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Jim Jorgensen
17121 Dodd Lane SW
Rochester, Washington 98579
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 34 years.
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Submitted by: Monica Zee on Mar 17, 2015

Monica Zee

March 15 at 2:09pm

When we went up to Jim's, we were expecting to learn a little bit about English setters, as we were used to Labs and Shibas and curious about a change.

After seeing Annie and Duke, we didn't care what the puppy looked like, we wanted one from that litter! With parents that excellent, there was no way those puppies would grow up to be anything less than stellar! We ended up getting the last available pup.

Jim was amazing, on the first visit, subsequent ones, and even with follow up phone calls, emails, check-ins. During the time our little Oakley was still with his mom, Jim sent pictures and videos regularly, making sure to highlight each pup for the soon-to-be owners. He was informative and clearly knew and obviously loved each dog, be they adults or puppies. When we needed help or had questions after Oakley came home, Jim was available and took his time helping us out. He is a hands-down exceptional breeder to work with.

And Duke may be the Father of all Brag Dogs, but all his offspring are Brag Dogs in their own right-- Oakley is the friendliest, most trainable, intelligent dog we've had! We get compliments from the vet on his perfect proportions, from the puppy daycare who love to snuggle him during his naps, from strangers on how cute he is, and from puppy kindergarten classmates who remark on how well-behaved he is.

Thank you, Jim, for all the love, care and work you put into your pups AND their owners-- it shows all over! Thanks again!
Submitted by: Chris Woodbury on Mar 16, 2015
10-week check-in . . .


We could not be happier with the pup we got from you. He has become an integral part of everyone's day. Rose, our Labrador took a few days but has welcomed Zeke completely and plays with him as if she wasn't 9 years old. The kids are fully engaged and understand when and what to say to correct any negative behavior.....interestingly, he listens! As for me, he has been incredibly good medicine. He gets me up between 5 and 6 to go out, let's me know he wants to eat, and then settles down in my lap after a little playtime. He is probably the smartest dog I have ever owned which is surprising to me being that he is so young. He comes when he is called at a dead run! He sits to voice or hand signal although he gives a little verbal objection sometimes=) He stays like a champ, he knows "off"(couch), leave it, "out"(pantry), "back"-when he's crowding the door, and he always sits and let's everyone through the door (including Rose) before he comes in. We've been walking on the leash quite a bit and will be covering "heel" this week. All these lessons have been very casual as we have been focusing on bonding and the hierarchy of the house. As a side note, he LOVES to retrieve the noisy turkey rope toy I got him, 12 in a row today right back to me, probably doesn't hurt that his playmate is a superstar retriever! As for the muscles he has that you commented on in the picture I sent, his playmate is over 100 pounds, so gets a good workout everyday. That's all for now, again, thank you Jim, Zeke is all I had hoped for.

Submitted by: Chris Woodbury on Mar 01, 2015
FYI -yesterday and today, 3 retrieves to hand - it was Andrew's underwear, but the point was received. I stopped at 3 to end on a positive note.

He is sooooo smart! Kennel training is going well - he had 1 accident in the house that was totally my fault. He has actually gone to the door and yelped to be let out. So smart, so awesome.....

Thanks Jim - you may never know the depth of this gift I have received...

