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About Red Bluff Ridge Vizslas
OUR VIZSLA LOVE STORY We welcomed our first vizsla into our home a little over two years ago. It was love at first sight. This little redhead came into our lives by chance and we couldn't pass her up. She was the sweetest, loving, cuddly little thing and, boy, the energy she had! She was the perfect addition to our little ranch. At the time, my husband was looking for a hunting buddy and I was still grieving for my pup of 12 years who I had recently lost to old age. When my husband saw Rayder, he knew immediately that she was the dog for us and she didn't disappoint. Not only was she cute as heck, but she was smart and loyal on top of it. Our daughters absolutely adored her and there was rarely a moment where one of them wasn't playing with her. From the moment we got her, she followed us everywhere and, from the very start, her curiosity and eagerness to learn were apparent. Once she grew a little bigger, she became a true working dog and began to help us with our sheep. About a year after she became part of the family, I was out on the ranch herding our sheep into their pens (a long, trying process) when my husband loosed Rayder into our pasture. Within a couple minutes, our smart girl had rounded every last one of them up and saved me about an hour of trying to get the dang things penned. When it was time to start her on hunting, she was a natural, locking straight onto anything with wings. You've never seen a happier dog than when our girl retrieves a bird for dad. Rayder has been a true blessing in our home, from her lick attacks before bed to her Vizsla "hugs," swimming endlessly in the pool on long summer days to hunting for birds, there's no better pup. Having her has truly nurtured a love for this amazing breed of dogs in our family and we look forward to sharing this breed with other people looking to add a furry friend into their family.
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Angela Priest
California 96080
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 1 years.
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