3 Started Females - German Shorthaired Pointers in Concordia, Kansas - Ringneck Kennels


Halie, Lucy, and Joker are three of our started gun dogs that can be finished up in the field. 

Halie - She a 2.5 year old, close range gun dog.  She has a long range nose, often scenting birds from 30 yards.  Her retrieve is as natural as they come, mostly delivering to hand.


Lucy is a 1.5 year old quick, snappy dog.  She is a medium range dog that checks in frequently.  She has a natural retrieve and will do so all day long.


Joker is 10 months old.  She has a liver head with a white patch following both sides of her jawline, she has a smile all day, everyday!  She has just began her training but is very promising.  Her bird drive is tremendous and she does not lack in the retrieve.  She will finish out to be a very nice gun dog.


All three females can be purchased and taken home to finish, or left with Ringneck Kennels to do so for you!

Ad location: Concordia, Kansas
Ad created: Sep 26, 2013

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