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Pook's Rise Spinoni - Massachusetts Spinone Italiano Breeders

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About Pook's Rise Spinoni
I am a breeder of Spinone Italiano dogs. My puppies' parents come from Championship lines. My focus is to breed for sweet temperament and good health. The puppies are raised in my home from the day they are born to the day they leave for your home. Hips / Eyes / Elbows have been tested in the parents. No Spinone in either background are from the known CA, SAS, or epilepsy lines. All lines are from Italy and are from breeders who hunt their Spinone. Some of my puppies are active hunting in the field - and several others have become licensed therapy dogs. ............................................................................................................................................................ There are still some PUPPIES AVAILABLE for reservation for a litter due March 1st, the last litter planned for 2016. This will be a wonderful mixed litter of whites and roans, the result of a mating between Pook's Rise Dante di Wykoff and Nanette del Subasio ("Coco"). Please contact me directly at the Roadrunner email address for further information. The offspring of this mating will make superb pets, therapy and companion dogs and/or hunting companions. .................................. PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY at: .
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Maria Holt at
16 Salisbury Road
Sheffield, Massachusetts 01257
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 6 years.
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Submitted by: Lou and Joyce Tumolo on Dec 05, 2015
My wife and I lost our first Spinone in January 2015 and six months later found our way to Maria and her litter of pups. As a veterinarian I have dealt with many breeders over the past 45 years. I have found Maria and her dogs to be exceptional. Her own dogs are well socialized, well behaved, and live in her house. She is very committed to socializing and medically caring for her puppies properly before they leave for their new home. Through emails and phone calls she has been very supportive and helpful to every person that has purchased a pup from her. She cares very much about where every pup is going and vets out her potential puppy owners to be sure they are a good fit for a Spinone. Maria provides all her puppy owners practical and useful information to help them get the right start while not being pushy or judgmental. Her love for all her dogs and puppies and well as the breed is obvious. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a Spinone.
Submitted by: Paul & Michele Decker on Nov 30, 2015
What a wonderful experience and puppy from a truly wonderful person! Maria treats theses pups as her own and is a wealth of knowledge and information. Mum Holt is like your puppies grandmother.
Submitted by: Mary Musante on Nov 03, 2015
This is my second Spinoni from Maria Holt. My first is Cosmo, now 4 years old and the most gentle giant in the whole world. Wanting a second Spinoni for companionship for Cosmo I did not even hesitate or look for another breeder, Maria is the most compassionate caring person for her dogs in the whole world. She pampers mom from the very beginning and pampers all the little ones from the day they are born to the day they leave for their new homes. My little Scarlett is the sweetest little girl, fiesty and torments Cosmo to no end but he is very gentle but firm with her when she needs it, no biting private parts allowed! Maria is always giving suggestion and will help you with any questions that you have no matter how old your dog is, and she loves to be constantly updated on the growth of the pups. As she always state they may be our new dogs but they are always her little babies. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in a Spinoni, she will answer any questions regarding the breed so that you can make an informed decision if a Spinoni is right for you, and if you are right for one of her Spinonies.
Submitted by: Liz Tynes on Nov 03, 2015
I am a previous Spinone owner(Luigi passed May 2015). I happened to just be looking around for a breeder and came across Maria Holt and her Pooks Rise Spinoni. My sister lives in Massachusetts(I am in the south)so I thought that I would give her a call. Maria is a one of a kind breeder and I bonded with her love of the spinoni. Her thoughtfulness to me in my loss and the excitement of a future pup of hers certainly helped me in my grief. She is a thorough, careful and loving breeder. It is obvious in her continued contact throughout the process with prospective owners. My vet has paid several compliments to the breeder and the quality of my pup (Romeo). My experience with her has been so positive and fun that I am on the list for another puppy spring 2016. The mere fact that I am pursuing another puppy from a future litter should tell you that Maria Holt and her standards are top quality.
Submitted by: Alan and Shavone Flagg on Nov 03, 2015
Mum Holt has made the experience of gaining a new family member amazing! Her dedication to finding the perfect home and caring for her puppies is to be commended. If only all breeders showed such integrity. Frequent updates and photos of the puppies as they matured made bonding upon receiving them a truly wonderful experience. Thank you Maria!
Submitted by: Fred Roven on Nov 03, 2015
10 weeks and 25 pounds later, Nico is becoming a joy in my life. If I wanted a puppy this fall, I had only a few days from the time I began reading about the breed until the time came to make a decision. Maria was more than understanding of my situation, having lost my 15 year old best girl several months earlier.
Maria truly understands the breed and gave Nico an excellent start in life (even having to breathe life into his tiny body at birth). She shares her experience in terms of pet gear and feeding which made the transition for Nico practically seamless. Although some problems at my office, Nico has a solid start on his training from Maria (and I am sure his mom, dad, and assorted uncles and friends did not stand for much misbehavior).
Maria obviously loves each and every one of her adult dogs and shares an enormous amount of that love with her puppies. My fifth puppy and by far the easiest to train. We do a lot of hiking and his natural tracking ability a joy to behold as he learns to respond to those strong natural instincts.
Submitted by: Janet Allen on Nov 03, 2015
Maria Holt of Pook's Rise Spinonis is obviously extremely dedicated to her Spinoni breed and her dogs. She took great care in providing information, health updates and photos of the tiny litter mates as they grew. As well as suggestions on making the transition from whelping box to our home a smooth one and also training advice.

