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About Prince's Quality Gun Dogs
Young male and female on a wild bird hunt in KS, last wk of January. Both are very natural at the retrieve,hunting,great noses etc. The female in the pic is 6 mo old. The genetics that produced this pup, showing her natural ability including honoring in the field are just some of the traits that we strive for. This is my PROMISE to you, I will do my best to give you exactly what you deserve for your dollar. I DO NOT BREED ANY OTHER BREED therefore specializing in the GSP and producing the best is my #1 goal. I do however train about any pointing breed. I hope that you will take the opportunity to find out what I am talking about and why I try to produce Quality with and emphasis on style, natural ability with an never ending drive to please you in the field while also pleasing themselves finding birds then why not consider a Prince's Quality Gundog. Let's talk about testimonials. Testimonials are something that are given by an individual free of will hopefully giving other people insight on what one's merchandise or product is like. All testimonials are given when the pup or dog or training has been PROVEN!!! No testimonials stating that QUOTE (I had a great experience purchasing my pup or that I am a nice guy) are given until the pup has proven to be what I said it would be. That could be 5 mo of age taken bird hunting for the first time, 6 mo competing in events or what ever the case may be. I hope that what I tell you is nothing but the truth and what I sell you is even more than what I say it is. We ship anywhere in the US mostly by van which is much more humane and less stressful on your pup or dog. The van is climate controlled with 2 individuals on board. One driving while the other is always taking care of your pup. With this I give a GUARANTEE on health and hunting abiltiy. I encourage you to view the testimonials below by scrolling down and see the difference if the number of testimonials are more important or the number and the QUALITY is more important. Please visit my website to find out more about me and my kennel. Thank You very much for your support and kindness. Prince's Quality Gun Dogs!!
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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John Prince
428 S. 190th st.
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: Antonio Filipponi on Apr 08, 2014
I bought a GSP from John Prince in October of 2012 and he has turned out to be one of the best natural hunters I have ever seen. Cooper not only hunts like a champion, but he is my best friend and companion too. Thank you John.
Submitted by: Becca Powell on Jan 22, 2014
Our gsp, Henri, is 10 months old today. We purchased Henri from John Prince in May and could not be happier. We knew we wanted our pup to be part of the family. We live in downtown Austin and take our dog with us everywhere, restaurants, bars, hikes, etc. John helped us pick out our pup and he was right on! Henri is the most well rounded dog I've ever owned. He retrieved and pointed right at 9 weeks old. He has been easy to train. I'm sure he would make a great hunting dog. John Prince took his time in answering all of our questions and really cares about putting his dogs in the right homes and the happiness of everyone. We have considered getting another puppy and when we do, I promise it will be from John Prince. You cannot go wrong!
Submitted by: Ruben Santos on Jan 05, 2014
I purchase a male gsp from Mr. prince and he is all he said he would be.i sent my pup at 8 month old to him to trained it when i had it shipped back he told me that he was steady to shot , whoa broke,here and retreive to hand.i took my pup out at a 11 months to his first outing which was a month after his training and he did everything that mr. prince said he would do, he pointed quail and pheasant i have two other gsp a 3yr old and a 2yr old and this pup out did my two dogs.just want to say thanks to Mr. Prince this pup is going to be good one
Submitted by: Paul Frauen on Dec 23, 2013
I got my female GSP, Rooke from John almost exactly one year ago to the day. When searching for a puppy I called many different breeders and John by far was the most welcoming and willing to answer my many many questions. When speaking with him he told me how the instincts of his dogs are the best I can find out there, and he did not oversell. Rooke pointed feathers at 5 weeks old the night I took her home. Rooke went with me at 10 months old to South Dakota and all the guides were impressed with her abilities and asking where I got her. John was so accommodating in helping teach me to be a better handler as Rooke is my first hunting dog. If you're like me you've been searching and reading about every breeder on let me save you some time and say, stop searching and go to John for your GSP.

