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Submitted by: richard spilker on Sep 06, 2010
Yesterday I took Red, my Awreygold pup, to a shooting preserve. At home he had retrieved pigeons and frozen ducks but this was his first preserve experience. We put out 5 roosters in a weedy ditch and marked their location with flaging tape. The pup found all five. I let the first 2 fly off just to give him the idea. I shot the next 2 and he caught the 5th on the ground. He retrieved the last 3 to hand with a little encouragement. He has a ver good nose, a confident personality and tries to please. He did as well as any pup I've started and in the past 40 years I have had over 15 bird dogs, all from quality kennels.
Submitted by: richard spilker on Sep 02, 2010
The Walkers are honest and devoted to their dogs. I looked long and hard before I found a litter I liked. I chose AwreyGold Kennels as it is fairly close to my home in Canada and that gave me the opportunity to meet the breeders and see the pups. I also wanted a pup sired by a particular stud dog who is only available by A.I. breedings as he died a few years ago. I am a birdhunter and therefore wanted a pup from strong field lines with little or no show blood.

The Walkers do an excellent job of socializing their puppies and my pup, Red, is a happy, confident, handsome fellow. He retrieves well from land and water and is easy to train.
Submitted by: Brent Howard on Aug 26, 2010
We have had the wonderful experience of purchasing, training and loving one of Kent and Debbie’s retrievers. Our dog “Grady” had every characteristic we wanted in a retriever – he was a fast learner, loved to hunt, was well mannered and he loved children. It was a true pleasure to work with Kent and Debbie throughout the puppy adoption stage and beyond. Kent and Debbie create a highly caring and nurturing environment for their puppies. We were astonished by the passion they have for their dogs and the Golden Retriever breed. If you have any questions about their dogs or their breeding practices give them a call - they are very kind, honest and knowledgeable people. I’m happy to provide additional information about Kent and Debbie and our experiences with them as well.
Submitted by: Jerry and Suzi on Aug 16, 2010
We recently purchased a beautiful puppy from the Walkers. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Debbie kept us up-to-date on the puppies progress and sent many pictures. They were even kind enough to invite us to their home to meet the "family". Watching Annie and Duke work just reinforced how dedicated they are to doing everything right. Bogey has settled in. He is extremely birdie, swims well and is eager to retireve. We know we made the right choice when we went with an Awrey Gold puppy.
Submitted by: Valerie Camilli on Dec 22, 2009
I've known Kent all my life. He is my brother and Debbie has been like my own sister. They are amazing when it comes to their golden retrievers. Their dogs are truly "poetry in motion" to watch as they train. I had the pleasure to watch them a few months ago as Kent put them through a training exercise for me. It brought tears to my eyes to see how precise their dogs are. Kent dedicates himself to his dogs 110% and it shows. You can see the love and dedication Kent and Debbie give all their goldens and their dogs give that love and dedication back to them. I really fell in love with all of them on my visit because to meet them up close and personal was a wonderful, eye opening experience I will never forget. Any puppies Kent and Debbie's dogs have will only be the best a breeder could want.
Submitted by: Randy Albright on Dec 21, 2009
I have the pleasure of working with Kent. He is a true Golden Retriever expert whose caring and concern for the welfare of the breed and it's future is foremost on his mind. I have watched the professionalism he displays at training and competative events and it is no wonder he is in demand. He and Debbie are truly devoted to their Goldens. Their congeniality and enthusiasm is infectious and their love of the breed is unsurpassed.
Submitted by: Danny on Dec 21, 2009
I have known Kent for over two years and during this time he has proven over and over to be the consummate professional in all of our dealings.

One of the many things I like about about Kent is this: He is honest. And that becomes clear when talking to him because he is a straight talker.

If you don't really want to know the answer then it may be best not to ask the question.

He is true to his word.

Submitted by: Chuck Stewart on Dec 20, 2009
I know Kent Walker to be a strong Christian who is dedicated to raising and training hunting dogs that will not only perform with the best, but provide loving companionship.
Submitted by: Brian Welch on Dec 19, 2009
I have had the pleasure of knowing Kent & Debbie Walker and their dogs for about 5 years now. They are high quality dog people and their Golden Retrievers reflect highly upon the integrity of the owners. While I have not hunted with “Annie” (SR Awrey's Lil' Miss Sure Shot JH, WC) in the field, I have watched her display her skills at several AKC Hunt/NAHRA Field Tests and was there when Debbie & Annie earned their SR title. In my view, Annie is a wonderful field and personal companion as well as being a well conformed and good mannered dog, and I believe that her pups should be an excellent testament to Kent & Debbie’s commitment to improving the Golden Retriever breed. If I were in the market for a hunting line Golden right now, I would seriously consider a pup from this upcoming litter.
Submitted by: B arbara Gordon on Dec 19, 2009
I first met Kent at an obedience trial and got to know him and Debbie Walker as very involved dog folk. Whenever there is something that needs to be done they are there. They are also very conscious of what they want to see in the future of the Golden retriever and are shaping their breeding program around workability, good health, and versatility.
Submitted by: greg mccowan on Dec 18, 2009
I first meet the walkers over 5 years ago at a Nahra hunt test. We have both had our dogs in nahra and akc hunt test. I would highly recommened anyone looking for a pup to consider them. They are very much into improving the golden line.

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