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Martinsen's Vizslas - South Dakota Vizsla Breeders

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About Martinsen's Vizslas

Greetings from South Dakota, the land of unlimited birds and amazing hunting dogs! My husband and I have always been dog lovers, and have grown up around hunting dogs. We were born and raised in Iowa, and have lived in South Dakota for the past ten years. My name is Jenny, and I am in the medical profession and my husband, Tate, is a diesel mechanic. We got our first hunting dog five years ago, and have fell madly in love with the Vizsla breed. Joining NAVHDA five years ago, we never thought we would be where we are today. Tate and I are very active in our local NAVHDA chapter, Mid West Tristate NAVHDA ( Hunting and testing our dogs is a true passion and we strive to be the best we can be. Our goals are simple, to better the Vizsla breed, to create amazing versatile hunting companions and do it with all the love and care we can provide.

At Martinsen's Vizslas we train for versatility. Training dogs for the field and water. NAVHDA and AKC are the venues that we train and test dogs for. We enjoy watching dogs in natural environment working hard.We treat every dog as if they were our own dogs Compassion, hard work, high goals, and determination are just a few words to describe us as trainers. If you need a dog trained for the field, hunt test, or the home we our your trainers!

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Tate and Jenny Martinsen
Humboldt, South Dakota
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 4 years.
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Submitted by: Iona on Jan 04, 2015
We contacted the Martinsens about getting a puppy after doing research on the internet and coming across their website. After the first conversation we had on the phone I knew we found the perfect breeder. The passion and love they have for their dogs is amazing. From the moment we contacted them to the moment we got our puppy, Ralph they kept in touch with us, sending updates and pictures of the puppies and answering to all of our questions. From the beginning Ralph was a happy, healthy puppy, started playing with us from the moment we got him into the house. He is 10 months now and we couldn't be happier with him. He is a great dog in the field with an excellent hunt drive and in the same time a house dog or a couch potato, how we like to call him. Me and my husband would definitely recommend Martinsens Viszlas, they are some amazing people and they breed the best hunting companions dogs.

Submitted by: Diana on Jan 04, 2015
They sure have a lot of heart when hunting! I never did you tell you about the last time we went pheasant hunting (Catland thinks I talk to much about Teal)... On the public hunting place we went to when you were here, we went all the way to the bottom with 8 inches of snow to trample through... A rooster jumped right up in front of me and Teal was in it immediately! It tried spurring her and she grabbed it by both wings and retrieved it all the way to my feet!!! I was in tears I was so happy! A hen also surprised her under a cedar tree and after that she checked under all cedar trees! She is so smart! Then! She pointed on a tiny cedar tree covered with snow... Catland walked around the tree twice, kicked it, and shook the tree! Teal still pointed on it! Catland started yelled at her to come and she didn't budge! And a couple seconds later a hen flew from under it!!!!! We stood there with our chins on the ground! We definitely learned to trust Teal at that point!!!!
Submitted by: Gina on Oct 09, 2014
Hi Jenny
Jim just brought Hawke home from the trainer yesterday. He was there 5 weeks and we missed him so much. He is such a beautiful boy and has gotten so big, but still very lean.
The trainer is a GSP breeder but had great things to say about Hawke and Jim was really impressed with him in the field. The majority of Vizsla breeders in CT are not focused on field and what a Vizsla is truly born to do so our trainer was a little skeptical until he had Hawke for a month and thinks he will be a fantastic bird dog.
JIm is looking into getting his junior hunter test done this fall. We have been so busy with our children's sport schedules that it doesn't leave a lot of time to do the field trials and navhda work but Jim hopes to get going with it. I took pics of him but didn't download yet but will send one soon.
We are really pleased with him and think you and Tate are running a great program and would recommend you to anyone.
I love seeing the updates of all the other dogs on facebook.
Thanks again
Submitted by: John on Oct 09, 2014
Ruger went Dove hunting Monday. He retrieved about 10 doves and found a few that we couldnít, which is awesome. I will say he likes the looking for birds the best.
Very comfortable around guns and multiple shots. He likes to play in the creek. And of course he is an attention lover.

Submitted by: Toni on Oct 06, 2014
Lil Holly Berry came into our lives December 17th, she being our fourth Vizsla, making her our third female. I truly believe everyone comes into our lives for a purpose, saying that Jenny and Tate were a blessing in many ways. At first I really didn't know what to think... Jenny and Tate asking questions; about what we were looking for in a Vizsla, female/male, what we would be using her for wether it was show, hunting or just companionship. Well it all made clear scenes. If you think about it, the breeders is with these puppies for 8-10 weeks, they are the ones that interact and get to know their personalities as well as what the puppies strong points are for what they might be very good at. Taking all that into consideration we certainly were matched up with the perfect puppy. Jenny and Tate sent us pictures as our Lil Holly Berry grew, we named her that because she was not only our blessing at Christmas, but born close to the season. And we texted, messaged back and forth. Made us feel like we were there. That was very nice, they did not have to do that, but we felt the love. Making us feel more at ease, We knew we made the right choice in choosing Jenny and Tate as the breeder. As December 17, approaching us we were getting so excited to meet your little bundle of joy.on the day of meeting Lil Holly Berry we had to get up very early because it was a very long drive. As we pulled up to Jenny and Tates home, being tired just overcame us from the excitement of meeting our new little puppy. When we walked inside Jenny greeted us with the hug and a welcoming basket full of goodies, for our new addition to our we looked into the living room there we saw Holly playing with her mom Ginger. It was very precious restate a while visited and then Jenny and Tate sent us on our way. But as we walked into their house mazie, my daughter and I felt the love and compassion it that they have for their dogs.they truly are breeders at heart, having the biggest hearts and treating those dogs as family members as we do, it's a feeling that brings tears to your eyes. Jenny and Tate are part of our family now, so very blessed that they came into our lives.
Given that, I read a lot, there is some people that want the breed of the Vizsla and do not understand how high energy dogs that they can be. I think that other breeders could actually learn a lot from how Jenny and Tate go about being breeders in the way that they do. So very grateful for them coming into our lives without them we would not have our Holly,she is perfect for us.
Toni Kohler-Hass

