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Thorn Creek Kennel has been breeding quality Wirehaired Pointing Griffons Since 2007.  Spring Breedings for Fall Pups.  Proven Sires of AKC/CKC/NAVHDA lineage, all proven workers in the field.  Dams of proven AKC/CKC/NAVHDA lineage all proven workers in the field. All Breeding dogs have been PENN Hip with eyes and thyroid clear.  All breeding dogs have great instinctual game and water drive.  Please call or email us for information about our upcoming litters and information of how we raise our pups.  References on request. Duffy and Cathleen McCabe
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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
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Duffy McCabe
500 S Center St
Kamas, Utah 84036
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Submitted by: Joe Wolfe on Apr 23, 2020
I got my first dog a female Rio from Duffy in the fall of 2009. Trained her myself and have been totally pleased with her game drive, nose, and her obedience. She has been a fabulous hunting dog, family dog, and a true companion. Based on her performance I contacted Duffy in the winter of 2018 to get a pup in 2019. I picked up Roi (a male) in July of 2019. After seeing videos of the puppy playground Duffy has it explains a lot about both dogs athleticism and confidence at a very early age. Roi has a fantastic nose, tremendously athletic and strong for his age, and he has absolute game drive to the point it consumes him that he focusses on the game or scent trail until he finds the game. Once I get his obedience better to understand that it more about us being a team and not just him finding game I wil have one unbelievable hunting dog. I think his nose is even better than what Rio's was at the same early age (he has much better nose than her now). He is lightning fast, has great vision and hearing, with tremendous endurance, just need to work him on live birds and get him steady to wing and shot. He uses his nose to find me when i take the dogs for a walk and we will get separated after Roi has tracked a pheasant for hundreds of yards in the tall grass behind our house in a rural subdivision. We got separated last fall hunting in standing corn I had a Garmin collar on him which kept losing signal as it said he was out of range! I was quite nervous but finally was able to locate him and "beep" him in till he could see and hear me. Turns out he was backtracking to the farm we were hunting at as I watched him following the route we had taken. We were probably 3.5 miles from the farm when I lost him and maybe 1.5-2 miles when I located him! Needless to say I put him on a leash for the rest of that day and observed him just shaking with energy while we were blocking on the end of the field as he would see the walkers kicking pheasants up and shooting them. I would certainly get a dog from Duffy again should I need one. In the local NAVDA chapter I always got compliments on Rio's coat, physique, and temperament. In the field she has been a real rock star of a hunting dog. I know Roi has the ability to be the same once he matures and I get more time to work with him.
Submitted by: Harold Houck on Mar 18, 2020
Harold Houck | Mar 11, 2020

Duffy is a great breeder to work with, answered any and all questions in a timely manner, extremely knowledgeable about the breed. It was a very clean, well kept kennel and activity area. Dogs food and water bowls were clean. There were no visible urine or feces that I saw. I could not have asked for better service than I was given. Our pup is starting to turn into a great dog. If you are looking for a WPG I would highly recommend purchasing one from Thorn Creek Kennel

Submitted by: Dave Cline on Mar 18, 2020
Dave Cline 2/29/2020
Not long after I brought home my Thorn Creek Griff "Kato" I made an attempt to share my experience on getting my first dog in over 40 years from Duffy at Thorn Creek. It was probably a good thing I didn't follow through with it at the time. I was a novice with regards to what a great breed and hunting dog WPGs were. Three and half years later having worked with a professional trainer; testing Kato on serveral occasions; having him hunt several seasons, and all around becoming a "trained" dog owner, I am better able to share this experience. Having done some work before deciding on what dog breed to get, I found the WPG to have most all of what I thought I was looking for. I couldn't be more please with how this has been the case. From the WPG's versatile hunting ability, to their never quit stamina and obedience, to their friendly dispostion, I am already planning out my next Griff. Not to say Kato is replaceble. He has become a big part of our family. Living in Utah, a dog is in the home a good part of the year. Kato's agility and inteligence make him a perfect roomate. When we get our daily walk in, he can chill with the best of them. It is one of my greatest joys to see him on a hunt or just spend the day in the canyons watching him do what he loves best, tracking and pointing. As dogs go Kato is medium large. Which is perfect for travel which we have done quite a bit. There is not a day which he doesn't get some compliment or the quite common question "what kind of dog is that?". I have come to appreciate not only Griffs but the attention to details in the breed and the value in a good breeder such as Duffy, especially for a newby like I was four years ago. For all the ups and downs of working wih a quality dog breed from puppy to mature hunter, Duffy has been invaluble. I am more than greatful to share this experience due to the incrediable dog Kato is.
Submitted by: Loren on Nov 14, 2019
Thank you Duffy! “Bacon” our male pup is amazing. He is already pointing and retrieving. His personality is unique and he is great with our nine year old daughter and other dogs. He is very eager to please! Great pups and well worth the wait and money! Thank you!!
Submitted by: Jake Davis on Aug 12, 2019
We had a great experience with Duffy at Thorn Creek Kennel. From the initial conversations to picking up our dog its been a top notch experience. Only had our dog a few weeks but she is exactly what Duff said she would be. Pretty much house trained herself was a great temperament for my 2 year old daughter and has a drive for the field. Cant recommend Thorn Creek Kennel enough.
Submitted by: Robert Reineke on Aug 04, 2019
Very nice to work with. My puppy Jasmine has been wonderful to work with. Recommend Thorn Creek.
Submitted by: Steven L. on Jan 30, 2019
I picked up my pup in July and it was love at first sight. This is my first working dog and I can't ask for a better pup. I read very basic training books and focused on giving my pup as much exposure as possible and he has excelled. Since I picked him up at 10 weeks old my pup has been on rafting and fishing trips, pheasant hunted Colorado and Nebraska, duck hunted in Arkansas, Goose hunted in Colorado, flown on an airplane 5 times, and comes to work with me every day in downtown Denver. He is extremely loyal, high desire to please, very athletic, strong prey drive, and very calm in a wide variety of situations. And the most loving dog you've ever met. People have always been surprised as to how young he actually is based on his behavior and temperament. Can't recommend this Duff enough!!
Submitted by: Todd Hood on Jan 29, 2019
The pup is exactly what Duffy said he would be. Great spirit, great drive, points feathers. The kid socialized very well into the house, with the other dogs and is just another one of the pack. We have had no health issues except sore feet after hunting wild chukar. He has shown good patience in the duck blind and his drive to retrieve equals my Lab's. His confirmation appears solid and his agility is equal to other pointers that I have hunted over. All of that in a 7 mo old dog... wish I had room in the house for a anther one.
Submitted by: Andy Brown on Oct 24, 2018
This is my second Griff from Duffy at Thorn Creek Kennel. My first is still going strong at nine years old and has been awesome in the field and our home. The new wookie is showing great potential and may be even easier to train than the first (who pretty much trained herself). These dogs develop a very strong bond. Duffy is a conscientious breeder who will be there for you as long as needed. He loves his pups and strives for a good "fit" for both dog and owner. I'm very happy that Duffy introduced me to this breed nine years ago. I'm looking forward to many more years of hunting in the field and having the companionship of another Thorn Creek Griffon.
Submitted by: Greg on Sep 25, 2017
I got my second Griff from Duffy last year. Duffy and his staff run a top notch kennel and provide great hunting dogs with excellent disposition. My "Gus" has a great nose, loves to work in the field but is also a great family pet. He takes pride in his Griffs and makes sure that the pups he's providing come from quality dogs that meet the breed standards. If you're looking to own a Griff, Duffy and Thorn Creek Kennel is a great choice.
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