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AKC / UKC registered, British Labrador Retrievers. Located in Southest Missouri, The Lawson family have been training, handling, and breeding quality Gundogs across America for generations. That knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. We put that knowledge into each of our pups. We are breeding the extreme hunting, high quality British Labs that fit any hunters, field trailers, and family dog owners wants and needs. We have puppies available for sale usually three to four times a year. Our breeders dogs have all had hips, elbows certified, and DNA tested for EIC, PRA, and CNM. A $250.00 deposit is required to determine the picking order of our litters, first deposit gets first pick, second deposit gets second pick and ect. We are currently taking deposits on our next upcoming litter. Because of the quality, our litters sometimes sell before the litter is born. If interested in great pup, don't wait!

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Keith Lawson
116 Cotton Ridge Place
Sikeston, Missouri 63801
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Submitted by: Tim Jarvis on May 22, 2015
Great bloodline and great working dogs.
You can not ask for better people to deal with.
Very knowledgeable about the breed and very nice. I love how they work with every puppy to make it very easy to start training your new puppy. I love my puppy and will always cherish the friendship.
Submitted by: Mike Curley on May 22, 2015
Hard to believe this dude's 5 years old tomorrow - Happy Birthday to my 4 legged partner - Gunner pup! Missouri Muddy Paws raises em and breeds em right! Thanks you Keith Lawson Michelle Brown Lawson
Submitted by: keith Lawson on Oct 18, 2014
Most well behaved pup I have ever seen. Now has his Sr hunting title and never failed a test.

Andy Workmeister
Submitted by: KEITH LAWSON on Oct 18, 2014
Casey Byrd
Thank you for giving me an amazing little puppy dog! I couldn't have asked for a better lab!
Submitted by: KEITH LAWSON on Jun 14, 2013
Hi Keith and Michelle,

We hope you are doing well! Congrats on your beautiful new litter of nine puppies! :)

One year ago our precious Lilly was born. Since the moment we laid eyes on those puppies as you wheeled them out of the garage, we were in love! Lilly has been a wonderful addition to our family and makes coming home everyday a treat. She is so excited to see us that her entire butt wags instead of just her tail. We may be biased, but we think she is the smartest dog ever! After only being in her new home for three days, she already learned sit, down, and stay. Now she does all sorts of tricks! We get so many compliments on how well-behaved she is.

We celebrated her birthday by going to the dog park and playing with all of her friends. She had a blast racing through all the long grass. Now she is a content, tired pup!

We attached a picture for you ... enjoy! And thank you so much for the wonderful things you do with all of your dogs. You are truly special people!

Dustin Schaefer and Emily Lemieux
Submitted by: Keith Lawson on Nov 13, 2012
Our new lab we named Birdie has become part of our family. At three months old and 15 lbs she is growing well and a joy to be around and train. I wanted to send a picture and say thanks for such a fantastic companion.
Rusty and the Holliday Family
Submitted by: Keith Lawson on Oct 18, 2012
Dear Keith and Michelle, Roxy is doing great ,she has really adapted to us in a great way .We can't believe how smart she is . She comes to her name with little effort and is learning her commands at a great pace and it has been a lot of fun watching her Develop she is a true joy . thanks again Scott Kennedy
Submitted by: Keith Lawson on Jul 10, 2012
Keith and Michelle,
First, just an update on Hoss. We picked him up in Bloomington, IL this morning and after a few quick potty breaks, finally made it home. In two days this dog has had 9 hours of windshield time, and handles it just great.

We stopped at the pet store for an extra food dish, and to see if they had a toy duck Hoss could play with, and he quickly took the hearts of all the staff and customers.

He spent about three hours in the arms of my wife, Lindsey, and they quickly bonded. However he enjoys sleeping on me, and giving everyone puppy kisses. The neighbors want to get rid of their Newfoundland, and get a Muddy Paws dog now. But that was totally by accident, their Newfoundland is great, and although he slobers, I'd take him any day.

Hoss is young, however he seems to know his name, and he comes when called. I have had my fair share of dogs, but this seems rare to me. Even our three year old Jack Russell, Sailor, listens to me only when she wants to.

He has not had any accidents in the house, but now that I said that, I'm sure it'll happen.

We introduced Sailor and Hoss outside in the front yard. And neither dog really showed much attention to each other. When we got inside the older dog was curious about Hoss, but Hoss just wanted to sniff out the house. I've been keeping a good eye on him, so no trouble yet. But I was worried about the older dog being aggressive.

After they spent a few minutes together outside, we brought them inside. And we let them explore and check each other out for about twenty minutes. The older dog, being a Jack Russell, started to get a little hyperactive. So we split them up and let them each nap for about half an hour.

After we brought them back together, the older dog now brings Hoss his teething chew toys, and her most prized possession, a fabric frisbee.

Now the only problem we have is that they whine whenever they aren't together for the first few minutes.

Secondly, I just would like to say that after I had my German Shepherd put down, it was hard for me to think about finding another dog. But the experience I had with you over the phone, and my in-laws had with you in person, quickly put that to rest. It's actually pretty rare that you find a breeder that cares more about their dogs and their health, than just money. Hoss was worth every penny, and even by today's economic standards, was a steal.

I looked off and on, for a dog, for about four months, then I looked every day for three months straight. I read a lot, and I learned a lot. And I'm glad I found you, Keith and Michelle, and I wanted to say I really appreciate everything.

You're not a fly by night breeder, nor are you one that thinks the job is done after the sale. And that too, is rare.

I am looking forward to spending many great years and times with my new best friend, and if anyone is interested in a puppy from you, you can have them email me. Heck, if they are willing to come to Kenosha, they can come see Hoss for themselves.

And thirdly, Hoss will be getting fixed, but I would like your kennel to be recognized by the AKC, so when I register him, how can I do that? Call him Muddy Paws Hoss?

Again, thank you so much for everything. I really do appreciate it, and someday maybe Hoss and I will make it down to Sikeston to see everyone.

- Chad Campbell
Submitted by: KEITH LAWSON on Jun 26, 2012
just wanted to post a pic of our now 7 month old muddy paws pup dublin... she really is the best lab! it is AMAZING how many compliments we get on her! most people don't realize she's a lab because she is smaller & so well behaved! we got her a gentle leader and it has done amazing things for her temperament on a leash... she WAS a big tugger, but no longer! this pic is from her very FIRST swimming experience in the pond behind my parents house. she LOVED it! she will retrieve anything we throw... balls, frisbees, sticks, whatever! we love it! she is currently laying under my feet as i type this! we just love her! thanks for breeding the BEST lab puppies ever!!!

Katie McDermott Peterson
June 2012
Submitted by: keith lawson on Oct 08, 2011
Keith and Michelle,

Remy is doing great, growing everyday. I wanted to start the process of having him trained. Let me know what I need to do at this end. Wonderful pup. Thank you.
Thanks Tim

Tim Buschman
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