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Roxy is an 11 month old started yellow lab. She has been house trained, which means she does not climb on furniture, she does not eat any human food, she only goes potty outside, and she rarely barks. Roxy understands all basic commands (ie, sit, stay, down, heal, here). She has mostly been an inside dog, but also does well in an outside kennel. We have 5 kids and she has been an ideal family dog. She is very mellow with the kids and has never shown aggression. Roxy is a very smart dog and has been easy to train. We wanted to use her as our next hunting dog but she has not shown as strong of an interest in birds as we would like to see. She is doing well in all other aspects of "hunting" training but does not like live birds. She will chase and play with the birds but will not pick it up. She is not gun shy. She does retrieve bumpers okay.
Ad location: Richfield, Utah
Ad created: Mar 04, 2013

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