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TWO MALES IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE...5/28/2018 - Due to very last minute family and hsalth reasons, two of our deposited new owners have had to relinquidh their spots, freeing up two of our (and I mean perfect) pups Immediate pickup, , normally $1,400.00, and, unless too far , I would consider helping eith delivery, if needed. Please call and/or visit ASAP...908-482-8126. APRIL 20, 2018 Note - We have male and female live pups, on-the-ground, for pick spots 6, 7, & 8 still available!! PUPPIES, PUPPIES, YES...LIVE PUPPIES TAKE HOME MAY 25th and 26th!!!!! NO KIDDING!!!!!! Yeah this is a first for us, thanks to our wonderful two girls; FINAH' CAROLINA & TOOTS. On Tuesday just passed, the 10th of April, our girl Carrie had 6 Pups (4/2 Female), all wonderfully sized, perfectly formed, all we are proud to send on to their new owners. While Carrie's 6 are all spoken for, wait till hear about Toots' litter. Even eventually looking like an Aircraft Carrier, we didn't expect that which Toots had in store for us...11 spanking new pups! Who's ever had 11? Because of this Herculean feat, we have pups on the ground, available for sale...NOW. All guaranteed to be Boykin Spaniel Society registrable. SPECIAL PRICING ON SOME OF THESE "unexpecteds". Please call for all details...908-482-8126...Joe, and Pat Frick. April 6, 2018 NOTE: With much anticipation we are awaiting the birth of our next pups! Any day now!!! On February 4th Finah' Carolina and Tank have bred! The furry beauties will be born 63 days from conception. Shortly thereafter our Toots and Sammy mated. This will be Toots' last litter and will result in pups that will have all of our blood lines! THIS SPRING'S LITTERS WILL NET OUR FAMILY'S 100th BOYKIN BABE. What fun! IMPORTANT! All of our Boykins are Boykin Spaniel Society aregistered!!...with much higher standards than those of AKC. especially pertaining to the color white, hair quality, and proportionality of body. BSS Breeders only breed to the higher standards of the Boykin Spaniel Society, that is, absolutely necessary standards, or you may as well go to the humane shelter. Remember Gregor Mendel from High School?...dominate and recessive genes? We will help, if you just ask. We are planning to breed Finah' Carolina one more time next year. We always have an off-season for our girls and breed only four times before spaying. CALL: there is nothing we like talking about more than Boykins...908-482-8126. Send us your email address, and we will send you a nice collection of photos of our crew...We are sure you will agree with the most common comment we receive. "You have very special Boykins!" Please take the time to read our unsolicited comments! Thanks, Joe, and Pat Frick 908-482-8126
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Submitted by: Billy Caddell on May 02, 2017
Well what do you say about two people who were so easy to work with. I found Joe thru a friend when we lost our boy Bean to Lymphoma. It was like it was meant to be whe we 1st spoke won the phone, it just felt right. After months of waiting and many emails, phone calls and texts the day finally arrived. We arrived at Pat & Joe's home to find Joe standing on the porch and Boykin parents and puppies there to greet us - what a great site. From the first few minutes until later in the day after having lunch with them and other puppy family's it was a wonderful experience. I so appreciate all of the time they spent with us and the the pups, they are special people. Our pup Reed (named for the reed in a duck call) is at home and being spoiled rotten. I would recommend Joe & pat for a pup or if yo just have questions as I am sure they would be happy to talk with you with any Boykin questions. Thanks again Mr. Joe and hope to see you again soon.
Submitted by: Joseph & Robin Turner on Apr 23, 2017
We first met joe frick when he went out of his way to come show us a puppy and the mom(toots) and dad (jackson). We fell in love immediately. We met pat frick when we came to their home to pick up puppy (memphis). Both are great people and spent time with us to play with all the dogs and give us alot of wisdom on caring for a boykin spaniel. We love memphis and want to thank them for our new addition to the wife and I recommend Pawleys Island Boykin's and look forward to seeing them again.
Submitted by: TD & Alexis on Dec 02, 2016
We are the proud Mama & Papa of our sweet Maslow who is now around 5 months old and we could not ask for more! He is everything that we expected and more - beautiful, loving, and incredibly smart!
Joe and Pat Frick were an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end of the process and kept us throughly updated and in-the-loop for every step along the way. Maslow is the handsome product of Jack and Toots, and having met both of them, we can't imagine a better pair to make quintessential Boykin puppies. They are both beautiful, smart, and friendly Boykins.
