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Mountain View Llewellin's Setter Kennel, LLC. - Kentucky English Setter, Llewellin Setter, Mountain Cur, Original Mountain Cur Breeders

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About Mountain View Llewellin's Setter Kennel, LLC.

#1 Gun Dog Breeder's Lewellin Setter Breeder, without any training or other breed testimonies (please see our testimonies). SPECIALIZING in ONLY raising 100% Pure LLEWELLIN's SETTERS from Richard Purcell Llewellin, Esq. himself, his personal bloodline known as his pure "DASHING BONDHU" Llewellin Setters. These were his personal bloodlines for 50+ years until his death. No other bloodline is his personal bloodline and is 100% genetically clean.

They are the ultimate, "NATURAL", close working, foot hunting gentlemen's and lady's bird hunting machines and loving family companion dogs ever created in the world. NO horse back, independent, high strong, Field Trail bloodlines. Males only average 50-55 lbs. and females average 35-45 lbs. when grown.

NO American outcrosses, NOT ONE DROP! ALL OUR DOGS ARE "GUN DOG CERTIFIED" and hunted on wild Grouse, Woodcock, native Quail as well as Kansas Ringnecks and stocked birds. All 100% NATURAL at pointing, retrieving, and backing (honoring another dog) without the need of FORCE training, GPS tracking, or ELECTRIC COLLARS ever used.

Our PURE Dashing Bondhu bloodlines were originally imported directly from William Humphrey (England) 1960's, Fr. Brannon (Ireland) 1988, and a pure Humphrey bloodline imported from Belgium in the 90's.

These are the SAME EXACT pure bloodlines that produced OLN's "HANK" of OLN's #1 Sporting Show for a number of years "Hunting with Hank" and his son OLN's "DASH" of OLN's "Upland days with Dash and Dez".

Please see all our dogs' pedigrees! They are the PUREST Dashing Bondhu Bloodlines available in the world! Life-Time 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Genetically sound for a long happy life. Safe airline shipping available around the world!

Please be sure to see our extensive website considered by many as the best for "Llewellin Setter History", "Dashing Bondhu History", Bio's on "Richard Llewellin", "William Humphrey", and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

Typical litter of our Llewellin Setters.

Please see our website for more details on pups available and deposits at . A must read before you purchase a bird dog or even your next pet.

Man's Best Friend, easily house trained.

We are also still raising some select litters of our outstanding Mountain View Curs, the most natural tree dogs ever developed. Please go to to learn all about them.

Yellow Mountain View Cur pups, also Man's Best Friend and also come with a Life-Time Satisfaction Guarantee! MVC male pups only $400. and MVC female pups only $450. each. Natural Tree Dogs!

Visits by appointment ONLY!

Please do NOT use "send email" link below and email us directly at so we can answer you ASAP.

The "send email" link below does not get to us and is kept as a message online in our Gundogbreeders account. We might not answer those online messages for several days.


Mike & Marie <><

Testimonials are 100% from our Llewellin's Setter customers.

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English Setter, Llewellin Setter, Mountain Cur, Original Mountain Cur
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Mike & Marie Bloodgood
11290 N. Dixie Hwy.
Bonnieville, Kentucky 42713
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 47 years.
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Submitted by: Larry Brock on Jul 21, 2014
Hi Mike and Marie,

I bought Louie from you in January of last year. He was born in Oct 2012. His name is Dashing Bondhu Louie. He was pointing birds at 4 months old. He was easy to train and is genetically healthy.

I have hunted him in Florida for quail, where I live, and in upstate NY for grouse and woodcock. He has consistently searched for birds and pointed. He has a great prey drive and desire. I did a little training to get him to hold point a little longer and the basic stuff like come, stay, etc. He has done very well and I'm proud whenever I take a friend along to go hunting. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with him.


Larry Brock
Submitted by: Spencer Gaskins on Jul 21, 2014
I just wanted to provide an update to a pup I purchased from Mountain View Kennel.

Cricket - has been a very welcome addition to our family. I have 2 kids (aged 3 and 5) and Cricket seamlessly joined the family.

