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King Llewellin Kennel - Arkansas Llewellin Setter Breeders

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About King Llewellin Kennel
Our breeding consists of ONLY 100% Pure Llewellin Setters.  We have 2 major groups within our breeding program.  

1) AMERICAN LINE LLEWELLINS: THIS GROUP OF DOGS GOES BACK TO THE FIRST DIRECT IMPORTS BRED BY Mr. Llewellin. For well over a century this group of dogs has been bred in the US. This family of the Llewellin Setter would be totally extinct if these dogs had not been brought together in the late 60's. These dogs are the culmination of all the efforts of decades of dedicated Llewellin breeders. At the dedication of Count Noble to the Bird Dog Museum it was documented that there was absolutely NO English Setter in the US that did not go back at one point to these Llewellin Setter Imports!

2) 100% PURE DASHING BONDHU LLEWELLINS: THIS GROUP OF DOGS GO BACK 100% to the last bred from Mr. Llewellin's Kennel in England. These dogs were bred by Mr. Humphries who acquired them directly from Mr. Llewellin. The breeding was continued by his grandson Chris Sorensen. Other breeders acquired their breeding stock from Mr. Humphries thus separating the breeding in different groups that only insures that upon being added back in allows the broadest of blood bases from which to breed from. Again the acquisition of these dogs began in the late 60's and continued thru the 80's adding as many pure bred Bondhu's that could be found in the US.

We consistently breed from at least 8 males in each of the two major groups.

1/3 OF ALL OUR DOGS ARE MALES. In this manner we have insured that all are LINE BRED without the possibility of being INBRED!

NOW, as we enter the 6th decade of breeding these wonderful animals we seek others to promise as Alfred did to continue this magnificent line of companion foot hunting gun dogs.

The Llewellin Setter IS the dog for all the family when hunting season is over.

In truth both groups of Llewellin Setters would have been almost extinct if not for the efforts of King Llewellin. During the mid 70's the media blitz was that "a setter MUST be from Field Trial stock to make a birddog." If all breeders had followed this edict the "foot hunting Bird-Dog like your Grandpa hunted" would have been gone.

Looking back over the years and years of talking Llewellin's I found this . I hope it is of interest and explains the love both FOR and OF the Llewellin Setter.

The Llewellin Setter is


It remains unique in that:

1 - The Llewellin is a pure bred strain of English Setter.

a - when the line registry split, the Llewellin is the one that remained 'as-is'.

b they have never been bred extensively for either "Show" or "Field Trial" exclusively.

2 - The Llewellin is what the English Setter was 100 years ago.

a - no hyperactivity bred in for field trial running, etc.

b - no extremes bred in for size preferences.

c completely unique and bred for a companion/pet as well as excellent hunter.

d - a Llewellin hunts for you and with you instead of you having to hunt where it goes. If you change directions so does the Llewellin.

e - a Llewellin is not strictly a 'close hunting' dog, rather it has the instinctive knowledge to hunt according to the cover. On one 150 acre farm one can easily encounter ever type of cover and terrain. The Llewellin works a 40 acre pasture in a quartering pattern, and knows what to look for as to 'birdy' areas. In tight cover the Llewellin comes in close, within eye and/or sound range. This IS because of the love and devotion the Llewellin has for you and that the training in other breeds just has no means of comparison to.

f- Female adult weight 40 - 48# Male adult weight 50 - 58#

The main characteristic that distinguishes them is their PERSONALITY. They are as much like a child as any animal I have ever known. Like a child simple obedience training at a very early age makes for a much more pleasurable experience. (Never allow a pup to do something that you will have to undo later) - AND forms the control needed - when you start yard training & field training. They thrive on "love" and return the same thru devotion.

A.O.K., Sr.


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Llewellin Setter
Breeder Contact Info
Drenda King
15 Hoggard Road/PO Box 100
Enola, Arkansas 72047
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 47 years.
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Testimonials (1)
Submitted by: Dorene Lorenz on Aug 11, 2013
We purchased a 100% Dashing Bondhu setter pup from the King Kennel. At nine WEEKS he appropriately pointed quail. At ten WEEKS he caught a quail that was on the ground and brought it home alive without spilling a drop of blood. At 11 WEEKS he caught a quail mid-flight that escaped from the pen, retrieving alive with only two feathers bent.

Biddable, housebroken, sweet nature, fearless, loves kids, all legs and color. Can't wait til he grows up.

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