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Keegan, 5 weeks old
Steele, 5 weeks old
Liam, 5 weeks old
Olaf, 5 weeks old
Bones found the water sprinkler last night followed by a stray frog that he decided to try and catch. Funny to watch a springer that's springing trying to catch a frog that's hopping. He would have had him had someone not interfered.
Bones, what can you say about bones that doesn't apply to the other puppies. Not sure which but either Bones or Oreo were the first to escape the whelping box at three weeks of age.
We have more pictures of Jack and if you want we can do a short video clip on my phone and e-mail it to you.
Jack is probably the quietest of the bunch but don't let that fool you. He may be the most attentive as well. He is a smart guy that is happy to get outside and run and play until he finds something to hunt. When it comes to play time he will rough house with the other puppies and hold his own
Oreo keeps his nose to the ground. He is very happy romping around the yard with us or will his brothers..... just a joy!  loves affection, as all springers do.  He would love to be your best friend in the house as well as in the field!
Oreo is our only black and white in this litter, so of course....we had to call him Oreo! if you are looking for and adorable B & W male pup, you found one! He is sweet, smart, active, and observant
Paws has great markings, and little wavy ears! As you can see, he is inquisitive, with a great nose!
Paws, well he got his name because his collar is purple with little white paws on it, and as it turns out, all 4 of his paws are pure white!  He is just adorable, his face will melt your heart!
He has good markings, notice the white tip on his tail, it just might make it easier to see him in the field! Like all Springers, he loves to cuddle and will be the first in line for belly rubs, at least he thinks he is first!
My son calls this little guy Zeus, He says he is the god of all Springers!  He is quick footed, smart , affectionate-he loves to snuggle and get his lovin'
Dozer hupping on command.
Dozer retrieving a large dummy.
Mello is inquisitive, lively, and fun. He is smart, and as all Springers love to play in the water! He loves to be layed back in your arms for his belly rubs, he loves to wrap his paws around you fingers!
We call him Mello but he is far from it. He likes exploring and playing with his brothers. He also likes being outside  as well as being inside with us.
Camo (sire)
Olaf, male, 4 weeks old
Liam, male, 4 weeks old
Steele, male, 4 weeks old
RESULTS: 577 to 369 of 369
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