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Submitted by: Tammy Brewer on Sep 18, 2013
Good morning!
I just wanted to share with you again how awesome our Scrap dog is!!! He is so naturally smart, I am continuously amazed. He sits and waits for us to throw the ball or stick, closely watches to see where it lands, and then searches until he finds the object. He'll stop and stick his nose in the air to sniff around and then he's off again in his search, just amazing to watch.
Our other dogs will run off in the woods barking at unseen intruders and Scrap notices them then goes back to whatever he was doing before. He is defiantly not a follower but a free thinker.
One of his best qualities is he just likes to be with us. Whatever room, whatever spot, he is at our feet, sitting quietly and calmly waiting for the next move. We take him everywhere because he is so well-behaved.
We do work with him to teach him to be a pleasant companion, but most of these things come naturally to Scrap. He is just so dang intelligent!!
Thank you thank you thank you for sharing him with us!
Submitted by: Caren Sullivan on Mar 29, 2011
Training - I just wanted to update on Stella's progress. She is doing so well. She "heels" all the time with or without the lease. She still does the "stay". She has come so far and we just wanted to thank you so much for all your love and patience with her. She has been totally transformed since she spent time with you at the puppy school. Our youngest son was visiting and he couldn't believe how well she behaves now. He also couldn't stop saying how beautiful she is. And I must say she is a beautiful lab pup.
So I guess we both, Mike and I, just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for making such a difference in her life. She is a wonderful dog and we just love her so much!
Thanks again,

Submitted by: Courtney on Mar 08, 2010
We took Buddy to our vet yesterday,and they RAVED about what a beautiful pup he is.Great eyes, ears, heart, joints, etc.They were also very complimentary of his bite/teeth.Our little butterball weighted 9 ½ pounds. Hell go back on 3/16 for round two of the shots.He is doing great, and we are so in love! He is a snuggle puppy, but definitely getting comfortable and frisky in his new home. House training is going well. Hes had some accidents, which isnt surprising, but he definitely knows to go outside.
Our kitty Max and Buddy have become fast friends. They romp and wrestle its quite unbelievable.They drink water together.They are good playmates.Jack Carter is so in love.He took Buddy to school first think Monday morning and Buddy joined circle time.He is so proud.
Submitted by: Russ Stalvey on Aug 03, 2009
Isla has all of her shots now and weighs in at 38.5 pounds. Very healthy girl. We love her to death. Going to be very birdy. Has already brought me dove feathers she finds and watches all birds in flight like a hawk. Going to be a good girl! Thanks, Russ Stalvey
Submitted by: Laura Singletary on Jul 26, 2009
We love our Penny!! You raise the BEST dogs!!!!Thank you so much for her, Laura
Submitted by: Allison Neal on Jul 21, 2009
Riley is such a joy and love and a very smart girl!! She truly loves everyone!! I have gotten so many wonderful compliments from strangers and the vet staff about how beautiful and sweet she is!! Her vet appointments have all been going well! We went this morning actually and she is doing excellent as Dr. Buckley says!! She now weigh 26lbs and is getting bigger every week! We both enjoy our daily walk/runs and playing in the water! She loves the water and retrieving. I can't wait to see the new additions from Skeet and JD when they arrive!! I have given a couple people your website as they are interested in a lab puppy and I told them that you are the best! Allison
Submitted by: The Chathan's on Jul 12, 2009
Well Sydney officially LOVES the water! LOL! We were working with her a little today and I thought I would share with you. Her retrieving skills are amazing!! :D
Submitted by: The Lee's on Jul 11, 2009
Everytime I look at the website I think about how grateful I am that I found you and your wonderful dogs. All of your dogs are so beautiful and handsome.Of course, I do think that I have the prettiest and smartest one of all. It's hard to believe that Sunny is almost one year old now.It seems like yesterday that I brought her home.I can't say enough good things about her or her temperament.She loves all people and children especially.I hope that in about a year from now she will love a new sister.I am trying to wait until she is about two years old before I get another one, so be sure that I will call on you for a puppy next fall or winter.I know that Sunny is an exceptional dog and her talents should not be wasted. I also think that one day she will make a great therapy dog.Thanks again for being such a great breeder and lover of the best dog breed in the world, Labs. They truly are the greatest dogs on the planet. The Lee's
Submitted by: Tempels on Jul 11, 2009
Our vet was very impressed with all the things I told her about you as a breeder. She said we
picked a good one I told her we knew that!! One more thing to brag about Molly has been potty trained since we brought her home. So again the vet was impressed and we think we have a very smart girl. She is like a sponge - watching and responding to everything. It was great meeting you. Thank you.
Submitted by: Desiree Wright on Jun 29, 2009
We are already talking about getting another lab once we have him trained. You can count on having us back again for another one later. Were very impressed with your style of breeding and quality. You can definitely tell that you really care for these dogs and we really appreciate you for our little boy!

Submitted by: Jo on May 13, 2009
Thank you so much for helping us in picking out our puppy today. I'm already in love with Emma,and cant wait to bring her home.
You have a wonderful place out there, and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a lab.
Take care. Jo
Submitted by: Jessica and Jordan on Apr 13, 2009
After seeing Cedar Creek's webpage me and my husband were interested in getting our next puppy from this kennel. I sent Donna an email and got my reply back very quickly and she invited us out to her place to meet her dogs. When we got there all the dogs looked happy and healthy and all had their manners. My favorite was Tugboat. Not only were we surprised with Tugboats looks but when he was let out of his pen for us to greet he was very happy but very well behaved. He never jumped and was very respectful. My husband squatted down with our 6.5 month old son and Tug sat for my husband to pet him and then laid down to sniff and lick my son's hand. He didnt even get in his face, even though we could see that he wanted to! All in all Im very happy with the dogs and with Donna's friendly nature. She is very knowledgeable with the Labradoar Retriever breed and is very personable. And I cant wait to get my new pup home! If we get another Lab it will be from Cedar Creek! Jessica and Jordan
Submitted by: Kathy on Mar 31, 2009
We purchased our yellow male from Cedar Creek Retrievers, and at only 7 weeks old, he was crate trained and alerting us when he had to go outside. The attention and care they put into their puppies is very obvious. Sam was swimming in the lake the day we brought him home. He is a huge part of our lives and I am 100% confident we made the right choice in breeders. I recommend Cedar Creek Retrievers to everyone!
Thanks Donna,
Submitted by: Elizabeth on Mar 27, 2009
After carfully researching several breeders, we visited Cedar Creek Retrievers. Their facility is Top Notch. When we arrived, the door opened and 3 very well mannered labs came out to greet us. After staying for about 2 hours playing with their dogs and walking around their farm, we knew this was the breeder for us. We had a great experience and our pup, Addi, took to our autistic daughter from day one. Now she never leaves her side and sleeps with her every night. We returned to their home 2 years later and purchased my husbands hunting partner, Bo. This pup has been retrieving doves from the age of 8 weeks. Now at 1 year of age he is a permanent fixture on my husbands duck boat. I would recommend Cedar Creek Retrievers to anyone looking for a great, well rounded Lab.
Thanks Donna and Rick for these 2 great additions!! Liz and Steve

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