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Jager Traumen Kennels - Washington German Shorthaired Pointer Breeders

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About Jager Traumen Kennels
Having been blessed with my "Once In A Lifetime Dogs", it's my goal as a breeder to supply new owners with an opportunity to know the feeling of having their "Once In A Lifetime Pup". Of course a dog is only as good as the time spent training it, but my pups start out with a very solid foundation before released to new owners with limits only supplied by the new owners. Coffee not only adds to the pups birdiness, she passes on her intelligence that blows most people away....Coffee is different, she communicates in ways I've never known from a canine. She watches and learns then acts on what she watch me put kindling in a box, so she joined in....watched me reach for my saddle cinch then started going under my horse and bringing me the cinch. She watched me pick up my construction wood mess and now considers it her job to clean up my sawed wood bits into either the fire pit or into a box. Since I am a lousy shot, Coffee, when sensing a bird in the area, will stop, look back at me as if to say "get ready". Once I raise my gun, she goes on her search. This type of activity is not just is. Her pups have beautiful heads and features. Her pups have high intelligence and drive. Her pups witness, analyze and act. The Coffee/Ranger litter whelped 9/26/16. Visit our website and watch "Litter Announcement" on the "Coffee" tab. This showcases a limited amount of things Coffee contributes to my life and overviews the chosen perfect stud for her. You can also view our online 24/7 webcam of the pups on the WEBCAM tab.
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Becky Metcalfe
120 S Scott Drive
Sequim, Washington 98382
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 3 years.
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Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: Brian on Jun 26, 2014
I have been working with Becky for many years now. Her connection with and dedication to her animals is amazing. I have never seen puppies started like she does. From the very start, they received individual nightly massages and lean into her hands with moans and groans of pleasure. These pups have so much trust in people, they allow her to do anything with them and prefer her attention over the dam. They are attentive to requests and sit (as a group) patiently waiting for their turn for whatever she does with them. Every day she stirs up the pot with new activities, of which they quickly master with few exceptions. They are confident, attentive, and disciplined, even in a puppy "mob". My hat goes off for her achievements with such incredible results with an incredible litter. They are amazing! Her "nursery" setup is also amazing. The puppies have constant stimulation with her miniature agility courses. I would highly recommend her kennel and puppies to anyone looking for a well rounded puppy. Truly Amazing!
Submitted by: Amy Johnson on Jun 26, 2014
I am getting one of these pups next week. I have been watching them since they were born and I can say that this breeder had put an enormous amount of care and effort into making sure that these pups are socialized to humans and other dogs and that they are trained to beginning commands. They have been given a wonderful play area that includes a mini agility set and they all look happy, healthy, inquisitive, and well-adjusted.

I am happy with the pup I'm getting but I think 7 would have been happy with any of them. From mu perspective, the breeder has done a great job in making sure that people are getting a pup that has the right temperament for their situation. I highly recommend this kennel!

Submitted by: Mary Rashford on Mar 07, 2014
I have multiple disabilities, and have always used German Shorthair Pointer bitches as my Service Dogs. The bitches have the instinct to care for puppies, and see people with disabilities as needing care, as puppies do. This works to the inborn strength and sex of the canine. Retrieving items that are dropped is a vital essential. Their intelligence, and desire to learn and please, makes the GSP bitch an excellent Service Dog.

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