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>BEAR RIVER CLAN.. NAVHDA KENNEL has 4 puppies left born may 30th boys and girl. Blacks and browns. 9 weeks old
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Submitted by: Mario Franchi on Jun 10, 2021
RIP Joe.

Awesome dog, very pleased with our pup.
Submitted by: Dennis Waldron on May 12, 2021
Joe passed away last night (5/11/2021). What a gentleman. God rest your soul Joe. Semper Fi.
Submitted by: Sam Schanfarber on Mar 17, 2021
Cannot say enough good things about my dog, Otto, that I got from Joe as a puppy about 6 months ago. He is shaping up to be a wonderful dog—extremely smart and athletic, yet incredibly sweet and affectionate for a bird dog. I also greatly appreciate the way Joe does business. His knowledge and genuine love of his dogs makes it easy to go with him with confidence. I am already considering another pup from Joe in the future.
Submitted by: Brittany Lesmeister on Mar 13, 2021
I can’t say enough about the puppy we got from Joe! Hatchet is amazing and so loving. He has a personality of his own and brings us so much joy. He is our first pudelpointer and we didn’t know what to expect, but will probably never own another breed. He is high energy and wants to play! We take him bird hunting. He is not gun shy and gets so excited to go!! Love him so much and couldn’t picture our life without him!!! Thank you Joe!
Submitted by: Betsy McConnell on Feb 08, 2021
We got our sweet Molly from Joe in June 2020 when she was just about 8 weeks old. She is now 9 months old and is an unbelievable dog for so many reasons! She went on her 2nd hunt yesterday, with ZERO formal training and quite frankly little training at all besides some retrieving, gun training and us just working with her on obedience. Let me tell you, the natural ability that comes from Joe’s dogs is amazing! She not only found all the birds, she also held a point and followed commands! We were blown away with her natural abilities! She is also an amazing pet! She is VERY sweet and LOVES attention and loves to cuddle! When they say Pudelpointers are great work dogs and great pets, it is no exaggeration! I can’t speak to other breeders, but the dogs Joe at Bear River is breeding have an amazing blood line with natural hunting ability that is very strong! I would highly recommend if you are looking for a great dog that will need little training to hunt that you buy from Joe! We couldn’t be happier! Thank you!!!
Submitted by: Bob Heisser on Feb 04, 2021
We got Mabel in Dec 2017. The original intention was that she was going to be my newest hunting dog. Well...that didn't quite work out as I thought it would; but it's actually better. My wife (and I) fell in love with her almost immediately. Anyone that comes in contact with Mable feels the same: She is the most "loving" dog I've ever had on top of that she is super smart, does point well, great nose and did I mention that she's loving??? My mother-in-law moved down to the Denver area with us a couple of years ago from her ranch in MT. They have had a lot of good dogs, mostly border collies and she has never had a dog in the house. Well, Mabel is the exception. My mother-in-law lives just a few houses from us and we are over there every day. She has made Mabel her own bed and big leather chair with afghans on it so she is "comfortable"!!! Her deceased husband is probably just shaking his head in heaven right now! BTW, Joe is awesome and would highly recommend him and his dogs. You can tell when a breeder "loves" his dogs and Joe is at the top of my list.
Submitted by: Jacob Oomens on Oct 29, 2020
So I just got my first Puddle Pointer Puppy about a month ago. I've wanted one for about 25 years but never had the right situation to have one. I got in touch with Joe at Bear River Clan Kennel. Lucky for me that he had puppies at that time. Over course of next month I talked with joe and visit his beautiful property met all of his dogs/puppies. Joe is a First Class Gentleman and you don't find someone like Joe very often these days. Extremely friendly and unbelievably knowledgeable about the breed and his dogs. Everything that Joe told me about the breed and his dogs have been 100% accurate to the T. After much debate between the wife and I total of 5 hours spent with joe on a Saturday afternoon we decided on a boy "Chester". So far Chester has been such a blessing to our family and hands down the best puppy my whole family has ever seen. Very observant good listening pup. Chester is 10 weeks now and today he pointed his very first bird this afternoon when I took him out for his afternoon walk. At 10 weeks Chester is smart enough to be walked off the leash he doesn't wonder much further then 10 yards from us. with out stopping to see where I am. On the rare occasion he gets distracted as puppies do a simple Chester that far enough bring him back or to halt. Honestly when were walking this afternoon I had no idea what he was doing when he locked up and went into point being there was little brush in the way of my view. when I got closer and flushed the bird, I couldn't describe the feeling I had in that moment. At 6 weeks Chester was playing fetch and every night he curls up next to you when its bed time. Like Joe said they will run/hunt all day and not tear up the house because there bored. Joe knows his stuff we plan on buying Chester a buddy in a couple of years. Chester sleeps typically from 9pm to 6am with maybe one potty break around 2am most nights. My uncle who raise several puppies had never had a pup like Chester. If you are looking for calm/mellow house dog that will run all day in the field. Then you seriously need to call Joe up and get one of his pups. You will not be disappointed. If you have any questions reach out to Joe.
Submitted by: NATE VARNER on Oct 05, 2020
Just an update on my dog "Echo" who we got from Joe. Echo has far exceeded my expectations in the field. She has been great for pheasant, but she has shined on the water. I spend more time duck hunting than I do upland hunting. Echo has retrieved every duck we have downed. She is just over 2 years old now and she is already getting much more calm and patient in the duck blind. It is all business for her duck hunting. After her second time out last year she started watching the sky. Now she is always watching the sky and this year has alerted us on 2 different occasions of birds coming into the decoy spread before we saw them. She is fantastic with the family and pretty chill. I highly recommend Joe's dogs to anyone looking for that versatile hunting dog that is great with the family and sheds very little. They say that they don't shed which is not true. However, it is next to nothing when compared to most hunting breeds.
Submitted by: Jake Kaminsky on Feb 13, 2020
It has been a year since we picked up our beautiful dog Molly from Joe at Bear River Clan kennels.
She has been a joy, a wonderful companion dog and great huntress. She has been a life changer for us. I wish you the best.
Jake Kaminsky
Walla Walla Washington
Submitted by: Randy Piasecki on Sep 17, 2019
I was considering several of the versatile breeds until I spoke with Joe. His knowledge of the breed and confidence in his dog convinced me the pudelpointer and his pups were for me. My wife and ISS traveled to meet Joe, his dogs and our prospective pup, having our heart set on a black female. We drove back to MN with our pup and it's been a fantastic 8 weeks! I've owned 5 other hunting breeds over the years and Joe's pup is showing great progress and potential as both a hunting machine and family member. Highly recommend Bear River Clan pudelpointers!

Randy Piasecki
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