This past season (2013-2014) was her first real season of hunting. Her first fall hunting trip in Eastern Washington was a pretty sour experience - for her and me. We were hunting Chukar at elevation and about 45 minutes in, we reached a ridge-line, sat down and took a break for a drink of water. While I rested, she was searching around the rock outcropping. Next thing I know, she's over by my feet with a look on her face and I notice a small dribble of blood on her upper lip. A hunting buddy's Springer started sniffing around the same area as Cricket was previously searching, acting very spooky. We walked over, and the distinctive buzz coming from a Western Diamondback was heard, and seen coiled ready to strike (again)! At this point, I killed the snake, scooped Cricket up and back to the truck we started. About 30 minutes later we arrived at the truck, loaded up and started flying down the jeep trail towards town. If you've ever hunted chukar in it's (transplanted) habitat of the Northwest, you know that chukar hunting is done very far from any sort of civilization, very high up in the steep hills. We were about an hour to the Vet.'s office once we arrived at the hard-road after speeding down the jeep trail for what felt like an eternity. On the way, Cricket was in pain, and appeared to be passing out. The Vet got her on a saline flush with anti-venin on standby if her coagulants dropped below threshold. Luckily, she didn't need the anti-venin, and I picked up a very swollen, very happy-to-see-me pup the next morning. A week later, and she was back to her normal, fun-loving self. I've included a picture of her before and after the snake-bite. posted on the Mountain View Kennel Testimonial webpage.

As bad as I felt for her, it was compounded by the concern that she wouldn't be able to make it to my annual 2-week North Dakota pheasant hunt. It would be her first time, and I really wanted to see her in action on wild pheasant. She had been put on released birds in the pre-season, and I knew for her to really excel, she needed the experience that only wild birds can provide. Luckily, she healed just fine from the snakebite, and we made our trip to North Dakota.

Her first day on North Dakota birds gave her fits. It was a blast watching her try and figure out 1) how to home-in on a single bird with so much scent in the area, and 2) how to keep those birds from moving. It took her some time, but she got better and better each day working the cattails and shelter belts. By the 3rd day, she was really starting to get the hang of it. Oh, she busted a bird or two every now and then, but each day busted birds became less and less of an occurrence. Each day, I shot my limit over her, being very careful to only shoot birds she pointed - after all, this was all about her learning how to hunt. It wouldn't have been fair to her if I were to confuse her with shooting non-pointed birds - which meant we let a lot of birds go. Which also meant she would watch the birds take off try and chase them down. Luckily the area is sparsely populated, and a person can see for miles (literally). I knew that the only way to get her out of that habit was more and more birds - that patience would make her see that it wasn't fun to chase birds, when I wasn't interested in chasing along with her. Patience paid off, as the last few days of the hunt were a sight to behold - on the last day, a limit of birds (on a VERY down year in North Dakota) before 11:30 am, and we started hunting at 9:00 am. It was a joy to see her work those birds. She graduated that trip into a great little bird dog. I am always longing for more time in the field, but it was time to go home and we packed up and headed back west. She does great in the truck, by the way...

Since then, we've hunted wild quail, pheasant and chukar here in Washington, and she has excelled on each (She REALLY doesn't like to fetch valley quail, though - I suspect it's the taste...), I am including a couple pictures of this past season so that you can see what a beautiful dog she has turned out to be (also posted on the MVK webpage).

My wife and I put her on birds, and everywhere we go we get compliments on her looks. What really pops their eyes, though, is to watch her work birds. At that point, her looks plus her style plus her nose comes together into a beautiful bundle of dog that can only be described as God's Handiwork in action.

I know that this sounds over-the-top -but that was a compliment given to Cricket by another long-time bird hunter I hunt with late in this season. Thank you for breeding these dogs, Mike.

Spencer Gaskins
Washington State
Submitted by: Angela Kalb on Jul 21, 2014
I came down to Mountain View Kennel last month with my coworker Jamie. I wanted to thank you and Marie for bringing "Bella" into my life. It was such a pleasure meeting you and really enjoyed spending time with you while we were there. All your puppies and other pets are amazing. If somehow I end up in your area again I will make a point to come see you both.

I'm hoping the name Bella is available. She is adjusting wonderfully and I am cherishing every moment with her.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart:):)

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much again.

