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About Prince's Quality Gun Dogs
Young male and female on a wild bird hunt in KS, last wk of January. Both are very natural at the retrieve,hunting,great noses etc. The female in the pic is 6 mo old. The genetics that produced this pup, showing her natural ability including honoring in the field are just some of the traits that we strive for. This is my PROMISE to you, I will do my best to give you exactly what you deserve for your dollar. I DO NOT BREED ANY OTHER BREED therefore specializing in the GSP and producing the best is my #1 goal. I do however train about any pointing breed. I hope that you will take the opportunity to find out what I am talking about and why I try to produce Quality with and emphasis on style, natural ability with an never ending drive to please you in the field while also pleasing themselves finding birds then why not consider a Prince's Quality Gundog. Let's talk about testimonials. Testimonials are something that are given by an individual free of will hopefully giving other people insight on what one's merchandise or product is like. All testimonials are given when the pup or dog or training has been PROVEN!!! No testimonials stating that QUOTE (I had a great experience purchasing my pup or that I am a nice guy) are given until the pup has proven to be what I said it would be. That could be 5 mo of age taken bird hunting for the first time, 6 mo competing in events or what ever the case may be. I hope that what I tell you is nothing but the truth and what I sell you is even more than what I say it is. We ship anywhere in the US mostly by van which is much more humane and less stressful on your pup or dog. The van is climate controlled with 2 individuals on board. One driving while the other is always taking care of your pup. With this I give a GUARANTEE on health and hunting abiltiy. I encourage you to view the testimonials below by scrolling down and see the difference if the number of testimonials are more important or the number and the QUALITY is more important. Please visit my website to find out more about me and my kennel. Thank You very much for your support and kindness. Prince's Quality Gun Dogs!!
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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John Prince
428 S. 190th st.
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: Cooper E. on May 19, 2016
I found John through a friend, and after making a trip up to his kennel to see some of his dogs work I was sold. John's training methods combined with top quality bloodlines really make for a dog that will turn some heads. I told John that I was looking for a dog that would make a good companion, and also hunt all day in the field. He paired me with what I think is the perfect puppy. I picked Sadie up from John at 8 weeks old, he was very helpful, giving me lots of advice on how to get my pup started out right. I couldn't be more impressed with the dog I have now, she far exceeded my expectations during her first season. She was hunting full days in the field at 6 months old and could easily keep up with a seasoned dog. Her instinct and will to hunt have absolutely blown me away. She is a bird-finding machine and everyone that has hunted behind her in her has been extremely impressed, hardly believing she wasn't even a year old. She has also been a great dog to have in the home. Sadie really never had a "puppy" phase, always showing a level of maturity beyond her age. She has a very calm and laid back attitude and her level of obedience makes her a joy to have around. This is the exact dog that I was looking for and I am very excited to watch her mature over the next few years. I am very happy to have found John Prince, he is an excellent breeder and trainer, his main goal being to insure that you are satisfied with your dog. Not many guys will work with you after a sale like John will, he really does go the extra mile to ensure his customers are happy. As long as he is in the business he will have a customer in me. I think that anyone who goes to John for a dog will be just as impressed as I am.
Submitted by: Chris Frantz on Feb 22, 2016
I obtained a GSP puppy from my father-in-law last year, and immediately began my research for a training facility. After picking up my dog from John yesterday I am glad I found him! The process with John is extensive, and you will be glad that it is. It starts with an email, and then that turns into phone calls in which he usually picks your brain to see what you want done with your dog. Then he goes through the process of telling you what he is going to do. What I found most impressive about him is that he assess's your dog before he even takes him. John takes your dog and determines his ability and interest in birds. The entire time John is talking to you and watching the dog and describing what he sees. Which is incredible in itself to watch your dog and have all his mannerisms translated to you. Thankfully my dog had some natural instinct and ability and John took him. 7-8 weeks later(yesterday) I picked up my dog from John. That process consisted of John, me, and my friend who is looking at buying a dog from John, driving out with some birds to hunt with my dog Tucker. John does not praise Tucker and his ability before I see him. All John says is lets go take a look at what he can do. We all drive out on the Mule and plant a quail then quickly drive away. Next he walks to the dog box and I can barely recognize the behavior of my dog. He opens the dog box and Tucker barely sticks his head out. A sharp "Back" from John and Tucker stands there while John puts the E collar on him and continues to stand there even after the collar is on. Then a firm "OK" and Tucker bolts into the grass on a mission. Meanwhile John is walking and talking to us and giving firm commands and Tucker obeys. Tucker hits the first bird and goes on a solid point. John's hand goes up and a firm "Whoa" comes out and Tucker doesn't move. John slowly walks up to the bird and kicks him out and shoots the bird and Tucker retrieves it right back to him. Stunned is a good word for how I felt at this point. Back to the mule " Meanwhile tucker is tearing around looking for another bird". Load Tucker up and go plant another bird and go through the process again with the same result. Now when someone hands you back a dog like this you are a little nervous. I am so scared that I am going to screw him up and I tell John this. John shoots you straight "He is going to make mistakes, and you are going to make mistakes". John offers his place to bring him back so that Tucker and I can get trained some more together. More of me learning how to work my dog correctly. Having the pleasure of now knowing John and what he can do for me, I feel like know matter what he is a phone call away for advice. Which I really appreciate! If you are looking for a dog trainer, I would not recommend him, but I insist you go to him. Quality is outstanding, and nothing but positive things to say about him and his service!

