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2xNC 3xGMPR HRCH Reno's Black Ice MH  x  GMPR Calvins Point Roughrider MH QAA

6 puppies sold only taking 2 more deposits

Two of the most intlligent pointing labs in the country are finally going to have pups together.  Both parents have perfect health clearances, great noses, superior intelligence, and unmatched accomplishments.

This premier breeding may be the last litter for Black Ice Retriever's foundational bitch in Reno's Black Ice.  This is Ice's 4th litter and at age 7 may very well be her last.

Ice's offspring have turned heads across the country with dozens of AKC/HRC/ & APLA hunt test titles, mutiple shoot to retrieve wins and no less than 3 dogs competing in Field Trials. Every single pup of Ice's from two different sires across3 litters have all pointed before 7 weeks of age without exception.

No kennel can guarentee that your lab puppy will point but these will be perahps your best odds ever because of these parents ability to throw point in their offspring.

If you demand a lot from your hunting companion and are looking for that once in a life time, off the charts smart pointing lab, then look no further.  6 dogs from this have already been sold.  The litter will be born around 6/1/12. Only 2 more deposits will be taken.  This may be YOUR last shot at ever owning a pup from this one in a million pointing lab.

  Serious inquiries only.

At Black Ice Retrievers we are working towards producing a multiple purpose Lab, that even the toughest critics around can be proud to own, and do.  Our pointing labs point naturally at very yound ages or we don't promote them as such.

We are the ONLY pointing program in the country with multiple National Championships.

 58% of our puppies have been placed in homes of pro trainers, kennel owners or professional tournament hunters. Our dogs are competting in venues all over the country week in and week out. Running in AKC Field Trials, AKC/HRC Hunt Test, and in various shoot to retrieve series such as the BDC, NUCS, UFTA, PHU, etc.  Our dogs have won 5 National Championship titles, and collectively have made over a dozen appearneaces in the World Championships with multiple top 5 placements.

As they old saying goes, "We must be doing someting right" for various kennels, & pro trainers to own, train & compete with our offspring.

 We are still a very small operation but our record, our attention to detail, and our tireless research to find the most intelligent, healthy blood liness in the country are starting to gain national recognition. Our puppies have been placed in homes of all types.  From the casual upland hunter who desires that family pet for their small children,to the most demanding Field Trial trainers / Hunt Test trainers in the country, there are Black Ice retrievers exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding people around, even me.

The most common thing we hear on the phone from people all over the country is; "I don't want some high-strung lab that can't live in the house with us." We pride ourselves in superior intelligence which translates to ease of training.  A dog that is easily trained, matures quickly and thus is more responsisve to learning and lives to please it's owners. All our dogs live in doors with us for they are indeed part of of family.

We are refining a line of labs that have superior noses, second to none bird drive with superior intelligence yet with that great on / off switich so your dream dog can live in your home and can be with your small children. 

Our early success in both Field Trails & Hunt Test across the AKC, HRC & APLA speaks volumes about the intellegince of our dogs & our program. Take for example Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter who is the youngest dog in history by more than a year, to earn his QAA, Grand Master Pointing Retriever & AKC Master Hunt titles. 

 Another great example below is our 2xNC 3xGMPR HRCH Reno's Black Ice MH, which also won back to back National Championships in the NUCS and NBDCA at just 11 months of age. Not only has Ice proven to pass her intelligence on to her pups but she has proven across 3 litters and two different studs that she can pass her natural pointing abilities to all her offspring.  Every pup of hers has "naturally" pointed before 7 weeks of age without exception.

Ice has so much point in her she has naturally backed every pointer she has hunted with. Now how many pointing labs have you seen naturally back other pointers of any size, color or breed? 

Ice will also circle in front of a running bird and point it blocking it from escape with the wind coming from behind her.  No one can train a pointer to do that.  It comes from great pointing instincts that only the best pointers around can do naturally.

 We are expecting a litter of pups on or around June 1, 2012. This will be Ice's 4th and perhpas last litter. See our web site for details as Ice has will be breed to Tiger Mountain's GMPR Calvins Point Roughrider MH QAA who also has Open All Age points. Teddy is the real deal.

We have waited along ttime for this pairing and these pups should prove to be some of her best. Again, as of 5/25/12 six pups have been sold and two more deposits will be taken. This litter is due on 6/1/12.

SO, if you want a true bragging rights pointing lab, if you deserve one the best pointing lab puppies in the country, then look no further.

Ad location: McHenry, Illinois
Ad created: Mar 25, 2012

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