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Submitted by: Kady on Aug 26, 2011
I have really enjoyed working with Robin from day one. She makes it easy to find a perfect match of a puppy for your family. Copley dogs are raised in the family home and Robin stands by her breeding. I'm so happy to have found a wonderful breeder and an excelent dog. Thanks again to Robin for letting me have such a good boy.
Submitted by: Barb on Aug 23, 2011
I have co bred dogs with Robin for going on 7 years now. She goes the extra mile for her puppy buyers. Puppies from Copley Brittanys are well socialized, happy, healthy, and crate trained. Robin stands behind what she sells and is there for the buyer at all times. I am honored to have co bred with Robin and I own 3 Copley dogs myself.
Submitted by: Jennifer Youngs on Aug 12, 2011
I have a beautiful puppy named Apple that I purchased from Robin/Copley Brittanys for my six year old daughter. We wanted a special dog with great family history (breeding/temperment) and a dog that was loved and well socialized. Robin has made herself available to us for the many questions our family had and has helped shape our puppy's early training. Our family highly respects Robin and her deep knowledge of the breed and values her love of Brittany's. One thing our family found special is that our puppy had experiance with children early on...because we intended Apple to be a little girl's dog and our family pet this early introduction has prooved priceless. Robin was a pleasure to work with and we feel and know we have the best dog in the world.
Submitted by: Haley Glick on Aug 12, 2011
I have know Robin Tomasi for the past 10 years & co-owned and bred a number of dogs with her. I she is a pleasure to work with & have enjoyed alot of success in the show ring "throughout the generations". Her knowledge of Brittanys as well as her committment to the breed is noteworthy. I would encourage anyone who is looking for there next champion or next pet to go to Copley Brittanys & Robin Tomasi for an execptional show dog / wonderful pet!
Submitted by: Sylvia Grummitt on Aug 12, 2011
I purchased an American Brittany from Copley Brittanyís. Even though I have always had dogs in my life - I had never owned a Brittany. Robin made sure that I knew about the breed and that a Brittany would be suitable for my lifestyle. I was delighted to follow the litter growth online, as I was getting closer to going to pick up my new puppy. I chose Copley not only because her AKC registered dogs all have pedigrees that reflect great achievements, but she makes sure that the dogs she breeds are of perfect physical health, have great temperament and superb conformation; this is what I got and more. It is obvious that her breeding program is a labor of love. Her dogs are very well socialized, crate trained and well started on potty training. This was my first show and hunting dog and Robin was there to answer every question Iíve had. This dog has been by far the best dog Iíve ever owned. She shines in the ring, hunts with great spirit, and is the most loving friend Iíve ever had.
Submitted by: Alex on Feb 08, 2009
Copley Brittanys is commited to breeding excellent dogs and improving the breed. Her dogs are great show dogs, hunting dogs, as well as excellent pets. If you are getting a puppy from Copley Brittanys it will be potty-trained before it even comes home and you know it will be greatly taken care of.
Submitted by: Danielle Greanya on Feb 06, 2009
I have been very impressed with my dealings with Robin and Copley Brittanys. I am a fellow breeder in Canada and first met Robin a few years ago when I purchased a puppy from a friend of hers. She has always been willing to keep in touch with me over the years about my puppy, even though she was not the breeder on my first puppy and has offered advice along the way. I just recently purchased a dog from Robin and have found her to be very professional. She is great at sending weekly photos and updates of the puppies. I flew down to pick up my puppy and go to meet all her wonderful dogs. They are all beautiful dogs with great temperaments and conformation. They are all happy to curl up on your lap and cuddle and are all well cared for and in great shape. Robin's puppies were very well socialized, which I can say from my dealings with many different breeders over the years is very hard to find. They were all well cared for, introduced to the crate, and handled often by her children. I would highly recommend Copley Brittanys to anyone looking for a high quality and well socialized dog for the field, show ring, or for a great family pet.
Submitted by: David M Tunder DVM on Feb 06, 2009
We got our 9 1/2 week old Brittany puppy named Dixie from Copley Brittany's a little over a week ago. She is our fifth Brittany we have owned and the first from Copley Brittany's. She is the first puppy that was crate trained started at the breeders and it is amazing what a difference it makes in starting a puppy. Dixie was well socialized with other dogs and people as well. Our Britts are family members as well as hunting buddies. Dixie is well on her way in training and already knows sit,stay,come, and heel. Dixie is also in great health and I would highly recommend Copley Brittany's as a reliable breeder of both hunting dogs and family members. Robin of Copley Brittany's is obviously a very reliable breeder and absolutely loves her dogs as family members.
Submitted by: Todd on May 30, 2007
She is commited to breeding top quality Brittanys. I have one of her pups that is working through conformation smoothly and has shown wonderful potential in his first year hunting.

When she moved away she put me in touch with handlers to show my dog and even motivated me into trying a field trial.
Submitted by: Cathy Overette on May 19, 2007
I would like to Thank Robin for her advice and her willingness to help a person learn and to be better for the brittany breed. Robin is one of the few people on this breeders list that I also would highly reccomend.

Submitted by: Arlette Hennessey on May 14, 2007
Though I do not personally own one of the Copley brittany's. I have had the pleasure of working with thier dogs in field training and watching them in the ring ...Beautiful..

They have proven themselves in the field and in the show with DC title under the can bet your going to get a quality bred brittany

I highly reccomend Copley Brittany's

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