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We've got some super-nice puppies coming around May 20th! Our girl Emma, jet-black compact ball of retrieving energy, has been paired with Titan, a solid black well-muscled boy from a long line of field champions. When I say 'champion' I mean national and international!! Just go to google and type in 'Craighorn Bracken' - you'll find the 2001 British Retriever champion. That's his grampa. Or type in 'Myreton Diablo of Glenloch' - you'll find the 2004 and 2006 Irish Retriever champion. That's his grampa too. He's got 10 major title holders in just 3 generations!! He's got several that hold dual titles in both countries! This kind of quality shows in both dogs loud and clear. Come to our website and take a look.
Ad location: Oak Hill, Ohio
Ad created: May 03, 2013

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