Thanks for Everything,

Chris Frantz
Submitted by: Billy DiBonaventura on Feb 12, 2016
I contacted John Prince about purchasing a GSP in April 2015. He explained his operation & I told him what I was looking for in a GSP. I wanted a puppy to train and be a companion & hunter. John helped me so much! I was going to have to wait for a litter in July but someone canceled on a puppy in May. I was so fortunate to get this dog he is totally unbelieveable. He was shipped from Kansas to Pa the first week of June. He is not afraid of anything and bonded with me right away. He was pointing & retrieving birds at the age of 4 months. I called John several times to ask him for advice on how to work with the pup. He always had the time to help me!! In September I went to John's home in Kansas and spent a week with him to work with and train Jag. What he did in 5 days was awesome. He fine tuned my dog & me to hunt together. This dog is amazing. His desire to hunt is awesome. He does it all. I took Jag to South Dakota in November for pheasant hunting. Buddies of mine could not believe what they were seeing in a 8 mo. old GSP. I've been and I am so lucky to know and have met John Prince and have such a great GSP.
Thank you SO Much John!!
Billy D.
PS If you want the Best of the Best then John Prince Quality Gun Dogs is the way to go!!!
Submitted by: jimmy dewbre on Dec 20, 2015
I picked up 2 dogs from John one 4 month old male 1 5 month old female for me the other for my cousin. the female I named Dixie far exceeded my expectations. she hunts harder and finds birds better than any dog I have ever owned we got to where we would just follow her you could watch her get birdy,then she would hold a point until we tell her ok to flush retrieve ,soft mouth, she does it all. My cousin says the same about his male. the only regret I have is letting my cousin take the male. I would love to have had Both. but Dixie is a Fantastic dog. Thanks John ps. when my 15 year old Brittany passes I will get me a male from YOU .
Submitted by: Britton Plemmons on Nov 21, 2015
When I returned after 8 weeks of training to pick up my 10 month old GSP, Tex, I was extremely impressed at what I saw. When I dropped him off in late August, John was on the fence whether or not this pup would turn into a quality hunting dog. Not having purchased the dog from him, he took on the challenge of turning him into the bird hunting machine that I desired. That is exactly what he did! Tex is a completely different dog who is absolutely obsessed with finding birds. His ability to whoa on command, hold point, and retrieve to hand is truly impressive. None of which he could do prior to training with John. If you are shopping around for a quality trainer, you can stop here. Living in central Texas, I probably passed by a dozen gun dog trainers to get to Pittsburg, Kansas and sure glad I did. You can expect an honest straight shooting dog trainer with a unique training method that produces. If he thinks he can train your dog, he will. If he doesn't think the dog has what it takes, he will tell you. There something to be said for that in the business of dog training.

This morning, Tex had a fantastic performance in the field. The winds were 20-25mph and swirling with a slight misting rain. The conditions were tough but it didn't slow him down a bit. One of the highlights of the hunt was when we were working down wind from an area I knew had some birds. Nose to the ground, he found the scent and did a 180, locked on a bird 10 feet up wind in from of him. He didn't move an inch and allowed me to flush the bird and brought the bird to my hand. We ended up with a limit.

