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About River Rein Kennels
River Rein Kennels focuses on producing the best in multi-role dogs. Working dogs that excel in the field and in the home, and look good doing it. The German Shorthair Pointer is far and away the best breed to fill all of our needs in working and companion animals.
High demands and lavish praise are placed on these animals, and they perform accordingly.
  • Intelligence and Natural Abilities
  • Attitude and Train-ability
  • Athleticism and Breed Conformation
  • Passion and Drive
By selecting and breeding ALL of these traits in every crossing, we achieve the best that these blood lines have to offer, and ensure that the needs of both the professional dog handler and family hunter are more than satisfied.

With the goal of identifying and perpetuating these traits in our litters, we have opted to maintain fewer animals, and choose very selective pairings. While all of our bloodlines come from strong championship history, our training focus is on functionality, and we like to see our pups go to homes that match their potential.

Please write today to learn of our next available litter.

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Breeder Contact Info
Benjamin Reinhard
16816 Dubuque Rd
Snohomish, Washington 98290
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 13 years.
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Submitted by: Joan Johnson on Apr 24, 2017
Congrats on your new litter! Our 1 year old boy is getting SO big! Final bird tally for 2016:
10 release pheasants
8 wild pheasants
23 grouse
30 quail
and a chukar in a pear tree!
We can't thank you enough for breeding such an amazing pack member! We get so many compliments and inquiries as to where we found Hunter!
Submitted by: Jon Harwood on Dec 21, 2016
Ben and Alicia are great stewards of the GSP Breed and there dogs are proof of it!

Sara and I were extremely happy with the process of picking the right pup for us and Ben made it a very seamless transition.

Being that we are from So. Cal. He even accommodated FaceTime puppy interviews, lol, saving us a lot of money in travel.

Thank you Ben and Alicia!
Submitted by: Chrystal Schmalz on Dec 21, 2016
This is truly a high quality, skilled and loving place to find your best friend and new member of the family. I am totally impressed with River Rein Kennels. Chrystal Schmalz
Submitted by: Steve Calhoun on Feb 05, 2016
Hi Benjamin,

We did find a dog last spring and Brook rely enjoys her. She is all white with a couple spots and we call her Aimee. We had an epic hunting season, Brook excelled being the lead dog. With the passing of my two older dogs she came into her own and hunted like a champion. We went to South Dakota and shot 60 rooster over her and the new pup. In Washington I hunted 20 days and shot another 70 over the two dogs. Her last retrieve in the Palouse was spectacular. I winged a rooster over creek and Brook took off after it, she came across the scent and a half mile later she came back along a railroad bed with the bird in her mouth. I was very proud and I know that is what you want to hear as the breeder. We are talking about maybe getting a 3rd dog, but not sure if we want to go with one this soon. Definitely keep me in the loop. If I get one I would like a female. Are you planning on having them old enough to hunt this year?

Thanks for reaching out to me, I love Brook, she is a wonderful dog and excellent hunter!


***Borrowed from Steve's email. I love hearing his updates; and am always envious of the number of roosters he and his dogs see!***
Submitted by: Emily Cameron Ness on Feb 04, 2016
Hi Ben,

Thanks for your email. Sorry in our delay to get back to you since we just got back from Mexico (fun little January trip). Jamie and I decided that we are not going to get a puppy this year. We will probably think about another puppy in the future so please let us know if you have another litter.

I was walking Hank yesterday and someone commented on him and how he was looking for another GSP. I told him your name so he might contact you. He was a nice guy that hunted and said 'GSPs can out hunt labs everyday.' He has one GSP but is getting older and wants to get a puppy.

I do have to say that Hank is the best dog we have ever had. He is a good hunter of course but is also such a great dog to have around. All of our friends love him especially the kids. For being 70 lbs he really is gentle. Thanks for letting us have him!

I cannot wait to see pics of the new puppies! Hope all is well!

Submitted by: Maxwell Hunter on Feb 04, 2016
We have some close friends who have a girl who was attacked by a dog several years ago and was bitten badly. When they would first bring her around, she wouldn't step foot in our house because she was afraid of all dogs. Slowly, we introduced her to Buddy and he's always been as gentle as possible with her. Now they dogsit for us when we go on vacation. How's that for a sweet family dog!!
Submitted by: Steve Calhoun on Feb 04, 2016
Hi Ben,

Here is a picture of Brook retrieving a bird this fall in Eastern Washington. She had knee surgery last March and has made a full recovery. She hunted 24 days this year and 5 of them were in South Dakota. We shot a 122 pheasants over her and my other dogs. I also was wondering if you are planning on having any litters in the future. My dog that was almost 9 passed away a couple weeks ago. She was very similar to Brooks mother. I would really like to have another female that is mostly white. Hope your fall was full of days afield! I will look forward to your reply.

Steve Calhoun
Submitted by: Justin Graham on Feb 29, 2012
Hi Ben,

It has been almost a year since we met, and I am so bad about sending out this email. I have been wanting to update you on how Sooner is doing for a long time and just havenít gotten around to it. Let me say he is 1 awesome dog! He just amazes me more every day at how smart and social he is! I have included some pictures of him in 2 different emails here for you to see how good looking he is. We get so many compliments on him everywhere we go. I could go on and on about stories and memories over his first year of life, but I will spare you all the details. Letís just say he is a very well loved pet, friend, and kid to Tammy and I. I was able to hunt with him probably 10 times this fall and he was really doing well for his first year. But this last weekend, I took him on a trip to Treo Ranch in Heppner, OR. And WOW! What an amazing experience. He is pointing so well and he runs and runs and runs and runs! Tired me out. A light went on for him and I this past weekend and he locked up on probably 30 birds. I was so amazed when he actually started retrieving them and bringing the birds right to me by the end of the day. It was awesome.

I hope you and your family are doing well. Thank you for such a great dog. I hope his Mom and Dad and all his siblings are doing as well as he is.

Best Regards,
Submitted by: Patty & Ron Bostwick on Feb 06, 2012
We got our gsp "Molly" from River Rein Kennels 2010 litter. She has been a wonderful family dog and Ron has been exceptionally pleased with her first year of hunting. She has been right on every time out. We would ABSOLUTELY recommend Ben to anyone that is looking for a new pup..Thanks Ben The Bostwick Family
Submitted by: Steve Calhoun on Jan 11, 2012
Here are some pictures of Brook. We love her!!! (from Heidi) She points, retrieves and LOVES pheasant hunting. AND she especially loves sleeping on the Motel Six bed with Dad and the other dogs. She is so cute and sweet and smart. We are so overjoyed to have her. Thank you! Heidi and Steve Calhoun

P.S. We shot 84 Pheasants this year. She saw lots of action and picked it up very quick. This is a picture of one that she pointed and retrieved for me.

***Borrowed from an email from the Calhouns. They have a very nice female from our 2011 Artemis X Vig litter.***
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