Angela Kalb

Submitted by: Marike Godsey on Jul 21, 2014
Just wanted to let you know that Archie is settling in and is quickly becoming a member of our "pack". We couldn't be happier or love him anymore! You truly have produced the perfect dog! So far at 4 months (we got him at 12 weeks). He's completely house trained. Knows sit shake, shake, drop it and lay down! He hasn't been to a single training class either! He has definitely bonded to my son Gabe but equally shares his love with the rest of the family. I'm proud to say he is spoiled rotten!! I can't wait for the 2 of them to go on his first hunt (he already points at the birds in our yard) he is officially Gabes baseball team mascot and he hasn't missed a game!! Oh and most importantly. He's not afraid of fireworks! Haha.

Thanks for your help and for an awesome dog!

Marijke Godsey

Submitted by: Marijke Godsey on Jul 21, 2014
It's hard to fully capture on my cell but I emailed to MVK a picture (posted on MVK Testimonal webpage) of Archie pointing at a robin in the back yard. I know it's not quail or pheasant. But he stood there as still as could be until the bird flew away. I don't know if it's right or not but I praised him and I was the one who walked towards the bird to make it fly off. (Haha told you I was completely clueless about bird hunting). I have a feeling Archie is going to be the one that teaches us.

Marijke Godsey

Submitted by: Carole and Ken Miller on Jul 21, 2014
Dear Mike and Marie,

Brynne is doing very very well. She is so smart. She now sits on command and knows her name. We have been working with her with the simple commands. She is learning very quickly. She has fit in very well into the family and the other two girls really enjoy her so much. She is learning to focus when you talk to her which is so important.

Be looking for something coming Priority Mail tomorrow. Hope you and Marie enjoy!!!

I did get her registration papers and they have been filled out and sent.

I have taken so many pictures on my iphone and sending a few to you and Marie by email.

We are so pleased with Brynne. She had her first checkup at the vets and they all loved her. Our vet was very impressed.

As you can see she has adjusted very well.

Sending blessings to you,

Carole and Ken
Hershey, PA
Submitted by: Cliff Russell on Jun 01, 2013

We shipped and picked up our Llewellin Setter puppy all safe and sound now at home. He is a beautiful pup ,what a great temperament he has. I am very happy with him. Tonight he will get a good rest. and in the morning if he is up to it I may let him meet a couple of my dogs and begin to acclimate to his new home. Thankyou for everything,--- Cliff

Submitted by: Cliff Russell on Jun 01, 2013
April 08, 2013 8:37 PM

Dear Mike & Marie,

Just to let you know how happy we are with our Llewellin Setter pup. he is growing so fast he minds very well, comes to his name, retrieves, fetches on command, and is house broken. He is the third pup out of about 50 that I have had that was that good at such a young age. thanks Cliff Russell

Submitted by: Martin Hicks on Jun 01, 2013
Mike and Marie- This is Martin Hicks from Wheatland, WY and I purchased a setter from you two years ago (June of 2011). Just giving you a quick update on the pup. Her name is Lucy and I could not be more pleased with her.

She hunts close, has a great nose and retrieves to my expectations. I have hunted her on pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge. She has done well on all species, so again great work on breeding excellent Llewellin Setters!


Martin Hicks
Wheatland Wildlife Biologist, WGFD
Wheatland, WY 82201

Submitted by: Martin Hicks on Jun 01, 2013
Hi Mike & Marie,

She again took her experience to South Dakota and hunted wild birds in late December when birds are flighty and tough to hunt, especially for a young dog. After several wild flushes she was able to slow down, find and point the birds. She had several great retrieves, but like other young dogs she also had several learning experiences, where things did not go perfect. I would expect this to happen with any dog, so I was not in the least disappointed.

North Central Wyoming is home to a robust population of Hungarian partridge. I have never hunted this bird before and did not know what to expect from my young Llewellin. The covey's were spooky, but if conditions were right my young setter was able to locate, point, back my other setter, and retrieve the birds.

I had a great experience watching her hunt this exotic bird. Habitat conditions are similar to sage grouse, which are dry and provide tough scenting conditions. She did a great her first time out and I cannot wait to take her back.

Martin Hicks
Wheatland Wildlife Biologist, WGFD
Wheatland, WY 82201

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