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Vizsla, Weimaraner
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Steve Zobel
1287 N Ave
Traer, Iowa 50675
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 17 years.
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Submitted by: Maggie Long on Dec 20, 2013
I just wanted to say that we received our wonderful Weimaraner puppy and are overjoyed with her. She is so well behaved and has already started pointing things out in the yard. We have 2 children, 8 and 14 which she loves to play with. Crate training was a snap and took only a few days. She is well socialized and Steve has been so helpful and patient with all our questions. He is very knowledgeable about the breed in general. I have to say the puppy made the transition from his home to ours very easily. I contribut that to all the hard work their family put into the puppies. Thank you very much for the addition to our family. We love our little glrl. Our next addition will certainly be from you! Thanks again, The Long Family

Submitted by: Shea Koope on Dec 20, 2013
My Vizsla Jack is almost 11 months now. He is a wonderful dog and I am so glad that I got him from Steve Zobel. My parents have also purchased 2 Vizslas from Steve over the years and they have been great dogs. I highly recommend Steve and his dogs.

Submitted by: Mike Walter on Dec 14, 2013
Steve, My name is Mike Walter and I have "Remi", Bullet X Gabby. This is my first Vizsla, Always had labs before and she is truly amazing!! Just returned from a week in Kansas over Thanksgiving and at 16 months old, Remi performed flawlessly! 26 Pheasants, Countless quail and even brought back a bunch of ducks...I'll be looking for another Vizsla in a couple years and my wife and I would like to get another directly from you. I hunted with one of your Weimaraners in Lexington KY about a month ago...I forgot the guys name but he said he knew you well. Thanks for helping provide so much happiness into my wife and I's lives..."

Submitted by: steve zobel on Dec 08, 2013

Our family couldn’t be happier
with our Weim from Steve & Rod he is great in the house and I couldn’t ask for more in the field. He is a great
dog and has raised a lot of eyebrows in the field. I can’t express enough how
awesome your weims are. Even my trainer has marveled in Weezer as a

Weezer is one of the best dogs of all time….great with children, great with
small dogs, and a force in the field!

Thanks Joe Miller

Submitted by: Andrew Reese on Apr 15, 2013
I got a great Vizsla pup from Steve from their November 2011 litter. I couldn't be more pleased with this dog. He has a fantastic hunting drive and he's great around the house as well. I'm looking forward to the years to come bird hunting with my pup.
I would and have recomend Kick-em-up to others. The process I went through selecting a dog left me very comfortable I was getting the one that would fit me.

Thank You to Steve and his family

-Andrew Reese
Submitted by: Andrew on Jan 15, 2013
Our family is completely pleased with our 4 month old Vizsla pup from Kick Em up Gun Dogs. She is a happy, healthy, compliant, and intelligent girl. Thank you Steve for the seriousness you bring to breeding.

Submitted by: Mike de Simone on Jul 06, 2012
Well it's been a wonderful 5 1/2 months with the new man in the house. Traer (yes we named him after Steve's hometown ) Trey for short. Anyway's just want to throw my thoughts on how Wonderful Traer is with not only us but also the little ones. Vizsla's have been the dog of choice in my family throughout not only my life but my parents. With that said Trey is everything that i have strived for since our last vizsla passed away. Trey's demeanor is perfect and his temperment is so easy going with others especially children. To break it down in a sentence, Steve has exceeded my expectations with our new puppy. Traer is an amazing dog!
-Michael & Helena

P.s. Hopefully Traer will have another Kick'em up sibling one day!
Submitted by: Joe on Feb 05, 2012
Having owned to weims previously I thought I knew what to expect. When I called Steve I was thrilled and comforted at the level of involvement he showed when it came to knowing a potential customer. He is very nice to deal with and really knows how to pick a dog for you. The quality of dog is what's most important and rest assured you will not get an over bred picture dog. Steve's Weimaraner's are second to none. Weezer is our 8 month old weim and he is energetic, hard working, loving, and great with the family. He is everything you want with a quality hunting breed. At 8 months he retrieves and finds birds with pure enthusiasm. Next month he is going off for official training and I will report at the endof that with pictures.

