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About SkyRiver Goldens: Quality Field Bred Goldens

SkyRiver Goldens

Quality Field Bred Golden Retrievers

Located in Central Washington



SIRE: Wildfire Dash 'OTabasco MH**

We are a retriever training kennel dedicated to producing a small number of healthy field-bred Golden Retriever litters a year. We only breed Goldens that have strong retrieving drive, trainability, intelligence, good health, and good temperaments. Every dog we own or breed is one that we enjoy training, hunting, and competing.

Goldens do best in a family environment, and our dogs do have an off-switch, making them good family companions. Whether you want an upland hunter, a waterfowl hunter, or a Hunt Test dog, we can find you the right litter.

Please contact us or visit our website for more information about our quality Golden Retriever puppies, or for our gun dog retriever training programs.

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Tiffany Taylor / Choral Greer
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 5 years.
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Submitted by: Jennifer T on Aug 17, 2012
I bought Loki (the green collared puppy) from you guys last January. I thought I'd send an update on how amazing he is.
Loki is soon to be 9 months old and is so full of personality and energy; I honestly think that he's a genius! He's a real goofball and loves to play fetch and to swim. I always take him everywhere with me and overall he is such a great companion. He loves everyone of all ages, including dogs as well. He recently just graduated with flying colors in his Adult Level 2 class and he has made me a very proud owner! He is also an amazing couch potato when needed and loves cuddling up next to me. He has recently gotten neutered and has had a very speedy recovery. Overall, I am completely in love with my SkyRiver Golden and cannot wait for more adventures with him to come!
Submitted by: M. Stewart on Jun 22, 2012
Ginger is doing very well! She adapted to our home within hours of her arrival and is a exceptionally confident dog. She understands “sit”, “no” and” leave it”, very well. She is still working on “come” and “stay”. We are just keeping all training positive and fun at this point. We were thinking of bringing her over around the first week of May for some more serious puppy training. We'll be in touch! THANKS

Submitted by: I. Cooper on Jun 21, 2012
Thanks a million; we are eternally grateful for such a high caliber companion!!
Submitted by: Cathy P on Jun 21, 2012
Riley is a joy! She is so sweet, willing to please and smart! Loves her daily walk, runs besides my bike and along the beach when I kayak. She enjoys running through the tall grasses to flush out birds! I hoped to get her started in agility, but I had back surgery in february and changed jobs. I have my last Physical Therapy today, getting settled into my new job. Then, I hope to start Riley in agility classes in the fall with Paws-Abilities in Fife, WA - indoor. I have a funny video clip of her chasing a couple of barn swallows that fly low to the ground. As soon as I figure how to get the clip off my phone and on the computer, I'll send it to you.
Submitted by: Mark W on Jun 21, 2012
Ali is an absolutely gorgeous dog and is crazy about people. She sleeps on a queen bed at night with an open window and sill so she can keep track of the goings-on outside.
Submitted by: S. Brunn on Jun 07, 2012
Hello Tiffany and Choral,

Bliss is awesome. Being a busy mother and career woman, I’ve never found time to enjoy the wonders of hunting. My children's independence into adulthood and Bliss’ arrival has changed all that. Bliss and I are taking a Beginner Retriever Class and I am learning how to enjoy this fun sport (I know she has already passed her Jr. Hunt test but she is teaching me what she knows under the direction of the trainer, Bill Quinn). You did a great job with her and she is smart, talented and patient. She has a great disposition and Jake (Larry’s GSP) and she get along great.

I’m running with her after work and do obedience almost daily. Thank you so much for her; she is such a joy!

Thanks for all your hard work
Submitted by: Carol C on Jun 07, 2012
You should be proud of your breeding program............I took Rina to a training outfit in Stevi so that we can work on birds every week etc,. They really really liked her, and I must say, she was just doing what she does. She scored above average on her her initial evaluations, so I was pretty pleased with what we've done so far, and with her skills. She had alot of fun, we'll go back on Tuesday and start more things, but I hope it works out. Its fun to be able to brag about your dog a little bit. Keep up the good work.
Submitted by: J. Savage on Jun 06, 2012
Everyone who meets Steuben just loves him and asks where he came from. I always pass on the name Sky River Goldens.

The little man is doing quite well - He sees the Vet every month and weighed in at 24lbs at our last visit.

He is in puppy socialization & obedience classes 3X's a week - has two to three puppy play groups on top of that - swimming lessons once a week and gets to romp around on the agility stuff at the K9 Fun Zone - he is not jumping the steeples yet since he is not old enough for that. Don't tell him that though - He thinks he is a big boy now!
Submitted by: S. Hope on Jun 06, 2012
We had a wonderful holiday time up in the Cariboo (north central British Columbia) with family, friends and plenty of canines whose company Raine enjoyed immensely. She is socializing really well and learning from the older dogs - passive/assertive, doesn't back down from bigger dogs and gives as good as she gets!

She still sits all the time, to greet, eat and when her name is called. I would love to say it is our consistency that is showing how well she is mastering, but in all honesty - she just does it in spite of us!

I am not sure how it happened but while out in the yard she brought me a live chickadee in her mouth - was very proud then disappointed when I took it away from her and it flew away uninjured (I think it must of flown into a window, stunned itself and she picked it up) she lives up to her "gentle soft mouth" of her parents and genetic imprinting as she is absolutely fascinated with all birdlife.

Hope all is going well with the new litter, they must be ready to ship off soon to their new owners. It is amazing how quickly they grow and develop, Raine is 17 weeks, all legs and awkward, sleeping through the night and pretty much house trained. We need to get a new crate this week as she is hanging out the open door - but loves it.
Submitted by: S. Webster on Jun 06, 2012
I've been meaning to send you photos and updates of little Amelia and what fun we've been having. She has been a great catalyst to keeping us active and exactly what I needed, teaching me all kinds of new tricks.

Shes is funny little girl. a little over 7 mos and weighs 44 lbs....petite and looks a lot like fergie, though sometimes I get a glance of Stanley. Was she the runt of the liter?...she is a little girl. so cute.

I wondered if you use to sing to her, or play music? She loves it and of course gravitates towards women. She also gets excited when puppies are on tv, maybe remembering her brothers and sisters.

She loves the beach and with the off season she is able to run free, chasing after birds that run her up and down the shoreline.

Amelia graduated from two puppy classes early this year and was great fun for the trainers, "she can do anything". I'm amazed by how smart she is, she really can do anything. We took the spring off to have fun and we are going to try a beginner dock diving event in May. She is a natural in the water. Her old b&w buddy Sam taught her (gave her the courage) to swim out in the sound. Then it was hard to get her back inland.

She plays soccer with the tennis ball and sometimes uses a toy in her mouth as a third arm to play. She is very entertaining and likes to talk everynow and then.

We are having a great time and wanted to let you know she is very loved and social in the community, and a great beach buddy

Happy summer to you and we'll keep you updated.

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