Thanks again John,
Submitted by: Paul Frauen on Dec 18, 2013
I cannot thank you enough for the quality of service you provided from start to finish in helping me select and train my GSP, Rooke. When I began searching for the right breeder for my GSP I called multiple breeders in the Kansas and Missouri area, and when I spoke with John on the phone he was more than willing to go into great detail not only answering my questions but providing his professional opinions about different options that I was undecided on. When going to see his dogs for the first time, John took the time to provide a demonstration of his finished dogs in addition to letting me look at all the puppies and see how they reacted around birds/wings for the first time.
I took Rooke home the same day at 5 weeks old. When I took her home she was pointing wings on a rod and string the very same night! When you speak with John he will tell you how instinctual his breeds are, sometimes to the point that it has to seem like overselling. I'm sure I'm not the first customer of John's to say, he is not overselling the quality of his breeds at all! I took Rooke back for training with John and she was finished in time for my trip this year to South Dakota, where the other guides and the owner of the club were all amazed at Rooke's abilities at 11 months old.
What is great about John's service is I feel comfortable calling and getting advice on handling Rooke at any point. John provides top to bottom, start to finish, great customer service. For those looking for a quality dog, Prince's Quality Gun Dogs is the place. I have told John that any prospective buyers that want a customer's view in more detail can get my contact information from him and I'd be more than willing to share my experience and answer any additional questions from the customer's perspective.

Thanks again John,
Paul & Rooke
Submitted by: Jared McJunkin on Dec 18, 2013
Recently, I found myself back in the market for a GSP after my 9.5 year-old male passed unexpectedly a week ago. I immediately looked up Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs, having had great luck with one of his dogs in the past. I started the conversation with John about what I was looking for and possible timelines, as I now have a young daughter who has a birthday coming up so I wanted to time it right if I could. After chatting with John via email, I quickly remembered why I bought my first GSP puppy from him. John is an honest businessman and is truly interested in getting his customers the right dog for their needs so they will enjoy a lifetime of memories in the field. After chatting with John and reliving our first encounter, I felt compelled to write a testimonial for anyone looking to buy a GSP. I know John will treat you right and get you a great dog in the process!!

I first met John back in 1994, when I was a teenager looking for a GSP pup. I ended up getting a great male, Dallas, out of one of John’s litters, out of Rawhide’s Clown. He was BAR NONE the greatest dog a person could ever own. I am sure many have heard the old adage “a man only gets one truly special dog in his lifetime;” Dallas was that dog for me. He was a hunter right out of the gate. The first time I had him on birds he was 4 months old and he locked on point between two coveys in a thick CRP field. I remember thinking “There is no way this puppy is on birds; this is the first time he has smelled wild quail.” He held until I got to him and I managed to shoot my first triple out of the exploding coveys. I knew right then that this was a very special dog. He lived to be one month shy of his 16th birthday with no issues. He had a great temperament and was always eager to hit the field, where he was ALL business. He also was a great family dog and good in the house, great with people and kids.

Everything came so natural to Dallas. He covered ground like he had been trained by the best, but he was trained by a kid training his first dog, highlighting the natural ability that John breeds into his litters!!! I truly believe Dallas never missed a bird in his life. He outhunted every dog he ever ran with; always the first to the point and holding the longest. Everyone that hunted over him had a profound respect for his abilities and often told me he was the best dog they ever hunted over. The sympathy I received from friends and hunting partners when he passed might have been the biggest testament to his hunting ability and impacts on others who were able to share the field with him.

If you are looking for a GSP, I strongly suggest you look into Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs. Give John a call and let him know what you are looking for and I am confident he will help you out. I myself hope to be leaving another testimony for John and his kennel in the near future!!

