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About Fidler's Vizslas
In 2005 our family was accidentally introduced to the Vizsla Breed. I came home from work and there was a beautiful red dog in my yard. I remember the exact moment because she was like no other dog I had ever seen. It was truly love at first sight. Upon questioning my husband, he informed me we were keeping her for one of his hunting buddies. Well, I fell in love with her and she never left our farm. She was smart, agile, kind, and loyal. In addition, to being a excellent bird dog, she had all the qualities a owner could ask for both in and out of the field. Our great love for the dog was the catalyst for starting Fidler's Farm in 2009. At this point we had purchased two more Vizsla's and quickly became addicted to the sports of hunt tests and field trials. In addition to our two human children, our Vizsla's are our family. We are dedicated to the sport of Field Trialing and the Vizsla Breed. You will notice that we have only had two litters of puppies. This is due to our belief that we should only breed for the very best genetic qualities. Fidler's Farm strives for excellence in producing competitive, intelligent, loyal, and biddable Vizlsas that excel in and out of the field. Field Trialing has quickly become a family tradition. Our children are involved in every aspect of training and care for the animals. If you come to visit us, you may find kids and dogs all over our living room watching movies, or we could be all in the field training. Our family approaches life as an adventure and our dogs are integrated into every piece of our life! I can confidently recommend our pups for hunting, hunt tests, field trialing, and companionship. As long as you have the time to give them attention and exercise, they will be your friend for life and never disappoint. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Fidler's Farm.
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Stephanie Fidler
3012 Round Prairie Road
Oak Grove, Missouri 64075
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 7 years.
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Submitted by: Troy Kinnison on Feb 16, 2015
I found the Fiddlers on I was looking for a great hunting dog, but, first and foremost, we were looking for a great family dog. I called Brian and drove to spend time with them and the whole family. We spent a day with them, after seeing what a great family they were, and, how integrated the dogs are with their family, I was sold! After picking up our pup, I can honestly say that I have never been more impressed by a line of dogs, or, a breeder. They have always been there for any questions. I can't recommend the Fiddlers enough. Thank you for everything! Troy
Submitted by: Matt Wheaton on Jan 13, 2015
I was referred to the Fiddlers from a very good friend of mine who is an avid bird hunter and dog trainer. He told me that the best vizslas he had ever seen were owned or breed by the Fiddlers. They breed and train dogs to compete and be successful on a national level. They strive to breed the best bird dogs possible without sacrificing personality and temperament. I have spent an incredible amount of time with Fiddlers and their dogs: training, playing with pups, simply standing around talking, and could not be more impressed. I could not be more pleased with my pup or my experience with the Fiddlers. I would recommend them and their pups to anyone looking for an extremely high caliber hunting dog, field trial dog and companion.
Submitted by: Sherry Nutt on Jul 13, 2014
The Vizsla breed was new to us. When searching the internet for dog breeds I put in the qualities we wanted and Vizsla popped up. The more I read the more I fell in love with the breed. Next step was finding a dog. We started looking for a rescue but no luck. In this search we came across Fidler's Farm. We copuldn't have asked for a better breeder. These guys love their pups. We enjoyed watching the videos and seeing the pups grow. Our pup Molly is a fantastic dog. She is great with the kids (1 yr- 12 yrs), she is the best running partner, and my 12 yr old takes her for bike rides. We are not hunters but she has it in her. If a bunny, bird or critter is brave enough to enter our back yard she points it out and goes after it. We are thankful for the Fidler's and thrilled with our Vizsla. Thank you Brian and Stephanie!
Submitted by: Billy Huntsman on Jul 09, 2014
We were privileged to meet Stephanie and Brian, and when I say privileged, I mean it. My wife spoke to Brian over the phone, and knew immediately that these were the people we wanted to work with. Stephanie and Brian have been extremely helpful from the beginning and currently assist us with training. They have walked us through the entire process of being newbies in the Vizsla world.

We were able to visit the “mom”, Cali, while she was still pregnant. And we did stop by a couple of times to visit, also to get a feel what the Vizsla breed would be like. You could see the care and wonderful approach Stephanie and Brian took towards breeding. Stephanie’s knowledge and excitement in breeding genes, and Brian’s field training and hunting knowledge rounded each other out so well, that is made us feel confident in our choice to go with Fidler’s Farms.

We were able to talk to both and let them know what we were seeking as a companion. Stephanie and Brian were kind and listening to all of our “requests”. They were very supportive and walked us through our expectations and explained the breed’s capabilities, and the Dam’s and Sire’s predisposition.

Weeks down the round, we were greeted with Logan. I have been around dogs my entire life, personally and professionally and I am amazed how intelligent Logan is. This is proof that Stephanie’s and Brian’s carefully selection in the breeding process pays off.

Brian introduced Logan to birds immediately. Logan’s drive was amazing!! As soon as I got him home, I would take him training in the fields with quails. It was just intriguing to see how much he enjoyed looking for and finding the birds. You can see his nature instincts at work. What a beautiful thing to watch.
Logan is part of the family. His demeanor, is that of his mother’s. A gentle soul, loving. He is a great companion, and a wonderful addition to our family.

