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About VIPHuntInn Griffons

WE HUNT with our Canine Versatile Hunting VIPHuntInn Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Feather and Fur = Versatile Hunting Dog!!


The WPG is a HUNTING COMPANION dog and as such is reserved for placement in to HUNTING homes for THE DOG's health and wellbeing, enrichment of life, and fulfilment of that which is driven by its DNA/Genetic profile; a hunting sporting dog.


Our family has enjoyed NAVHDA and CKC for decades.



Ownership to purchaser with registration; breeding rights NOT transferred to new owner yet CAN be lifted with fulfilment of hunt titles, health clearances (CERT, K-Locus, PennHip, Canine-Herpes), Conformation and Temperament. We want the top-dogs of the breed to thrive after all. Financial prizing to titled progeny.


NO castration of your dog required per contract.


Full binding legal contract at financial obligation, replete with health of pup to adult pup guarantee.


WILL ship International (at buyers cost).


YOU own YOUR dog (NO "Co-ownership").


Stunning ultimate HUNTING Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Our dogs hunt a good portion of the year, are incredibly social, silly fun loving creatures. Our males are TREMENDOUSLY handsome boys, and the females are ELEGANT gorgeous lookers!!!


All our dogs are NAVHDA (in BOTH Canada and the United States), as well as CKC tested (VIPHUNTINN MAVERICK: NAVHDA NA 1 and 2 prize 105 @ 5 months and CKC JFD finished at 7 months ++++ VIPHUNTINN FRED GRRLL NAVHDA NA 2 107 pts @ age 7 months, and NA pz 3 @ age 5 months on first outing :-) ).  MAVEN, FEFFEE, LACEY/LB, JAKE and all ....


Also CERF, K-Locus et al, tested and certified. DNA Certification and registration through NAVHDA/AKC panel. "VIPHUNTINN KENNEL" is a REGISTERED KENNEL at NAVHDA and CKC. ALL dogs tested for KBKB / K Locus (cleared).


Our family has been hunting, outdoorsmanship, and loving the Earth for generations, and all with a great hunting companion or three along for the journey. Primarily involved with hunt hounds, thirty plus years ago an introduction to Wirehaired Pointing Griffons was made whilst exploring the North Carolina Mountains, and the rest is now our history. Four Griffons later, many hunts, great friendships and explorations of the field, valleys, mountains and streams we can safely say "GRIFFONS ARE GREAT!"


We also enjoy new experience exposures of/for our Griffs in as many parts of North America; from golf courses, resorts, lakes, beaches, shopping at Cabelas or BPS (and the local General store), as well as family and social gatherings.


Feel blessed to have these stellar hunters with us and look forward to raising top Versatile Gun Dogs for those whom enjoy.

Contact any time through or 1.800.572.8179

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VIPHuntInn Griffons
King City, Ontario
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 33 years.
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Testimonials (3)
Submitted by: Michelle on Mar 20, 2017
Our Magpie is turning six on April 30th of this year and she is the bell of the ball in our community. We are blessed to have a large wooded forest just two minutes down the road where we can let her hunt happily for two hours each day. She will point at three things: Animals outdoors, A tasty meal on someone else's plate and the humans she cares for. Yes, that is right. We see Magpie as a caregiver for us and our family she is the dog who watches over and yet takes time for herself. Magpie's kisses are generous and she will kiss your face to be sure you know that "this too shall pass" when you are feeling upset. Magpie enjoys a little peanut butter with her breakfast and dinner and is polite and friendly to other dogs out in the woods yet very independant, quartering me and checking in for safety.
To Magpie, the siren's call are Canadian geese and they have helped me locate her a time or two. :)

Magpie is the kind of dog that has been deeply loved, supported and trained by this breeder and makes our house a home, to steel from one of my favourite movies Beethoven.

This dog is a powerful dog and needs to be nurtured as such. While curious and loving, let it never be mistaken that the Griff needs to soar through open spaces, to run wild with purpose. Her drive to catch rabbits, squirrels and now tiny field mice astounds me and reminds me of what I often forget to be true: That I was made to be outside and not on my sofa with a bottle of wine and potato chips. Now, don't judge me as I love wine (Chardonnay and Baco Noir) and I love chips (Smartfood and Ruffles original) but when Magpie and I get out into the wild, time stands still and she has given me that gift.

This dog will change your life, but if that is your path, then this is the breeder for you!
Submitted by: Devin on Apr 16, 2016
Our pup p will be one year of age in just a few days. He is happy healthy intelligent and very inquisitive as a hunting breed should be. This breeder is second to none with the care and devotion to the breed and pups. Support does not end once you pick up the pup and are out the door; if you ever need assitance or have a question they are more than happy speak or message with you. The breeder is a wealth of information and will share their knowledge with you if you wish. Great pups, great breeder. #1 that I've dealt with.
Submitted by: Barry Lewis on Apr 01, 2016
We have a 2 year-old Wire haired Pointing Griffon that we got from VIP at 8 weeks of age. The way that we were treated and the management of the entire process for both the puppy and ourselves, could not have been more perfect.Stanley is exactly what we hoped for and as he has matured, his character and behavior are a constant delight. He has been entirely free of any health problems, is responsive and very bright; he learns quickly, responds to all directions and is an outstanding companion. The breeder is always available for any follow-up and support.
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