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Field Bred Tri-colored Gordon Setters Puppies. Whelped 7/11/13.   All black and tans are sold out of this litter, the tri-colors have the same breeding, just different coloring.  These puppies are field Gordon Setters that will be bird finding machines with proper training. The pups will be well socialized and will be up to date with their health care. These pups will make an excellent companion in the field as well as in the house.  $400.00 for the tri-colors include microchip and 6 and 8 week shots and vet checks.  Note:  These puppies cannot be AKC registered, but if you are not going to breed or trial the dog, the nonregistration won't matter.  Unfortunately you cannot test for the white gene that comes out when breeding two dogs.  We are not promoting the breeding of tri-colored gordon setters, but we also do not want to destroy a puppy just because it is not the "right" color.  These puppies still have the same instincts and hunting capability of their black and tan brothers and sisters.  Please call for more information. 
Dam:  Kournates Grand Princess Isabella (Izzy) Sire:  Kournates Into the Future (Sully)
Ad location: Reedsville, Wisconsin
Ad created: Jul 10, 2013

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