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Treeing Walker hounds bred & trained for big game. This strain of hounds has been selectivley bred for over 50 years to deliver stamina, intelligence, and tree power. 

I raise a litter every 2 years, sell most of the pups and keep 1 or 2 that I train.These are sold or kept as my personal hunting dogs and breeding stock.

My dog training consists of hunting bobcats in the Oregon coast range and Cascade mountains, as well as providing cougar predation control for land owners.

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Treeing Walker Coonhound
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Kelly Forney
15151 N. Umpqua Hwy
Roseburg, Oregon 97470
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 41 years.
Testimonials (4)
Submitted by: Eric ferguson on Jan 29, 2020
Bought almost the whole litter 2 years ago. All were fast starters. Lots of grit. Super strike dogs. Hard tree dogs. I just found his website on accident. Ive hunted bobcats lions bear coon pig and fox with them. I would recommend getting a pup if you can . kellys a great guy and always has time to talk
Submitted by: Torrey Carroll on Feb 26, 2009
Hi It was late the night I posted here for this man and his kennel. I messed up on name of the Lee brothers. It's Lee not Dale. Dale is first name of one of the brothers. This line of hounds are some of the best I,ve hunted with yet. Sorry for mess up on the name of the great Lee brothers. Torrey.
Submitted by: Torrey Carroll on Feb 20, 2009
HI, Im a good friend To this great man that has hunted these walker hound all his life. His family has bred this line of hounds for long over a hundred years. I tell you they have got it right! His old hound Tom, That he sold at 12 to 13 yrs old for $5000.00 was the greatest hound I've ever seen. If this hound jumped out on the ground and didn't open with other hounds that we hunted with form other hunters, Ya better grab your hounds up cause it was no cat that the others were barking for. Old tom would jump back up on the box and look at ya , like to say thats not what you want to hunt. This hound had it all. This hounds blood is and has been bred into this line, as has other great hounds he has owned. I've seen that hound do some great things out in the woods. All his hounds are top knoch when it comes to hounds. He has a female that can pick up a track that all others can't line out. She's one of my favorites to hunt with. She got the best temperment I've ever seen. He has no ill hounds ever. I have never seen any hounds he has owned ever start a fight under a tree. Kelly Is a true hunter and great woodsmen. He knows how to train and start a pup right. His grandad hunted in the early 1900's with one of the great Dale brothers. Anyone that know's about the three Dale boys, know they was some of the greatest houndsmen of all time. He will not keep or sale a hound that wont make good hunter. I have helped him with training pups,His and mine. He has taught me so much about a good hound and what to look for. I lost my female hound awhile back and got my truck stuck while sreaching for her and my male pup. He came from work to pull me out and help me. He even came down one day while I was still looking for my hounds that was in a big deep canyon after a few days of not getting them out. To come help and mostly to get me out cause it was getting dark and I wouldn't stop going in to get them. Not only was he worried for my hounds. He was worried about my safty, because I didn't want to stop and was willing to sleep out there with only my gun and a back pack that only had food for my hounds and a bottle of water. I got my male out after a week, but still not seen or hred of the female yet. Now to let you in on why my hounds got lost in there. My female's tracking collar died. So it made it hard to know where she was, but the pup still worked. I was hunting with Kelly the morning they got lost. Reason why? My female would run a deer every once in awhile. My pup went with her because she was only hound out of the pack that was still barking, so he followed her. He was just going with the only hound he been mostly hunting with. But not one of Kelly's hound followed my female on the deer. Not even any of his young hounds followed. That should go to show you he has his hounds doing it all the way they should. He don't train his hounds like some old houndsmen do by beat'in on a dog when it not doing what it should. I have been hunting with Kelly now going on about 5yrs now and none of his fully trained hounds have ever ran trash. We have hunted with others that had few hounds that would run a coyote ever once in awhile. His hounds would drop out fast while the others kepted going. Now this would happen after a cat track would blow up and other hounds would find coyote track and run it. His hounds would be frist off that track and back to truck cause they knew it was not what we wanted, and old Tom would be the one first back to truck. That all we needed to know that it was not what we wanted to hunt. Tom's blood is in all his hounds. He has House's Lipper, House's Clint, and Pacman blood linse in his hounds. Pacman blood is the newest line he has bred into his line. The man that posted above me on his pup Hank he got from Kelly is the pup I wanted at time he was 8 weeks old when I went out to take care of Kelly's hounds while he was gone deer hunt in eastren Oregon for a week. That pup was built for speed by looking at his frame. I hope the man that got Hank holds onto him and starts his own line out of so as to keep old Tom's blood line going. If you are still reading my long winded post here. I hope to those that see this will call Kelly for a pup. They wont be nothing but happy with there pup. Kelly not one of those you see out here breeding hounds for money. In the five yrs I been hunting with him he only has had two litters of pups that he has sold. He breeds to keep his stock going not for money. If you can be a lucky one that can ever get a pup from him, you will not go wrong. Thanks for reading. Torrey Carroll
Submitted by: Scott Whitney on Dec 21, 2008
I purchased Hank, a 18 month old male walker from Cascade this fall. Hank was listed as a started hound, and Cascade Kennels and I talked in detail for several weeks before I bought Hank. Hank has been a wonderful addition to my home, and hunts like a champ. For a young dog, he is top notch. As is Cascade Kennels. They continue to keep in contact with me, answering questions and giving advise. I can't say enough good things about this breeder.
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