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At this point I have four confirmed sales. Two males(one chocolate) and two females(both orange). Once puppies have grown to the stage where they are showing interest in a wing on a string I will post video. Probably a few weeks out yet. Earliest pups can leave is July 23. This is an exceptional breeding, Crush was ranked #9 Amatuer Shooting Dog in Canada for 2013 and Stallion was the Joe Hurdle Top Points Dog for 2013 in the USA. There is no doubt in my mind that these will be exceptional birddogs with this top ten breeding.You should really get onboard and get yourself a new best friend. If your concerned about the cost I'll put it in perspective for you. Crush cost me 800+shipping+duties=$1200 six years ago. Quality breedings and the resulting performance cost more but they are worth it in the long run. The initial puppy cost is the cheapest part of raising a dog.


Ad location: Oliver, British Columbia
Ad created: Jul 02, 2014

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