Submitted by: Cole Leiffer on Oct 14, 2013
Im just writing this testimonial to say how pleased I am with John with training my GSP (Remi). I did a lot of research and read many testimonies and finally decided to pick John to train my dog and let me say it was a great choice. After 3 weeks we had to drive down and drop off some food and let me say I was blown away on how fast and how much he had taught my dog in such a little time. She would find the birds point them and hold the point till he flushed it. He even taught her to retrieve out of water and load into the dog box. But to top that day off he even made us a HUGE breakfast when we got there. But what was even more great was that 2 weeks later he called me and told me my dog was done with training. I was shocked that he could train my dog in only 5 weeks! After 2 weeks of having her home I took her to a pheasant trial and I was VERY IMPRESSED on how great she performed in the field. So if you are thinking about buying a dog or sending your dog to training I recommend using Mr. Prince it was a pleasant experience. Thank you for everything John. -Cole Leiffer
Submitted by: George and Janet Hilton on Oct 08, 2013
Hi, John,
George and I have had the pure joy of our GSP for four years and we want you to know that we appreciate your remarkable skill and love that brings such happiness to so many. We purchased Jenny from you when she was 9 months. She is a liver roan patched and ticked and we are constantly stopped by people who comment on her stunning beauty. Not a day goes by when we do not marvel at her tenacity, intelligence, gentle heart and fierce determination. George says that she is a machine in the woods and fields. George does not always measure up to Jenny's hunting standards and from time to time she will stop in her tracks, turn around and stare at him with an expression that asks clearly "Are you serious?" By breed standards Jenny at 48 lbs is on the small side but she's the biggest little dog we've ever known. As many dogs as he has had in his life, George has never had so many hunters take the time to comment as they do on Jenny's speed, perfect nose and training. One such avid hunter and friend has hunted all over the world and I thought I would share a recent comment he made about Jenny whose performance during a recent hunting trip had left him open mouthed once again. He looked at George's slightly better than average gun and said "That dog does not deserve to be embarrassed by that gun." George laughed all the way to the gun store where he bought a very fine side by side befitting the class act that Jenny truly is. The thought of humiliating one of Prince's phenomenal Gun Dogs was too much to bear. We hope you and your family are well. We think of you more often than you might imagine because our lives have been enhanced by your ability to make a difference. What you do so very well matters in this world. Take good care of yourself and bless your good heart. Janet and George Hilton

Submitted by: Michelle & Joshua Gerety on Sep 24, 2013
We got our German Shorthair, Ava, from John Prince at Prince's Quality Gun Dogs 2 years ago. She was born from Gypsy (Dane) and Codey (Stud). She has turned out to be an amazing addition to our family, and a great hunting companion for my husband. She has been to South Dakota to hunt wild birds, and this year she has been running field trials. Out of 4 field trials she has placed 1st, 1st, 1st, and 3rd. She has proven to be a great indoor dog where she sleeps in our bed at night, but loves the outdoors during the day. We will definitely be getting our next dog from Prince's Quality Gun Dogs, and recommend them to all of our friends.
Submitted by: Brian Vanderpool on Sep 06, 2013
STOP your search if you are looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer. You have found the best without a doubt. I purchased a female pup from John Prince last year and not only did the pup exceed my expectations but so did John. I bought the pup at 8 weeks old and John said for $200 additional he would give me unlimited training. I brought the pup back at 4 months of age as he instructed. She quartered perfectly, found, pointed and held the quail he placed and retrieved the shot birds to hand on the first try. I made the two hour drive from my home a few more times before the opening day of quail season and each time John was always eager to see Bella work and was even showing her off to other clients. I hunted Bella at a local preserve to get her into a bunch of birds her first season. The preserve owner offered me twice what I had paid for her after the first 30 minutes in the field. Of course she was not for sale. I have pictures of Bella in the field for anyone that is interested. In closing, I have owned and trained a Gordon Setter, English Setter and Golden Retriever all were as good as their trainer but Bella has literally more natural ability than all of those dogs combined.

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