I have and will always recommend Joe and Pat as breeders to anyone seeking a Boykin. We don't live near them, yet they made every accommodation for us. Joe was prompt to return emails, answer the phone, and loves to chat about everything! We are thankful for the relationship that we developed with the Frick's in this process, and love our Maslow that came out of it. Much thanks to Pawley's Island Boykins!
Submitted by: Terry Tyner on Nov 08, 2016
We are the proud owners of "Piper"! A female Boykin Spaniel from Breeders Joe and Pat Frick of Pawleys Island SC. She is a perfect example of a Boykin. Lots of energy and a loving pet! Joe and Pat are outstanding to work with from start to finish with lots of updates, videos and photos of your new puppy. They truly do this out of love for the breed. Our pup is now 3 months old. We picked her up in early Sept 2016 and she was completely house trained. Not one accident to date! Healthy, strong and happy. I could not be more pleased. Thank you Joe and Pat!
Submitted by: Becky Page on Mar 07, 2014
As I type, our sweet 7 week old Drake is having a puppy dream in my lap! To say that we've been pleased to add one of Joe and Pat's puppies to our family would be an understatement! When we decided that we wanted to get a puppy, talking me into getting a Boykin Spaniel was not a difficult task for my fiancé! He always does extensive research when making any kind if purchase and of course this was no different! Having found Pawley's Island Boykins, talking to Joe myself, and after one visit to their home and seeing their beautiful dogs and puppies, our choice was made! Through the entire process, of Toots pre-pregnancy thru birth and beyond, we were kept up to date with frequent emails, calls, videos and the like. We were made to feel part of the family, and we look forward to sharing a bond for years to come! It's only been a week, but already Drake has added so much joy to our lives and we can't stop gawking at how gorgeous (I mean, handsome) he is! If you're considering a Boykin, you've come to the right place!
Submitted by: Josh on Jun 04, 2013
Purchased our first Boykin "trigger" from Joe and Pat and we can not say enough about the dogs and the Fricks. Trigger is one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. Again we can not express what a pleasure it was to deal with Pat and Joe.
Submitted by: Marge McCraney on May 22, 2012
Daisy and Jack's 2012 puppy, Dixie

As the owner of a new puppy from the 2012 litter I would like to say that it was a pleasure dealing with Joe and Pat. Joe's enthusiasm for the Boykin breed is contagious. My puppy is a joy The natural hunting ability of Jack and Daisy was wonderful to watch. The friendships made will endure through our beautiful Boykins.
Submitted by: Suzann Yock on Apr 24, 2012
I had the most amazing experience dealing with Joe and Pat (Pawley's Island Boykins). They are such quality people and raise the best, most balanced, beautiful Boykins. I met Joe and Pat when Daisy was still pregnant with this litter. I was amazed at how intelligent Daisy and Jack were and of course, they are about the best looking Boykins I have ever seen. I found myself among the lucky few to have the pleasure of owning one of their pups a few weeks later and I was beyond elated.
The whole process was fantastic especially because Joe and Pat were so good at keeping me informed with emails and pictures and videos as the pups grew. Joe and Pat are so kind and friendly and allowed my whole family to visit the litter on several occasions, which was so much fun. My boykin puppy surprises me each day with his intelligence and determination to retrieve. We are having so much fun with him. I highly reccommend Pawley's Island Boykins.
Submitted by: steve and sue kuper on Aug 28, 2011
First I would like to start off with saying that it was a pleasure dealing with the breeders Pat and Joe Frick. Everything they said turned out to be true. Gina is now 5 months old and a pleasure to own. She is healthy, sound, and won a 1st place blue ribbon in the 1st field trial she and I ever entered, beating dogs three times her age. She gets a long with our pets, including our two sphinx cats, which are her favorites, and our Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She is an excellent swimmer and retriever. She's very willing to please. We are extremely happy with her, that we are purchasing a male from the next litter. We are very impressed with this breed, and the breeders who bred them, the Fricks. If anyone has any questions, you can call my husband Steve, at 631-872-7973.
Submitted by: Suzanne Ellett on Jun 02, 2011
We have so enjoyed our beautiful Amber that we immediately contacted Joe and Pat for anouther one of Daisy and Jackson's puppies and are delighted to announce that we now have Beau(regard) who along with Amber are treasures. To watch the two of them together is pure love and joy.
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