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This puppy is from a REPEAT breeding that produced outstanding hunting and working dogs the first time. She is all that you could ask for in a future companion/hunter. Among her litter mates she is the largest and most dominant female. She even challenges the larger males at playtime. When playtime moves outdoors she is usually the most energetic and inquisitive of the group.//The only reason she is still available is that we are insisting on a placement with a work plan for her. This puppy is not a good choice for someone looking for a laid back pet. This is a true high drive, high energy working Lab and needs a home where she will have a job. This puppy has the drive and intelligence to learn whatever task you want to give her. She has already been micro chipped and had her dew claws removed. She will come with all current puppy shots, a health certificate and a 30 month guarantee. Basic AKC registration is included if you agree to use "Three Cedars" in her registered name. She is well socialized, has been exposed to water and has already handled live birds.//Comparing her growth curve to females from the first breeding indicates she will finish around 70 pounds with a very tall, lean athletic frame. She should be a very light yellow color with black margins around her eyes and mouth and a black nose.//We selected this sire and dam because we want to bring together two incredibly strong performers with very different personalities. We could not be happier with the puppies from the first breeding. We got the size we wanted in the first litter with the males ranging from 84 to 96 pounds and the females from 52 to 72 at 12 months. We got the drive and intelligence we wanted with many of the puppies already exhibiting superior skills. We got the personality we wanted with all of Mas' drive coupled with Babe's control and manners. I sometimes wish I could just keep everyone of them.//This pairing has already produced dogs that are truly versatile companion/hunters or working dogs. Three of the puppies from the first breeding have already completed their NAHRA Started Retriever Titles and need only one more pass for their NAHRA Hunter Titles. Two of the puppies from the first breeding joined our guide service and were finding, flushing and retrieving pheasants and chukars for clients at 6 months old. One puppy, Socks, is at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center where she has been slated to become an explosives detection dog. (You can learn much more about Socks training on the PennVetWDC Facebook page.) Another puppy, a larger male, is in training as a personal protection dog. Each of the previous litter puppies has a page on our website where you can see more details about their appearance, lives and training.///Sire: MHR WR HR SR JACK'S UNO MAS CRYMAIZE BY WETLANDS (SR52942304) Mas is a tall 85 pound mass of lean muscle. His pedigree shows a very strong field trial background and his drive, stamina and intensity certainly live up to his pedigree. He is the ultimate "guys hunting dog". He is relentless in the field and boasts a 100% retrieve rate. He is primarily an Upland hunter and typically is responsible for my clients and me killing well over 500 birds each year. We start with September PA doves, work right on thru Grouse and Woodcock on the Michigan UP and finish back in PA for more grouse and numerous Pheasant, Chukar and Quail hunts where we work as guides. We also kill the occasional crow, pigeon or ground hog that Mas LOVES to retrieve. OFFA HIPS = EXCELLENT (LR-191355E28M-VPI) OFFA ELBOWS = NORMAL (LR-EL54531M42-VPI) CERF = NORMAL (LR-359912 (11) CNM = CLEAR EIC = CARRIER.///Dam: HR SR THREE CEDARS BABE IN THE WOODS (SR62534509) Babe is a 62 pound very light yellow pointing Lab. She is the consummate lady when at home and the hardest working dog you will ever encounter in the field. We call her a "situational pointer". When the birds co-operate she locks up like the best pointing breeds but with running birds she falls back on her considerable flushing skills. Babe works with me on our guide service too and hunts and retrieves anything we ask of her. She is typically responsible for an additional 500+ birds each year. Babe is a little behind on NAHRA titles due to the timing of her heat cycles and two pregnancies. She did successfully complete the first two passes towards her NAHRA Working Retriever title this spring before she got too far along in her pregnancy. Babe's pedigree shows a strong history of Field Test and Hunt Test dogs. And like Mas, she is true to her heritage. OFFA HIPS = EXCELLENT (LR-200526E29F-VPI) OFFA ELBOWS = NORMAL (LR-EL56702F29-VPI) CERF = NORMAL (LR-359913) CNM = CLEAR EIC = CLEAR.//Copies of Mas and Babe health certificates and their pedigree cans be found on our website at http://3cedarsretrievers.com Price for this female puppy is $1500. Details of our application and guarantee can be found on our website http://3cedarsretrievers.com or contact us at 3cedarsretrievers@gmail.com
Ad location: New Florence, Pennsylvania
Ad created: Jul 31, 2013

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