You can't go wrong with Prince's Quality Gun Dogs

Thanks John
Submitted by: Matt Whiteford on May 22, 2015
I got my first GSP from John over 7 years ago. John made it clear she was the runt of the litter but was very healthy. She may be small in stature, but her heart and will are beyond description. So is her intellect. She hunts harder than dogs twice her size. Granted, I exercise my dogs nearly daily, but she is indeed special. Slams birds, retrieves, honors, and her disposition is fantastic. We loved her so much we went back and got her sister from the next litter. Jessie has the kindest heart of any dog I have ever owned, but will hunt hard all day long as well. Both girls have been a picture of health and vitality. I sincerely believe they have several more years in them. I have NO problem highly recommending John. Not only for the quality of dogs he's sold me, but the fact I can still call him any time. If he misses me (rare) I always hear back from him within 24 hours. He even texted me while fishing in Canada!! Nut that I am, five weeks ago, we went and picked up another pup, Geddy. I'll be writing about him very soon. I think he shows the potential to be the best dog I have ever owned! More to follow....
Submitted by: Ed Osowski on Apr 07, 2015
I picked up my first dog from John 16 years ago, she was with us for 14 years. Hunting with me for 12 and grew up with my two boys. Just a wonderful dog in every way. A year after she passed I visited John for another female, we talked about what I wanted and he recommended a perfect dog. She's now 14 months old, hunted her last fall here in Mass and also in Maine. Natural ability was unbelievable, just a beautiful hunting dog, fantastic personality, eager to please and wonderful with my family. Everything you want in a hunting dog.
Submitted by: Chris on Jan 29, 2015
I bought a female from John last February. We took Penny out in the field with some birds. She locked up on a dime, held point, John flushed the birds, shot one down and she retrieved to hand. John had already discussed what her capabilities were over the phone and backed them up in person. She did every thing he said she would. Penny has a great personality, eager to please, calm and a hunting machine. We hunted Penny in the UP this October and she was excellent. She is 2 now and she hunts like a 6 year old veteran. Highly recommend John's dogs and he is not to bad a guy either.
Submitted by: eddie woods on Jan 14, 2015
I purchased my pup named Jed. That was thirteen weeks now he is 17 weeks old. Day after I bought him he was pointing live quail. Been on pheasant hunts in western KS since he will honor points last Sunday he honored had nine points and three retrieves four guys shot over this pup he goes to the bird. Best investment I have made. Thanks John