Our pup, at 12 weeks is adjusting very nicely and is an absolute joy ! I would highly recommend Maria !
Submitted by: Jesse Myers on Oct 18, 2015
Maria Holt is quite simply the best of the best. My wife and I have dealt with a variety of dog breeders and I can honestly say I have never run into someone who handles everything so professionally, and yet is clearly in business from a purely personal perspective. Maria's puppies are part of her family from day 1. They are nurtured and cared for to the point that you can be certain when you get your puppy that you will know everything you need to know about it, and that it will have been raised exactly as any loving owner would expect. Maria works with all her clients to ensure she understands what they are looking for in a dog, and that their puppy is a match for the family. Our Sadie is exactly what we wanted, and has been the most fantastic addition to the family. Maria is also wonderful at providing advice to new owners, and tips to anyone who needs help. I can honestly say we would most definitely recommend that anyone who is interested in a Spinnone should start with Pook's Rise.
Submitted by: Brenda Sullivan on Oct 13, 2015
Maria is knowledgeable, caring, and provides great guidance at each step of the way - all of it with a great sense of humor. This is our second Spinone, but our first from Maria. Her level of communication was wonderful from the first phone call through puppy delivery. It's a long process, but well worth the wait. Our pup from her June 2015 litter is amazing - the star of our obedience classes! I didn't think it was possible to find a better Spinone than our first, but this guy is on his way to being a great companion dog!
Submitted by: Giuseppe and Karen Iacono on Feb 28, 2014
From wanting a dog to finally getting one is a fairly long road. And it better be. It does take time to prepare yourselves to welcome the new member of the family. And we were very lucky to find Maria to prep our family for such wonderful event. First, she made sure we were serious and committed about wanting a dog, and mostly she made sure we would be ready to welcome one of her puppies. Second, she made sure that one of her puppies would be the right fit for our family. We were very fortunate to receive her "green light.” Today, we are the proud “parents’ of Dante, a wonderful Spinone from Serafina’s and Toby’s 2013 litter. That little bundle stole our hearts from the first moment we saw him and his brother and sisters 4 weeks from birth. And from that moment we could not wait to welcome Dante into our home. Now, in a few days Dante will be 1 year old. The past year has been magnificent, and we owe much to the precious guidance from Maria. You must remember that one of her puppies might become your dog, but they will ALWAYS be her puppies. Through Maria , we share stories and experiences with fellow owners of Spinone offspring from her litters. We exchange emails with observations or questions. We relay stories of goofy behaviors or antics, complete with photos and sometimes a video. You become part of her expanded family. What a priviledge. We could not thank her enough for her guidance, and for how serious she is about the well-being of her puppies, and the purity of the breed. And all of this with an unique wit. Thank you Maria!!

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