Submitted by: Brian Kringstad on Sep 23, 2014
After I had made the decision to buy a vizsla I began the search to find a breeder. I emailed several different breeders inquiring about puppies. Jenny from Martinson Vizslas responded very quickly to my inquiry. Upon my first conversation with Jenny I could tell she was not just trying to sell me a puppy. Jenny was extremely patient and professional as I asked her my many questions. None of the other breeders seemed half as passionate as Jenny and Tate did. They are proud of their dogs and it showed. Jenny and Tate invited me to come out and see their operation before I even put any money down. After several separate conversations with Jenny and Tate I decided to put down my deposit. While waiting for my puppy to be born Jenny and Tate were in constant contact with me giving me updates. Jenny sent out several pictures and videos of the puppies after they were born.
Tate and Jenny Martinsen run a top notch kennel. I have been extremely happy with them from the very first conversation we ever had. To say I am completely satisfied is a bit of an understatement. Jenny and Tate have gone so far above and beyond what I expected from them. Even after I picked up Toby, Jenny and Tate have been available for questions and advice. They have been my go to resource for training questions.
As a new puppy buyer you can rest assured that you are buying a quality dog from a quality breeder. I have and will continue to recommend Martinsenís Vizslaís to anyone who is looking for a top notch hunting dog or just a new family pet.
Submitted by: Patricia Eddy on Sep 18, 2014
Jenny and Tate are truly gifted bird dog trainers. As a newbie bird dog owner, I delivered to them an unrefined, happy 9 month old Longhaired Weimaraner with wonderful genetic potential that was probably a little spoiled. I got back a very nice, responsive, confident, trained, calm (especially off the field :), and hunt ready one year old dog. She is now ready for just about anything further we want to do with her.

The Martinsens have a very special thing going. Beyond their immaculate newly built kennels, I was impressed that they both possess boundless energy, determination, perseverance, and a clear love of dogs. They both work so many hours training the dogs that their dedication might be their highest asset. Good thing they are young I kept thinking. I donít know how they do it.

I was recommended to the Martinsens by someone I trusted, our breeder, Dawna Miller, and for that I will be eternally grateful. It was the best possible fit for our dogís development. Jennyís communication during the time our pup was in training far exceeded my expectations and made it palatable while we missed her so much. And having Jenny take our dog through the NAVHDA Natural Ability test and win a Prize 3 was the icing on the cake. I cannot recommend the Martinsens high enough; they are outstanding. Thank you Jenny and Tate!
Submitted by: Catland & Diana on May 11, 2014
Jenny and Tate have been exceptional to work with for owning our first puppy. We received updates starting from Hottie's pregnancy to weekly puppy pictures and videos. Jenny and Tate did a wonderful job making us feel apart of the entire experience up to the day we took Teal home. The Martinsen's provided plenty of advice to help prepare us to take Teal home. It's amazing how fast Teal learned crate training and potty training. We have never trained a puppy before, but she learned how to crate train in 3 days and potty train in about 5 days. She is unbelievably smart! We are so happy with Teal and the Martinsen's that we will definitely be purchasing another Vizsla from them again in the future. We will adding more comments as Teal grows and begins training!
Submitted by: Rylan Williams on May 04, 2014
I contacted Martinsen's Vizslas last year around mid September 2013 inquiring about upcoming litters. They were fast to respond to my email and informed me that Hottie was the next up coming female to have a litter. Once we worked out the details of the litter we waited for a while since Hottie was a little late going into heat. Jenny and Tate never left me in the dark about how Hottie was doing as she finally went into heat and was carrying a litter. My wife and I are very very happy with Martinsen's Vizslas, they went above and beyond with every little thing dealing with the Dogs. I feel like they're not a breeder that is fixed on just making money but instead producing a high quality Vizsla in each and every pup. They love this breed of dog and you can tell just by how much attention to detail they put forth when hunting, training and breeding. Words can not express how happy and pleased I am with my new Vizsla pup, Jenny and Tate did an outstanding job from day 1 all the way to pick up day. So If you're looking for a great hunting dog and 4 legged best friend give Martinsen's Vizsla's a call you wont be disappointed. To them your're not just a customer but part of a community and friendship for life.
Submitted by: Derek Baune on Feb 24, 2014
After the first phone call to the Martinesen's I knew my search for a Vizsla breeder was over. Tate and Jenny are full of passion for the breed and it shows through every time I see and speak to them. The Martinsen's made the process a breeze and are full of knowledge before and after the puppies go home. I have a male from Ginger X Cash's last litter in November 2013 and he is everything I could have hoped for in a young dog. He is hard running in the field and the perfect house dog with a great attitude and learning ability. With his obvious natural ability at less than 4 months I am ecstatic to see what his future holds.

We plan to run our dog, West, in the NAVHDA natural ability tests as well as Utility tests in the future. With a Vizsla breeder who also trains dogs full-time, we are so thankful to have their help and continued support as he grows.

If you're in search of a top notch Vizsla from a reputable breeder, look no further than Martinsen's Vizslas.

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