great dog, his instinct is wonderful, great breeders, great people. If you are looking for a family dog who loves to hunt, this is the place to get your dog. Very happy with our dog. Highly recommended.
Submitted by: marlin sisco on Dec 03, 2012
I bought a female GSP(Marilyn) from Randy and Kim, she is 1 year old. She absolutly loves to hunt and has one of the prettiest points to behold.She can go all day and then some, she retrives well and like water. Randy and Kim are great to work with and breed pure hunting dogs but even if I didn't hunt these dogs are wonderful family dog, nothing quite like a GSP.

Thanks Randy and Kim, Marilyn and I are a real, team. :) She is a quail vaccume machine
Submitted by: Victor Aranda on Jul 15, 2012
I Cant thank Randy enough for all of the harwork he has put into these dogs. I got my now 5 month old GSP back in may, Ruger was a pup from Rene X Pretty Boy litter and man he has energy. Randy prides himself as having dogs with a natural point as well as a love of water, and i can tell you with 100% confidence they will do just that.I had talked to 4 breeders before Randy, and not one of them knew as much about their own dogs as he did. So if you are looking for some great GSP's with amazing athletic ability, he's your guy.

Submitted by: Rick Roscoe on Jul 12, 2012
Randy and Kim are some of the nicest people that you could ever meet. They are passonate about what they do. They truly love all of the dogs and puppied they raise. My son Richard and I recently got three started dogs from Desert Point and we couldn't be more pleased with these dogs. The dogs we got are very well socialized and fit in nicely in our homes.

Richard's dog Jason is doing well and adapting to his new home nicely. He will be a fine hunting companion to my son for many years to come.

The two dogs I got Ranger and Pretty Boy are brothers. They are adapting nicely to their new home and are wonderful dogs. I wouldn't trade either one of them for anything. When I brought them into the house my wife immediately pointed to Pretty Boy and announced "that one is mine". She can have him but I am still going to hunt him. Both of these dogs are more than I could have hoped for.

If you are looking for a nice pup or started dog don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call Randy. You will get a top quality dog or pup from one of the best breeders around.

Rick Roscoe
Submitted by: Kelsey Norman on May 10, 2012
I would recommend Desert Point Kennel to anyone that asks! Randy and his wife are so nice! Probably the nicest people you will meet. Just from first talking to Randy on the phone I could tell how much he truly loves his dogs! I talked to a lot of breeders before Randy, but no one was as pleasant to talk to or as willing to work with me. I am getting a pup from Randy this weekend and I am so excited! Thank you Randy for being so helpful and setting me up with the perfect pup!
Submitted by: Cory Prescott on May 08, 2012
Randy is a great breeder who is passionate about his dogs. I have a puppy from his Female named Fancy. My puppy is very alert and is top notch. She is 12 weeks and ready to to start her training, if I can ever get her away from my kids.
Submitted by: Theresa Folino on May 08, 2012
I currently own three German Shorthaired Pointers from Desert Point Kennel. The dogs we have gotten from this breeder are absolute top quality dogs. The dogs bred here are sound of mind and body, versatile, and raised with true loving care. Breeder is extremely knowledgeable about the breed, and spends his entire life with the dogs and puppies. Puppies are hunted daily and trained at a very young age. They are well socialized and the breeder is a fanatic about only breeding his top, best quality dogs.

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