Months after Logan came home, I am lucky and still see Stephanie and Brian. Brian is currently helping me, a newbie at bird hunting and dog training, in getting Logan ready for bird hunting in the near future. It is a blast! Fidler’s Farm is the best decision we made!

I highly recommend Fidler’s Farms!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Morgan Hofmeister on Jul 08, 2014
Words cannot describe how happy I am with my girl Charlie Rose, she has been my world! I was fortunate enough to visit the litter of puppies and saw how dedicated and passionate Brian and Stephanie are about the health of their puppies.I highly recommend buying a dog from the Fidler's and guarantee you will have no regrets with your purchase!

Proud & Happy Owner,

Submitted by: Dave and Beth Mack on Jul 07, 2014
Our pup from Brian and Family has already exceeded our expectations. This whole process has been fun and very thorough. From selection to first meeting our pup, things went exactly as Brian said they would. Temperament and hunting drive is also absolutely as promised. Let's not give Brian all the credit though! It is more than obvious that his breeding practice is very much a family passion. There could be no other way these puppies come home so affectionate and well socialized. Not sure why the rating scale stops at 5.....Fidler's Vizslas rates a 10 in our book.
Submitted by: Brandon on Jul 03, 2014
Our Vizsla is over 6 months old and the first dog I've had since I was a kid. We are local to Fidlers Farms and the Fidler family constantly updated us with pictures and allowed us to come over and see our puppy. I'm honestly not sure if there is a better family in general. The dogs.... beautiful. Very well taken care of. I don't recall the last time I had him out I didn't receive at least one compliment. Our boy Hunter has exceeded every expectation. We are a very active family. 8 weeks old Hunter was doing fantastic on the trails keeping a solid pace 2-3 miles. Now, obviously I need my Trek. He is smart obeying commands with consistency. Leash hasn't been needed for some time when riding or running.

I know when Breeding, close attention is being paid to the matches so the attributes are of the highest quality. Rather you are looking for a companion or hunting dog, you'll know what you are getting. Even if you have to wait a bit for yours, its worth it.
Submitted by: Roger L Spears on Jan 22, 2014
I am so thankful that I found Stephanie and Brian at Fidler's Vizsla's when I was looking for a companion. Bones (Fidler's Bone of Contention) had early on shown an extremely strong tie to people, an even stronger urge to please and had become Steph's "baby".
We got Bones when he was 18 months old, fully house trained and full of energy. We bonded immediately, and he was fully trusting within a week. We have grandchildren ranging from 9 months to twelve years, and Bones is just fantastic with all of them. He loves to play, but his play is gentle and age appropriate. The three that are 2+ love having "Bonsey" sit with them.
While I don't hunt with Bones he shows his strong hunting instincts every time we're out and about. He's focused and attentive, has a strong nose and loves exploring. Bones has become my almost constant companion, riding in the truck, Jeep or hot rod with his nose in the wind and ears flying. He's my buddy, and Fidler's is the first place I'd go for a Vizsla if I were shopping. They have improved the line with their breeding process, and their pups are top notch across the board.
Submitted by: Heather Maupin on Jan 15, 2014
We are absolutely thrilled with our puppy! He is a smart and caring pup, plays well with others and has a great temperment. The Fidler's really worked with us throughout the entire process to ensure we had a pup that would best fit our family. I can not say enough how happy we are with this breeder and our puppy!! We will definitely get another Vizsla from them in the near future.
Submitted by: Charlotte Milonski on Jan 06, 2014
When we began our search for a vizsla dog, we did a lot of research. We talked with various breeders and kept coming back to one. The one breeder that kept our attention was Fidler's Farm for many reasons.
Brian and Stephanie were always available to answer questions and to guide us in our selection of our new family member Chili. They won our trust with the first conversation about us possibly obtaining one from the 6-8-13 litter. We were elated to get the news that we were going to be selected to purchase one.
They kept us up to date on every part from birth to daily activities of the young pups through videos. And if we had any questions about certain ones in the litter they were prompt in their personal responses either by direct phone calls or texts.
It was a huge leap of faith for us to obtain a dog over such a long distance. We had always found our dogs locally. But this time we were definitely looking for a specific breed and there are not many of these dogs in our part of the country. We know without a doubt that our experience with these breeders was a perfect match.
As Chili has grown, the Fidler's remain in close contact with answers about her development and training methods. My husband has been successfully training her to retrieve ducks. We also have Chili as a companion dog for our child. Chili has not disappointed us in the duel roles she has in our family. These dogs are very smart and excellent temperament. And also very affectionate. They strive to please when given routine training. We found the key in training is consistency and repetition. The hardest part in training her has been in training our daughter who is six to verbalize the same commands to Chili as we instruct in our expectations. But that was a easy milestone to cross now we are all on the same page.
We would highly recommend the vizsla award winning bloodlines of these dogs to anyone that is looking for a vizsla puppy to purchase.

Jeff and Charlotte Milonski

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