The boys are all over picking up poop and feeding etc. Last night he climbed into my lap to watch the news.....perfect.
Submitted by: Ed Young on Nov 18, 2014
It has been two years since my wife and I purchased our beautiful English Setter, Kimber Iza Pistol and we are still as excited and happy about this dog as we were the first day. Kimber is growing up to be a wonderful, loving dog. She is pointing birds well and is progressing into everything I desired in a bird dog. I am still fighting with my wife over whether to get another puppy from Team Duke but I have had no luck in spite of all of the pleading and "doggie kisses" from Kimber. Thanks,Jim. You've made us one happy family.
Ed Young
Submitted by: joanne pinnell on Nov 11, 2014
What can you say about the best. Three weeks ago we sought to fill the hole left by the death of our 13 year old setter. I spoke with Jim about our loss and he was so very understanding that I knew that he would help us find the perfect match. I trusted him more than any of the other breeders I had spoken with and we went to see his 11 month old Olivia the next day. She stole our hearts and continues to do so as I write this. She is so very smart, easy of personality and willing to please. We have had English Setters for 48 years and she stands out as one so very very special. I credit Jim and Lori for this. They breed great pups with spirit and a willingness to please. Jim made it clear that he would be a resource for us as his responsibility was to the pup to make sure she had a good home. That is the best endorsement I could give, a breeder that produces great dogs and considers them first. Thank you so much for this wonderful girl. I would never look anywhere else for they breed the best Setters anywhere. What a Brag dog. She shines, our Olivia.
Submitted by: Joe Caldwell on Sep 24, 2014
A note to the public. This breeder is awesome. Jim and I connected, I was interested in a companion level. Jim met with me, I'm permanently disabled from a fall in '98. I have to use a cane to get around, he brought a one year old dog named "Johnny". I did try and Johnny was very responsive. He made every attempt ("Johnny" to heal to my right; unfortunately, I could tell, that the situation was not a fair situation to the dog. Jim, the owner, went out of his way, to help, encourage and ultimately accept and listen. He too recognized that despite all best efforts, "Johnny" would be better off elsewhere. I have been around dogs all of my life and used to work rescue and foster homes for English Bulldogs and Boxers. I have met many so called "caring breeders", this one is the real deal and my hat is off to the kindness and understanding of Jim and "Tim Duke". You're a credit to the bread and genuine human beings.
Submitted by: james salter on Apr 27, 2014
In somewhat of an unorthodox post, I would like comment on my personal interaction with both Jim and his amazing dogs. Yesterday my wife and I purchased a beautiful Setter from Jim for our four year old son. Our family had been discussing adding a forth member and hunting companion for some time now. After visiting with numerous breeders, we last met with Jim. My wife, son and I were blown away with the pup Mr. Jim showed us. Our family decided to take the puppy home and the experience was better than we hoped. After a quiet ride home, little Jackson (the new puppy) was very quick to adjust to his new surroundings. Jackson was already crate trained. Jackson never once jumped up on my 4 year old son. Jackson was walking on a leash and heeling within 24 hours. And unbelievably, Jackson was also showing signs of potty training after one day. And here comes the hard part: Despite having grown up with hunting dogs (outside dogs), it turns out that I was (unaware) allergic to Jackson. Heartbroken, our family reached out to Jim the next day explaining our situation. Jim quite literally welcomed our family with open arms and welcomed Jackson back. As a professional, I can tell you coming across this level of professionalism is a rarity. We are sad things didn't work out with Jackson, but our family felt like we discovered a new friend with Jim and his. If you are considering adding a quality bird dog to your family, do yourself a favor. Talk to Jim, see what he has to offer, and don't think twice, and don't look back. Listen to what he has to say and trust what he tells you. You will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: Megan Spoon on Mar 11, 2014
Hi Jim -

I'm sure Tony will send you a note too...

His name is RZR Upland Ranger. He's doing great!! Tony will have more detail on the hunting piece, but as an all around house dog he's been wonderful.

One interesting thing is that he LOVES to retrieve and will swim out for balls and sticks - we could probably use him to duck hunt. ;0)

I'm going to head out occasionally with the hunters and take some photos of the dogs, we will be sure to send them over.

Best of luck with the new breeding your looking at!

Best -
Submitted by: Mathew Lamb on Feb 03, 2014
Hey there Jim,

Sorry – it took me a week to sit down in front of the computer – but here are a couple of pics of Niery. Most often we are on bikes and so taking photos doesn’t happen as often as I'd wish.

The first two pics are from a trip a couple of weeks back to a trail in the Olympics. Riding the ferry is particularly attractive to him – as it is a moving platform that attracts birds. 30 mins of uninterrupted pointing action. He has now travelled all the ferries from Seattle to the Powell River up in BC and run most of the trails in between. Amazing trail dog.

The other photo is from the Dungeness river valley – a 6 mile downhill we did last spring. He has incredible route finding skills and can link up sections of the valley without ever having been there before, plus he does at least 2x the distance we do on account of quartering the hillside. You'll notice he has a rock in his mouth. I normally replace that with a stick – but he needs to carry something. In summer I hefted a tree limb that had fallen over the path over the edge of Tiger mountain. I took off, but then had to wait for Niery who has recovered the tree limb and was dragging it down the trail. In two months Tiger mountain opens again and he returns to two guaranteed BIG runs a week on top of his usual 3 miles/day.

As you can guess he is doing really well here – I couldn’t imagine the family without him.

Hope all is good with you

My best wishes, Mathew

Mathew Lamb Ph.D.
Submitted by: Dean Seaburg on Nov 17, 2013
Jim & I were hunting together for the first time, along with my friend, Paul. The second day, Jim came up lame about half way through the afternoon. He told us to just keep going. I was concerned about handling Duke, but Jim said he’d be fine . . . fine???

What happened in the next two hours was six birds, all pointed, none bumped by Duke, all one shot dead birds, and all retrieved to hand by a dog I’d never met until the day before (and he wasn't even wearing an e-collar).

I now own a Duke brag dog. Now over two years of age, Carl is part of my family and is one my daughter's best friends.

I know that your pup by Duke will be the same.

Dean Seaburg - Redmond Washington
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