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About Fidler's Vizslas
In 2005 our family was accidentally introduced to the Vizsla Breed. I came home from work and there was a beautiful red dog in my yard. I remember the exact moment because she was like no other dog I had ever seen. It was truly love at first sight. Upon questioning my husband, he informed me we were keeping her for one of his hunting buddies. Well, I fell in love with her and she never left our farm. She was smart, agile, kind, and loyal. In addition, to being a excellent bird dog, she had all the qualities a owner could ask for both in and out of the field. Our great love for the dog was the catalyst for starting Fidler's Farm in 2009. At this point we had purchased two more Vizsla's and quickly became addicted to the sports of hunt tests and field trials. In addition to our two human children, our Vizsla's are our family. We are dedicated to the sport of Field Trialing and the Vizsla Breed. We only have puppies available on a limited basis. This is due to our belief that we should only breed for the very best genetic qualities. Fidler's Farm strives for excellence in producing competitive, intelligent, loyal, and biddable Vizlsas that excel in and out of the field. Field Trialing has quickly become a family tradition. Our children are involved in every aspect of training and care for the animals. If you come to visit us, you may find kids and dogs all over our living room watching movies, or we could be all in the field training. Our family approaches life as an adventure and our dogs are integrated into every piece of our life! I can confidently recommend our pups for hunting, hunt tests, field trialing, and companionship. As long as you have the time to give them attention and exercise, they will be your friend for life and never disappoint. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Fidler's Farm.
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Stephanie Fidler
3012 Round Prairie Road
Oak Grove, Missouri 64075
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 7 years.
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Submitted by: jamie mccallum on Dec 08, 2016
We cannot recommend the Fidlers enough. Brian was very communicative and informative throughout the waiting time of being able to bring our new puppy home. This is our first vizsla and we have fallen in love. Copper will be 1 in January and we are already wishing we could get another puppy. She is such a joy to our entire family. Thank you Fidlers!
Submitted by: Bob and Claudia Harnden on Nov 16, 2016
We lost our Vizsla, Wilbur, way too soon in July 2014. What a personality that boy had! We figured after the first of the year in 2015 we were ready for another Vizsla. One Saturday I was searching online and came across the Fidler's website. After grinning at all the pictures, we called. Stephanie called back shortly. They didn't have any puppies but had one eight month old male. That sounded perfect for us. We went the next day to check him out. We took a friend as another set of eyes.

Brian took the guys out to see what the pup was made of. When they came back in, I knew we had our newest member of the family, Henry. Stephanie had a to-go bag for us, complete with his favorite toys and puppy food to get us until the next day. They provided his shot records and AKC papers.

They were a pleasure to work with. Stephanie worked with our vet to verify vaccination type etc.
The environment is definitely family friendly and caring. They followed up with us to ensure all family members were happy, and wanted pictures. We would recommend them to anyone who loves the breed, or doesn't yet know they do.

