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About Goldeneyes Retrievers
We are a family kennel located in Forest City, IA. We do not offer training or boarding, just puppies when they are available! We have been breeding and raising Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers for over 30 years!  We strive to produce dogs with outstanding temperaments, intelligence and train-ability. Our dogs excel both in the home and in the field.   Call anytime  641 590-5401 Thank You!
Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Labrador Retriever
Breeder Contact Info
Charles Bolinger
115 S Golf Course Road
Forest city, Iowa 50436
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Submitted by: Amanda Syverson on Mar 20, 2017
I spent 6 months looking into Chesapeake breeders all over the country when I got a referral from someone online to check out Goldeneye's Retrievers. I was instantly impressed with the quality of the dogs and the breeding behind them.
Chuck is a wealth of the utmost knowledge of the breed, selecting breeding stock, of course training and his dogs are phenomenal! I searched high and low for a true to standard chesapeake that could withstand hard work in the field retrieving geese, breaking ice during late duck season, and also be a best buddy in the downtime. My search ended with Goldeneye's! I can not say enough good about the best puppy buying experience of my life!

My chesapeake pup is incredible! He's extremely healthy, well socialized, correct and intelligent! I am so excited to work with this pup and get him into a blind come next fall! Thank you so much Chuck!
Submitted by: Steve & Mary Wendt on Mar 05, 2017
After being the proud owner for 24 hours, he has burrowed his way into everyone's heart. He goes to the door for bathroom breaks, and he sleeps through the night. This little guy was very well prepared for the transition to our home. Thanks Chuck
Submitted by: Lindsay on Mar 02, 2017
We've had Zed (Chessie born out of Mocha & Waylon 7/16) since last fall (2016) and she's definitely a great dog. Extremely intelligent and training is going well. Her role in our life is a companion first and hunter second, and she's more than meeting our expectations. Her health is excellent. Chuck was very helpful in providing us with loads of information before we decided to get a dog and we'd gladly do it again.
Submitted by: Carie Adasek on Feb 03, 2017
I got my dog, Nugget, from Goldeneyes! She was 2 1/2 and very well trained. I didn't get her to be a hunting dog - mostly as a walking companion and home security. Other than a little bit of potty training, I haven't had to do a thing with this pup as she is super smart and loyal. She's my first ever dog that is truly my own and she has bonded with me awesomely! Thanks Chuck & Patty!
Submitted by: Josh Brainard on Jan 15, 2017
I got Olt (BosunxJenny) last Thanksgiving and as he closes out his first hunting season I couldn't be happier. He truly is a versatile dog. Be it ducks over the water, geese in the cornfields, or kicking up some pheasants Olt is out there working and finished his first year with around 75 retrieves. He's also is a great family dog with great temperament and loves everyone he comes in contact with. I also had Chuck do some train with him over the summer and he did a great job. When I'm ready for my Next chessie I'll be contacting Chuck for sure.
Submitted by: Nick Anker on Nov 09, 2016
We purchased a puppy from Chuck 5 years ago. This was my wife and I's first Chessie (and our first dog together). Tuff (Goldeneyes Tuff Guy) is the best dog a guy could ever ask for. He goes just about everywhere with us. My wife barrel races and I rope so we are on the road a lot of weekends and he comes along all the time. We ride a lot of horses at home too, and he is out trail riding with us or doing whatever we are doing. I know this sounds like we turned this well bred dog into a farm dog, and I guess we kind of did. However, I took Tuff pheasant hunting with my father in law when he was 3. I did very little "bird" training. Maybe showed him a wing a couple times. Hunting public land in Wisconsin (not great hunting) Tuff flushed 4 birds our first time out! Since then I have gotten into upland hunting quite a bit, and Tuff is better than any dog I have hunted with so far. He goes all day long, never gets cold, never gets tired, and has an incredible nose. My wife and I will be going back to Goldeneyes in about 2 years when it's time for another pup.
Submitted by: Brie Falvey on Nov 09, 2016
I now have two Chessies from Chuck and they're the best dogs that anyone could ask for ! Anyone who meets them says they are the nicest Chessies that they've met because they're rumored to be mean dogs for their breed. They're both so loveable and cuddly. They're also fast learners and always down for the hunt! You mention the word bird and you can see their little faces light up with excitement! I'm so proud to have these goldeneye girls who are not only amazing at who they are and what they do but they're so beautiful as well. We always get so many compliments on how they look especially their eyes! Thank you Chuck for giving us the best dogs we will continue to use you and I would highly recommend Goldenyes Retreivers to anyone! Chuck is an amazing guy himself who's very knowledgable about his dogs !
Submitted by: Jim Heuer on Aug 16, 2016
I got a male pup out the Bosun x Penny litter born Aug. 10, 2014. Danny Boy is an 85# dog that has it all- great looks and confirmation, athleticism, trainability, scenting ability, hunting instinct, drive and a great temperament. Read the Chessie description and that is him. He is the friendliest dog I have ever owned with a very comical personality. On top of all that, he excels on both waterfowl and upland game. Chuck runs a top notch program and I do not hesitate to recommend his kennel for the astute dog owner.
Submitted by: Greg Schmitt on May 01, 2016
Anyone interested in a Goldeneyes pup please take the time to read this as I have so many GOOD things to say. I have been a fan of Goldeneyes Retrievers for over a decade. I purchased a male Chesapeake pup from the Hunter x Jada litter in January of '16. This was a breeding Chuck facilitated between two dogs raised at this kennel. I had visited the kennel a few times in the last year and a half anticipating a purchase sometime soon. Needles to say my head was spinning as there were so many proven combinations and promising up and comers. By November of '15 I called Chuck to "get on a list" as my old dog was starting to slow down. We discussed what I was looking for and timing was right for this litter. I am so happy with this pup! I get a ton of compliments on his looks and temperament. Trainability, Tenacity, Temperment, and good looks are bred into these pups! The rest is up to you and I!

Now onto other things I have noticed. You will find awesome customer service with questions before and after the purchase. Lots of referrals and repeat customers, that says a lot right there! Jada had some difficulties with the litter I got a pup from. Chuck and Patti's dedication shined as the pups took a lot of attention and were essentially hand raised! That is not easy, especially in the heart of winter! I stopped by with the pup late winter and had a great conversation with Chuck and admired some more dogs, steering one of my best hunting buddies towards a lab puppy. A young couple stopped by on a Friday night. It started as a social visit and before you know it Chuck was mentoring them on training dogs right then and there. I would also like to point out the "Illinois" crew involved with Goldeneyes. I really admire their dedication to the program. Goldeneyes Retrievers facebook page says it all. "Community" Its really nice to follow some of the dogs as they progress. Good luck in your process of purchasing a pup! I am guessing your head will spin too as there are so many great dogs!
Submitted by: Chad Brigham on Mar 28, 2016
I have bought dogs from chuck, bred my female to his dog bosun twice and currently have one in training. Repeat customers is what says the most about people.
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