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About Love's Labradors

Waterfowl and Upland Hunting Retriever Training for Hunting, Obedience and for Home. I am one of the 1% of Labrador Breeders that are doing ALL the health testing to the parents used for breeding:

  • OFA rating to Hips and Elbows
  • Annual eye exams rated via OFA/CERF
  • Optigen DNA testing for PRA-prcd and RDOSD
  • Refractory via UC Davis (near sightedness)
  • EIC
  • CNM
  • Heart
  • VDI Lab for cancer prescreening on breeding stock. The only breeder clearing the breeding stock for cancer signs.

I work along with 2 West Coast Vet Teaching Universities with their clinical studies for the Sporting Dog for research so we can identify the markers so that more DNA tests may be formulated.

Pictures on my website shows how good looking my dogs are. They are fully tested, they come from great Champions in Field and Hunt Tests, are proven hunters, proven competitors, compete at the higher level and compete AKC and UKC/HRC.     Plenty of references from families that love their dogs at home as they can be good citizens at home from ease of trainability and then turn 'on' switch and be all action for the hunter or competitor.

I use to train outside hunting dogs but find the breeding takes up most of my time.

Colors: Fox Red, Chocolate, Black and Yellow


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Jana Love
1115 Madison St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 9 years.
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Testimonials (5)
Submitted by: Nancy Cook on Mar 05, 2017
From the beginning Jana has been the best. She talked to me about any concerns I had or questions. The day we picked up are puppy was one of the best ever. She is not only the prettiest puppy ever. But smart and so well behaved. I can't express how wonderful she is. We have not given her any training as of yet. She's only 12 weeks. But we she see's a bird in the back yard. She'll sit straight up, then get really low to the ground and wiggle her behind. She's very gentle playing with my older dog. We just love her and can't wait to watch her grow into the lady we know she will.
Submitted by: Shayne kaialoa on Jan 30, 2014
Hi there everyone, my name is Shayne and our family has a pup from Jana out of Ginger and Gator Points Doc Lou. We looked and researched for a long time online, visiting breeders/litters, talking with people networking and so on. We weren't looking for a particular color or gender but looking for the right pup that would fit our family dynamic of kids and a 12 year old lab at home. We wanted a good looking, not a field trialer but a good hunter, great family dog that we could bring to the field and on family trips without breaking the bank. We found him with Jana and Loves Labradors.

His name is Roux he just turned 2 and we can not be more happy with him. We are all proud of our dogs and in our eyes they are the best but Roux truly is a special pup. Roux is a funny, loving, goofy lab that loves to be with the family and is the best hunting dog I have ever owned. I trained Roux from the time he came home until he was 5 months and see the world of difference in him than previous dogs. Roux is a smart boy and took to concepts at a very young age, he consistently blew my mind while puppy training and puppy field work. At 5 months he went to Jana for FF, continue OB, CC to here, sit, heel etc...

Roux came back and had an incredible first season, I had never seen such a young dog work like him. My hunting partners were blown away, people I brought out with me could not believe his age. Roux's very first hunt he was nine months old, we hunted our rice blind Roux working out of a dog box. We shot 14 specks and 10 ducks, Roux sat quietly, steady only releasing on his name, delivering cleanly to hand. He went on that season progressing to working out of his lay out blind and retrieving 173 ducks breaking a total of 5 times all of my fault not paying attention.

After his first season Roux went back to Jana for 2 1/2 months for handling work. We just finished our second season and Roux was amazing, now hunting out of his lay out blind a good 25yds away from us and handling blinds nicely. He picked up 245 ducks and is just a pleasure watch work, even more he is a great family dog who can just lay around when were home, or go on walks, run errands with me in the truck, just a well rounded pup.

What I love about this whole experience is that it doesn't end when you go home with your pup. I literally talk to Jana all the time, she is dedicated to her work and her dogs. When I have problems or I'm stuck with Roux I call Jana and she sets me straight with things to do, if not I go up and train with her. I've talked with Jana at 10:00 at night before, she is there with you all the way. If something happens in training or we went hunting and Roux is doing something or acting up I call Jana and she is always there for us. I'm not talking about days later, if she doesn't pick up she will call me that day.

Oh my gosh this is way longer than I thought it would be sorry.
If I didn't say it before, we are very happy with our choice.
Submitted by: Judd Hanna on Dec 08, 2013
I bought a puppy 2 1/2 years ago. She is dynamite on the ducks and a favorite with the grandchildren!
Submitted by: Billy Mays on Dec 05, 2013
I have just recently had Jana Love, of Love’s Labradors, train one of my 1-year-old yellow lab pups Beretta for the past 60 days. Love has a 60-day training retriever program that is incredible and is fantastic for the owner who wants a dog to behave, sit, stay, retrieve bumpers and live birds, force fetch, and introduction to the gun while retrieving. I could not believe Love could accomplish all of this in just 60 days of training, but she did and I am totally pleased with the results.