Bob and Claudia Harnden - Warsaw MO
Submitted by: Nathan Pfleger on Oct 30, 2016
I found Fidler's Farms through the internet. I spoke with Bryan many times through out the process of deciding to purchase a puppy. I was very pleased after speaking about the selection process and decided to go with them. My pup Veni is almost 6 months old now and is fantastic. She has a great natural demeanor and is always playful. She is curious and likes to explore on her own. We just put her out in the field for the first time to run around and get the scent of quail. Her natural instincts show right away and the more she found the more excited she got. We had spoke about what kinda of dog I was looking for and he hit it on the head. I couldn't ask for a better pup.
Submitted by: Kristen Holzer on Oct 14, 2016
I found the Fidlers online and was also directed to them from another vizsla breeder who had a full reservation list for their pups. Brian called me back immediately and we spoke several times on the phone. We've had three vizslas in our past so going with an out of state breeder where we couldn't visit their home or meet them to get a feel for who they are as people was a little scary. I felt immediately upon speaking with him that he was a decent man and seeing how involved his family is with their dogs, this is a family affair for sure and the amount of love and care they show is palpable! They keep up with videos and pictures throughout the whole process, the kids are constantly holding and loving on the pups. We received a puppy- Rosie, from the "fury, Ragin" littler and have had her since July 2! She was honestly the most chill pup we've ever had, she was so accustom to being handled, played with, wasn't afraid of anything! Now at 5 months, she's blossomed into such a fearless, beautiful, athletic, SMART, her temperament is perfect, and she'll be a great little hunter! She is our family pet first and foremost. The Fidlers have clearly produced wonderful dogs! He worked with us on every level, even delivered Rosie to us having their sweet daughter hold her the whole way on their road trip to Colorado for a family getaway! Not the usual but it meant a lot to us and was fabulous to meet a large part of the family! Very good, sweet people and I believe their hearts are in the right place when it comes to these fantastic red dogs! Yes, I recommend the Fidlers! ☺️
Submitted by: J Gibson on Oct 14, 2016
Our Vizsla pup, Sasha, was born in May 2016. We are constantly amazed at her energy, intelligence, and devotion to all of her family. The Fidlers raised a well-socialized puppy who is fearless. Sasha loves people, other dogs, and cats. She is easy to train and has excelled in her first puppy obedience class. Sasha does need time and space for ample exercise, but we anticipated and desired a high-energy dog. She's already a wonderful addition to our family.
Submitted by: Danny and Rachel Swanson on Aug 03, 2016
We found the Fidlers on line when thinking about a vizsla , they were so helpful with our many questions. We have owned several labs and German shorthairs over the last 25 years and have enjoyed them for pets and hunting. After the loss of our older dogs we were ready for a puppy, we were so curious about vizslas and the Fidlers told us all we needed to know about this breed, and we knew they were the right breeder for us! Our sweet Hattie was born in January and we got pictures and some video to keep us updated.We were so excited
to get her in March , she fits our family perfectly , she is full of energy and has a big personality and she is ready for anything all the time!!! We could not be happier with our Hattie and our experience with the Fiders 😊
Submitted by: Lee-ford Tritt on Oct 26, 2015
I have the privilege of sharing my life with 2 female Fidler Vizslas from the breeding of Cali and Hooser. I grew up with Vizslas and always have had them around during my adult life. When my last set of Vizslas passed away from old age, I didnt think I would be able to replace them to find some other dog as smart, athletic, skilled, loyal, and loving. I researched and interviewed dozens of Vizsla breeders, but was never quite satisfied. Then a hunting friend of mine suggested the Fidler family. The Fidlers and I shared several emails and phone calls. Brian and Stephanie seemed as interested in who their puppies would go to as I was in where my puppies were coming from. I decided to go with the Fidlers and have never regretted it. In fact, I bought two puppies from them. The Fidlers make you feel part of the family. They send updates, pictures, and videos throughout the pregnancy, birth and first 8 weeks. They spend time and energy trying to match the pups personality with the traits I was looking for in my next dogs and they were spot on. My dogs are about a year and half, and they are incredible. I mean it. There coloring is perfect rust not too red, with lighter patches on the shoulders. They have no white spots. Their height, weight and boxiness are idea. They are so athletic, smart too smart?, and loving. They have great noses and were quick to train. They work hard, play hard, and cuddle up to me and love hard. When we are out running around, they literally smile. Seriously. They get complimented by other Vizlas owners and other birddog owners. I couldnt be prouder or happier with my girls or the Fidlers. In a couple of years, I will be buying another pup from them this time a male. I feel truly blessed to have found the Fidler family and to have my two Fidler Vizslas.
Submitted by: Rockne Lammers on Aug 07, 2015
I have a pup from the breeding of Diamond and Macie. He is absolutely fabulous. Smarter than a whip. Brian and his wife were absolutely wonderful to work with. Their constant videos of the litter and their socialization of the pups is invaluable. Knute, as my pup is called, is pointing like a bandit, birdy as all get out and a great companion. I would highly recommend any pup from Fidler's Vizslas.
Submitted by: Amy Douglas on Aug 07, 2015
My sweet baby girl Harlan, was born on December 13, 2014. My journey to getting her began long before that. I researched and spoke with Vizsla breeders in every state in the Southeast for months. We already have a 10 year old male Vizsla so we were very specific in what we wanted in a dog. I came across the Fidler webpage and decided to reach out to Brian in November about their upcoming liter. From the moment we spoke on the phone I knew I had found my breeder. Brian and Stephanie are so wonderful; from the moment I decided to move forward with a deposit I have stayed in close contact with them. I split my residence between Alabama and Georgia so Missouri is a good 12 hours away from me. They constantly kept me updated with pictures of May-C while pregnant and then once the puppies were born I was constantly getting videos and pictures of my girl. It was amazing to get to see my puppy grow from the day she was born up to the day I got her at 8 weeks old. Now at almost 8 months, I still stay in close contact with Stephanie. I text her pictures and videos of Harlan. Brian and Stephanie have been more than I could ever want in a breeder; they genuinely care about their dogs even once they are with their new families and I think that is great.
Harlan is everything you could want in a Vizsla. She is smart, observant, goofy, energetic, snuggly and strong willed. We got her as a companion who will go bird hunting a few times a year but it is instinctively bred into her. She loves birds. She is constantly watching birds and pointing even as a young pup before we began any type of field work with her. She comes from an entire blood line of field champs (all of her brothers from this liter went to field trial homes). She is very smart and is eager to learn and eager to please.
I could sincerely rave about Brian and Stephanie for days because they have been so great. I am happy that I found them and I would highly recommend them as a breeder.
Submitted by: R. Watson on Aug 06, 2015
After searching for a quality Vizsla breeder for several months, we were lucky to come across the Fidlers. They communicated with us constantly throughout the process, from several updates prior to whelping to weekly video posts after the puppies were born. Our kids loved watching the puppies grow up.

The Fidlers did a great job picking out the perfect puppy for us. We were looking for a family companion rather than a bird dog. Stephanie recognized that a couple of the puppies had calmer demeanors and would be perfect for our family. They provided lots of videos so that we were able to pick the right one for us.

Our only regret is that we didn't get to meet the Fidlers and their family in person. We live in TX while they are in MO. However, we still had a great buying experience. They were responsive and very helpful. They shipped our puppy to us and didn't mark up the shipping and crate costs like most other breeders do.

All in all, this was a great experience and we highly recommend the Fidlers, whether you are local or hundreds of miles away.
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