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Breeding Quality Wire Haired Pointing Griffons Since 2007.  Spring Breeding for Fall Pups.  Proven Sires AKC/CKC/NAVHDA lineage and a proven worker in the field.  Dams of proven AKC/NAVHDA lineage and a proven worker in the field. PENN Hip.  Both have great instinctual game and water drive. 

Pleas call for information about our upcoming litter. 

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Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
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Duffy McCabe
500 S Center St
Kamas, Utah 84036
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Submitted by: Andy Brown on Oct 24, 2018
This is my second Griff from Duffy at Thorn Creek Kennel. My first is still going strong at nine years old and has been awesome in the field and our home. The new wookie is showing great potential and may be even easier to train than the first (who pretty much trained herself). These dogs develop a very strong bond. Duffy is a conscientious breeder who will be there for you as long as needed. He loves his pups and strives for a good "fit" for both dog and owner. I'm very happy that Duffy introduced me to this breed nine years ago. I'm looking forward to many more years of hunting in the field and having the companionship of another Thorn Creek Griffon.
Submitted by: Greg on Sep 25, 2017
I got my second Griff from Duffy last year. Duffy and his staff run a top notch kennel and provide great hunting dogs with excellent disposition. My "Gus" has a great nose, loves to work in the field but is also a great family pet. He takes pride in his Griffs and makes sure that the pups he's providing come from quality dogs that meet the breed standards. If you're looking to own a Griff, Duffy and Thorn Creek Kennel is a great choice.
Submitted by: Hugh Johnson on May 08, 2017
Buying my Griff from Duffy at Thorn Creek was a great experience. Duffy spent a lot of time with me discussing my expectations and needs. In the end I went home with a marvelous addition to our family. The dog is friendly, smart and great with even our youngest grandchildren. He shows great promise as a hunter as well. I couldn't be happier.
Submitted by: Wes Jensen on Jan 15, 2016
I purchased a female from Duffy in 2014. I waited a while to write a review for two reasons. The main reason is because I'm not much of a typer or a computer guy. The other reason is I wanted to work our dog for a few years to be able to give a solid review. We live relatively close to thorn creek kennels, so before we even decided on a breeder my wife and I drove to see Duffy and his dogs. Right away we were impressed with Duffy and his dogs and his facilities. Duffy spent more than enough time answering our questions and letting us get to know his dogs. Mia was our favorite. When we brought our pup home it was a seamless transition. She is very sweet and gentle around the house. I also take her to work with me almost every day. Every one that meets her loves her personality. I also have a friend that has recently purchased a dog from Duffy after meeting my dog. She is very easily trained and our 10 year old daughter has taught her several tricks on her own. As far as hunting goes from the first time I took here out she knew just what to do. On average we go once a week at least. She does great on dusky grouse but here favorite is Chukar hunting. She has a nose for those birds. Most days I feel bad for the birds because they don't stand a chance. If you're looking for a stand up guy and breeder go to Thorn Creek Kennels and Duffy.
Submitted by: Eric Coscarart on Jan 08, 2016
My experience with Thorn Creek Kennels has been fantastic! From the first phone conversation to actually going to visit Duffy's place and his dogs,youcan tell he takes great care and pride in his animals and in what he does as a breeder.
My dog Gus is about 15 months now and he is quite a character! He is smart,learns quick and gets along with everyone. He loves other dogs even when they want nothing to do with him. Couldn't have asked for a better dog!
Submitted by: Roger on Nov 18, 2014
We got the best dog here. He was never to crazy, and very sweet. He was great with my family and very tolerant. He is a great family dog, and my highest suggested dog breed.
Submitted by: Scott Whittekiend on Feb 27, 2014
I am very happy to provide my recommendation for Duffy McCabe and Thorn Creek Kennel. Duffy was great in every aspect of integrating our female Wirehaired Pointing Griffon puppy into our family.

Duffy’s entire process is impressive. We had several discussions about my housing and family, as well as in-depth discussions about my hunting style (how/what/where/when/why I hunt). He really got to know me well, even before the litter was born.

When the litter was born in April 2013, Duffy then took what he knew of us and looked for a puppy that best matched our style. 10 months later, it is now apparent that he has a keen eye for placing puppies with the appropriate families – our Gillie is a perfect fit! She hunts just like us, and is the perfect family companion in the home.