When I gave Beretta to Love for training, I was concerned because of the short training period. Beretta is a small and soft dog, soft meaning she can’t take a lot of pressure without melting down and quitting. But I have heard, Love is an expert with both soft and high spirited dogs and she assured me she would not crack my little girl. Dog people use the phrase cracked meaning the dogs spirit is gone and broken, it cowers at every command and you end up with a dog that will not respond to hunting situations and even around the house the dog cowers and it’s a pretty ugly thing to see. I have been working with Beretta for the past 2 days after coming home and everything Love promised has been 100% right on and my little yellow pup is a rocket and loves her training sessions. You would never have known this young dog was a soft dog and I can’t wait to take her to the duck blind next season.

Everyone who knows me can tell you, if you haven’t figured out by now, waterfowl hunting is my passion in life and I take it serious and demand excellence. With these tough economic times, many of us do not have the time or the money to own a fully trained dog with hand signals and will have to spend time training their dog themselves. After this 60 day training program with Love’s Labradors, the only thing a waterfowl or pheasant hunter will need is time in the field and the opportunity to have birds killed over the dog. The price for the 60 day training program is $1,200 and if you check the price of other trainers it’s a bargain. These dogs will be in your life and part of your family for the next 12-16 years, $1,500 is a small price to pay to have a dog you will enjoy to be around for the rest of their life

Submitted by: Jim Ferguson on Dec 05, 2013
I have had two previous labs, and they have both been great. I hunt the Central Valley of California for waterfowl and upland birds. My last dog died three years ago and I was determined to take my time finding a replacement, as I wanted the best dog I could find for my situation. I only deal with field lab breeders and stay away from backyard breeders and well meaning amateurs. I believe that it is important to get the best genetics, health, desire and temperament possible as the initial purchase price of the dog is the cheapest part of the ownership experience. Accordingly, purchase price was irrelevant. I spent over two years researching, talking to and visiting on line and in person with breeders in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. One breeder I visited told me she did not test for EIC as it is not common and not that big a deal. I crossed that kennel off the list. I decided another major California field lab kennel was probably better at marketing itself than breeding consistent quality dogs. I met Jana in 2009 at the International Sportmen's Exposition in Sacramento and filed her information away in my "maybe" file. Following all my research, I narrowed my list down to Love's Labradors and another kennel. I went with Jana because of her clear commitment to her dogs, the breed and her clients. I have not been disappointed.

FlintI like the look and size of male labs and think that among labs, black dogs have the deepest field genetics; so that is what I wanted. I went with the Pirate/Grace breeding because of the genetics. My black male "Flint" is one year old, and he is coming along great. I think he will top out in weight somewhere in the mid 70's. He has a classic male lab head and very much resembles the sire, Pirate.

Even at his young age, Flint is easy to live with but turns on out in the field. At eight weeks of age, he would retrieve small bumpers. He learns quickly, loves the water, has good nose and loves birds. He also marks very well. Flint has a lot of potential, and as he gets more experience, I think he will be better and better. I am teaching him to sit on the whistle, and he is picking up hand signals quickly. Brains, desire, trainable, easy to live with - it's all there.

I decided not to try and train Flint myself as I did not want to waste time fumbling about. Jana's rates are competitive; and her ability to create an obedient, functional field dog in about two months seemed the way to go. Flint returned from Jana obedient, force fetched, collar conditioned, steady, able to deliver to hand, trained to stay in a layout blind and to sit on a marsh seat while still having an enthusiastic attitude.

One thing I notice in dealing with Jana is that she is totally committed to the dogs and to you as the buyer. She is fanatical about cleanliness, nutrition, health and the dogs wellbeing. She consistently acts in the dog's best interest, and the relationship is not over when you pay for the pup and go home. Last Thursday, she arranged for me to be a guest at a duck club so Flint could get more experience.

Another example of Jana's dedication is when Flint developed a catastrophic lung inflection shortly after beginning field training. I was out of the country, and communication was difficult. Jana rushed Flint to the local animal hospital, arranged for him to be transferred to OSU Veterinary Hospital, communicated with the doctors, and basically kept him alive while overseeing his treatment. Nobody knows exactly what happened to Flint, but it appears that he may have inhaled a fox-tail while I had him in California. His left lung became infected and had to be removed - 40% of his lung capacity. Today he is a tough, fully-functioning, athletic duck dog; and you would never guess that he lost almost half his lung capacity. I was ready to give up and have Flint euthanized, but Jana insisted he could live and recover.

All in all I think you would probably find any dog from Love's Labradors would meet your needs. If I was to buy another pup, I would not hesitate to take one from the Pirate/Grace breeding.

I hope this description of my experience helps
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