Keep up the good work Steve! If you want a great Weimaraner that is bred with passion for quality them look no further...give them a look.
Submitted by: Steve Hanson on Jan 12, 2012
On November 2nd of 2011, we lost our Weimaraner,Zepelin, due to a freakish accident where he got hit by a car. I won't go into the details of how it happened, but want to convey to others how special he was and what a loss it was to us losing him.

We bought Zep, a Weimaraner pup from Steve 7 1/2 years ago. We had owned 2 Weims previously and thought we were familiar with the breed. Over the years,we have owned English Setters and English Pointers. I like to hunt and my wife likes to run. After getting bit many years ago while running, we decided that my hunting dog should dual as a running/guard dog too, so we switched to Weimeraners. The previous Weimaraners were just that; big guard dogs with a little bit of running. My wife didn't get bit again, but my hunting suffered. Those Weims weren't as birdy as I was accustomed to.

Zep opened our eyes up to what a Weimaraner could and should be. I have never competed with any of my dogs, they have all been self taught foot hunting companions. All have been pretty good pointers and some have been ok retrievers. Zep was different. He was a total package. Not only did he have a great nose and super strong natural pointing instincts, he loved to retrieve like a Labrador. 24/7. And he was a natural quarterer and direction taker. He had a tireless work ethic and he aimed to please. He never hunted for himself.

Those same attributes flowed into his running with my wife and also in anything else we did with him and we did it all. From fishing, camping, trailering, biking, he took it all in stride and was an enthusiastic partner.

After our loss, I called Steve to see if he had any Weim puppies. He didn't, but said he was going to breed Zep's sister one last time in the near future. Of course we were interested! Then Steve suggested perhaps we might want to get a Vizsla pup while we waited!

I made the long drive down to Trayer to pick up our new V! When I got there, I saw Weims and Vizslas at his place that reinforced to me why we trust Steve and Rod's breeding programs. All of the dogs at their place were confident, interested, friendly dogs. The Weims reminded me of our Zep and the V's were very intriguing as our new breed. It is apparent that these are top notch well bred championship caliber dogs. And, the pedigrees speak for themselves.

Our Vizsla, Taz is now going on 13 weeks. We are enjoying him thoroughly and have very high hopes for him. He is driven, yet very trainable and intelligent. We feel very fortunate to have him. We would wholeheartedly recommend Kick em up Weims or V's to anyone who is searching for that "once in a lifetime" partner.

Thanks Steve and family!
Submitted by: Shawnee Jones on Mar 19, 2009
I first started in bird dogs knowing I wanted a vizsla and knowing I
wanted to get one from someone who really knew the breed well. I met
Steve and he politely tolerated my millions of questions and helped me
through many training issues I was having with my pup I had purchased
before I met him. During these hours of phone calls, I realized that the
kickemup guys cared more for the breed as a whole then they did about
seeing that someone purchased a pup directly from them. After getting my
pup on track, i spoke with Steve about a started vizsla that was possibly
coming available from his breeding. Until she became available, I was
talked into a fully trained Weim that Steve offered to me. WHAT A DOG!!!
I was literally able to take this dog off of the truck from his transport
to me and straight into the field. I was never a huge fam of weims but
after having the opportunity to work with this guy, i am hooked and
looking forward to my next. He has run in NSTRA events with me and won his
first event after only a few months of tuning up. What a blast, it was my
first NSTRA event ever and to win with a weim was a real treat!! After a
few months, the Vizsla was finally ready and traveled the long trip from
Iowa to Pennsylvania where she will be until the day she dies. I have
been involved with dogs in general for over 15 years professionally and
have yet to come across a dog with half of the heart, natural ability,
drive and brains as this girl. She was sold to me as a started dog and
started was just a touch as to what she really was. She was exactly what
Steve had told me, and then some. She has been running field trials here
on the east coast and doing quite well. She needs one more leg for her JH
title and if she runs half as well as she has been running, she will be
titled in no time at all. I get plenty of attention with her, even from
other breeders, and look forward to kicking some GSP butt this spring and
summer!!! I reccomend Steve to anyone who is looking for a Vizsla or a
Weim. They have the knowledge, heart and the dog's true well being in
mind with every breeding that they do. You can't go wrong with a kickemup
dog!! Keep up the good breeding and I look forward to my next puppy which
will hopefully be this spring! --Shawnee

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