I can’t imagine a better dog for us than our girl Gillie. She has been very easy to train, and has natural instincts that make it easy for a do-it-yourself trainer like me. She is a natural in the field - at 10 months old she is already steady on point and retrieves to hand. And her nose is simply amazing!

I look forward to the day when I get to meet my 2nd WPG from Duffy. I am sold for life on this breed, and on Thorn Creek Kennel.
Submitted by: Rebecca Hennigan on Jan 10, 2014
We had a wonderful experience with Duffy! We learned about Thorncreek when my husband saw a lady walking a Griff one day...she couldn't say enough good about Duffy and we had the same experience. We wanted a Griff as a hunting partner for my husband and a running partner for me. Duffy spent A LOT of time conversing with us over the phone before the pups were even born to help us get ready. Once they were born, he sent us pictures and updates and answered my MANY questions. When it was time to pick up our puppy, Duffy recommended a great B & B to stay at and spent a few hours with us while we got to know Panzer:) He picked out a wonderful, mellow puppy for us and we were, and are, completely in love. Out in the field Panzer is eager and focused. He doesn't take off and run away but roams out front and checks in with my husband frequently. He LOVES birds; even on our walks he is pointing and flushing. He's not running with me yet as he is too young, but he loves to run when we let him loose and he has great energy and stamina. He is the sweetest dog and does well with kids. My best friend's baby is in love with him and Panzer instinctively knows that he needs to be careful with the baby. He has been so easy to train and has become a constant companion for us. He gets along really well with other dogs too!
Submitted by: Don H. on Dec 20, 2013
It's almost like these dogs are born pre programmed to do anything and everything that is asked of them. We were lucky enough to have Kami choose us to be her family in July 2012. We brought her home to Washoe Valley Nevada in late September 2012, had her housebroke in 2-3 days and had her out in the field to expose her to hunting wild birds opening of season in October 2012. Even though she was so young, I could not believe her seriousness and drive to keep up with the older experienced dogs. After that initial primer we started her training on chukar and then pheasant that we had raised for her training. I was amazed! she went from sight pointing to scent pointing in 3 sessions, was retrieving to hand coming out of the gate and was giving "the look" when a shot was missed. It took more time for me to explain to my daughter (who was also a first year hunter) that we had to occasionally miss on purpose to teach Kami to not pursue the bird unless hit than it did for Kami to realize that chasing after a non kill was not only a waste of time but might lead to flushing birds out of shot range. These dogs out of Duffy's line(s) are some of the most intense bird dogs I've ever seen and their character, stamina, durability and desire to learn is only exceeded by their drive/instinct to hunt. We have hunted over Kami 40+ days this season (2013) and I continue to be surprised by her continued skills development(these dogs are truly versatile), it's like she has game bird radar, and knock on wood we have not lost a bird or given up on finding a downed bird. She does have us a bit perplexed though, she is the only bird dog we have had that doesn't play fetch even though she retrieves every bird to hand but throw a dead bird, a ball, a stick, a toy or whatever and she looks at you like she may be to good for that....but leave any one of these things laying around inside or outside and she picks it up, flings it, goes and gets it then brings it back and drops it in the exact spot she found it in....Thanks Duffy for your commitment to developing such a wonderful line, keep up the good work! Don H. and familye
Submitted by: David Morgan on Nov 19, 2013
My wife and I fell in love with griffons after her father got one several years ago. We researched breeders all over the west and were most impressed with the one who happened to be in our own back yard. The care and planning that Duffy puts into the breeding process is amazing. He has such a passion for the well being of his dogs and for the breed. Once our puppy was old enough, we spent countless hours at Thorn Creek with our kids. The environment where they are raised is a puppy paradise with graded exposure to new experiences. The puppies are extraordinarily well-adjusted and socialized. Duffy has a wonderful intuitive sense about the dogs and carefully selects each one based on the dogs characteristics and the owners needs. Eddy is now a year and a half old and the greatest dog I have ever had. He is focused, attentive and extremely energetic in the field. At home he is sweet, playful and gentle with the kids. We couldn't be happier.
Ned and Annie Morgan
Park City, UT
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