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Submitted by: Donald Frigaard on Jun 06, 2019
Our family was already familiar with the Pudelpointer bread after adopting our first Pudelpointer in February of 2018. Stella immediately became my dog and had the natural ability to hunt, point, swim, and retrieve. She was and is amazing. We wanted to find a boyfriend for Stella so the search began. My kwife was very specific about wanting a black Pudelpointer so the search began and we were willing to wait. Well we didn't have to wait long. I saw a picture of Joe Calhoun's Bear River Clan Pudelpointers and called to interview Joe and talk about his dogs. It turns out it may have been one of the best calls I ever made. Joe had a young 10 week old black puppy that was magnificent and Joe was very eager to share his knowledge and experience about raising Pudelpointers. Over the next two weeks we worked out the arrangements to get Bodie home. It turned out that I ended up making a 1700 mile round trip in February to meet Joe in Maybell to pick little (now big) Bodie up. Bodie was well socialized and traveled well for the 650 mile trip home. It was the best move for our family. This boy is growing and is beautiful. He may be the best looking Pudelpointer I have every seen at 8 months. (and I thought Stella was good) I wish I could download his picture. He is strong, intuitive and willing in all aspects of training. I can't wait for the season to begin. until then we'll have fun learning together with his big sister. Thanks so much Joe for providing such a great legacy of Pudelpointers. Your Friend Don
Submitted by: Nate Varner on Jun 04, 2019
I got our pup from Joe last October. Her name is Echo and has been dynamite! She has a great nose and drive to go with it. She also has a perfect temperment. Very chill around the family and hanging out in the house but a beast in the field. Been very good for the upland birds, but will be using her just as much for duck and she already retrieves well in the water. Echo is not a year yet but I can tell she is just what I was looking for. Very, very happy with the purchase.

Thanks Joe!
Submitted by: John Small on Jan 08, 2019
Mr. Calhoun has been a joy to work with, and our pup The Grimm of Bear River Clan (born end July) is perfect - both as a family dog and in the field - and is strikingly beautiful with a long/curly black coat. Her "birdiness" is strong and immediately apparent. At less than 6 months she is already pointing and comfortable with gunfire. And besides that, my 12 year old daughter is in love with her! Grimm gets along with our other bird dog (2YO Wirehaired Pointing Griffon) beautifully, both at home and in the field. We simply could not be more pleased. One of the best experiences I've ever had with a breeder and a new pup, and I've had bird dogs for 35 years.
Submitted by: Jed Musgravd on Jan 04, 2019
I got Mae in September of 2018. She has been the best dog ever! From October through December she has tracked and retrieved over 50_pheasants. She is a persistent hunter. She is a great dog around and in the house. I have trained her in the field she stays in range, she retrieves and has a calm and friendly disposition. She has done all of this at 6 months old!
Joe was great to work with and let me spend a lot of time on 2 trips to his ranch to pick my puppy. I am everglades with this dog!
Submitted by: Ray A Foss on Jan 01, 2019
I bought my pudelpointer from Joe , I had many puppies to choose from ,Joe steered me to (Sage ) the one I bought ,I can,t get over the instincts she has out of the box you might say . I,ve had labs up till now that I had to teach to zig zag in front of me not so with my new puddle pointer from Bear River Clan . Took her to a game farm to start her on wild birds , You would have thought she was 5 not 5 months old , She pointed like a champ . She (Sage ) is so calm in the house I just can,t say enough good things . She loves loves the outdoors even here in Wisconsin at below freezing temps. Thanks Joe .
Submitted by: caleb roubison on Aug 06, 2018
We got our first puppy from Joe in the spring of 2016. She is only just over two now and has amazing instinct and is already winning comptition We love everything about her, high energy, loyal and smart. We were so happy with our first one we want second puppy. I would highly recommend any puppy that Joe would provide. He also provides cabins for his guest while they select of pick up their puppies. He is available with help and provide guidance on care and training for your dog as well. He has become an amazing family friend since we first met him and will return for all our Puppy needs.

With Respect
Submitted by: Wayne on Jul 07, 2018
I got my first pudle pointer from Joe, hes only 3 months old and already retrieving anything and everything back to hand. Has great hunting instincts and is super birdie. Hes very calm and gentle with my young children abouslty no complaints. Joes a great guy and takes personal interest in each puppy he sells. If you want a good hunting/family dog give Joe a call.
Submitted by: DK & Teresa Dameron on Apr 21, 2018
Pistol Pete of Bear River Clan is a natural hunter, swimmer and retriever. He is an great example of a well bred Pudelpointer. Pete is loyal, obedient, eager to please and is relentless in the field and in the water. He is also a special part of our family, he loves all people and is gentle with kids.
Joe Calhoun is a very reputable breeder and raises top of the line puppies. He has awesome breeding stock and spends lots of time with his puppies which are socialized from birth.
Pete just turned two years old and he is by far the best dog we have ever owned. Over the last year he has proven himself to be an excellent versatile hunting dog for waterfowl and upland game birds alike.
Thank you Joe for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the Bear River Clan.
Submitted by: Bob Heisser on Feb 05, 2018
First of all, Joe is the best. He takes a personal interest in whomever is going to buy a pup from him. He also has a super personality and won't steer you wrong. Now for our pup, Mabel. We have only had her for 5 weeks (she's 15 weeks old). Yet, the instincts, the wanting to please, the intellect and the disposition is the absolute best I have ever experienced with a pup at this age. I have had labs and wirehaired pointing griffons and while they were/are good dogs Mabel is way beyond them. If you are looking for an incredible put from someone you can trust do yourself a favor and call Joe.
Submitted by: Roger Sells on Jan 20, 2018
We got our first puppy from Joe in the spring. He is only five months old but has amazing instinct and is already hunting! We love everything about him, high energy, loyal and smart. We were so happy with our first one we just went back and picked up our second puppy. I would highly recommend any puppy that Joe would provide.
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