Submitted by: Clint Stewart on Jan 14, 2015
What can I say about my GSP Jet from John Prince's kennel. I will try to limit the praise so folks wont have to read a novel. Here's a quick rundown of some of my favorite highlights: 1. His pedigree is top notch. It doesn't come any better. From his mother and father right there at Johns kennel all the way through champions like Dixieland Rusty and back into the old Stradivarius line of GSP's, Jets bloodlines are as good as they come. 2. Jet pointed the first quail scent he ever smelled at about 11 weeks old. Tail high, perfect position, and never broke. I haven't taught the dog one thing about pointing. He was born with it. 3. He learned WHOA and HERE in about 2 hrs, in one session, at less then 3 mo old. He is smart, teachable, but is still good and onery and has a go get it attitude. He doesn't cowar at discipline, never even flinched at a gun shot, and he learns fast. He is everything you want in terms of training. 4.Jet had his first pheasant hunt at 5 mo old, and not only did he point and hold, he marked birds by sight-some of them wounded birds that fell hundreds of yds away. He'd sprint straight to them, and retrieve fairly without much training at all(and zero force training). He has a natural soft mouth, doesn't chew birds at all. He was (and is) a natural at marking and finding birds- an uncanny ability to mark birds, even. When my father saw this happen and the puppy was only 5 mo- mind you, my father has been in the dog business some 65 yrs and has seen quite literally everything- he told me I had something special. 5. More on that first hunt: As a 5 mo old puppy, Jet outlasted every adult dog on our hunt. He was born with incredible stamina. Jet will go from daylight to dark, day after day. It's remarkable to see, actually. He is strong, he's athletic- lean and muscled and perfectly proportioned, exactly what you want- and he has great instincts and a great nose. You just can't say enough about the dogs natural gifts. 6. Aside from hunting, Jet is my best buddy. He lives in my house, and has since he was a puppy. He sleeps every night in my room with me. He is obedient, he's never chewed anything in my house, he rides in my truck(front and in the bed) without one bit of worry. I can go to the store with him in the truck bed, leave him there, and when I come out he'll be right there, sitting, staring at the store front door waiting for me to come back out where he last saw me. He has THE most loving and happy personality I've ever witnessed in a dog. I've never even heard him growl. Everyone loves Jet, and Jet loves everyone. He's a great companion. 7. Here's another thing I want to highlight that has nothing to do with Jet's hunting. John Prince has been, since day one and still to this day, a man of integrity, and a man of his word. You can take John's word to the bank. When he says he will do something, you can count on it. That's a rare thing, and certainly so from what I've learned from my father, and through my own experience in the dog business. But Jet was everything John said he would be, and even more impressive to me-John is truly invested in his dogs. He has kept in contact to check up on Jet, make sure the dog is doing well and that his customer is satisfied. He continues to do this today, over 4 yrs after Jet came to my house. It's evidence this is more than just a business to John. This is his life, and his joy, and he knows the value of honesty, integrity, and service. I would recommend John Prince and his kennel to anyone and everyone who's looking for not only the highest quality gundogs, but the best kind of experience with a breeder and trainer. I plan to bring another John Prince GSP into my house asap!! In addition to the list above, I wanted to relay the unique details of a hunting story about Jet that will hopefully shed even more light on this dogs natural gifts. When he was 3 yrs old I decided to take Jet to my duck blind. Quail and pheasant populations were terrible that yr- they'd been on a steady decline, and that yr we didn't even have enough wild birds to make a hunt-so I was duck hunting quite a bit, and it broke my heart to have to see Jet sad when I'd leave before dark without him. He knows when its time to hunt-he'll go into my gear room and watch me pack, bouncing around the room barking and excited beyond himself the whole time. Closing the front door with him long faced behind me, still in the house, and then seeing him up on the front window-paws up on the window pane, barking as I drove away-was just too much. Of course I had no idea how'd he'd react or what he'd do in the blind. He'd never even seen waterfowl, smelled a duck, been around nor in a blind, etc. Jet watched as I waded out and set decoys and came back to shore and got him and everything settled in the blind. We waited for first light together. He was a little confused obviously, having to set still instead of hunt to find birds, but again, the dog knows when it's time to hunt, and you could just tell he knew this was going to be fun. He was attentive, hanging on my every word and movement, and his whole body shook with the adrenaline and excitement. Then before the first light, birds started coming in. We all know that magical sound in the predawn darkness-whistling wings cutting through the cold air, the splash of the landing out over the water, the muted "bleeps" of the group talking amongst themselves. You could just see Jet catching on. He'd look up into the darkness at the sounds, then through the front of the blind when he'd hear the ducks on the water, trying to locate them in the shadow's over the pond. By first light, he was literally looking up, scanning the sky. He'd pick up a group circling high above and follow them without looking away. The first group I got to decoy came in low across the pond, and when I stood, 2 mallards broke to my right, quartering up hard. I dropped them both in as many shots, and they folded and began to tumble. When they hit, I instinctively yelled "FETCH!" not thinking about what Jet would do. He bolted-and let me tell you, when this dog takes off, get out of the way. He's as fast and powerful as any dog I've seen. Unfortunately, Jet took a straight line to the birds instead out the back opening of the blind-crashing through the front of my blind, collapsing half of it in the process. But he hit the water at full speed, swam out to where he marked the first duck, and like he'd done it his whole life, he turned and swam all the way back to the bank with a mallard drake in his mouth. He dropped it on the bank, smelled it for a second, then the second bird-injured but not completely dead-splashed the water back behind him. He spun and located it, hit the water again and swam all the way out to the other mallard. It dove on him, several times, trying to get away. Jet kept after it, locating and losing and relocating it over again-mind you, the dog has literally never even seen a duck nor smelled one at this point, nor of course chased an injured diver. He was back and forth, circling, chasing, until finally he caught it. Again, like he was a trained lab, he swam back to shore, dropped the duck on the bank, shook all the water off and started examining these weird swimming pheasants!! Needless to say, I was stunned. I was also elate-beyond excited and happy, and a proud father. Jet is quite simply, an absolute natural. A born hunter. And the best all around dog I've seen or heard of. Now I just have to teach him how to exit the duck blind properly...

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