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Gun Dog Breeder Reviews for Blue River Kennel

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Submitted by: Taylor on Nov 06, 2013
I grew up hunting with Springer Spaniels with my Father. When my Wife and I decided we needed our own hunting pup, we started the search. From many shining references, we found Ken Hanson. Ken is a consummate professional and subject matter expert when it comes to breeding, training, and caring for English Springer Spaniels. We reserved a spring pup in 2010 from a litter of Odie and Lady. We started our training early and often and Ken showed us the way with lots of training guidance. Because of this work, our pup has become one of the best hunting dogs I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His nose is top notch, his hunting drive is insatiable, his temperment is outstanding, and he's a great friend. If you're looking for a Springer Spaniel for hunting, there is no place better than Blue River Kennels in Minnesota.
Submitted by: Paul Handberg on Aug 12, 2013
We received our pup Timberland from Kenny in June. He is from the Odie / Loren Litter this spring. He has taken well to house living and has made fast friends with our Sheltie Mollee. Took him to GameFair 2013 and I must have had 7 or 8 strangers stop me to ask my breeder’s name and remark on how handsome he is. Timber trained easily on the basics. As I am a first time bird dog owner I am looking forward to some advanced bird training as Timber is very eager to please. Kenny has been extremely helpful answering questions from a novice and offers to help all the time.
Submitted by: Rob Geary on Nov 14, 2011
Bought a pup from Blue River. Great dog. He's smart, obedient and eager to please. The pup couldn't be any better with our small children and their friends. He is progressing nicely in his bird training and we don't go anywhere that someone doesn't comment on how nice looking the dog is. Perfect temperment. Thanks Kenny.
Submitted by: Rick Lindgren on Nov 14, 2011
Gauge is from the Indy & Dulce litter this past May (2011). He's a fantastic house pet and progressing well in his hunting training. We are so pleased with what a great fit he is for our family; cuddly when you want him to be and showing signs of excellent pheasant hunting skills. He's adapted well to our older Springer too and is learning some hunting techniques from her.
Submitted by: mike morgen on Oct 30, 2011
We have a male pup out of river and odie this may I'm soo thankful what a great pup bentie is very easy to train smart little boy everything come natural to him quarters nice for a pup and what drive he has.he is fun to work with I can't wait for next year to see him work some fields.I will definitely be getting another pup from Ken thank you for a great pup.
Submitted by: Sarah and Justin Rule on Oct 30, 2011
I am extremely satisfied with Ken Hanson's Blue River Kennels. Obie Wan Kenobe is a beautiful, gifted puppy out of Lady and Odie's 2011 litter. He is finding, flushing and retrieving naturally at 8 months of age grouse, pheasant, mourning doves; graduated 1st in his puppy obediance class; housebroken by 3 months of age. Such a smart puppy! Ken is very good to work with, assisting us in finding the perfect dog for our family. the Rule family is now complete with a Blue River dog.
Submitted by: Bob McKellar on Oct 12, 2010
After a lot of searching, phone calls, and study I bought a Springer pup from Ken this year. Ken was most forthright and helpful in all aspects of the whole transaction.

The best part was the quality of the pup I received. Smart? you wouldn't believe it! Easy to train, great nose, and a ton of drive, yet polite and easy in the house. This pup is picking up things faster than I can teach him.
Submitted by: Don Fiebiger on Oct 09, 2010
We received our springer pup(Easton) from Blue River Kennel in May of 09. Ken has most supportive and knowledgeable in the traning of Easton. Easton is a very good family dog and a great hunting dog (flusher.) Proof is that, this years opening day of pheaseant , we had our limit. Because of Easton. Having my son and a good hunting dog in the field with me is pricless.
Don Fiebiger
Submitted by: Denise Schweers on Feb 03, 2010
My Dad & I bought a Springer from Loren Lein some 13 years ago. I am sorry to say that I just had to put our Springer down on January 16th of this year, he gave us a great 13 years and 7 month run. I am very happy to see that the Blue River Kennel is still going strong and when I am ready for another I will certainly give them a call. Thanks for the great memories, he was a great dog.
Submitted by: Dan Nesbit on Oct 10, 2009
Having owned a blue river springer and spent many years hunting behind this line i would advise anyone who is a decated pheasant hunter to look into there blood lines. These dogs are for the serious hunter who is ready to put birds in the freezer.
Submitted by: John on Feb 20, 2009
I bought a dog from kenny last spring and he is a great Dog with great instincts, also one of the best looking springers I have ever seen.

Kenny is a great with helping training the dogs also. Keep up the great work!!!
Submitted by: LOREN B. LEIN on Feb 18, 2009
Ken Hanson took over the ownership of my Blue River blood line of English Springer Spaniels some year ago and has added some new blood lines to it .I raised and sold pups for over 40 years. During the 40 years my springers have competed in gun trails and all types of hunting upland and water hunting trials. They also have done very well in agility competion. Have won very high honors. Start and keep breeding with the best and the future will take care of the rest. I know that this is what Ken is doing now.

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